Two Couples and a Yacht, Day 02


We got to the boat and I stood up to steady the dinghy. Grace dipped back into the water quietly, then propelled herself out as far as she could go and grabbed a very shocked and off balance Jim by the waist and flipped him out of the boat backwards! The look on his face was priceless. He didn't know what grabbed him, and as he was falling over backwards, all he could let out was a quavering "Waaaaaa???" They both went splashing into the water together and disappeared below the surface. I was almost as shocked as Jim, then I heard Nancy splitting up laughing. I joined in and laughed along with her, as Jim surfaced, flailing wildly, sputtering and coughing as he tried to regain his breath and composure.

Grace surfaced near him and he realized what had happened. He looked back at Nancy and I laughing and yelled, "No way! No freaking way!" and lunged towards Grace. Grace put her head down and started swimming away at what looked like a leisurely pace. I knew better. She is a fast swimmer and there's no way Jim could catch her. This made Nancy and I laugh even harder as a frustrated Jim tried swimming as fast as he could, splashing wildly and demonstrating his determination to catch her. He soon tired and Grace stopped swimming, treading water and thumbing her nose at him.

"Nyah nyah nyah! You can't catch me!" she taunted. The chorus of laughter grew and my sides were splitting with how this was playing out. That was, until I felt a bucket of cold water being dumped on my head! It almost knocked me off the dinghy and into the water, but I managed to keep my balance. Grace let out a whoop and Jim looked back at me, stooped over and soaking wet.

"Ha! Serves you right for laughing!" yelled Jim. I looked back up at Nancy, who was still laughing, but it was more directed at me. I made a move to get in the boat and Nancy screamed and climbed up on deck as I followed her in hot pursuit. Did I say "hot?" Wow! I wasn't sure I really wanted to catch her because she looked really hot running in that bikini! I chased her once around the boat and caught her on deck the second time around. Grabbing her around the waist from the rear, I picked her up with her kicking and screaming and headed to the side of the boat.

Man, I couldn't help myself. I got an instant boner with all that skin contact and it was pressing right against her ass. I quickly put her feet down and picked her up, cradling her in my arms and held her over the side.

"No! no! no!" was all she could say breathlessly as she grabbed me around the shoulders, kicking her feet like a helpless maiden.

"It's either a toss in the chuck or a spank you bad girl!" I admonished. Hold on, did I just say that? I could almost feel her melt in my arms and hold me closer around the shoulders.

"Please don't make me choose…" Nancy whimpered. This was way too much for me. God knows I really, really tried to hold Nancy up high enough to avoid contact with my cock, but it had it's own heat seeking device and was straining towards some hot spot on Nancy. Suddenly I heard Grace scream as she was pulled under by Jim. She must have been distracted by our display on deck. I took it as an opportunity to do something, so I jumped in with Nancy in my arms, legs failing, shrieking away as we hit the water.

Nancy held on to me with a death grip around my neck. She wound up right in front of me in a tight embrace as we surfaced, wrapping her legs around my waist, planting her groin right onto my hard cock. I was straining trying to keep us both above water by treading water. Oh but it felt so good. Her belly against mine, her boobs squishing against my chest, and her groin pressing against mine, and did I say her boobs squishing against my chest? Wow, I was starting to pant and I'm not sure it was because I was having trouble treading water with Nancy holding on. Then she wiggled her hips a couple of times and I knew I had to do something, so I dunked under water, taking her with me. I pushed myself farther underwater and she finally let go, rising to the surface. I swam a little ways away and surfaced nearby. I looked over at her and caught my breath and looked over at Grace and Jim, who were well involved in a water fight. I looked back over at Nancy and tried to get out an apology.

"Nancy… I'm sorry for… I mean, I didn't mean to… Uh…." I didn't know how to say sorry for stabbing you with my hard cock, so I put up my hands in resignation as she smiled at me innocently.

"What are you trying to say?" she asked looking at me intently.

