tagRomanceTwo Hearts Stand Alone Pt. 02

Two Hearts Stand Alone Pt. 02


Author's note:

Wow, thanks for the reception to Part 1! For me, next to actual erotic details, introductions are the hardest to write. I was fearing a backlash that it would be boring, but so far your ratings and comments have proved me wrong. Anywho, this part is a bit less lengthy, because I wanted to leave some suspense. I'm still writing this piece, so part 3 might take a bit to post.

If you like this story, might I suggest you visit my other series, Angels and Guardians. It's a bit racier than this, but also received good marks.

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Chapter 9

They collected their bags after 2nd period the next Friday, and the bus was already warm inside. The two made their way efficiently through the school and were the first ones to the parking lot. Coach Drew was already loading equipment onto the bus and Chris dropped his bag and helped with the coolers.

The coach looked at them when the poles were laid on the floor. "So, CC...I know the nun (he loved calling their principal that) gave you two a lecture about being examples for the school, blah, blah, blah. But, this is a tight group, and we can tell you two are an item now. You're both 18, so just be yourselves around each other and enjoy this trip. Anything said or observed on this trip will stay on the bus when we get back. Try and keep it tame in front of the others, though, okay?"

Chris answered, "no worries, Coach. You won't have to worry about us embarrassing your innocence."

"Hardy har. Let's get everyone loaded up!"

Christine looked at the unblemished sky. "Uh, Chris. Does the bus have a/c?"

"Nope...this is the track team. We roll uncool."

She cocked her lips to one side, grabbed her bag, and hopped on board before anyone else.

Chris and his coach met the others who were sporadically appearing in the parking lot. The last finally arrived and Coach laid out some unnecessarily said rules for the trip. "And, lastly, you're ordered to have fun!" he finished his little speech.

Christine scrambled on hearing that to put things away in her bag. Chris was on board first and found her in one of the middle rows. "Whoa! When did you change?"

She was now in a pair of small jean shorts and a green bikini top that was chosen to contrast with her hair perfectly. "Just now," she said with a wink. "I didn't want to get too hot."

He sucked in a deep breath. "Too bad I missed it. I didn't realize you were so hot."

"I like keeping myself a mystery. You like the new swimsuit?" She undid the shorts to show him a hint of the matching bottoms. "Besides, you said that there was no air conditioning on this ride."

"Very nice. True, but that's not what I meant."

She flashed a brilliant smile at him as she worked with a t-shirt to get all the holes in order. "Aww, thanks!"

When the girls saw what Christine was, or rather, wasn't wearing, they were jealous they didn't think of that. "Hey Coach!" the lone tiny freshman Tina called out. "Can we change, too?"

"We gotta hit the road, Tina."

"I meant on here."

The coach rolled his eyes. "Alright...all guys to the front of the bus. Ladies, you have 3 minutes from now. Christine, do you mind making sure the guys keep their eyes forward?"

She shook her head and stood behind them while donning the t-shirt, keeping a keen eye on the males. They were good though and her interference wasn't necessary. Once the clamoring finished and Tina gave the "all clear" message, the coach fired up the long-aged bus.

She glanced out the window, noticing something missing. "No one is out to send you guys off."

Chris responded, "yeah, and?"

"Well, for last year's baseball state finals, half the school was out front, and we cheerleaders had to wear our uniforms to send that team off."

Chris started laughing. "Sweetheart, again, this is the track team. We get what's left over after baseball and football. You see, the athletic director is Coach Mike...he leads the baseball team as well. Why should he short his sport for our 'rag tag band' as he puts it?"

Coach shifted the bus into first (yeah, it was that old) and started pulling around the side of the school. Of course, no one was lining the sidewalks for this team. "Everyone to the right side of the bus! Now wave and thank everyone for coming out!"

The team did out of spite, sarcastically yelling things like, "we'll miss you. We'll win one for you guys. Thanks for coming out!"

Coach spotted Coach Mike getting out of his car and heading inside, and he slowly pulled even with the hated coach's path. "All right...raise fist, and...extend middle finger!!"

He honked the horn, making Coach Mike turn around and see the spectacle. Then he gunned the engine for the light that turned green and they sped off toward the interstate. The team howled in laughter at their stunt. It was funnier to them because Mike's prized baseball team didn't even come close to the district title this year.

