Two Couples and a Yacht, Day 05b


"I couldn't believe how easily it went in. I thought it looked quite big and that it would hurt, but it didn't. What surprised me is how far it went in. At first, it was a little nerve wracking, but I got used to where it was hitting and found it really nice. To me, it felt like a treat. I'm not sure I'd like a cock that big all the time, but it was nice to experience it," she explained. I hugged her tighter, appreciating her honesty. "So, what did you think of Nancy?" she asked, looking up at me.

"I'm going to be really honest, OK?" I asked. Grace nodded and I continued. "I really liked her boobs. I could ravage them for a long time. And her body feels so soft, with that extra layer of padding she has. But when she sat on my cock, I realized she probably didn't feel as much as when Jim does because she wasn't as tight as you. She seemed to like it though, and it felt really good to me. I loved seeing her tits jiggle when I was thrusting into her and she seems to turn into an animal when she gets all worked up. She was a lot of fun. But you know? After it was all over, it was so nice just to cuddle you and appreciate your familiar tight body afterwards. I really wouldn't trade you for anyone!" I explained. Grace smiled and hugged me again.

"I know, and the funny thing is I don't feel a bit threatened, and you shouldn't either. I would never trade you for anything bigger for the world. You know that right?" she asked looking at me.

"I know Grace. I love you more than anything. And it was wonderful that you could experience something I couldn't give you," I said.

"Likewise," she responded. "This trip has been much more than I had ever anticipated. And I really enjoy Nancy's company. She is way too much fun. She seems to bring out the craziness in me!" she exclaimed.

"And I love it!" I replied enthusiastically. "Everyone needs a friend like her!" Grace smiled and put a finger on my chest.

"I'm sure you think so," she said knowingly. She then looked up at me with some concern and I was sort of aware of what she was thinking. "What do you think is next?" she asked.

"Well, do you think it would be a nice idea to try fulfilling Jim and Nancy's fantasies?" I asked matter of factually. Grace looked at me and frowned a little.

"Isn't it better to keep them fantasies?" she asked.

"Maybe you're right," I admitted. "But if we ever wanted to give them the ultimate gift or something, there's an idea. It would have to be pulled off in a disarming way, where they walked into it, kind of like what you did this morning," I explained. Grace thought about it and smiled.

"I think I could envision Nancy fulfilling her fantasy. It sounds a little strange, but kinda hot too. Plus I'm curious how she reacts to it all. And I think it would be so nice to surprise her and treat her to her dream," she said.

"And what about you?" I asked. Grace looked at me surprised. "Would you like it if Jim and I acted just like your slaves, and maybe Nancy too, obeying your every order?" Grace shuddered in my arms as she thought about it.

"That would be way too much to ask," she said. "What if I asked you to do something you didn't want to do?" she asked, not looking at me.

"Of course we'd have to do it. You would be our dominatrix for the night!" I said excitedly.

"Don't be too sure!" she said mischievously. "You may not know everything that goes on in my little mind!" I looked at her and wondered. She's normally quiet and conservative, but being quiet doesn't mean predictable. She has surprised me in the past by some of her actions and I'm sure would surprise me if we let her fulfill her fantasy. I hugged her again tightly.

"I'm sure whatever you asked wouldn't hurt any of us," I replied. "Maybe it would make us feel uncomfortable and would push our boundaries, but that might be a good thing."

"You have no idea," she muttered. This made me really curious. Could I give my wife of 30 years a carte blanche and be her slave? Could I convince Jim to do it? I was pretty sure of that. I left it at that and we got dressed in our shorts and light shirts and went outside to sit on deck. Jim and Nancy were still talking by the shore, and cuddling. I really liked seeing that. It made us more secure in what was going on.

They saw us and waved at us and we waved back. Then they got up and swam toward the boat. Nancy arrived first and climbed in, and her bare body gave me a jolt. What a nice form! Grace seemed to be admiring Jim's cock, which was pretty much flaccid but still bigger than mine. They grabbed their towels and dried off helping each other, then descended into the cabin to get dressed.

"So, what do you want to do with the rest of the day?" I asked.

"Well, first, definitely lunch," stated Grace. "I'm getting hungry."

"How about some fresh sausage?" offered Jim, smiling expectantly at Grace. Nancy hit him again and looked apologetically at Grace. Grace just laughed and looked down.

