tagSci-Fi & FantasyTrillion Ch. 03

Trillion Ch. 03


Trillion had very little experience in household chores, her life in the castle had not prepared her for these things and life in the forest even less. She swept the floor for what seemed like hours, but still it was not spotless. It frustrated her greatly, but she did the best she could. Washing the dishes proved an even greater challenge to her, the water caused her fine hands to wilt and she disliked immediately how the dish rag felt in her hands. Yet even as she stood at small counter with her hands in the bucket of water, she remembered the mage's hands as they had fallen upon her bottom again and again, she set her mind to the work before her.

Trillion began to sing, it was an old song, a children's song, it started low and gained in strength as she swayed before the bucket and the dishes that mocked her, she stared out the window to the green forest below, doing something that would have seemed unimaginable in her old life. It took her a very long time to complete the tasks he had given her, and she found that she was hungry by the time she was done.

Without the mage, and with nothing to scavenge, Trillion was forced to cook something on her own in the huge black cauldron that hung by the fire, she found foodstuffs in the two cupboards on the far end of the room.

The end result of her labor was not quite as awful as she anticipated, but only by a little. Trillion was glad she had not added more of those strange smelling seasonings in the stoneware jar or it would have been much too spicy to stomach.

She lit the candles that hung on the walls as the light faded from the sky and she became unsure of what to do with herself. It surprised her that she would feel lonely after all the years she had spent perching in trees. It was then she heard his footsteps upon the winding stairs. He entered the room briskly as was his nature, with him he carried a large tome under his arm, bound in a strange red ribbon. After he took two steps in the room he inhaled deeply and his eyes sought her where she sat at the table. The candles did not quite illuminate her, leaving her a figure in the moonlight.

" Cooking as well girl? I had not thought you that resourceful. I will forgive that indiscretion as I did not tell you that you should not, but you are fortunate that you did not burn my tower down." He walked over to the cauldron and smelled her creation. He drew back quickly and cast an uncertain look back over his shoulder to where she sat fidgeting at the table. Trillion fought the urge to stick her tongue out at him. If he thought he could do better he was welcome to it!

The mage moved silently as he peered at the dishes that she had placed in the china rack, he glanced at the floor while his blue robes swept behind him. He placed the book on the table and sat beside her, pulling his chair close beside her.

Trillion lifted her chin to meet his eyes but it was almost shyly, she remembered the way his fingers had slid in and out of her it shamed her that she wished him to do it again. The mage regarded her with his bright eyes, they were the color of port wine. She would have not thought to notice such a thing in a man before, what interest did she have in their eye colors? Yet she found his eyes were pleasing. When she realized he was looking at her with a furrowed brow and straightened in her chair, her attention snapped back to the moment before her.

The mage untied the red ribbon from the tome lovingly, and his fingers traced the old lines of the book in a way that held Trillion's undivided attention.

"Can you read girl?" He asked it in an offhand manner that surprised her. Surprised and enraged.

She was on her feet before him. "Of course I can read! Do you know who you're talking to?" She had raised her voice more than was appropriate for a lady of her age and she could feel her face turning scarlet with fury that but he stood before her and grabbed hold of her wrists before she knew that he moved. The mage stood behind her in possession of her person, with the grip he had on her wrist she was unable to move.

She expected his voice to be tight when he spoke to her, she expected his disapproval, but he was surprisingly undisturbed. "Have you not learned yet girl? Just because you have the opportunity to learn does not mean that you have taken advantage of it. As we are learning, you do not always comprehend things quickly." He pulled her easily back to the table.

Trillion was surprised by how easily he moved her, he could hardly weigh more than fifty and one hundred pounds. "Since you are so eager to stand," the mage assured her. "You may do so here."

He sat back in his chair but he still did not release her hands and she was forced to stand next to him. The mage opened the tome gently, his fingers roamed across the beautiful scribed pages "You will begin to read this text girl, it will give you a basic understanding of magic, I will ask you questions about it daily so I caution you not to fall behind in your studies."

He rose from his chair releasing her wrists only long enough to stand behind her. He now grasped one in each hand pulling them back behind her and forcing her to bend forward over the table. Trillion made a rude sound as her fair cheek pressed into the open pages of the book. She struggled only a moment, until his hand became just minutely tighter and she relaxed, as best she could in his grasp.

"Your lessons continue." She felt him wind the red ribbon that had bound the books tightly around her wrists. It was not at all painful, but alarming. The ribbon was soft and caressed her skin as he threaded it about her hands and her wrist tying it snugly. Trillion tested the bonds but was unable to free her hands.

When he was certain that she could not gain her hands the mage produced a length of black cloth from the pocket of his robes. He tied it across her eyes without a word to her. Trillion could not say why she let him, she should not have called out or stopped him, but the steadiness of his eyes prevented her. She felt him move away from her and was left standing tied and blind in the center of the room.

His voice came to her clear and strong from somewhere to her right . "In magic we are taught to use senses we do not know we possess by developing these senses we find our power and through that power we are able to accomplish our desires. Let us see if you can grasp this concept girl. Seek me out."

