tagRomanceTwo Hearts Stand Alone Pt. 04

Two Hearts Stand Alone Pt. 04


Author's note:

Sorry it has taken so long to get this out. Lot's going on in my life, and when I first started posting this story, I had fully intended to have it finished by the time each last part was approved. Anyways, thanks for your patience.

This is a continuation of a story. It is recommended you read parts 1 - 3 first.

All characters that have a sexual reference are 18 or older.


Chapter 18

Their first time didn't last very long, but then again, whose does? She didn't get to climax, but for Christine, those 15 minutes of being coupled together sated her. It was as if all this time, her emotions and feelings were scattered all over the place. For once in her life, they all lined up and she was at peace. No remorse, no regret, no guilt. She didn't even care if her parents would later find out. To her at this moment, there was only Chris.

For Chris, it was somewhat different. It was exciting and very much better than anything he dreamed sex could be. But most of all, the experience left him with nothing but pure love for Christine. Even though she had taken complete control of him tonight, the gift she had given was delicate and distinctly feminine. He adored her even more than before, and he vowed to himself not to allow anything to crush and break the bond she handed to him. They lay in each others arms looking deep into the eyes of their lover until they drifted off into blissful slumber.

Christine woke with a start and checked her watch. She relaxed from the panic a bit when she saw that only a couple of hours passed and it was only about 1. She reached over and tickled Chris's nose until he roused.

"Hey," she smiled.

"Hi...what time is it?"

"Just after 1. I need to take a shower before we get going. Did you need to do anything before I hog the bathroom?"

He inhaled, looking around to get his bearings. What had happened seemed like a dream to him. "No, not really...maybe we could share the shower?" he asked hopefully.

Her eyes twinkled. "Yeah, we could do that."

She grabbed another foil package and headed toward the bathroom.


Christine turned around, and Chris looked down at his ankle, which was still wrapped. It was the only thing he still had on. "Oh yeah," she said, and proceeded to undo the binding around his injured foot. When she loosely rolled the ACE bandage and put it on her dresser she said, "It's not bruised anymore. That's good."

He put his arm out and she supported him out of bed and into her bathroom. "Yeah, but still hurts like a bitch if I forget and put any weight on it."

They got to the tub after some snickers from moving around so close while naked. She paused and asked how he was going to get in. He said that he figured it out at home and sat on the edge, spinning until his legs were inside the basin. She stepped in next to him and put the protection on the soap tray before helping him up.

"I can stand on one foot for a while, but be ready to catch me if I lose my balance," he warned.

She nodded and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature until it felt like warm summer rain. When she was bent over, she felt him poking at her leg just below her cheek. She turned and grasped him, letting him hump against her slightly but she kept him aimed toward her tight stomach. "Hey! Do we need to wrap this now?"

He ran his hands through her hair, loving the feel of the water running through it. The feeling of her hand wrapped around him and the soft wet skin of her stomach pressed against his sensitive tip was too much. Chris couldn't reply. His eyes glazed over and he wrapped his arms around her for support as he grunted while thrusting at her.

Christine knew he lost control of his willpower when he started to stare through her head. She propped a foot on the edge of the tub and allowed him to pleasure himself between the top of her thigh and her hand. His grunts took on a hint of desperation, and he seemed conflicted with the need to get off and embarrassment of wanting it this badly.

She placed her other hand behind his head, and pulled it to rest against her shoulder. "Oh! Okay...Shh, it's okay...I don't mind. Go ahead. We have a little while to go again. Enjoy it."

He bucked wildly against her upon hearing her words, embracing her tightly. He lapped at her neck then suddenly shivered jerked and moaned while his rod threw thick ropes of climax onto the shower curtain. Chris came down from his high, drew back and looked down, ashamed. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I couldn't...didn't stop."

She smiled and picked his chin up. "It's okay. Believe me, I completely understand. I want to jump your bones, too...but I can't just do that...not yet, anyway."

"Why not? Oh...are you sore?"

She shook her head and put a dab of shampoo in her hand, proceeding to lather her hair up. Christine pointed with her eyes to the condom. "No, I don't want to get pregnant, silly. I gotta let the pill catch up for a couple of weeks."