"Well, I'm sure sausage would be nice, but I was thinking more in terms of sandwiches," she offered. Jim's eyes lit up as he looked at Nancy.

"Yeah! Sounds delicious. Dave and I could be the bread and Nancy the filling!" he offered with a goofy smile on his face. Nancy just looked away from him in disgust and looked down, putting her hand on her forehead, shaking it back and forth. She didn't look that disgusted, and had a hard time hiding her smile. She turned back and hit him slowly a few times with little enthusiasm, groaning at him in the process.

"Food Jim. We're trying to talk about food," she said in exasperation. Grace smiled and looked over at me.

"Why don't you and Jim get the gear ready and we can go exploring after lunch?" she said, trying to disarm the situation.

"Yes, go help Dave dear," chimed in Nancy looking at Grace thankfully. Jim looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and we headed out of the cabin. I was kind of glad, because this gave me an opportunity to talk with him.

"What's with them dames?" asked Jim as he was looking for gear in the lockers.

"Oh, you know. They're not wired the same. They have to be in the mood," I answered.

"Well, they were certainly in the mood this morning!" Jim exclaimed.

"No kidding! I couldn't believe what they did! That was the most incredible experience I've ever had. I hope you were OK with everything," I said.

"Are you kidding? That was amazing. I thought it was so hot seeing your wife swallow me whole. She's never been able to do that before?" he asked. I shook my head and felt a little jealous that he got to experience it first. But that was quickly replaced by the appreciation that she had learned it, even if it was on Jim.

"No, I was really surprised, and I have you to thank. I think she wanted to show you she could do it. She was very determined I could tell," I explained.

"And she looked so hot going between us!" remarked Jim.

"No fake. I couldn't believe she did that. She looked like she was really into it," I said. "Was that a little weird to you? Her going back and forth?" I asked.

"At first it was a little strange. But she was so hot I forgot about how strange this must look. And Nancy was really turned on as well. I think she wanted to be in Grace's place. I wanted so much to cum in her mouth, but she just stopped." he said.

"She's pretty grossed out about the idea. But I think it worked out pretty well the way it went with punishing them, didn't it?" I asked.

"Oh man! That was a great idea! I didn't want to ask you if I could fuck Grace. Kinda awkward, right? So it worked out great!" exclaimed Jim.

"So, what did you think? How was Grace?" I asked. Jim moaned and looked up, then sighed deeply.

"She was so tight, I had a really hard time trying to control myself. You've got one hot wife, you know that?" he said. I smiled and nodded, agreeing with him.

"Well, Nancy was sure nice too. Thanks for letting me borrow her! But you know, after it was all over, it was nice just to cuddle my wife. The experience was incredible but in the end, I'm glad I'm married to Grace," I said. Jim nodded in agreement.

"You're right. I loved that experience, but I wouldn't trade Nancy for the world!" he exclaimed. That's just what I wanted to hear.

"So would you be OK with trying to fulfill Nancy's fantasy?" I asked pointedly. Jim's eyes widened and looked a little surprised. It didn't take him long to think about it.

"I would do anything for her, but... but, would you mind?" asked Jim. I just rolled my eyes and put my hand into the air.

"Duh! Like I'd turn down that kind of opportunity!" I said.

"I just wasn't sure, after your comments. I mean, it might be kind of weird with both of our cocks so close together. I mean, we might be touching too," he said.

"Like I'm sure that getting that close would make us gay or something," I said sarcastically. "Especially while we're both drilling your wife," I continued. Jim groaned again.

"Oh man, we've got to see about trying to make that happen," he said quietly. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe some day!" I offered.

"Lunch is ready!" Yelled Nancy. Jim winked at me as we headed to the cabin. I think we were all hungry. We wolfed the sandwiches down quickly and drank lots of water, then sat at the table in silence.

"So did you two get the dinghy and gear ready?" asked Grace.

"Yup, all ready to go," I answered enthusiastically. "I was thinking of heading to the island outside this cove and doing some exploring."

"Sounds good! Let's go!" answered Grace as she got up and gathered a few snacks.

We all climbed in the dinghy, joking away happily and arranging ourselves to balance the boat. This time I put on the small motor so we wouldn't have to row. We motored over to the outlying island and found a spot to beach the dinghy and tie it up. We all climbed ashore and looked around at our new surroundings.

