byJohn Randolph©


Was it once or twice?

Because it was both Harold and Betty Sue's second marriage, they agreed to keep their finances separate. Betty Sue had money to invest, if she wanted to. She had met Jim, a newer member and a tall, somewhat younger man, at a church function, and recently he had causally brought up that he knew of a good investment involving several hundred thousand dollars.

He had just been offered the last $36,000 of the investment, but he only had $18,000 that he could spare at the moment. He wondered if Betty Sue could be persuaded to go in with him and put in the other $18,000. When Betty Sue told Harold about this, and said she was thinking about it, Harold said he had reservations, but late that Friday night Betty Sue went over to Jim's and gave him the $18,000 check to invest.

That Saturday morning Harold slept late. While he was half asleep and half awake he became aroused and had sort of a dream. In the dream Betty Sue brings the check to Jim's apartment then sits on the sofa. She is quite pretty in shorts and a t-shirt. After they talk business, Jim causally walks behind the sofa and, using both hands, starts to give Betty Sue a bit of a neck rub. Then a light back rub. When she gives a tiny smile, he rubs her neck for a while longer, and then begins a deeper back rub.

Handsome, younger man with such strong hands.

Slow back rub.

Harmless kiss on Betty Sue's cheek.

Longer back rub.

Can't give a proper back rub with a bra on, can you?

After she removes bra, back rub through t-shirt only.

Kiss on her lips using tongue. Longer kisses.

He walks around front keeping contact with Betty Sue's shoulder.

Deep kisses chest to chest. Nipples making tents in her shirt.

Hand on breast over shirt. More kisses.

Arm still around shoulder. Other hand slowly rubs stomach and lower. Many more kisses.

Inevitably, hand cups pussy through shorts. T-shirt comes off over impressive white tits.

Hand gently feels and twists nipple. Mouth sucks slowly nipple to nipple.

Lots more kisses. Shorts off over shapely legs.

Down with panties. Right leg over back of sofa. Legs well spread. Hand gently touches pussy.

Pussy lips open. Pussy being fingered, fingered, fingered. Betty Sue gasping.

Jim taking out prick. Head penetrating pussy just slightly. Shaft following insistently.

Stroking endlessly. Betty Sue's head going back. Her gorgeous legs stretching and flexing.

Betty Sue cumming. Jim cumming.

Harold cumming. Harold wakes up.

Harold doesn't know it, but that's pretty close to what actually happened Friday night. How Harold dreamed it is anybody's guess.

Tuesday, Ed and Edwina Norton, whose organization looks into possible scams, contacted Harold with some bad news. Investment is a scam. Jim left town after cashing the check.

Looks like Jim screwed Betty Sue twice!

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