Unleashed Ch. 12


"Excuse me, sir, but you just bumped into me and made me drop my lunch. The least you could do is apologize," she told him with a hand on her hip.

"You should watch what you're doing broad. You shouldn't even be eating that piece of shit," he jeered, baring his teeth at her in an angry grimace before continuing on his way.

"Miss, I'm sorry, let us replace that for you," the younger vendor offered.

Jessica blinked twice, her head slightly twitching as something inside of her went off. She couldn't breathe, her hands itched, her pulse began to race as graphical flashes flooded her subconscious. "No, it wasn't your fault," she replied somewhat robotically as she fished in her purse to hand over a hundred dollar bill. By now her sisters had realized that something was up. They placed down the rest of their unfinished meal to follow as Jessica walked away in the direction of her assailant.

"You call us if you ever want to make some real money. Our bridal company could use some great chefs like you," Grecko told them before catching up with the others.

"Which one?" Dasha asked, clarity falling upon her when Jessica became agitated. She looked like a psychopath anxiously awaiting her next victim.

"Two," was all she replied as her frantic eyes searched about for him. She heard the revving of engines before two cars sped off down the road. Luckily, they had gotten a good look at the license plates or they would be right back where they started from.

"Breathe, Jessie," Grecko told her when her respiration became erratic.

Jessica couldn't focus; her body wouldn't allow her to. Her mind tormented her with the memories. She wanted blood, his blood. She wanted it smeared all over her. She wanted to swim in it until the pain and the ache of that night and of losing her father receded from her mind's eye. She knew that she wouldn't be able to rest easy again until she relocated him. And when she did, she would make him pay for what he had done after he revealed the location of number six or maybe even during.

"Jessica!" Dasha snatched her face making her crazed eyes focus upon her. "Get a hold of yourself. Not here."

She gulped down oxygen and coughed when it became too much for her lungs. Her eyes burned as they blurred with tears of pain. Her palms stung, punctured by the sharpness of her fingernails breaking the soft tissue. And finally, Jessica was able to retrieve a small, fragile ounce of calm. Wordlessly, they made their way back to the car, driving back to the mansion. Silence accompanied them; the trio too riled up to speak. Dasha and Grecko could tell that Jessica was barely hanging on to her composure.

They entered their home with Jessica making a beeline straight to her room. The door slammed, crashing noises, screams, and shatters echoed behind the closed door as she fought with invisible demons.

"What's going on?" Eithne asked alarmed. They heard the sound of a window splintering apart and he headed to the door.

"No, let her calm down," Grecko advised him. "We had a run in with voice number two and right now really is not the time to be heroic, Eithne. She's so far gone that she might even hurt one of us."

He understood the gravity of the situation although the stubborn side of him said fuck it and to just charge in there and make her calm down. Her fury was nothing like after the Shorty incident. If she was in such a state where she was capable of injuring one of her own siblings, he didn't want to know what she would do to him. Nonetheless, he would go to her once the thrashing stopped.

"Marc, we need you to look up two license plates," Dasha said attempting to remain calm despite Jessica's continuing turmoil. They were accustomed to this. Each and every time they located someone responsible for that horrible night, Jessica literally became torn apart and destructive. In another hour or so she should be ready to receive company, but definitely not now.

Marc focused on his task, breaking into DMV records until he found what he was searching for. "It seems as if the first licenses plate you gave me is from a stolen car. It was reported about two weeks ago, taken from Missouri. Its previous owner was Leroy Stephens." They gathered around him to regard the computer screen, reading details he hadn't mentioned over his shoulder.

"And the second?" Grecko asked.

"Philippe Rodriguez, thirty-two years old, lives on 2130 Pine Street. The car and tags are registered under his name; in fact, he just got his information updated yesterday. He's been living at this same address for the past five years," Marc reported as he pulled up government records. He found a clear picture of the suspect and turned the screen to the two women. "Is this the guy?"

"Yes," they replied without hesitation.

Marc nodded his head and did a quick background check. Philippe had had his run-ins with the law save for they were paltry offenses, running red lights, failing to yield, unpaid tickets. He did a stint in jail for illegal marijuana possession, but otherwise he was still unblemished in comparison to some of the other background checks Marc had conducted in the past.