The bus made its way onto the interstate, and the team settled in. Some played cards on the cooler tops, while others watched. Christine curled up against Chris and started reading a book. A few dozen miles later, she noticed Chris was shifting around. She sat up and offered her lap as a pillow. They changed positions to accommodate with Chris' feet planted on the seat and his knees resting against the back. Christine played and toyed with his hair until he was firmly asleep.

Just outside of Tallahassee, the coach pulled into a large rest area, and Christine kissed Chris' forehead. "We've stopped for a break, dear. You need to get up?"

He groggily reoriented his surroundings as his coach wound around the service road to the bus parking. "Oh, yeah. I better. You coming?"

She nodded and he sat up. The coach opened the doors and called out, "twenty minutes, folks!" The team streamed out both ends of the bus and headed for the toilets.

Once they finished with their personal duties, Chris met up with Christine and they wandered hand in hand to the grass area to stretch their legs. Taking an easy stroll, they chatted about the weather, upcoming graduation, and how nice and easy their new relationship was going. The two circled back toward the bus and saw the whole team assembled there, watching them.

"What?" Chris asked when they reached the group.

Tony, the team captain and anchor leg for both the guys relays sang, "C and C, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!"

Chris punched his shoulder. "Oh just shut up!"

The group laughed, finished their sodas, and made their way back onto the bus. The team was refreshed from the break and talked animatedly while sharing stories with Christine and Tina about the team's antics in years past. Sometimes their coach would chime in from his driver's seat and fill in an embarrassing detail about the person telling the story, which was conveniently omitted from that story.

About 45 minutes passed before they pulled into a McDonald's in Tallahassee. Coach parked, shut the engine off and announced that he was going for some free food. He bounded off the bus and pranced toward the store. The rest chuckled at his childish side and walked to follow him. Being a busy lunch rush, the team was amused that Coach was still at the back of the line when they walked in.

Coach finally was able to step up to the counter and asked, "hey, I'm the bus driver. Do I get to eat for free?"

The crew member looked over her shoulder for direction from her manager. The manager nodded and Coach seemed to order the menu. CC were the last to go and Chris ordered his meal, then asked Christine what she wanted. She ordered while Chris fished out his wallet. Christine stopped him by lightly grabbing his arm.

"I got this," she said.

"No, I can pay."

She handed the clerk her card. "Eh, I gotta make sure my man is strong for his race," she cooed.

They got their food and joined their group at the tables. Chris smiled when he realized why Coach ordered so much. He discretely doled out two of his sandwiches and fries to Tony and Tina, who came from families that were not so financially fortunate.

The bus had been sitting in the blistering sun during lunch and was almost unbearably hot when they piled back in. As they got under way again, Christine pulled off her shirt and the rest of the girls followed suit. The guys had bug eyes for the next few miles, which the girls endured until the novelty wore off. Christine laid down on their seat with her legs across Chris' lap, her head propped up by a folded blanket she retrieved from her bag.

Chris traced lazy circles around the one small blemish on her legs, the scar from her surgery last year. "Does it still hurt?" he asked quietly.

"Sometimes," she responded. "But, I make do without the pills, now. I thought you knew I stopped taking them."

"Well, I hadn't noticed you taking anything lately. I'm glad you were able to kick that habit."

She sighed, "me too. They made me feel good for a while, but then I realized that they were interfering with a more pressing addiction of mine, so I finally sucked it up and quit taking them."

He frowned. "What other addiction?"

She gave a smile. "You, of course!"

"Good answer, but you know I wouldn't leave you for very long."

"Any amount of time away from you is too much, lately."

He took her sandals off and started rubbing her petite feet. "I feel the same way."

She sighed. "Well, I kind of figured, but it's nice to hear once in a while."

Chris nodded. "I suppose so. You know, I do love you, C. I guess I should tell you that more, too."

"And I love you, C! You can tell me so as often as you like." She closed her eyes with a contented smile and drifted off.

The clanking of the bus's turn signal roused her from her nap. "We're stopping?"

Chris was replacing her sandals to her feet. "Yeah. We're about an hour and a half from Gainesville."