"I was going to say, sorry if you could you know, feel my… my… arousal. I really didn't mean that!" I spurted out. Nancy just stared back and me, so I just said, "Oh shucks!" and started splashing her. She screamed and splashed back vigorously as we laughed and tried inundating each other with water. We tired and I swam up to her, treading water in front of her and said,

"No hard feelings?" I caught those words just as they left my mouth. Why was I making so many gaffs in front of Nancy? She smiled mischievously and replied,

"Well, there's nothing wrong with a few HARD FEELINGS between friends, is there?" I groaned and she continued, "Listen Dave, I'm having the time of my life out here with you guys. Things like this are going to happen and that's what makes it such a fun time! So please don't feel bad and just enjoy yourself, OK?" I smiled at her with appreciation, then shifted my smile to a wicked one. Her eyes widened as she turned around and tried swimming away. I grabbed one of her legs and pulled her back towards me growling like a monster with her screaming away. I grabbed her around the waist again and took her underwater with me, like a sea monster who was about to devour his prey. This time she totally relaxed as we went down and leaned back against me. I loved the feeling of my arms around her waist and my hands at her sides and was sorely tempted to explore her whole front side including those lovely boobs. This time I didn't worry about my hardon poking against her ass and I think she sensed that as she wiggled it a bit.

We surfaced again and went down again, slowly drifting down while I held her tight around the waist. She was totally relaxed and we stayed down for 20 seconds or so before we needed air. We surfaced again and went under again in a more controlled, synchronized way. After drifting underwater for what seemed like a long time, we surfaced again and took a deep breath of air. I let her go and she turned toward me.

"I should douse you with water more often," she said softly. I was pretty turned on, and it looked like Nancy was too, so I tried disarming the situation.

"Nancy, that wasn't very nice!" I exhorted.

"Oh! Then when do I get my spank?" she replied with a big smile. I thought back on Jim's story and was at a loss for words.

"Uh," I croaked, looking at her a little shocked. "Oh Nancy, you silly!" I exclaimed and gave her a quick splash. She splashed back lightly and I looked around for Grace and Jim. They were talking quietly in the water 100 or so yards away, so I turned back towards her and reached out towards her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"I am enjoying myself Nancy. You guys are so much fun. Jim and I had a blast this morning fishing and now this," I said with appreciation.

"Well, Grace and I had a heart to heart talk this morning so I feel like we're this close," she said, crossing her fingers. "I'm very thankful to have a friend like her," she added. I looked at her with appreciation, or was it lust? She looked back at me then looked down into the water as if looking at my groin.

"Are you going to be OK? " she asked, straining to see underwater.

"Nancy!" I objected.

"Just askin'" she replied innocently. We heard some laughing from afar and turned to see Jim and Grace frolicking in the water.

"Let's see who can paddle the fastest with just their feet!" I challenged. "On our backs!" I commanded. Nancy stretched out, her boobs poking out of the water and looked straight up. I was thinking of changing the challenge to who could float the longest on their backs, Nancy first. I could stare at her boobs all day long. Whew! I got on my back and we started paddling hard with our feet, making lots of splashes and moving through the water. I started drawing ahead and Nancy gave up.

"No fair, you're bigger!" she complained. We went on like that for a while until we were exhausted, then swam back towards the boat.

"Ladies first," I said as I motioned her towards the swim ladder.

"Oh yeah right, I've got your number on that one!" quipped Nancy as she made her way to the ladder. She climbed as slowly as possible, slowly wagging her ass back and forth as she climbed, giving me a nice show. Although she was bigger than Grace, she filled out her bikini bottoms very nicely. Her legs were smooth and looked even toned. "Was that what you wanted?" asked Nancy seductively.

"Uh, I think I'll stay in the water for a little while longer," I said in a resigned tone. Nancy laughed and reached for her towel, drying herself off. She then reached for mine and got it out ready for me to climb the ladder, holding it in front of her as if she was waiting for me. I quickly climbed the ladder, glad my cock was softening a bit, my cotton shorts clinging to my body, showing it's profile. I climbed over the side into the waiting towel and wrapped it around my waist, thanking her in the process. Nancy sat down in the cockpit and motioned me to sit beside her. I looked over at Jim and Grace, who had climbed up on a rock and were sitting together, drying in the sun. I plopped down beside her and felt a bit awkward sitting alone with Nancy, who was displaying most of her body in a very sexy bikini. The silence was a little nerve wracking, and I think Nancy could tell.

"Dave, relax! I won't bite you. Well, maybe I would, but only if you wanted me to," she said, trying to break the ice. I'm not sure that helped me relax or not. I decided I'd better be honest. It always worked with Grace.

