tagLoving WivesTrickery Comes Back to Its Master

Trickery Comes Back to Its Master


My last bottle Grand Vin Chateau Latour was nearly empty. Holding my glass I thought that it was so much better to drown the sorrows with a choice bottle of wine, than cheap bourbon. 'Does my mishap never end?' I wondered. Yesterday the oil pressure on my car dropped while at high speed on the freeway, the result was an engine beyond repair. Today a broken front tooth, a new expensive cap would be needed. Now, when I was as totally broke as you can get. My business had failed the previous week after the bankruptcy of my largest client. I had no way to recover my outstanding; I had put all my assets into this project. Even the condo I lived in, I no longer owned. The bank would take it all.

I tried in vain to concentrate on the smooth wine, the bouquet and the wonderful deep red color, when my reflex ions suddenly were broken by the shrill noise of the door bell.

'What's more?' I thought.

"What a surprise!" I said when I saw who was at the door, "I haven't seen you the last twelve years Jane, what's the reason for this call if I may ask?"

"Could we come in please, I – that is Robert and I need to talk to you George. We need your help," said my ex wife.

I let them in and we sat down in the living room. "Sorry," I said, "the bottle is as you can see empty, it was the last one; I cannot offer you anything else but a cup of coffee."

"We don't need anything, just the opportunity to tell you something and then ask if you will help us," she said.

"Ok, what's on your mind?" I replied.

"I have to go back more than twelve years, when I met Robert. As you know we fell in love. He wanted me to leave you and marry him and I said yes and that I would ask for a divorce. I told him I wanted so much to have a child and that I would beg you to let me go without a fight; so we could start a child project together as soon as possible. He then told me a devastating fact; he could not due to medical reasons father a child. He was not sterile, but he had inherited a genetic fault he did not want to pass on to future generations. He always used condoms when we made love. Do you understand where we are going George?"

"Oh my god, I think I do. Does that mean that I'm the father of your child?" I asked.

"Yes," she confirmed.

"So you really fooled me, didn't you?"

"Yes I did. I lied to you. I asked Robert if I got pregnant with you and I told you that he was the father, would he take full responsibility for the child and raise it as his. He said yes and he said he would be very happy as he really wanted to be a father."

"Are you here because you want me to help out with child support, because if you are, it's a lost cause. My company folded last week, I'm losing my condo to the bank, I have nothing of value left," I told her.

"No, we are not. If you help us we might help you," she replied.

"I don't take alms," I said, "what's your problem?"

"It's our daughter – she has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. I'm not compatible and we so much hope you would be willing to test to see if you are. And if you are – help her? We haven't found any suitable donors and it is a question of life and death for her. We are so desperate." She looked at me with begging eyes.

Was I angry, yes of course I was very angry. Would that stop me from helping this little girl? No it would not. After waiting a few seconds I said to her, "You used me outrageously, don't you agree?"

"Yes, I did. I beg you to forgive me. But Gina has no part in my trickery. It's only me at fault," she replied.

"Yes, I agree with you there. I cannot refuse, but it will be on my terms," I said.

"Whatever you say, I will do and agree to anything that's within my power, if you save her. You know, her name is Georgina – we call her Gina. It was Robert's idea to call her that in your honor. We were ashamed about how we fooled you. If she recovers, do you want her to live with you?"

"No, I will not take her away from her home; that would be very wrong. But she has to be told the truth and I wish to have visiting rights. In addition to that you have to cover all medical expenses for her and me, as I told you I'm presently without funds," I said, "And by the way, I have no car so you have to pick me up and drive me to the hospital for the tests."

They agreed and two days later we sat in the doctor's office at the hospital. I had been tested and the doctor had called us in to tell us about the results.

He cleared his throat and said, "I don't know how to explain the result to you. Mr. Robson, what make you think you are the father of this child?"

"My ex wife told me two days ago," I replied.

My wife turned towards the doctor and said to him, "George must be the father; I got pregnant before I left him. I told him Robert had made me pregnant so he would give me a quick divorce. Robert is not the father, just to be certain we have checked that and it has been confirmed. It must be George."

"Sorry madam, there is no doubt, Mr. George Robson is not the father of this child and he cannot, I repeat cannot be used for a bone marrow transplant."

All three looked at Jane with some surprise; then suddenly she screamed, "That bastard Tim, he said he was sterile!"

"Who's Tim?" asked Robert.

"I take it she means our next door neighbor, he was a ladies' man," I replied, "He died last year, by the way."

The End

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by Anonymous

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by krosis66601/05/15

To Rephil

Who said 'You kill a child for a story?' And to all the others complaining.
I'd do just for the sport of it! Mmmm, baby sandwiches with fries on the side! Yum.
I'd club a childs head with a bat, just tomore...

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by betrayedbylove08/11/14


Not only is she a worthless cunt she is a stupid worthless cheating cunt. Now the daughter suffers.


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by lance_spearman04/24/14


Good story.

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by Tw0Cr0ws04/24/14

pretty good but

"when my reflex ions suddenly were broken"

What are reflex ions ?

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