He nodded and helped wash her to her waist. She returned the favor by soaping him up with the same sweet smelling products she used. They started kissing at one point and she purposely let her soapy breasts rub up and down his lower chest. Before things got out of hand, she opened the package and encased his throbbing member. They carefully lowered themselves to the tub floor, where she mounted him fully in one slow stroke. The couple mated for a lengthier time, and she was able to achieve two climaxes before he emptied himself into the reservoir of the latex inside her.

They got up after catching their breath and finished cleaning the sex off each other. He dried himself, used her brush on his hair, and left the bathroom to allow her to get ready in peace. She emerged after a while, wearing pajama bottoms, a fresh t-shirt and bra, and her wet hair hung in a pony tail down her back. She had applied makeup, but it was just enough to bring out her best natural features.

Chris had replaced his shorts and one shoe, and Christine helped him fit the chest armor. She then rewrapped his ankle, getting good at making neat figure 8's without letting the bandage get bunched uncomfortably.

After slipping on his boot, she asked, "so it's 2:15, you ready?"

He nodded and she handed him the crutches from the corner of her room and slung her overnight bag over her shoulder.

They arrived at the school about a quarter hour before they were due. Sister Collins was already there to greet the buses that were just arriving.

"Good morning!" she greeted as they approached.

"Morning," Chris responded for them both. "There's two buses? I thought it was just going to be one, since only about 40 are going."

"Some of the parents changed their mind a couple of days ago, so we kept the second bus."

"How many?" asked Christine.

"20 more. It seems you two have become about as popular with these parents as you were with your classmates."

"So, Sister, you're coming with us, yes?"

"Yes, Christine. At least one chaperone has to be on this trip. Might as well be me."

The two students chuckled. Christine grabbed the bags and went onto the first bus to stow them and the pillows she brought.

The parents' cars started trickling in, and Chris greeted them with a hug as they approached the side of the bus. Christine reappeared and did likewise with each participant as they showed up. Some noted her PJ bottoms as cute and for many, it added a playful teenaged flair to the upcoming event. While everyone milled around, waiting, some chatted with each other or with the two teens, and some looked as if they just wanted to head back to bed. Just like their sons and daughters, there were some stragglers, but everyone arrived by 3:15.

Sister Collins checked off the last arrivals and nodded to Chris. He summoned them closer and said, "good morning everyone!" That was met by some mumbling and a couple of grumbles about the early hour. "Okay, fair enough. It's late for me, and probably early for all of y'all, so I understand if all you can do is listen. Sister Collins will lay out the rules shortly, just as she would if our classmates were going. But I wanted to say something first. We invited everyone to come with us on this trip because we think it would be a welcome distraction to us as well as you. Thank you for being here, it really means a lot to us. I'd like this trip to go just as it was originally planned. You'll get to do whatever your kids, brothers, or sisters were going to do. Mingle on the bus, play games, play music on portable radios. We want you to go with us to the parks and attractions that were already planned. I'm sure it's up to Sister Collins and yourselves, but I think it would be fun if boys and girls room assignments were adhered to. Christine and I can't stay with each other overnight on this trip, so two of the rooms will have us bunking in with you anyway.

"Next, I want to tell you all that Christine and I are NOT off-limits. I think we're rather approachable, and some of our classmates even found us to be friendly." That got a chuckle. "So, don't be afraid to talk to us about anything. We asked you along to hang out with us, so please, hang out with us."

Christine finished up his speech with "Lastly, please have fun. Agreed?"

There were some nods and a splattering of "yeah's!" Sister Collins addressed the group, laying out ground rules. No horseplay, especially on the bus. They could move around and visit wherever they liked, but for safety, stay seated when possible. There were three chaperones on this trip, she would ride the second bus, while Fr. Mike, the school chaplain, and Mrs. Roberts, the school secretary, were already on the first. For purposes of this unusual trip, the three would serve mainly as timekeepers when the group would split into three smaller ones at the attractions. Obey them or face detention, which must be served before graduation. The group laughed at that.

