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Truffles and Snow Devils


Copyright Neonurotic, February 2014

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author's Note: Dear Readers, this story is a continuation and not a chapter of my story, Truffles and Silk Ties.


The new place felt lonely so I added a cat, Baxter—a rescued black and white menace to mice. It still felt a little lonely, but within a week, the scratching and scurrying in the walls had ceased. The century old house was an adobe two-story with original pine floors. The basement was a morgue, cold and damp, not fit for anything, not even storage. Eventually, it would be refinished. The uppermost level however was spectacular. It had a long narrow staircase leading to a decent sized room with a huge walk-in closet. This had surprised when I first moved in, but it had spiders. Those eight-legged freaks I hated more than mice. Baxter frequently ignored them, being more interested in lying in a pool of sun in the middle of my bed.

Before Baxter, there was my ex-roommate, Alisha who championed against household pests while I wussed in the corner. Alisha, an awesome friend who had me believe she was lesbian for years, wasn't. Long story short, she was bisexual and we had got it on Valentine's Day last year. The hot sex had been her going away present as she needed to get back to Canada to reopen her business, Chocolatta.

In the past twelve months, Alisha sent me her amazing confections, uniquely flavored chocolate truffles. Some of them were common raspberry—others unusual, peanut butter with bacon or muscadine wine, but all were a flavor orgasm. We talked a lot on the phone and even made plans for a visit. Although, that all changed. Work required me to move to Utah and further away from my friend who had never stepped foot on a plane in her life. Too far by train and me busy with work to vacation, our plans fell through.

Now a year later on Valentine's Day, Alisha forgot about me. Suffice to say I was a bit down. Especially so when the silk boxers—a gift to her from me cleared customs and made it to her on time. She'd look hot in that men's wear, the pastels matching her soft butchiness. I received nothing. No phone call, no chocolates and no perspective dates. The women around town were either too young and religious or too married and religious. I realized the crush I had on my friend was turning more and more like love, a long distance shitty, unrequited affair. I knew it was mostly being in a new town and loneliness, the winter blahs didn't help either.

Looking out the window, I saw the snow had finally stopped falling. A white blanket several inches thick made the pine trees and my yard look like a winter postcard. I pulled on the snow clearing gear, gloves, hat, boots, scarf, coat and sunglasses. The sun's glare on the snow would blind me in minutes if I didn't wear eye protection; also, they had a cool orange and amber hued polarization.

I stomped out the door and shivered as I sucked in the freezing air. Breathing winter air at high altitudes was cleanest and freshest—no way would sinuses stay stuffed here. Grabbing the snow shovel, I started on the porch first then down the sidewalk. Luckily the snow was dry and fluffy, making it lighter and easier to clear away. But there was still a lot of snow to shovel since I had a long driveway. Forty minutes into shoveling, I stripped off my scarf and hat. I had unzipped my coat. As I made my way to the sidewalk, I stopped to spit, but glanced towards the next house over and saw a woman with pale blond hair in an ankle length white quilted coat. With all the white and light surrounding her, she seemed like an angel. Not wanting to look crude, I grimaced while swallowing saliva.

Noticing her walkway still thick with snow, I asked, "Need a plow?"

"Of course," she gave a brilliant smile and a sexy laugh, "It's why I came out to see you."

Quick to pick up on her double-entendre, I grinned back. Working up a sweat, I cleared the sidewalk in front of her house and her walkway. I felt the heat of her gaze the entire time until I made it to her porch where I rested my shovel and took off my coat.

"I bet that was hot work," she replied in a raspy voice.

"It was." I huffed. With a better look at her, I confirmed her beauty. "I'm kind of new here. I haven't seen you around."

"I'm new as well." Her hand ran along the neck of her coat, which she had partially unzipped. "Matter of fact, I just got here."

"Is that right?" My gaze followed her hand, realizing she had a lot of bare skin peeping out of her coat, at least the part I could see from cleavage to midriff. "I didn't see you move in."

"No, I don't live here. I'm just visiting." She unzipped her coat, further exposing skin down to her navel.

Becoming aroused, I wondered if she were naked. "Staying long?" I hoped, wanting to adjust the crotch of my pants.

"No, just a quickie and then I'm gone."

"That's too bad. I'd like to get to know you better."

"Varian, that's why I'm here," she giggled.

She knows my name, how? I thought, dumbfounded, but horny at the prospect having her as a friend.

"Wha-h-how...how do you know my name?"

"It doesn't matter. No time to explain," she grabbed my hand and pulled me along the sidewalk then around the back of the house where the snow was deep. "It's more private back here."