Trillion stood still for a moment pouting and irritated. She did not like the situation she was in. She did not like to be blind but she knew that he would not release her until she made an attempt and so she stuck her chin out and walked forward towards the sound of his voice....directly into the table.

She howled as she banged her knee and floundered but she kept her feet. She heard the mage's voice in the air around her, subtle and caressing, although it was stern as well " Be mindful girl! Remember the room in your head, it has not changed."

Trillion tried to picture it and to some degree she could but it didn't prevent her from tripping over her own feet and falling to the ground twice. Getting up, she discovered, was much more difficult when she did not have her hands. She was wandering around like a fool! He was probably laughing at her! At one point she nearly began to cry in frustration but she would not let him see her tears.

He did not speak again and after what seemed like hours, although certainly it was not, Trillion was ready to give up. But she did not give up. She stopped and listened, and surprisingly amazingly she heard the soft whisper of pages turning and she ambled blindly in his direction. She would have walked into him as well if he had not stopped her with his hands on her hips.

"It took you long enough girl, but you managed." She was close enough that she could smell the soap he washed his robes with and feel the deflection of her breath against them. "Sensation can be used in many ways girl, it can bring pleasure or pain I shall instruct you." Leaving the blindfold in place he pulled her onto his lap. She wondered as he did where they were sitting for she could not remember a chair on this side of the room.

She felt his hands as they loosened the robe she was wearing she squeaked in embarrassment as he opened it. His hands were warm as he traced where her heart beat frantically in her breast. Trillion could not say why she wanted him to touch her when by rights she should turn from him and scream. His fingers traced the line of her breast until the reached one of the sensitive nipples.

Never had any of the lords in her family's castle caressed her like this. Not one of them created the strange burning in her stomach. When the mage bent his head forward and brushed the other nipple with his tongue she moaned and squirmed on his lap tugging futilely at the ribbon that held her hostage.

He laughed low in his throat visiting the same treatment upon the other. His mouth was warm and his tongue moist and wonderful and as he used it on her skin her body seemed to tighten. A feeling was growing in her and she leaned into the mage rubbing against him but he repositioned her and continued his attentions with a caress her or a kiss there. She was breathless and floating, thinking of sensation and how wonderful this one was.

Then without warning while she was still floating high he took her right breast firmly in his hand and slapped it hard. Trillion squealed then, her complacency lessoned significantly with his second blow to the underside of her breast. Her skin stung between blows although the area between her legs ached as it had when he had touched her there. After six terrible strikes to one side he moved on to her other breast.

He was deaf to her pleas and by the end she was pleading. Her sensitive skin burned under his hands and her nipples ached painfully. She wanted to curse him but did not dare for fear he would continue.

He paused then to silence her with a single touch of his hand in her hair. She felt his head bend to her breasts again by the sweep of his hair against her collarbone. Her skin was polarized by the blows and more sensitive than she could ever recall. His lips traced their previous path but this time they wreaked havoc on Trillion and she cried out and squirmed when he captured her nipple in his mouth and nipped it.

The heaviness building between her thighs was reaching a point that she could hardly bear and she gripped a hold of the mage's robes in her bound hands and screamed as something inside her unwound suddenly. Trillion convulsed on his lap in an endless series of little shutters that went on and on into forever until at last she collapsed against him.

She was still in darkness, the blindfold was wet from her tears and now from the sweat that had gathered on her brow. She was sated and now, a little sleepy. Trillion felt strangely bare, as if he had exposed something inside her that she had not known she was hiding, she would have hid in his room then, but she was unable to gain her feet where she sat awkwardly in his lap.

The mage's voice was unexpectedly gentle in comparison to the way he had, just moments before touched her. " Magic is powerful and wild, sometimes we control it and sometimes it controls us. However that seemed to be a surprise to you girl. Answer me honestly, was it?"

"Yes it was Master." She hated that she blushed. She hated it.

"Do you have the courage to continue?"

She almost faltered, and would have for the pain had excited her and she found that strange but the reaction of her own body had terrified her. She did not understand it. But he spoke to her honestly and it gave her the strength to continue.

"Yes I would like to."

"That is enough for now then." He covered her and tied the sash at her waist. The mage untied her blindfold frowned at her tear redden eyes but he said nothing. He lifted her easily and it surprised her when he carried her into the bedroom.

He placed Trillion on the floor and stripped her of her robe easily yet he did not look at her beyond taking off her clothing. She looked out of the window and saw the stars shining in the night sky, the shone dimly. Trillion had not realized how much time had passed while she had wandered through the chamber searching for him.

The mage glanced at the bed and then back at Trillion, "Rest now." She thought certainly that she would not. She was irritated and embarrassed about what had happened between them, but she was asleep before she knew what was happening.

Much later she was aware of movement and she stirred enough to see the Mage pulling the blankets to his chin. In the moonlight his silver hair shone. He saw her eyes open and an enigmatic smile crossed his face. "Sleep while you can girl, I have many more things to teach you."

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