"Nancy, I want you to understand. I feel a little nervous because, because, well, because I think you're pretty hot, OK? And I don't want to act on those thoughts because I'm sure it would just ruin everything," I managed to sputter out. "I really love Grace and would never ever want to hurt her for the world. Do you understand?" I pleaded. Nancy looked at me beaming like she just won the lottery. I could see her happiness rising like the sun as her face brightened more and more. I thought she would burst if she didn't say or do something quickly.

"Oh Dave! That was just what I wanted to hear!" She lunged towards me and grabbed me around the neck and showered me with kisses. "I can't wait to tell Grace!!" she exclaimed.

"Whoa! Whoa! What's this all about?" I asked, wondering whether I should be fending her off, giving way to her aggressiveness.

"Grace and I were bragging about our husbands including how you would never cheat on us. I came up with the idea of both of us teasing you guys and seeing how far you would go. All in fun of course! We both agreed that if you got aroused, that's totally normal. But if you reached for or tried touching our breasts or you know what, that would be crossing the line. You passed with flying colours!" she beamed.

I wasn't sure what to think. This was all a test? I actually started to get mad that our wives would be plotting against us, trying to tempt us to cheat.

"Nancy!" I stated sharply with a stern expression on my face. She jumped and moved back, looking at me intently, wondering what I was thinking. I was getting angry, but her fearful expression softened my stance a bit as I tried to think what to say next. "I can't believe, I mean, I, I don't know what to say! No wonder Jim put you over his knee and spanked you! You are such a…" I caught myself mid sentence and gasped and put my hand over my mouth and looked at her wide-eyed. I just let out a secret between Jim and I. Nancy blushed deeply and shuddered a bit, overwhelmed with what was happening. I just sat there staring at her, not knowing what to say next. I really blew it.

Nancy looked down and away from me, then asked timidly,

"Did Jim tell you about, about, what we do together sometimes? When he… spanks me?" She looked up at me slowly and innocently.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't supposed to say that! Forget you heard it, OK? Jim will kill me if he finds out I told you about it!" I blurted out.

"Well, it's my secret too you know," she stated. "It's not like I don't know about this!" Maybe it was me who was a graduate of the University of Duh! Sometimes I wonder about my intelligence. But then again, all those chemicals floating around in my body were seriously clouding my rational abilities. I calmed down and started thinking back on what Nancy and I just did. I felt a little guilty about how we went underwater a few times, just enjoying each other's bodies.

"Nancy, I'm sorry for what happened. We shouldn't have gotten so close," I conceded.

"It's not like I didn't enjoy it too. You're so much fun, so don't worry about it," she responded. "I really do respect you for being able to play like that and stay faithful to Grace," she added looking at me fondly.

"It was fun," I admitted. "I feel really good around you and actually love it when you tease me. I just don't want you to take my reaction in the wrong way," I added.

"You mean that?" she asked, pointing to my obvious erection.

"Yeah, that," I stated flatly. "Please don't let THAT offend you or anything. I'm a guy and really can't help but react that way when I'm around you, especially in that bikini. Is that OK with you?" I asked. Nancy smiled and leaned toward me and pecked me on the forehead.

"If you knew how I am reacting right now, I would also hope you wouldn't be offended either," she replied. What? Nancy? Getting turned on? By me? It really never occurred to me that could happen. I don't consider myself a handsome guy or anything. My mind was swirling with all sorts of conflicting and confusing thoughts. I tried to brush it off by saying,

"Well, I don't know how you're reacting, so ignorance is bliss." I shouldn't have said that. I realized I was providing a challenge to Nancy to prove her point. Nancy looked right into my eyes, accepting the challenge and said,

"I'm not sure what ignorance is, but let me show you bliss," as she reached down into her bikini bottoms, flinching and gasping as she moved her fingers around in there. I gasped loudly and let out a moan as she drew her wet and glistening fingers out and slowly drew them to her mouth. She slowly stuck her fingers in her mouth, maintaining her stare into my eyes and sucked them clean. Time stood still. I came to flushed, breathing rapidly and getting dizzy. What was happening? Did she really do that? I thought about what I said earlier to her and snapped myself out of this trance.