The bus was parked and they all headed to the restrooms to relieve themselves from the effects of their lunch. Back outside, the team found CC sitting at a picnic table, playing with each others hands and fingers.

Tony came up to them and said, "y'all must power pee or something. You're always the first ones out."

Christine grinned at him and said, "what do you think the rails in the stalls are for? Just grip it and rip it!"

Tony chuckled at that and then apologized for interrupting them. Chris said he wasn't and invited him to sit with them. Before long, the whole team was gathered around the concrete table and shot the breeze with each other. The coach emerged from the rest building and herded the team back onto the bus, saying he wanted to get to the hotel before dark.

They were under way again when Tina called out, "Coach, it's too freaking hot in here!"

He shot back, "oh, I'm sorry, let me turn on the a/c for ya!" He reached up and turned on a pitifully small fan on the ceiling over his head. "There, is that better?"

Of course turning the fan on changed nothing except for the rattle noise as the blades spun now. The whole group laughed.

He turned off the annoying vibrating contraption. "Think of this trip as a way to get acclimated to swampy Gainesville. We're all hot, and there's nothing that can be done. Just suck it up and keep quiet about it."

It really was hot. Actually, it was more like someone threw a wet blanked over them and then breathed hot moist air under the blanket. They all had at least a light sheen of sweat covering their bodies, and Christine vowed to herself that once settled, she was heading for the pool at the hotel. Nobody was talking much anymore, and most of them were staring at the pine trees zipping past. Sleep in these conditions was nearly impossible.

At long last, the bus pulled into the hotel parking lot. The coach pulled around to the side, finding a final space to leave the bus for the night. The team collected their bags and filed in to the lobby.

Christine looked around the nicely appointed reception area. "Whoa, this is NICE!"

Chris put his arm around her and said, "yeah. I really wasn't expecting this."

The coach walked past them with a grin. "The nun finally sprang for something worthwhile. And, it's right across the street from the track."

Both turned to look out the front door, and sure enough, a sizable building had a large nameplate that read "James G. Pressly Stadium and Persy Beard Track." The coach stepped up to the counter and checked the team in.

Christine approached the counter next to him and asked the next clerk how much for the night. She was told that they were booked up for the state meet. Christine had figured so, but made an attempt at paying her own way on this trip. A nice middle aged woman stepped up to her.


"Yes? How did you..."

"I'm Carol. Wendy's mom. Are you having trouble here?"

"Well, sort of. I didn't know where we were staying, so I didn't call for a reservation. I figured if they were booked up, I'd just take the floor in one of the girls' rooms. I brought my blanket just in case."

The woman gave her name to the clerk, and while they were setting up the check-in, she said to Christine, "nonsense! You don't need to sleep on the floor. You can stay in my room."

Puzzled by the friendliness, Christine asked, "are you sure? Thanks, but you don't even know me."

The woman just smiled. "You're the better half of the pair known as CC, right? Look, if all I knew was that you were involved with Chris, that would be plenty. But, I've heard so much about you two and all you both do for the school. I know it's true, because I've seen how Chris helps with the team. It would be an honor to have you in my room."

Christine smiled and accepted just as Chris walked up. "C, the team's on the 4th floor. Coach said you could bunk in 409 with Julie, Tina, Marcia, and Carrie. There's a fold out loveseat in their room you could use." He saw who was standing next to Christine. "Oh, hey Carol! C, this is Wendy's mom, Carol. Carol, this is C...I mean Christine."

Christine giggled. "We just met. She's gonna let me stay in her room. Isn't that nice? Oh, wait. Where's Wendy sleeping?"

Carol responded while accepting two key cards and handing one to Christine, "She's part of the team, so she's staying in one of the two rooms with them."

They grabbed their bags and headed for the elevator. After dropping Chris off on his floor, Carol swiped her card in the elevator keypad and touched the second highest floor. The doors opened to a short hallway with only three doors. Carol went to the far door, swiped her card and opened the door. Christine gasped at the large suite. She explored in wonder, finding a full kitchenette, stocked with cookware, two baths, a large living room, and two bedrooms.

When Carol spotted her looking at the full minibar, she said, "don't get any ideas. I might be cool, but I'm not into plying minors with alcohol."

