Two Couples and a Yacht, Day 05b


"You TWO are so much fun. It takes two to tango you know," I said.

"Do you want to hear about the first time I sucked his cock?" she asked enthusiastically. She looked so innocent and looked like she really wanted to share this with me, so how could I refuse?

"Of course I would Nancy. I love hearing these stories," I said smiling.

"OK, this was before I realized an erect cock is a beautiful thing," she started frowning a little. "Jim gently asked me if I wanted to lick his cock and I tried not to act disgusted but I couldn't imagine doing that. Then I remembered that landmark moment of offering myself completely to him and decided I'd better live up to my promise. I asked him nicely whether he could clean it first and he literally ran into the bathroom and I could hear water running and splashing. He came back with a raging hardon which was squeaky clean. I knelt down and grabbed it and Jim was literally shaking. I gave it a little lick and Jim had to sit down he was so shaky. I couldn't believe this simple act could bring him such pleasure. I kept licking it like a lollipop and Jim just kept on sighing and groaning. I did that for a long time until he suggested I put my mouth over it. By then I was pretty turned on, so I just followed orders, hoping to get fucked hard later. It actually felt good to me. The head of a cock is so soft and I loved the way it pulsed in my mouth. I was so wet after a few minutes of that and Jim seemed to be getting close to cumming. He pulled away and really fucked me hard and fast. In a way, I was glad he didn't cum in my mouth at that time, because I probably wasn't ready for it. But I'll always remember that first time when I learned that something I thought was so disgusting was actually really nice."

I was pretty aroused listening to her story and was seriously leaking precum. Nancy noticed the wet spot and smiled, licking her lips. I looked down and saw the wet spot as well and put my hand over it.

"Down boy!" I said, talking to my cock. Nancy laughed and leaned forward, putting her hands on my shoulders.

"Don't worry Dave," she said with a giggle. "That cock isn't mine, so I won't bother it. At least not unless Jim says so," she continued, giggling away. I was at a loss of what to say. Nancy saw this and continued. "You know, what I realized is that Jim has my absolute best in mind. He loves me so much. I'll do anything for him. And almost everything he has asked me to do has turned out wonderful. And I'm so glad he asked me to make you cum this morning. I so much wanted to I was about to burst!"

"Well, we both burst pretty good this morning," I said. "But you said 'almost everything'. What did he ask you to do that didn't work out very well?" I asked. Nancy's smile dropped and she looked down. I could tell this was hard for her, so I put my hand on her shoulder. She looked up and smiled meekly.

"It was when he tried anal. I was so tense and couldn't relax. I kept thinking it was going to wreck something and hurt, I couldn't get past it. I started crying because I failed him and Jim stopped trying to penetrate and we ended up crying together. He was so sorry for suggesting it because he didn't want to hurt me in the least. Afterward I was determined to give him what he wanted, so I bought a thin anal thingy and started practicing. It felt very intrusive and I didn't like it, but I kept trying until I felt comfortable with it. Then I got a wider one and got used to that one. Then one night I decided to offer up my ass to Jim and told him what I had done to prepare and he was so surprised it was like giving him a Christmas present. He was like a kid in the candy shop. Still, I wasn't prepared for his cock. It's big you know?" she asked rhetorically. I nodded wide eyed and she continued. "Well, he did manage to get it in, but I never got used to it. I really really tried but it was so uncomfortable. Jim was really loving it but he saw my discomfort and pulled out and suggested I use one of my anal dildos while he made love to me. Wow! Was that ever an experience! Jim turned into a wild man and I felt so full and complete. I'll always remember that time. That's probably why it has developed into my favorite fantasy," she finished. By this time, I was literally drooling, with my mouth open, breathing pretty hard. When she stopped talking, I realized what I must have looked like, so I shut my mouth and regained my composure.

"Well!" I said, not sure where I was going to go. I smiled at her and let out a big breath. "That was super hot!" I exclaimed, clearing my throat. Nancy smiled at me and stared into my eyes. I reached forward and put my hands on both sides of her face. "Jim has made you into such a beautiful woman, you know?" I asked. Nancy blushed and kept looking at me.

"I would have been a lonely single prude if it wasn't for him," she said softly. "I owe him a lot." The sun was sinking lower, shining its reddish rays on her lovely face.