"Uh? OK." I looked around the snow covered yard. Small and intimate, a great space for get-togethers with close friends for barbeques. "All right, what now?"

"This." She stripped of her long coat and handed it to me, revealing complete nudity with the exception of thigh-high albino snakeskin boots. "And this," she fell on her back in a thick drift and made snow angels, waving her arms and legs.

"Oh my god, you're crazy!" I'd never been more shocked and excited. "Get out of that snow."

Her giggles turned into muffled squeals as she flipped over and made more snow angels. Concerned she get frostbite on her bits, I leaned and wrapped an arm around her slim waist and pulled her out of the drift.

"I don't know you, but you're fun and a demented angel." I laughed. "A snow devil."

"Oh, you have no idea," she turned in my arm and faced me, giving me a quick kiss that ended in a sharp nip on my lower lip. "Let's fuck and warm me up."

The Snow Devil grabbed her coat from me and turned out of my grasp. She then laid the coat on the ground where she stretched out onto her back. She looked entirely sexy with the boots and her paleness. She leaned on an elbow, reached down as she opened her thighs and stroked her bare pussy lips.

"C'mon Varian, what are you waiting for?"

"Really? Here?"

"Yes really," she inserted a finger into her pussy, slowly moving it in and out.

Although nervous that her host in the house would catch us, I unzipped my pants. "I'm not taking off coat!" I laughed.

"No take off your shirt, but you can put your coat back on. I want to feel your chest against mine. Besides, I hear you've got some incredible abs and I got a thing for those."

The mystery of how she knew me left me curious, but horniness and a willing sex partner smothered any questions I had for her. I did as she requested and shivered as I put my coat back on. I found it difficult getting my pants over my insulated shoes, though managed it with some work. As I did all this, she continued to masturbate and her fingers glistened. I joined her on the coat, kneeling between her smooth chilly thighs.

"God, she wasn't wrong," Snow Devil ran icy hands along my stomach.

I suppressed the urge from squealing very unmanly-like at her touch. Luckily she did her own foreplay because it was too damn cold to have sex outdoors. I reached over and tweaked one of her nipples, which were already hard from both the cold and her excitement. My other hand joined hers at her clit. She continued to fuck herself. I could feel her warmth breath in my face as I watched our combined ministrations.

"Kiss me," she whispered.

I did. I pulled her close for a rough kiss, one lip-bruising-all-tongue sort of kiss, which made us groan in pure lust. Done with the pretense of foreplay, I pushed her back and crushed her underneath me. I could feel her erect nipples. She hooked legs around me and locked us into position.

"Fuck me good, Vari, fuck me hard," she growled, fueling my desire.

Rudely, I planted my angry cock into her pussy, pushed my full girth inside of her until were snug then gave her another bump. She grunted with the extra thrust. I drew out of her and nearly out and bucked right back in with one hard drive. We moved together, fucking desperately with tongues in each other's mouths and panting with our efforts. In a short while I began to sweat, slipping against her tits. I grabbed one of her thighs and thrust away while she moaned.

Wanting a deeper penetration, I withdrew. "Turn over."

Snow Devil obliged, deliciously poking her round at me. There I drilled into her slick velvet-like glove, over and over again. I battered her, watched my cock disappear and reappear, shiny with her wetness. The scene felt hot, making me forget we'd been fucking outside in the middle of winter. Then both freezing and refreshing, big lacy snowflakes pelted her back and my legs. I pinched her ass, spanked it several times in a row while I fucker her, thinking this quickie was coming to an end.

"More, more, more you dirty bastard!" She thrust with me. "Oh, jeezus fuck me, I'm commming!"

The Snow Devil's cursing and clenching pussy spurred me on. I slapped her ass a couple more times then I gripped her hips and hammered her tight little slit. My fucking jarred our bones and I fell over on top of her, knocking her flat. I came, filling her in hard jerking spasms.

"Fuck, I'm glad you wanted a quickie," I mumbled into her hair, laughing.

Sliding from her, I leaned onto one elbow and let her roll onto her side. We lay face to face, catching our breath. She reached into an inside pocket for something. I closed my eyes as my heart beat returned to normal and I would've dosed off even in the cold with snow falling if it weren't for her fumbling around.

"Vari, keep your eyes closed and open your mouth."

I did, realizing she called me by my nickname, Vari. Only one other person ever called me that. Sadness filled me.

"No peeking,"

"I'm not."

She shoved something sweet into my mouth. It was wonderful, rich and creamy. A truffle—one that had something unexpected, sophisticated taste of strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Weird mix, but still very good. My ex-roommate and best friend hadn't forgotten me.

"Alisha says happy Valentine's Day," Snow Devil whispered.


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