By now Jessica had calmed down considerably. In fact, she was a bit too quiet. Eithne didn't wait to be told when to look in on her. He made his way to the door and shouldered it open when he discovered that it was locked. He found Jessica lying in a pile of disarray, shattered glass, broken bulbs and lamps, torn pillows...the condition of her room was unspeakable. How could one woman cause so much damage?

"Go away," she croaked. Her voice was raw from screaming. It reminded him of how an avid smoker would sound during a conversation.

"You know better than to order me around, Hellion. Come here." He went to her retrieving her limp figure from the ground and brushing shards from her hair and clothing. She didn't even put up a fight, only sagging against him as if she had used every ounce of her strength to destroy her room.

"I hate when you see me like this," she confessed after a pregnant pause.

"One day I'll show you my bad side so we'll be even, love, but I'm not leaving you."

She felt the ball in the pit of her stomach loosen and she cringed. She didn't want the anger and hatred she was experiencing to go away until she had her hands on that piece of shit.

"Will you get me a first aid kit?" Eithne asked no one in general once they were in the living room. Marc stood to do his bidding, returning with the kit in hand and a down comforter to wrap about Jessica who was going through a bad case of the shakes.

"It's all right, Hellion."

"No," she refuted. "It'll never be all right until they're all dead. I'm going to make him pay and then I'm gonna find that last fucker and do the same," she promised with hot tears burning her cheeks. "I'm going to make them see how it feels to suffer," she continued, her once quiet voice steadily rising with her monologue. "I'm going to toy with their lives UNTIL THEY WISHED THAT GOD WOULD COME DOWN AND SAVE THEM!" She sat still shaking from her fury, her eyes lost in fantasy of what she had in store. "And when they think that I'm finally going to put them out of their misery...I'm going to do it all over again."

Eithne wiped her eyes, frowning when she turned away from him. He noticed the sadistic smile threatening to emerge at the corner of her mouth and felt a chill trickle throughout his body. He reminded himself that Jessica was the woman he loved and that under normal circumstances, she wasn't this cruel, heartless person lusting for revenge in front of him. She had what he considered to be the beginnings of a madman, but he had every intention of pulling her back before she allowed herself to fall off of that dark, steep cliff. He wouldn't allow Jessica to lose who she had become.

They bandaged her up where they found nicks and cuts and stayed with her until she fell asleep. She looked so angelic that it was hard to believe mere seconds ago she was spewing venomous words of vengeance. She was having a bad dream. Eithne could tell from the furrow of her eyebrows and soft whimpers coming from her throat.


He mopped the sweat from her brow then kissed her forehead as he felt her burden weigh him down. Nonetheless, he wouldn't allow her to go through this alone. He would stay by her side no matter what she told him. "This Rodriguez guy, will you be seeing him tomorrow?"

"Of course," Grecko replied without hesitation.

"Now Kallisto—"

"No, Marc, you're not changing my mind on the matter. It's already made up. I'm going and that's final," she told him standing to her feet and storming off with him right behind her.

"I'm coming," Eithne told Dasha.

She snorted and shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "You can always guard the car."

"Bull shite."

"Look, I know that you want to help, but we need to do this on our own. Don't offend us by trying to come in and run the show. Our father—"

"Would be proud of the women all of you have turned out to be. I'm not trying to infringe upon your territory or step on any toes, but I love Jessica and I care about all of you. I need to do this as well. No one hurts my family and gets away with it, you understand, lass? The moment you all drug me through those doors, you placed yourselves under my protection. And I don't care who or what it is, I'm not backing down. So I'll be going tomorrow whether you all want me to or not. Get some rest, you're looking tired." He stood up with Jessica still draped in his arms and headed for his bedroom.

"Did you really mean what you just said about us? About Jessie?"

"Yes," he answered stopping outside of his doorframe.

"Thank you," Dasha replied before heading to her own chamber.

Eithne nodded his goodnight then crossed the threshold to tuck Jessica in. He stripped off her clothing and laid her underneath the comforter before taking a hot shower to calm his nerves. What the hell was he doing? He reminded himself that he was once more a puppet for the government. He shouldn't be involving himself in mafia affairs, but this was Jessica. He would give his right arm to protect her. Besides, it's not as if he didn't know how to separate his business from his pleasure. Nevertheless, he admonished himself to tread lightly. He didn't want his new case with the Venturas jeopardizing Jessica and her family. The sooner he got in and did his job was the less likely he would attract attention towards the Whitakers.