"I just love this. I'd love to hear the rest of your stories, and I'm sure Grace would love to hear them too. But we should think about building a fire before it gets cold," I suggested, leaning forward to give her a peck on the forehead. Nancy reached out and pulled me in for another hug.

"Thanks for listening Dave," she said. "I really appreciate your friendship." I got up and took her hands and pulled her up, embracing her fully. She looked up at me and gave me a peck on the lips. "OK," she said suddenly, releasing the hug. "We'd better get to work before anything bad happens!" Nancy turned away and started bending down and grabbing some sticks for a fire. I just stood there appreciating the view of her beautiful ass. She looked back and wagged her finger at me and smiled. "Come on Dave, we're supposed to be gathering firewood!" she exhorted. I smiled and started gathering sticks and thinking how fortunate I was to have friends like Jim and Nancy.

We both worked together putting together the fire, making shavings and putting twigs over them, then snapping off larger twigs and placing them in a teepee overtop of the smaller twigs. I handed Nancy the matches and she looked at me with a question.

"You do the honors. See if you can make it a one match fire!" I challenged. Nancy lit the match and bent down to carefully light the shavings. They caught, but then quickly died to coals so we quickly rearranged the twigs and I showed Nancy how to blow on it to bring it back to flame and it took off, crackling happily while we furiously piled on bigger sticks. After it was a nice fire, we both looked at each other and smiled.

"It's fun building fires with you... In more ways than one!" Nancy said. I caught the double meaning and laughed.

"Yes, we have to build fires together more often!" I said enthusiastically. Nancy looked at me tenderly and grinned. Jim and Grace noticed the fire and started toward us. They walked slowly and I could see them bumping against each other as they made their way toward us. Any feelings of jealousy were drowned out by Jim's character. He was genuine and loving. And although I'm sure he had the hots for my wife, I was sure he wouldn't do anything that would hurt us or Nancy.

"Nice fire!" exclaimed Jim as they approached.

"You have Nancy to thank," I replied. "It was a one match fire!"

"Oh no!" exclaimed Nancy. "We built it together. Dave taught me how to do it," she said looking over at me smiling. By this time, the sun was on the horizon and light was fading fast. It suddenly occurred to me that the dinghy was on the other side of the island. I decided to do that so we would have an adventuresome hike to the other side, but it wouldn't do to try hiking back in the dark. I got up quickly and everyone looked at me.

"I'd better hike back to the dinghy before it gets dark. I'll motor it around to this side of the island so it will be easier to get back to the boat," I stated as I got ready to go.

"I'll go with you," offered Grace. We both headed off at a fast pace, thrashing through the brush and climbing over trees and rocks. We were both breathing pretty hard by the time we got to the dinghy as it was getting darker. We climbed in and started motoring off to the other side of the Island, recovering from our effort. The evening was still and the sunset was beautiful. Grace was glowing from the combination of her effort and the deep reds of the sunset. She was so beautiful sitting there gliding along in the dinghy.

"So, what were you talking about with Jim?" I asked.

"Oh he had so many stories to tell. Did you know Nancy was a total prude when they got married?" she asked.

"Yeah. Jim told me this morning, then Nancy filled in some details just now. It's a real heart warming story," I said.

"It is. And I think we can learn some things from them. Their crisis seemed to bring out the best in both of them," she said.

"I was thinking the same thing. And it explains why they are such a unique couple," I said. We were rounding the corner to where we left Jim and Nancy and found a spot for the dinghy, then climbed the hill to where the fire was built. Jim and Nancy were talking quietly around the fire. We looked around for some roasting sticks and got some wieners to roast and sat down. We chatted around the fire as the sun set and darkness overcame us. The marshmallows, chocolate, and graham wafers came out next and we had a healthy dose of smores. We were all giggling as we roasted mallows and offered them to each other, getting each other sticky in the process. It got so we were purposely smearing marshmallows on each other and we were all laughing and the girls were screaming and giggling as we played around.

Grace reached over to me to try smearing a marshmallow on my face. I nabbed it quickly with my mouth, taking her fingers along with it while she shrieked. Then I grabbed her arm and started licking the sticky traces that were on her arm and her screams turned to giggles. I noticed some on her chin so I went to licking that off and her giggles turned to sighs. I looked over at Jim and could see he was getting the same idea and had his mouth on Nancy's neck while Nancy had her head thrown back and was sighing deeply. Wow, the mood was changing quickly!

