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Total Woman Academy 04a


Ned awoke to the smell of food. He had slept most of the day. He donned his clothes and wandered to the kitchen. They were preparing for the annual Total Woman Academy Senior and Alumni Banquet Fund Raiser. Ned sought out Mrs. Smith, concerned about the location of the banquet. Keeping the house non-distinct within the neighborhood was good for privacy and confidentiality. Therefore the banquet was usually held offsite with strict attention to privacy and security. Having a string of limousines dropping off high powered notables at the senior facility would draw attention. Mrs. Smith laughed. She thought Ned knew that the senior facility was being relocated to another city with a larger house and compound. The student class size would not grow but would have more space and furnishings. So the banquet would occur a few days before this move.

The Academy promoted and graduated students by abilities, not by the calendar. There was continuous testing of their intellectual, physical and sensual progress. The curriculum assumed four full years but individual students could take longer or shorter depending on their scores. When the student was deemed ready, the formal assessment evaluation was given. Ned had never met nor wanted to meet the other evaluators.

Each year at about the same date, the resident Seniors, regardless of projected graduation date, were given a networking opportunity. Elite Pledge Contributors donated a substantial gift for the opportunity of meeting the Seniors before they graduated into the larger world. It was a formal affair with tuxedos and gowns. Special members of the previous year's seniors were also invited back. There was a cocktail hour, the formal dinner and an after-dinner fund raiser.

Upon arrival, the pledge contributor deposited three business cards with the housemother and received two request cards with three fill in boxes. Each senior wore her best and most elegant gown. This was an opportunity to sparkle in a semi-public event. Seniors were not allowed to display or tell their name. At her waist, a small placard stated a number, her major, her GPA and her combined score for the poise evaluation assessment.

During the cocktail hour, pledge contributors chatted with the students and identified by number the three students to receive his business card upon graduation. He recorded his selections by number on one card. On the other card, he recorded his choice of three candidates for the banquet's entertainment segment following dinner. The students receiving the highest number of business card selections received invitations to next year's banquet. Those recent alumni could network openly with the pledge contributors at the event. The seniors were exhibiting their finest poise in competition for that honor and career advantage.

Conversation droned during the cocktail hour and choices were recorded. As they entered the formal dinner, the cards were collected. The tabulated results were held in confidence by Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith had arranged the seating cards prior to this evening's selections. She tried to anticipate the optimum seating combination of students, guests and pledge contributors based on their past selections. After graduation, the alumnus was free to pursue networking with anyone including her new acquaintances.

Ned observed the activities from the kitchen. He knew most of the seniors from conducting promotion evaluation assessments during their college years. Besides, any time spend in conversation with Ned was less time for the students and pledge contributors to network with each other.

After dinner, the tables were cleared and the seniors were excused. The chairs were rearranged before a low stage for the evening's entertainment. Mrs. Smith was the Master of Ceremonies.

Mrs. Smith began the show with introductions of last year's highest number of request winners. The three alumni stood and were individually recognized. In a twist, this year's top requested business card recipient was also introduced. Senior No. 5 was called back into the room and Ned almost didn't recognize Destiny.

No 5's hair, makeup and glamorous evening gown exuded powerful attraction. Her No.5 waist placard listed her Electrical Engineering honors student status and a GPA of 3.9. Her poise score was an unusual 10, reflecting all "excellents". Mrs. Smith handed her an envelope and addressed the audience. "No.5 graduates tomorrow so it seemed appropriate to give her the Academy's graduation gift this evening."

Mrs. Smith addressed Destiny. "The pledge contributors deposited three business cards with us upon arrival. After mixing with the attendees, they each selected students by number who they wished to receive their card. You received the highest number of business card requests. This envelope contains 8 of those business cards counter-stamped with the Academy logo. Five cards were from executives at international electronics firms. You can use any or all of them like letters of introduction to high level connections in the worldwide business community. Few other educational institutions can offer this kind of launch to a graduate's career. Good Luck." No.5 thanked Mrs. Smith and the audience. She pranced off the stage with a big smile as she clutched the envelope to her chest. This was the prize for her senior year efforts at becoming the best Total Woman she could be.

Next on the agenda was the evening's amusement. Mrs. Smith said the evening gown auction would commence. Mrs. Smith had tabulated the other card's choices. She called No. 2 to the stage. One of the elegantly dressed seniors returned to the room and stood on the stage facing the audience. "What am I offered for her left shoe?" Bids were shouted and No.2 delivered her left shoe to the seated highest bidder, planted a kiss on his cheek and returned to the stage. "What am I offered for her right shoe?" Again No 2 delivered the article to the highest bidder with a kiss. The bidding continued through her stockings and gown. No 2 had worn slip, panties and bra which were auctioned as well. The final highest bidder received No. 2's standing full mouth kiss with a bearhug and caresses. She skipped from the room wearing only your jewelry and a smile. Comfort with nudity in a protected environment was a trait first acquired as a freshman and never lost.

No 4 was called into the room. She had chosen a gown with built-in pushup breast supports so a bra auction was mute. No 9 had done the same and excluded panties as well. The auction provided a playful end to the evening. The auction proceeds would augment the Academy scholarship funds. The pledge contributors gathered their loot for departure. They silently prayed that in the near future, a TWA graduate would present them with one of their own business cards counter-stamped with the Academy logo.

The following morning, Ned met Mrs. Smith in her office. Mrs. Smith was the lead housemother among the housemother group. She witnessed the results of the students' accumulated progress and provided the lower levels advice for curriculum improvements.

Mrs. Smith had several agenda items to discuss with Ned. "We are moving the senior students to the new senior facility today. We are taking them by chartered bus. We thought of using a convoy of towncars but that would attract undue attention as you so aptly perceived."

Mrs. Smith paused. "The new facility includes a separate residence for guests. Alumni returning for occasional short periods as guest teachers and coaches will occupy it during their stay. We have set aside a suite for you." Mrs. Smith paused again to see Ned's reaction. "The curriculum needs to be improved and we think you can offer us a male perspective. The senior students sometimes have specific questions or requests where females lack the particular knowledge. Do you remember working with Brooke's curiosity regarding vaginal clamping versus oral stimulation? Think of yourself as a senior level poise tune-up specialist.".

Ned was intrigued. "Will I be allowed to roam the senior facility house?"

Mrs. Smith nodded. "But any coaching tune-up requests must be filtered through me. You can't take requests directly from students. Of course, you are still responsible for transportee evaluation assessments when your schedule allows." Ned agreed.

Mrs. Smith continued. "Our next item regards those evaluation assessments. There have been inconsistencies in the quality of the evaluation assessments performed by the varied transporters. Destiny's retest is an example. Even you almost missed a few steps with Caterina. I want you to participate in a quality control experiment. You will evaluate two promotees on a limited number of tests and another transporter will evaluate the same students concurrently. Our hotel chairman pledge contributor has made arrangements for two suites at his hotel. You will meet the promotees but not the other transporter. I will compare the two evaluation assessment scores to see if there are areas where we need to adjust the evaluation steps or performance criteria. Any questions?"

Ned asked Mrs. Smith when all of this would start. "Immediately. Please get settled at the senior guest residence quickly. I already have a tune-up request waiting for you." Ned left her office and later that day moved along with the students to the new facility.

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