She held a quick vote about room assignments, and it was almost unanimously agreed to have separate boys and girls rooms. It would give everyone a more high school like experience. She asked the group next to split in half to pick a bus. If they couldn't do so themselves in an orderly fashion, she would dole out ride assignments, too. The group split, and after a few minutes of shuffling around, the principal was content and she gave the go ahead to load up.

Christine was the first aboard the bus. "Hello, Father. Mrs. Roberts! I didn't even see you get on."

The priest said they got settled when Chris was speaking.

Next, Chris extended the crutches from his position on the ground to the chartered driver. Once the driver took them, he grabbed both rails and hopped up the steps onto the sleek rented vehicle. At the top, he said hello.

"Hello," the driver replied handing the equipment back.

"It's darn early," said Chris. "Can I get you anything? Red Bull, Vivarin, coffee, perhaps? I'm already gimpy, it'd be a shame to make this worse."

The driver laughed and picked up his thermos to show Chris. "Thanks man, I got it covered."

Chris smiled back and said on his way to his seat, "alright...if you get sleepy, let me know. I'll take over for a while."

"Yeah, sure thing!"

Before long, the group was loaded and everyone had claimed their seats. The driver got a radio call from his partner that everything was set and the trip was on.

Christine curled up against Chris watching streetlights go by while they were navigating the dark and empty surface streets, her head resting on the outside of his shoulder. She kicked off her sandals and put her feet on the seat under her and rested her knees against his hip. It was adorable how she could shape herself into such a little ball. The ride was so much different than the trip to the state finals. This bus had decent fabric seats, carpet on the floor, reading lamps for each seat built into the overhead luggage bins, and tall spacious windows lining the sides. There was even a tiny restroom at the back. But for Christine, aside from having Chris next to her, only one luxury existed on this vehicle that really mattered to her,. It was air conditioned.

Chris pinched the light flannel fabric of her PJ's on her knee. "These are cute. An interesting choice for traveling with strangers, but cute."

She smiled up at him. "Thanks. I don't see what's wrong with them. They cover everything, and they are so comfy."

"You didn't wear them on the last trip."

"That trip wasn't 9 or 10 hours long like this one. Besides, we have air conditioning now."

They entered the Interstate and she looked around. Some were talking quietly to each other, but most were reclining the seats and finding the best position to sleep. Christine got up, stood on the seat to reach the overhead bin, and retrieved her two pillows. They were both sleeved in pink frilly cases. She handed one to Chris and he put it between his head and the wall without hesitation of using something so girly. She put her pillow against his shoulder, tucked her feet behind her on the soft bench seat and drifted off to the lulling thrum of the diesel engine.

Chris was already awake when she roused again a couple of hours later. They said good morning to each other, and several others were stirring with the advancing light of the new day. Christine took the pillows and stowed them overhead again. When she sat Indian style next to Chris, a young woman came up to their row.

"Hey CC, am I disturbing you?"

Christine flashed a smile. "Not at all Ms. Miller. We just woke up. Have a seat."

The lady looked around for a second, almost as if she were embarrassed to be the first to approach the couple. She sat on the aisle end next to them. "Is is okay if I ask something personal?"

"You can ask anything," Chris replied.

"Okay, well, this last week I've been wondering...what was Sarah like? I mean, when she was away from me?"

Christine gave a kind sad smile. "Sarah was my best friend, next to Chris. But you knew that already. She was wonderful to be around." She continued on to relate how popular Sarah was at school, bringing a lighter mood everywhere she went. Sarah used humor often to disarm her peers, but flirting every once in a while helped her stroke egos that were feeling less than par. She was not a slut, but she did have a playful side that kept the interest of several boys in their class. Christine told a couple stories of how Sarah's charm got her into, then out of trouble with teachers and fellow classmates. This prompted Ms. Miller to tell a few stories of her own about Sarah at home, and it brought a few laughs.