Christine knitted her eyebrows. "I'm not a minor..."

"Fine, under legal alcohol age, then."

"Don't worry, I won't even sneak one while you're not looking. I was just thinking that this is all so much...you gotta let me pay something to help with this room."

"Eh, it's fine. I didn't pay any more than the team's rooms."


Carol laughed. "No, just the standard rate for one."

Christine was bewildered. "I don't understand. This doesn't cost $105, or even $150..."

"I know how to work the system. I asked for a handicapped accessible room, and they replied that all the rooms are. But, I insisted that my daughter needs more than that, as she's autistic. If a hotel does not have a room specifically for handicapped clients, they must upgrade to the next spacious room available at no extra charge. I looked it up, and this hotel fits that example. So, I paid only $130. Homework is good for more than just school."

Christine couldn't help but laugh. "But your daughter is..."

"You for tonight, so if any staff approaches us, clam up or insist on talking about the weather in simple terms."

"That's mentally challenged, not autistic," Christine protested.

"They wouldn't know that. Anyway, you're welcome to the second bedroom. We'll probably end up having the team up here tonight, as that's how things usually work out for these state meets."

"Been here a lot?"

"Wendy's awesome in the discus and shot put for her size, so the last three years, yeah. It was Orlando sophomore year, and Tampa last year."

"Huh...I don't remember anyone going the last two years."

"I drove her, and the guys 4X100 team those two years. That's all that qualified. This year is a little different. The guys have Mike in pole vault, Steve in the triple and high jumps, Jeremy running the 800, the 1600, and the 3200, plus the 4X100, and 4x400 relays. The girls, thanks to 'Lil Shrimp...er, Tina, have her in the open 100 and the two relays plus Wendy in the two throwing events. Actually, Tina has Chris to thank."

Christine sat on the sofa across from Carol and got a peculiar look on her face. "Why Chris? What did he do?"

Carol smiled at Christine. "No, nothing like what you're thinking. Everyone saw how quick Tina was from the first day at practice, but Chris saw how bad her starts were and he took her under his wing. He coached her every day until the district meet."

She was no longer jealous, but Christine still couldn't see why Chris would be coaching a freshman. "But, he's just Chris. What would he know that could help her?"

Carol laughed. "How long have you known Chris?"

"Since kindergarten."

"Well, then, you should know that he's not the quickest out there."

"That's true...but didn't he do well at districts this year?"

"Yes, very well. What he doesn't have in speed, he makes up for with his starts and endurance. He can hold his sprint just a bit longer than many others, and, he's the fastest off the blocks."

"Off the blocks?"

"Honey, how long have you been watching practice?"

"Just this last week or so, why?"

"That explains it. Chris is the best in our area at getting out of the starting blocks at the sound of the gun, and he hasn't false started once...not even at practice. We've dropped broom handles, clapped, even thrown shoes at him to see if he'd go...but, the boy only moves if a gun goes off."

"So, that's what they were talking about..."

"What, dear?"

"Well, the team kept cracking one liners about Chris' fast starts and guns going off...I thought they were poking fun at him for being with me..."

"Why? Does he...you know?"

"I don't know. We haven't gotten to that point, yet."

"Well, just don't make it to that point the next two nights. I'd rather not have to explain to Sister Collins why there are sexual rumors about the track team."

"Don't worry."

"Really?" Carol eyed Christine's bikini top.

Christine rolled her eyes at herself. "Sorry, we were so hot on the way over, I forgot to put my t-shirt back on."

"So you rode the bus?"

"How else would I get here?"

"I thought you drove. You were at the counter alone when I saw you."

She shook her head. "No, Chris followed Coach to get his key."

"Well, you don't have to roast on the way back. You and Chris can ride with me and Wendy."

"Wow, thanks!"

"Don't mention it. Why don't you go downstairs and join the team? I'm gonna take a little nap. Bring whomever you want up here, I won't mind. Just, no sleepovers...they have to rest before the meet tomorrow."

"No problem. Thanks again Carol!"

Christine grabbed a towel and went down to the 4th floor. There was no question as to which rooms the team members were staying in. Five doors grouped together were open, with a teenager here and there darting between them. She found Chris with about half the team piled into the fifth one.

"There she is!" exclaimed Chris.

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