"This place will never cease to amaze me!" exclaimed Jim as he scanned his environment.

"It's just beautiful!" added Nancy. Grace and I smiled to each other as we geared up for a short hike around the island. It was a bit of a challenge, climbing over rocks and fallen trees, walking along driftwood, and doing some bush whacking. I could tell Nancy was getting tired, but she was a trooper and kept going. Jim was being nice and helped her through the more difficult sections. We made it to the other side of the island and wound up on a bluff overlooking the strait. The sun was hot and we all stood there drinking in the view. It was simply beautiful. Grace and I had been here before, and it was one of the places where we had sex in the wild. Grace looked at me and nuzzled up to me and I put my arm around her knowingly.

Nobody said anything. We didn't need to. Grace left my arm and laid out the blanket, where she sat down and looked up at me invitingly. I sat behind her and put my arms around her and she put her head back on my chest. Jim and Nancy did the same and we sat there for a long time in silence.

I was getting a little sleepy, so I laid back and Grace got the hint and lay down beside me and we started to doze. The hot sun afternoon sun and the salt air were having their effect on us and we were all laying there like seals on hot rocks. It was so peaceful. This is what I really enjoyed about this place.

I was slipping in and out of consciousness and my thoughts drifted to Nancy's jiggling boobs and to Grace deep throating my cock. Wow! This was a day to remember! I smiled to myself thinking about what we could do this evening. How could Jim and I make Nancy's fantasy come true without it being awkward? I had watched porn which featured a double penetration, but they were paid to do that. Would I wait until Nancy was on top of Jim fucking him, then tap her on her shoulder and ask if I could try her back door? No, she would have to be prepared for this. It certainly would not come naturally. I was at the point of thinking this might not happen and reconciling myself to that when I felt a kiss on my lips. I presumed it was Grace so I kissed back but it wasn't the same so I looked and was surprised to see Nancy kneeling over me. I indicated my surprise with my wide eyes and she broke away from the kiss and smiled.

"Welcome to the living world!" she exclaimed. "You've been sleeping for a couple of hours already." I looked around and could see Jim and Grace sitting on a rock below talking. I looked up at Nancy and smiled. She was a fun girl.

"Well that was a nice way to be woken up," I said.

"Glad I could help. Did you sleep well?" she asked.

"After this morning, I couldn't help but sleep well," I answered. Nancy looked down and blushed a little.

"That certainly was fun. This whole vacation has been so unforgettable and adventurous. I can't imagine what else we could do to make it more memorable," she said.

"How about fulfill your fantasy?" I offered. Nancy looked down again, then away and let out a sigh.

"Dave, it's just a fantasy. I'm not even sure what it would be like. I mean, what if it's a bad experience?" she said looking back at me.

"Have you ever done anal before?" I asked quietly. Nancy's frowned then looked down.

"We tried it a couple of times, but I couldn't get past the discomfort. That's why I wonder whether it would be easier with someone smaller than Jim," she replied.

"Well, I would certainly be willing to try if Grace doesn't mind," I offered. Nancy looked at me meekly and looked down again as if in shame.

"Listen Dave, you don't have to feel..."

"Nancy!" I said sharply. She jumped and looked at me with surprise and maybe a little fear. I was surprised at her reaction and felt a little surge of power as it seemed I was assuming control over her. "You don't need to feel at all bad or apologetic or shameful about your desires. Both Grace and I love you and want you to experience everything your heart desires," I continued firmly looking at her with determination. She melted in appreciation, then moved in to hug me, sighing deeply. Her soft body melted against mine and I started feeling pretty good, getting a boner in the process. Nancy let out a deep sigh.

"Dave you feel so good," she said softly. "I really did enjoy this morning." I was tempted to ask her about the difference in cock sizes, since mine is smaller, but I decided to put that little insecurity away and just enjoy her for now.

"I really did too. It was a real treat! I hope we can do that again sometime," I said enthusiastically. Nancy pulled away from the hug and looked at me squarely.

"Me too," she said with a smile on her face. Jim and Grace were still talking, so I decided to continue.

"Jim told me a little about your history when I asked him about your sexual past," I started. Nancy cringed a bit and raised her shoulders as if trying to apologize.