"Nancy!" I said sternly. "What am I to do with you! I can't even threaten you with a spanking! You are such a tease!" I said exasperatedly. Nancy broke herself out of her own trance and quickly removed the fingers from her mouth and sat up straight. She looked away and said,

"Yes, I've been a naughty girl. I need a spank."

"Oh you!" I exclaimed. "I'll let Jim do that, and I'll tell him to give you a few extra for teasing me so much!" Nancy shuddered and drew her shoulders in, squeezing her boobs together. She was getting pretty turned on by the thought. It was my turn for revenge.

I looked up at Jim and Grace and suddenly felt really sorry for Jim. Grace was doing her seductive squirming in the sun, hands over her head, being as inviting as she could. Jim was sitting next to her watching her intently. I could imagine him just wanting to reach out and claim her for his own. At this point I would have been all over her. Nancy noticed me watching them and also turned her attention over to them.

"I hope Grace isn't too hard on him," she said quietly. Just then, Jim reached out and touched Grace on the shoulder. She sat up and he kneeled in front of her, reaching out his other hand to her other shoulder. I could see him speaking intently with her and her looking at him meekly. At that point Grace flung herself at Jim and gave him a big hug. I knew what was happening. Jim passed the test as well. Jim tried moving back as Grace smothered him with kisses. They really had this well planned out.

At this point, Jim stood up and took Grace's hand to stand her up. Then he quickly picked her up and threw her into the water! I knew just what he was thinking. Grace shrieked as she flew through the air and I think that made Jim feel a little bad. He dove in after her and they talked a bit again, then Jim reached out and gave Grace a hug. They then swam slowly towards us with their heads above the water. Grace came up the ladder first enthusiastically and looked at Nancy.

"Well?" was all she asked. Nancy just smiled and Grace quickly gave a nod as Jim was climbing the ladder. He jumped into the cockpit and looked at Nancy sternly. She was withering from his gaze, so I decided to intervene.

"I've already told her I would get you to give her some extra spanks tonight," I quickly blurted out. Jim knew just what I was talking about.

"Why wait until tonight?" He said with an angry tone in his voice. "Dave, do you realize what they were trying to do to us?" He added with a rising voice.

"Jim, it was all in fun," I interjected. "I'm sure you had a lot of fun too." Jim softened his stance and looked down.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Probably more fun than I've had in a long time," he admitted.

"And you know what else?" asked Grace looking at Jim. "I feel totally safe around you. I was sure I never had anything to worry about being around you, and I was right," she added.

"Yup, that's true," added Nancy speaking to me. "I really appreciate you for all your manhood and your commitment to Grace."

Both of us looked down, a little ashamed, knowing we got pretty turned on by someone other than our wives. I thought I'd better try and set things straight, so I said,

"Remember though, that we're still men. And sometimes we can't stop our bodies from reacting when we're around such pretty women. But we're also married men, so don't you dare try that kind of stunt again!" I added with emphasis.

"Oh you!" shot Nancy as she moved towards me and hugged me sideways around the shoulders. "If you knew me better, you'd know I don't respond well to dares!"

Grace moved towards Jim and gave him the same kind of hug. We both stood there with these beautiful ladies hanging onto us and looked at each other.

"Dave, we have the hottest women in the world," he stated, picking up Grace and handing her to me. I reached out to get her and he picked up Nancy, looked at me and winked. He then turned to the side of the cockpit and tossed Nancy overboard! I followed suit to a screaming Grace and we looked down at the highly offended women in the water and laughed our guts out. We high fived each other and stood there smiling down at them as they climbed back out of the water. Jim was nice enough to help Grace, then Nancy out of the water. Nancy got right up to Jim and said,

"I was thinking of making you pay for that later, but I think I've been the naughty one and like Dave said, deserve some extra spanks." Jim looked over to me with a wide grin and winked at me. Nancy gave him a big hug and Grace jumped into my arms, hugging me tight. I started getting turned on again, and I could tell Jim was too. He was nuzzling his mouth into Nancy's neck and I slowly moved my hands down towards Grace's ass. I could see Nancy grinding her pelvis into Jim and Grace was squirming in my arms as I grabbed her ass. We had two women in heat and I wasn't sure what to do at this point.

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