He exited the bathroom to the chorus of Jessica's light snoring. It was the first time he had ever heard her do so which meant that she as exhausted. He gingerly entered the bed, tucking her in his arms before settling down under the covers. Every so often she would twitch or grunt, causing him to hold her tighter, but Jessica had a restless night.

"Where are you going?" he questioned, refusing to slacken the weight of his leg over her back.

"To use the bathroom."

He eyed the clock to read 4:15. It was too damn early. "Come right back or I'll find you."

Jessica frowned at him, but was back in bed after her bathroom break. "Happy?"

"Yes." He pulled her back against him once more trapping her underneath his weight. "Wanna talk about it, love?"


"What about those horrid dreams?"


"What about—"

"No," she interrupted before he could finish.

"Me telling you that I use your toothbrush every night to feel closer to you?" Eithne finished with a smile on his face.

"You're crazy."

"Maybe that's why we get along so well." He kissed her temple and nuzzled her neck until he was satisfied with the affection he had given to her.

"I'm hungry. Will you let me up?"

"Do I have to?" Eithne whined. He had just gotten comfortable.

"Are you edible?" He chuckled lifting his leg off of her. Jessica didn't even attempt to cover up her nudity. She stalked into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of milk and an assortment of cookies on a large platter.

"You're wanting me to get fat," Eithne teased. He was relieved to see that his Jessica was back. He flicked on the lamp at their bedside and kissed her when she leaned down to set the tray on the bed. She still looked tired, but at least she had decided to eat.

"You're already the size of a house. This junk shouldn't bother you."

He laughed sitting up in bed to join her. He picked up a chocolate double stuffed Oreo and ate the cream, debating what he should do with the biscuits. Jessica gladly took them off of his hands and dunked them in milk before eating them. "Is tú m'fhíorghrá!"

"What?" she asked somewhat confused and wondering what language he had just spoken. "Was that the infamous Gaelic I've heard you mention before?"

He was grinning from ear to ear, in the process of eating the cream from between another Oreo. "Tis."

"What did you just say?" she asked accepting the naked biscuits to munch on.

"That you're mi soul mate." She chortled with laughter, rolling her eyes in the process. "It's true. Where else am I supposed to find a gal willing to eat cream less biscuits without complaint? Do you know how many relationships have been ruined because of these damn double stuffed Oreos?"

Jessica was laughing so hard that she had to hold her sides. "Let me guess, over twenty percent?"

"That's pretty close," he said enjoying her lift in spirits. "I would give you the exact number, but I don't want to jinx anything." He winked at her and kissed her once more before switching to a vanilla Oreo instead. "What?" he asked when he caught Jessica staring.

"This is too freaky. I hate eating cream with my chocolate Oreos because they're too sweet, but I'll eat the entire vanilla where as you only eat the cream of the chocolate and devour the vanilla. What about the strawberry flavored Oreos?"

"I'll eat about half before my teeth begin to ache."

Jessica nodded her head. She wasn't really a fan of the strawberry flavor. "What about chocolate chip cookies? Hard or soft?"

"What about you?"

"I asked first, you can't answer my question with a question," she told him opening the package of Toll House Cookies.

"Same time," he said watching her nod her agreement.

"Soft," they replied in unison.

"Sometimes the hard one cuts mi lip. I shouldn't be assaulted by food."

She burst into laughter again, hand feeding him a soft baked chocolate chip cookie. "Caramel delight or butterscotch?"

"Caramel delight."

"Oatmeal or oatmeal raisin?"

"Both," he said while surveying the rest of the packages.

"Short bread or mint?"


"I love you," Jessica sighed. "Okay, this one is for the goal. White chocolate Macadamia nut or oatmeal raisin."

"White chocolate mac."

"Ohh," she replied shaking her head. "I think I have to take that back."

"What's that?" he asked trying to act bewildered, but chuckling instead.

