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Total Woman Academy 12a


Karl was a pledge contributor who had attended several senior banquets. At the last one, Mrs. Smith approached him with a proposition. Would Karl be interested in donating a few months of his time each year to the Total Woman Academy? It would require that he undergo an extensive background check and medical exams before the nature of his duties were revealed. There was no monetary compensation but Karl was known as a person of independent finances. Karl agreed and acquiesced to the examinations. After months of a thorough battery of exams and checks, Mrs. Smith briefed Karl on the Evaluation Assessors training program and his ultimate responsibilities.

Karl underwent a month of EA training. It started with a week of classroom sessions where Karl learned sexual and sensual anatomy. He learned how the training and testing mechanical devices worked. He was briefed on all safety and security rules and cautioned that violators suffered severe consequences.

The second week was spent learning the freshman curriculum of exterior sensuality. An expert graduate name Emily spent all week showing Karl practical applications of the freshman courses. She would rub him a certain way and repeat it with a twist until he could perceive the tiniest variation. Sensual points, massage, sensual massage, bathing were the topics practiced each day. Emily's duty hours were 24/7. Long days of hard training were interspersed with long nights of soft relaxation. Emily used her full repertoire to relieve the stress of concentration from Karl's body.

During week two, Angelina took over the training duties. Employing standing, sitting and prone positions, face forward and face reversed, she demonstrated the different sensations of vaginal sex. Each position used clamping, vertical and lateral hip shifts, pelvis rolls combined with strokes long and short, fast and slow until Karl could differentiate a good technique from bad. Angelina soothed his mind and body as well every night.

The third week Karl spent with Brooke, an oral expert. She used her mouth in every way she knew to demonstrate kissing, caressing and fellatio. Karl quickly became familiar with sensual variances required for is evaluation assessments. Brooke took Karl to the pool deck hot tub nightly for seemingly endless fucking in bubbly water under the starry skies.

Now Karl waited in the coaching suite for his own final evaluation assessment to determine if he was mentally organized and nerve system sensitive enough to properly perform the evaluations. The door opened and two naked females in heels and carrying clipboards entered the coaching suite. Karl followed their progress around the room from his prone position on the low massage table.

One of them stood at his side. "Good morning, Karl. My name Is Flora and this is Fawn. As you can see we are twins. We are highly adept at controlled performances in the full Total Woman curriculum. We will each perform the same test step on you but one will purposefully perform incorrectly. You will tell us which performed correctly, that is, which gave you the better sensuality and pleasure. You can see that I have an ankle bracelet on my right leg and Fawn has the same type of bracelet on left leg. If you need to identify the tester that should help."

Flora leaned over and placed her lips sweetly on Karl's. Flora moved aside and Fawn repeated the kiss. Karl got the idea and thought Fawn's lips sliding sideways along his mouth was better. The twins exclaimed together "Correct!"

They in turn kissed the numerous erogenous areas about his body, as Karl made his choices and the twins quietly recorded his selections on their clipboards. Karl rolled on his stomach and the muscle massage took some time as they alternated, repeating each manipulation as Karl made his decisions and the twins kept records. The face-up muscle massage was followed by the sensuous massage stopping short of ejaculation. The test team retired to the bathroom and the garden tub. It was large enough for Karl to lie in the center with a twin partially submerged on either side. They alternately washed and caressed Karl while he made his selections. Again they stopped short of Karl's semen emission.

Returning to the massage table, the twins took multiple turns mounting an erect Karl and interchangeably gave him vaginal strokes, clamping, side to side, back and forth and hip rolls. Karl found some techniques hard to distinguish between the testers but made the close calls hoping he was right. What wasn't right was how they had not brought Karl to fulfillment.

The final activities were oral. Each twin gave Karl a full blowjob and Karl was required to critique the individual parts. One twin performed licking better than sucking, the other stroking better than tonguing and Karl dissected the routines for the their individual sub-scores.

The twins stood around comparing notes and discussing the results. Fawn said "Well, Karl, congratulations, it looks like you get a passing score." The twins headed for the door as Karl looked down on his rock hard cock which had been stimulated but not satisfied all day. Karl almost cried as he said "Are you going to leave me like this?" The twins gave a small wave as they opened the door and left. Before the door latched, it swung open again and his tutors, Emily, Angelina and Brooke strode in. During the next few hours, they took turns bringing Karl to numerous finales. When Karl was eventually drained, they all moved to the pool-deck hot-tub and splashed, played and exchanged passions until the wee hours of the morning. As Karl lay exhausted on the deck beside the hot-tub, Emily, then Angelina, then Brooke captured Karl's earlobe in a gentle bite and whispered "Welcome Aboard" before returning to their rooms and leaving Karl on the deck to rest and recuperate.

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