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Total Woman Academy 13


The board received the committee reports and recommendations. The Board noted that controlled limited contact by the students with males during their years at the Academy could provide safety and security. That policy would continue but offsite individual soirees would discontinue. There was a growing cognizance that during Senior year, the students needed a little more freedom to practice their poise and tune-up their images.

A new procedure was created that would bring that male presence to the Master facility on a scheduled basis. A limited number of Seniors who volunteered were selected by lottery to attend the monthly events. It was called Freewill Weekend. Upon rendering an application fee, pledge contributors were confirmed as appropriate guests by TWA Security and allowed to bid on weekend slots. The three highest bidders were allowed access to the facility Friday night, all day Saturday and up to noon on Sunday. A Friday night formal soiree began the weekend.

The great room was alive with conversation and flirting between formally dressed men and women. As the night wore on the crowd diminished as pairs left for rendezvous in their suites. Not all of the women could be accommodated by the guests at once and the remaining students determined to even things up over the next days.

On Saturday morning, guests and students wandered from their suites onto the pool deck. The students wore as little as possible, often nothing, trying to capture male attention and a liaison. The guests showed suitable interest and accommodated the temptations as they were able.

Guest No PC-3 walked along the pool deck surveying the smorgasbord of flesh. He stopped at a lounge chair where a senior with eyes closed was listening to taped college class lectures. She had avoided a swimsuit's interference to her studious concentration. PC-3 decided she was going to get sunburn. He stooped to retrieve the lotion bottle and began liberally applying the lotion to the student's peaked and vally-ed chest. She gave a start from her repose and sat-up. "What are you doing?!" PC-3 grinned "I saw you lying there and thought I could help with your sunscreen." She sternly said, "You should have asked first! I don't want your help. Please move somewhere else." Stung by her tone, PC-3 wandered off. She returned to her audio studies.

Ned witnessed the interaction and thought of calling security but decided that he would investigate the situation first. He walked over and discovered that the student was the tight butt bikini model coaching suite room service deliverer, No. 7, from the tune-up session with Julie.

Ned asked "Are you alright?"

"Yes, just some jerk that pawed me. I know how to do amazing things for and to a gentleman who asks. But I won't be grabbed."

Ned nodded his head and said "Okay, I'm asking."

Former No 7 raised her hand and said "Pleased to meet you again, Ned. My name is Maureen. What are you asking?"

"May I help you properly apply sunscreen protection liberally and then lead you to my suite where I will remove the sunscreen entirely and with style?"

"That sounds wonderful. You may begin when ready." She returned to her prone position, turned on her recordings and listened to her lessons with her eyes closed.

Ned bent to his task. Coating his hands he applied a layer to her breasts and then left that area. He rubbed and massaged the oils into her neck, limp arms, legs and feet. He burnished her toes and rose again up her legs, squeezing handfuls of tense skin and muscle until her legs lay loose and dormant on the lounge. Moving higher, Ned cupped his hands around Maureen's slick pubis, then palmed large sweeps around her lower abdomen. Ned moved to her chest. He formed his thumbs and index fingers into a circle around the base of Maureen's mammary cones. He pulled along her skin until his encircling fingers slipped off the top of her nipples. He alternated with the other breast, back and forth. Maureen's head began to bob slightly and a smirk curved her lips.

Ned stopped the breast massage and Maureen opened her eyes. Maureen carried her palm across her torso, gathering oily wetness and ran her hand up the open pant leg of Ned's shorts. She found the prize and used her thumb and index finger to simulate Ned's breast massage strokes along the length of his shaft. Ned moaned. He placed his hand palm up near her side. Maureen removed her hand and clasped his offered hand as she lifted herself to stand next to him. Their fingers intertwined and an aroused Ned led an aroused Maureen to his suite. They practically floated across his threshold.

After months of sexual drought, Maureen was ready to take a long drink of Ned. She stood ready, willing and able, covered in an oily sheen, waiting for Ned's cue to their next move.

Ned was captivated by Maureen. Today would not be coaching tune-up work or evaluation assessment but simple pleasure generated by the sensual friction between two lovers. Ned could relax and enjoy rather than measure and appraise. He stepped into the bath, started the shower and returned to the main room to retrieve Maureen.