"Yeah, I don't know if this is going to work out between us. A man who would eat diabetes in a cookie just isn't my type," Jessica said as she cleared the bed of their "dinner." Eithne grabbed her about the waist and pulled her back down beside him once the tray was neatly stationed on the opposite night stand. "No, it's over," she squealed as he kissed all over her face.

"Taste these diabetes lips, Hellion."

Jessica guffawed actually snorting from his facetious behavior. She pushed at his solid chest wincing in pain when one of her injured fingers pressed too intensely. "You really did a number on yourself," Eithne said more to himself than to her. He kissed her hands and gently massaged them before pulling her back on the mattress with him. "Where does it hurt, Jessica?" The jokes were aside now. He wanted a real discussion with her.

"My heart," she whispered. He caressed the left side of her chest making her shiver when his thick hand brushed over her nipple.

"Then allow me to take that pain away." He kissed her temple and held her tightly, continuing his gentle petting. "Talk to me."

She shuddered pressing her body as close as humanly possible. "What do I say? I can't even explain it. All I know is that this ache will never go away until everything is settled. All of the anger, the pain, the rage; I can't let them go until it's finished. I don't want them anymore Eithne. But these emotions are clinging to me."

He felt her belly clench and traveled his hand downward to stroke her there as well. "Just give it all to me, Jessica. You don't have to do this alone."

She nestled into his embrace, sighing as the tension left her body. "I love you, Eithne."

"I know you do and I'll never forget it." He kept up his moving hands until she was safely back to sleep then joined her.

The next morning Jessica sincerely apologized for her behavior to the others. They hugged her and said that they understood and she knew that it was genuine.

"To make up for such a shitty day yesterday," Grecko began searching the cabinets for snacks. "Marc got some interesting information for us."

Jessica handed her a pack of Gushers, chuckling when Grecko's eyes melted in gratitude. "What's that?" She turned to her brother-in-law with innocent eyes, curiosity getting the best of her.

"We were able to locate one of the two creeps from yesterday. If we get to him, we get to his friend." He watched as the innocent gleam in her brown eyes became replaced with a stare so cold that even he felt the urge to shiver. He already knew what she was thinking, she wanted to skip breakfast and get the hell out of there, but he told her otherwise. "He isn't home...at least not yet. Don't worry, I have every traffic light tracing his car. When he returns, we'll be there to greet him."

Jessica smiled maliciously as ideas popped into her head. "Should we bring a present?"

Dasha snorted, pulling out her favorite .45 and setting it on the table. "How many do you think he'll want? The chamber is full."

If it wasn't for Eithne's insistence, Jessica would barely have touched her food. She was anxious and bouncy, unable to sit still for longer than five minutes. She constantly regarded her watch as if she was pressed for time, but in spite of the turmoil coiling within her, on the outside, she seemed bored or rather aloof to it all. Her family and lover however knew much better.

"Now, Kallisto, I've agreed to allow you to accompany us on this little outing, but if I see you even trying to lift one finger—"

"Marc, now is not the time for you to be putting your foot down. You know damn well that I'm not going to listen. Whether you want me to be there or not, even if you lock me up, I'll find a way to make it and greet you at the door." She gave him a look that said try me and he heaved a sigh in response. Sometimes it was hard being married to a mule headed woman.

"Jessie, she listens to you," he tried again.

"Not all the time. And Grecko is pretty wound up from sitting it out for so long. She might strangle me if I take sides." She glanced at her sister and saw her nodding her head in agreement with a staid countenance. Grecko was not bullshitting.


"Un-unh, Marc, I'm staying neutral." She whipped her blond ponytail behind her back and feigned deep interest in polishing her pistol.

"Traitors," he mumbled unable to believe that no one would take his side. He looked at Eithne who wore an amused grin and rolled his eyes.

"I kinda feel that Marc has the right to be concerned."

"Look, Mr. Leprechaun, I didn't ask for your opinion," Grecko told him defiantly. "Besides, you should be honored to even ride along with us seeing as how you don't know squat about self-defense. We'll be looking out for your tall, pale, white ass."

"How d'you know mi arse is pale?" he teased receiving a wry look from Grecko. She rolled her eyes and double checked her knives before standing to her feet.

"I think we should go now and just wait," she suggested.

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