Without any words I worked my way down Grace's front, lifting her top over her head and removing her bra without any resistance, then licking my way down to her boobs. Her sighs turned to moans as I reached her nipples. I could hear moaning next to me so I looked over at Nancy. Jim was squeezing one boob while attacking another. Then Jim got Nancy to stand up and he stripped her completely. Nancy was eager to get her clothes off and Jim stripped too. Grace gasped when she saw Jim's cock pop up. I think she was still pretty impressed by its size. I motioned Grace to stand up and we did likewise. All of us were stark naked around the fire wondering what was next when Jim motioned Nancy to get down on her knees. I took a couple of steps to stand next to Jim, taking Grace with me and pointing to the ground where she took up a kneeling position beside Nancy.

Nancy dove into Jim's cock hungrily and Grace started licking mine. It was so erotic watching Nancy deep throat Jim while seeing Grace try to swallow my cock. She was determined to get it all down, but she was having trouble gagging. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back, signaling to her that she didn't have to try getting it all in, but she kept on trying. Finally, she pushed past her gag reflex and my cock sank into her throat. I let out a deep groan and Jim looked down at Grace and groaned loudly too. I think it must have been a sympathetic reaction as he saw Grace's lips touch my groin. She held it there for as long as she could then withdrew it and gasped deeply and plunged in again. Jim groaned again and I was in heaven. If I died then, my life would have been complete.

Jim was breathing harder and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. He grabbed Nancy's hair and pulled her off and ordered her to turn around and get on her hands and knees. I did likewise to Grace. There they were, two incredibly beautiful women, their bodies lit up by the fire, eagerly waiting doggy style for us to fuck them. Jim and I got on our knees and both positioned our cocks at their openings and in sync pushed in. There was loud groaning all around as we plunged in. The sexual energy was intense. I grabbed Grace by the hips and started slamming hard and Jim did the same. It was the most incredible scene. The passion. The energy. The sexy bodies jerking forward with each thrust. The slow quiet wail of the girls as they got pounded. I slowed down because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out and Jim got the cue and slowed down as well.

Then I reached over and gave Nancy's ass a pat, rubbing my hand to the small of her back. Jim did the same and we both seemed to get the same idea as we looked at each other and nodded. I withdrew my cock and Grace whimpered and looked back as I moved behind Jim while he moved over to Grace. Grace gasped when she saw what was going to happen. Nancy muttered "yes!" when she saw me move in behind her. Grace let out a yelp as Jim plunged his big cock into her but I could see her pushing hard back against him. I entered Nancy's pussy and she purred loudly as I setup a nice rhythm. I was feeling really good and everything was right in the world. I could see Grace thrashing around and she went stiff, shaking uncontrollably. Jim groaned and slowed down while Grace flopped onto the ground breathing hard and curling up on her side. I was pretty sure he didn't cum inside Grace, so I pulled out of Nancy and moved toward Grace.

Jim crawled under Nancy and got her to sit on top of him. They both moaned as he penetrated her and Nancy bounced on Jim's cock for a few thrusts. Jim then signaled to me and pointed his finger at her ass! I looked at Grace and she smiled and sat up, nodding furiously at me to go ahead. I think she was really curious as to how this could work, or whether it would work. I positioned myself behind Nancy and gathered some of her juice from her pussy. It was kind of strange feeling Jim's cock going in and out slowly while I swept up some lube. Then I touched her ass with my lubed up fingers and she let out a squeal and looked back. She looked quite surprised, then looked back at Jim, who was reassuring her with his smile. Nancy looked kind of tense but Jim just kept on fucking her slowly as I worked one finger into her ass. I could feel Jim's cock move in and out. It was pretty hot, feeling that action. Nancy let out a long moan as I put my finger in as far as it would go. She seemed to relax her ass, so I withdrew my finger slowly and thought it was now or never.