After a stop for lunch, Chris told Christine that he'd ride the next leg on the second bus. She was disappointed with their separation, but understood it. The rest of the trip down to Orlando, the two would trade buses for each leg, trading stories with the parents. The best moments would be when each attracted a few parents together, and the story telling would often lead to laughter induced sore stomachs. By the last rest stop, the group had warmed up to the couple and thought of them as one of their own.

The group encouraged the two to ride on the same bus for the last leg, so that they could share with each other the excitement of seeing the theme parks as they arrived. They were on the second bus then, and on the early part of the leg they took a short nap against each other. The couple woke to find a few admiring faces watching them from all around.

"I didn't know slumber was so entertaining," said Christine with a smile. She quickly wiped both sides of her mouth in self consciousness. "Was I drooling?"

"No," replied Tony's older sister. "You two just looked so adorable huddled together. Anyway, we were waiting to pitch something to you both."

Chris replied with a quizzical look, "We're not skipping Orlando and heading for the Everglades, are we?"

That got a chuckle from the group surrounding them.

"Nothing like that," Carol replied. "It's for Graduation."

Christine sat up under Chris's arm. "What about Graduation?"

"Tameka here had an idea."

Tony's sister piped up again. "Our uncle is just starting a video editing business, and I thought it would be great to have a tribute video playing at some part of the ceremony."

Christine's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

Carol continued on, "we took a poll from both buses and everyone seems to like it."

Christine clapped her hands. "Oh yay! Can he get it all done by Saturday? I mean, the footage would have to be turned in to him like now."

Tameka's eyes sparkled. "He'll work all night Friday if that's when the last piece is delivered. I already called him."

Chris took out his phone. "I'll get my mom to start calling everyone," he offered.

Carol interrupted him. "No need. My husband's already on it." She pointed with her eyes to her spouse busily talking on his cell across the aisle. "He'll make 5 calls, and the message will spread. He has it all planned out."

Chris started putting the phone back when it buzzed. He answered it, then abruptly got up and went to the back of the bus, still talking to the caller.

Most of the group returned to their seats, satisfied that the couple were as accepting of the tribute as they hoped. Tameka stayed behind.

"Christine? I wanted to apologize for my aunt and what she did at the hospital."

Christine got a puzzled look. "Why? What did she do?"

"Well, she's the reason they placed guards at your door," she said sheepishly.

"Ah. That. Don't think anything of it. We were startled, but didn't hold anything against her."

"Good. It's just that Tony held such promise for our family. And, some of my family get rather caught up in grieving. She said it's part of our heritage, and she was living up to it. Just didn't think she'd carry it that far. Did you really put yourself between her and Chris? She said you did."

Christine thought about that moment. "Yeah, I guess I did. No offense, but I was ready to take her down if she threatened Chris. He was still a bit, uh, fragile at that point."

She smiled. "I don't blame you. Tony said that about you."

"Said what?"

"He said that you're mostly quiet, but he could always tell you had a bit of spunk. He was quite taken with you from the state track meet."

Christine blushed madly, thinking about the bus trip there in her swim top, and the pool. "What did he say about that trip?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, that you screamed at him on the relay. He always loved a challenge, especially if it's a personal one against him. He said that he really thought his body was done when he passed by y'all, you know since he was a pure sprinter, not an endurance runner like your man back there. But, you hollered at him, and he said he found just a bit more for the finish. That, and that you can cook. It is really something to impress him there, let me tell you girl."

Christine flashed a smile at the compliment, but then a wave of sadness overtook her face. "Thanks. I wish he were here now with us. I miss him. I miss all of them."

Tameka came around the seat to hug her. "I know you do. That's why I came on this trip. Momma scolded me for 'taking pleasure during a great loss.' But really, we're all in this together. I think this is great. We can hold each other up, and get our mind off things a little, too. Y'all are doin' a wonderful thing here, C." Chris returned, and she read the look on his face. "I'll take my seat now. Let you two have some quiet time together."

Christine squeezed her hand as she left. "What's up?" she asked him, also reading his face.

"I'd rather tell you later. I gotta think about it for a bit," he replied after sitting next to her.

"Something wrong?"

"No. Something good...I think. Could also be trouble." He looked torn.

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