"I'd rather forget about that. I was raised pretty strict and was taught that sex was a necessary thing to have kids. I thought everything was fine between us, but didn't realize Jim was a sexual pot just about to boil over. We both loved each other, but then Jim came so close to having that affair. We went to counseling and it was then I realized it was my attitude toward sex that propelled him that direction. I was determined to do whatever it took to win him back," she explained. She paused a bit and broke into a smile and looked down. Then she looked at me sheepishly. "If I knew how fun it was to win him back I would have done that long ago. Can I tell you a bit about it?" she asked, probably wondering whether I'd be interested.

"By all means! I'm all ears!" I replied enthusiastically. Nancy smiled broadly and looked down again. She started saying something, then stopped, then thought a bit. She bit her lip, then looked back up at me.

"Well, here's the short version. I was so sorry for what I did I wanted to send him a strong message that I'm all his. So I prepared a bit and called him at work and let him know there was a big present waiting for him on the bed when he got home. I got a big box with sides that hinged on the bottom and a lid that held the sides up and decorated it with hearts and a bow on top. Then I sat it on the bed, got naked and got into it and waited. Both our boys were at a soccer game, so I was hoping Jim wasn't late. He got home on time and I was so nervous. I heard him walk into the room and he slowly opened the lid. I saw him peek in and his eyes widen. He took off the lid and the sides flopped down and there I was as naked as I was born. I handed him a note I prepared which went something like this:

My dearest husband,

Please forgive me for not being the wife I was meant to be. From now on, my body is yours to do with as you please. I'm willing to learn anything you want to teach me and will do anything you ask me to do. I am truly yours.

Love, Nancy."

My eyes were getting moist as she said those words. I didn't want to spoil the moment, so I let her continue. She looked back up at me and grinned, then continued.

"Jim just broke down and wept. We cried together until we were exhausted. Jim told me those were the sweetest words I've ever said. We cuddled and hugged for a long time, and I was wondering what was next. Then Jim took off his clothes and we got down to business. We started out slowly, and it was hard work for me. I had a lot of bad attitudes about sex and I just had to push past them. The first time I sucked cock was pretty tough, and I was terrible at it. But Jim was so understanding and patient. At one point Jim was frustrated with me and put me over his knee and spanked me. I couldn't believe he did that, but I'm glad he did! It changed everything. I realized I was a bad girl all those years and needed to be punished. It also felt really good for some reason! And it led to some of the most mind blowing sex ever. I'm so fortunate to have a husband who loves me enough to work through my problems. And that brings us to present day!" she said enthusiastically.

I shook my head and smiled.

"Nancy, that's an amazing story! You are such a sweetie. And it really sheds light on you two. Both Grace and I feel really safe around you as a couple and now I know why. And, your experiences have brought you to places we haven't gone yet. I mean, we've already learned a couple of new things from you, like spanking. And now I wonder what other things we can learn from you!" I said. Nancy smiled and looked down.

"I'm sure we can learn things from you as well, which is what makes our friendship so good," she said blushing.

"OK, so fill me in on some of those details. What exactly did you do after Jim unwrapped you?" I asked. Nancy smiled and looked up at me, her eyes widening as she explained in detail what happened. It was a wonderful story of loving leadership and submission. It really raised my respect for Jim. He put up with a frigid wife for years, then patiently worked through bad attitudes and transformed his wife into a sexy vixen. And from what I was hearing, the results were very much worth the wait. He could have taken the easy way out and had that affair. But I'm sure the woman I was talking to was much better in bed now than what he could have hoped for in any affair. Nancy continued her monologue and I was enthralled, and aroused. I had a pretty good boner, which Nancy noticed every now and again. She would look down knowingly and smile, then continue her story. At one point, she reached over and grabbed my cock and gave it a friendly squeeze.

"An erect cock is a wonderful thing, you know?" she asked rhetorically. I nodded in agreement, but a little nervous because Grace wasn't around to approve. She let go of it and stared at it while continuing. "It's so full of passion and longing, and has the ability to bring so much pleasure. It was that realization that helped me appreciate what I had all these years, instead of being disgusted when Jim would get aroused. Oh sure, you may have seen me act disgusted with Jim, but secretly I hope he stays the horny teenager he is. He is so much fun!"

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