Under the pulsating nozzle, Ned wiped his soapy hands all over Maureen. She stood moot allowing him access to every bit of her skin, from scalp to soles of feet. Ned washed, rinsed and repeated for an hour until Maureen was clean of oil and glowing with heat. Maureen washed Ned's hair with a scalp massage, washed his back then reached around and washed Ned's chest as her wet boobs mashed into his back. She tickled Ned's nipples. She cradled his dick and balls as she washed them thoroughly. She kneeled to cleanse Ned's legs and feet. Maureen turned Ned by the hips and came face to face with the beautiful object of her desire.

Maureen kissed the tip, tongued the slit and drew Ned's length in and out and in and out. Her lips recreated the hand rings employed on the pool deck not so long ago. Ned was staring at the shower tiled wall and thought of ....nothing. No evaluations, no tests, no grades, no reports; just the enjoyment of the sensations Maureen was producing on his embedded cock. Without warning, Ned took hold of Maureen's head and stopped her bobbing. He lifted her to a long wet kiss, closed off the shower flow and stepped out into the main bath space. Drawing her out, Ned held and hugged Maureen's wet body to his chest as he sustained their lust with another wet kiss.

Walking hand in hand to the bed, Ned picked Maureen up and laid her gently on her back. Maureen lifted her knees and parted her thighs. Ned cruised her body, from foot to head, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake. Raising his hips, Maureen reached down and placed him, opening her legs wider in invitation. Her pussy lips were softly enveloping his tip when Ned began tapping at the gates of joy. Maureen rolled her hips upward and answered his knock. Ned pushed and retreated, pushed farther and retreated less until he was balls deep in Maureen. Long smooth strokes, shorter bursts, long reverberating strokes. Maureen wiggled and rotated her hips until Ned's nob had touched every possible point inside her vagina. Maureen was rubbing the back of Ned's head when she felt a tingle run up her spine. Another more insistent tinkle followed. The third once bounced off her brain and smashed back into her groin. She cried out.

Ned luxuriated in the warm wetness encompassing his meaty rod. Maureen's movements had affected every last nerve on his cock. Her cry of ecstasy nearly brought his release but he held back, wanting it harder, stronger and bigger. Ned held still as she swooned down from her mind-numbing peak. She regained her presence in the room. As she breathed easier, Ned began the dance again. Maureen clutched him as the heat returned almost at once. She peaked again and Ned stopped again. The last time was slow and gentle and when Maureen achieved the summit a third time, Ned plunged over the other side with her, ejecting his essence.

Ned lay collapsed into Maureen's saddle. She had either fainted or was resting motionless. He laid his head sideways on her breasts, using them as a pillow while he recovered his own senses. He could feel or hear her heartbeat. He closed his eyes and his mind drifted away to a sleepy place.

A second rhythm beat quietly in counter-point. In the suite next door, PC-3 watched Mimi's generous boobs gyrate in time with her bouncing butt. His stiffness was vertical within her upright vagina.

After Maureen had called him out on his behavior, PC-3 had gone to the other side of the deck and sat at a pool side umbrella table. A blond head burst above the waves next to the table. The little mermaid smiled widely at him. "Want some company" she asked. Watching his manners, he said that would be nice. She popped up on the deck wearing only her bikini bottoms and took the chair across from him. PC-3 was dazzled by the large mounds on her chest. His groin stiffened. He held her in conversation about her studies, her interests and general current events. Mimi was very intelligent, obviously beautiful and poised enough to have become a senior at the Total Woman Academy. Hoping against hope, he broached the subject of her joining him in his suite. Without hesitation, Mimi stood, took PC-3's hand and gazed up at his face waiting his direction.

In the room, she removed her bikini bottom, undressed him, laid him on the bed and used her cleavage, hands and mouth to get him fully ready. Mimi slid under him and spread her thighs, summoning him to her cunt. PC-3 politely complied with her request. After much pleasant thrusting, Mimi rolled them both until she was on top. She took PC-3 soaring to the clouds before they fell together to earth. PC-3 came out of a daze with Mimi's soft chest pressed into his. PC-3 had learned the advantages of being a perfect gentleman when visiting the Total Woman Academy.

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