I straddled Jim's legs and kneeled down behind Nancy. I placed my cock on her ass opening and pressed. Nancy let out a couple of yelps then hissed "Slowly! Slowly!" desperately as she felt me pushing against her. I could feel her ass give way and the head of my cock sunk in. I withdrew it slowly to apply more of Nancy's juices before slowly pushing it in again. Nancy was making noises like I've never heard before. Her yelps would change to growls then deep groans, then back to yelps again all mixed with a firm vibrato. It was like both of us were playing a very erotic musical instrument. Her ass was so tight I couldn't imagine lasting too long like this. And feeling Jim's cock sliding slowly in and out was incredibly erotic! It was almost like we were rubbing our cocks together. I could almost feel his veins and the tip of his cock as it slid up and down my cock though the thin membrane that separated us. I tried following Jim's rhythm and each time we pushed in, Nancy would growl and shudder.

I turned and looked at Grace, who was staring at us intently, enthralled at what we were doing. I thought maybe we could fulfill both Jim and Nancy's fantasies at once, so I motioned to Grace over to Jim's face. Grace shook her head and frowned, but I repeated my gesture and she got up and walked over to Jim. She wasn't sure what to do, so I whispered to her.

"I think he wants you to sit on his face," I said quietly. Jim was surprised by this then grinned greedily and nodded enthusiastically. Grace swung her leg over his head and facing away from us, lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Jim groaned loudly and started lapping at Grace's pussy. I could see Grace stiffen as she was overcome by the pleasure of Jim's tongue.

Nancy was crying out in ecstasy and her body was shaking as we both thrust in and out of her. It looked like she was having a constant orgasm. I could feel Jim's cock swell and I knew he was getting really close. He was constantly moaning and his pace quickened. I decided to alternate my thrusts with him and I felt my climb to orgasm. Nancy's tight ass, Jim's cock rubbing against mine, Grace moaning and Nancy's shaking made me feel like everything was perfect. I felt that familiar path to the most wonderful feeling in the world rise up and I sped up my pace as well.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I exclaimed as I felt myself being lifted to the heights of ecstasy. Jim groaned loudly and I could feel his cock pulse as I came as well. Both of us pumped our cum deep inside Nancy and she screamed as we both satisfied our longings deep inside her. We slowed our pace and I could see Nancy relax as she flopped her head against Grace's back. All of us were sighing and letting out little "oh's", caressing each other tenderly and there were kisses all around. We were all still in position when Grace got up first, moving around to where I was to observe my cock shrinking inside Nancy's ass. She reached down and encircled my cock and felt it, prompting Nancy to jump a bit.

"Nancy, was that... was that OK?" Grace asked. Nancy sighed and sank against Jim.

"It was indescribable," muttered Nancy softly, almost too softly to hear. My cock flopped out and Nancy let out a gasp. Jim's followed shortly after and she let out another whimper. Jim and Nancy lay in each other arms while I sat down and sat Grace on my lap, hugging her. The fire was dying down, and it was getting cold, so Grace and I got up and started finding our clothes. Jim and Nancy must have felt the cold too, as they got up and got dressed. Grace and I were sitting by the fire as they were finishing and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Nancy fingering me to get up. I rose and she enveloped me in a big hug. I hugged her back tight and I could feel her sobbing. I was concerned that I may have hurt her or something, so I pulled away and looked into her eyes. She sniffled a little, then looked up at me.

"Thanks," she said quietly. I could see her eyes tearing up again and I wasn't sure whether it was sheer happiness or whether I had hurt her. I looked back with concern and cupped her face with my hands.

"Did I? Did I hurt..." I started. Nancy shook her head quickly and gave me another hug, interrupting me.

"Oh no! Not at all! It was the most wonderful thing ever. I was so overwhelmed," she said through her sniffles. "What I'm trying to say is, it was perfect. And I want to thank you the best way I can," she said tenderly. I could see Jim hugging Grace, enveloping her in his arms.

"Yes, that was absolutely amazing," chimed in Jim softly. "It was better than anything I could have dreamed up." I looked over at Grace who was peeking over his arm at me, smiling broadly.

"We're all on this journey together," I said quietly. "And I couldn't think of a better couple to be on it with." Grace looked up at Jim and got on her tippy toes and gave him a kiss as if to agree with me. Nancy and I hugged tighter, knowing that we were free to do so. I still couldn't get over how her boobs felt squishing against my chest. I was starting to get hard again.

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