Truffles and Silk Ties


I nipped and licked her nipples, settled myself in between her wide-open thighs. I covered her lips with mine and kissed her, my tongue finding hers then sucked on her upper lip as I slowly pierced her tight, wet pussy. Alisha drew in a sharp breath.

"Are you okay?" I mumbled, hesitant in my penetration.

"Yes, go deep and don't you dare stop," she sighed.

She brought her hips to meet mine and I filled her completely. Where I ended and she began, I didn't know, didn't care, as I just wanted more of her. I reached a hand underneath her, leveraged the other beside her, and pulled her hips to me, making our union all the more tighter and hotter. I could go no further, I bottomed out inside her where she grunted to let me know that I was right.

Hard thrusts and pulling nearly out of her then quickly plunged back in, made for wet friction noises that had me even more turned on than I already was. I picked up the pace of my stroke into her pussy. Alisha brought a hand down to feel my pulsating cock while I shoved into her slippery slit then with her other hand she played with her nipples.

Sweat rolled down my chest onto hers. She swiped a finger through the pool, smearing it with the cayenne peppered truffle sauce and tasted my now salty sweet efforts. I plowed into her raising her ass so I could get a deeper different angle. That's when I gave her ass cheek a slap. It stung, I could tell because it hurt my hand with her ass as tight as it was. It was unexpected too because she winced in surprise, though she grinned. Keeping the onslaught going, I turned it into a slow, nut-slamming hard stroke and felt her wet quivering pussy flex, gush around me.

"Oh Varian," she called out, "so good!"

I felt her inner muscles tighten around my cock in spasms. I continued my hard thrusting until my own release. I groaned, coming, but she came alive, pushing on my chest and trying to move away.

"No," she said hoarsely, "I want to see you come on me."

Laughing, grunting, I jacked my cock and shot half my load in her and the other on her stomach. Gelatinous cum overfilled her navel and jiggled as she silently giggled. I felt drained. Shuddering, I rolled onto my back next to her, both our heads at the foot of the bed.

"You should have told me before that," I sighed. "I can't put the brakes on once I start to orgasm."

"Well, I didn't think about it until just then. I wanted to see your cum."

She pouted then tasted the little bit of semen I did managed to spurt onto her belly.

"Hmm, you have an agreeable taste," she said as if she were a connoisseur of cum.

I laughed.

She then reached over and shoved a truffle into my mouth, "Happy Valentine's Day."

"Happy Valentine's to you too," I said around the chocolate.

Unfortunately, I found it was the chipotle cricket one as I crunched down on the carapace, getting a nip of the smoked pepper at the same time.

I made a face, "No more of those."


Alisha rolled onto her side and rested her head on my chest and I wrapped my arm around her.

"I'm going to miss you, you know that?" I said.

Now, I knew it was all right to be with her like this as her caring friendship had touched my heart and left an extraordinary feeling that I could never compare to my past lovers nor the future ones.

Alisha mumbled in agreement and said the same bittersweet sentiments. "I hope you're ready for your dessert in fifteen minutes because we're not done until we get more fortune cookies," she said.

Then I replied, "Confucius say, boy with stiffening cock can go all night if girl keep him happy with her sizzling wok.


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