tagInterracial LoveUnleashed Ch. 02

Unleashed Ch. 02


He was packing. He had to get the hell out of there. After being physically and sexually assaulted...by women... Eithne had taken their threat seriously. He threw a few shirts and jeans into his suitcase then rushed to snatch up his plane ticket. They had told him that they only wanted his father, and as much as he loved his old man despite the fact that he was barely ever present when he was growing up, Eithne was going to deliver his ass on a sweet platter.

Luckily for Eithne, it had only taken him about a week for his father to get in touch with him and tell him that he was on his way to Oregon to stay with his sister for a while; that he should lay low until he was able to go back home to Ireland. In other words, he was telling his son good luck and save yourself. But, if Eithne acted quickly enough, he would still be able to catch his father at the airport before he hopped on the plane and left him alone in hell.

Tripping over his shoelaces, Eithne snatched the front door, of his hotel room, open only to get the wind knocked out of him.

"Going somewhere, Mr. Forrester?"

How the hell had she found him? After her first attack, Eithne had refused to return to his old apartment, deciding to frequent hotels instead.

"Nice to see you too, Dasha," Eithne greeted once he was able to catch his breath.

"I thought that we were pretty nice before when we said to stay put?"

"If you'd just let me explain..."

"Explain what? That you were running off to the airport to get back to Ireland?" Dasha asked, whipping her long, blonde ponytail behind her back. What was it with these women and ponytails? "Jessie is going to be very disappointed," she said, reaching down to seize him from the ground.


"Shut it! Let's go."

"Where?" Eithne asked, wishing that he had been raised to put his hands on a woman. It was a shame that he respected them so much, especially in such a situation where they were being...well...a bitch. "All right already. Stop pushing me! Me legs work just fine," he snapped.

In fact, they were working better than fine and as soon as his right foot was out the door, he proved it to her by running off faster than Usain Bolt. Screw his suitcase, he had to find his father at the airport and he would do just that even if he had to run faster than a cheetah to get to him.

Dasha didn't chase after him. It wasn't her style to make a scene like in the action movies; besides, she hated breaking a sweat. So she called Grecko instead and told her to get to the airport, where she would meet her, to kick some ass. So Eithne better keep running because when she got a hold of him, he would be in a world of pain.

Well, Eithne didn't run, he grabbed a taxi to take him the rest of the way then searched like a crazy man until he found his father in the boarding line. 'Yes,' he thought, getting ready to snatch his old man up and demand some answers, but instead of doing the snatching, he found himself landing hard, with a painful grunt, on his side.

"I'm so sorry."

That voice. He recognized it automatically. "Shite!"

"You got that right," Grecko told him, pretending to help him up as she grabbed his hand and twisted his wrist to the point where he wanted to cry out. "Thought that you were going somewhere?"

"I swear on thee Bible, if you let me go, I can get you my old man. I swear!"

"I have a lot of respect for God, so you should refrain from doing that," she said instead, dragging him out of the bustling airport with the help of her death like grip on his wrist. She was twisting it so hard that he knew that it was seconds from snapping.

"Damn it, Grecko!"

"Shut it and get in the car or you don't want to know what I'll do to you in public. Dasha is more reserved than I am," she told him when his eyes landed on the fuming Russian.

Eithne allowed them to manhandle him, choosing to save himself the embarrassment of being physically abused in the open. The drive was filled with tension and silence that he could cut with a knife. He didn't know where they were taking him until he was in front of the building and being led inside.

Dasha didn't waste any time with making her fist acquainted with his face. "Trying to run where you?" she asked as he glared at her.

"I do not hit women, but I will lay my hands on you if you don't stop touching me."

"Bring it on, Mr. Irish," she told him, flicking her pointer across her nose before rushing towards him and launching him through the large glass door of Jessica's office.

Eithne held onto her for dear life, rolling about in shards of glass until he finally had her pinned underneath him. Unfortunately, he had completely forgotten Grecko's existence of which she was now reminding him by putting him in the choke hold. For her small stature, the woman was a power house, squeezing the hell out of his neck until he thought that he would black out.

"Let him go!"

Jessica's voice cut through the chaos with authority, making Grecko release Eithne, even if she did it extremely slowly.

"You better get your hands off of her or I'll do it for you," she directed at Eithne.

Against his better judgment, Eithne released Dasha, standing to his feet to gingerly rub his aching throat. "These two, idiotic women, forced me out of the airport when I was only steps away from finding me dad!"

Jessica didn't listen, but what she did do was give him a nice roundhouse kick that made him spin a three-sixty in midair before crashing into a wooden backed chair, completely destroying it.

"If I ever see you touching even one strand of hair on either of their heads, I'll skin you alive," Jessica promised, standing in defense mode, ready for him to lunge at her. But Eithne was in too much pain to even catch a reasonable breath. His back felt broken and his head was screaming from landing so hard and forcefully. He actually blacked out.

When he awoke, he couldn't recognize his surroundings. His neck was stiff, his back was on fire, and his head was still pounding.

"Finally awake?"

Jessica! He wanted to kill her. After using her lighting speed and cat like reflexes on him to put him in this state, she now had the nerve to sound slightly concerned.

"What the hell do you want and where the hell am I?"

"You're in your new home, also known as my bedroom," Jessica replied, switching on the light in her bedroom.


"Unless you're deaf, I know that you heard me. Since it's obvious that you cannot be trusted, I'm keeping you here with me until I'm able to find your father."

"Find my father? FIND MY BLOODY FATHER! I TRIED TO TELL YOU THAT HE WAS LESS THAN THREE FEET IN FRONT OF ME IN THE BLOODY AIRPORT BEFORE YOU KICKED THE BLOODY SHITE OUT OF ME!" Yelling only increased his physical discomfort and intensified his aching, but he was furious, possibly more than furious. If he could move, Eithne knew that he would take the risk of getting his hands on the devil woman even if it would cost him his life.

Jessica didn't even bat an eyelash at his anger. Her eyes remained cool, her demeanor calm and collected. She didn't like being upset because she couldn't control her temper, which was why she regretted what she had done to Eithne earlier by kicking the, 'bloody shite' out of him, as he had just told her. But it was absolutely beneath her to apologize whether she was right or wrong. Her father had taught her to always remain strong even when she was wrong, and to never let her enemies know her weaknesses. Well, in Eithne's case, he had found out the hard way that Dasha and Grecko were her Achilles' Heel.

"Well, that's quite unfortunate."

Her statement made him laugh for several minutes in spite of the pain, wishing that he had never taken his father up on the offer of spending his entire summer with him. The man always got him into trouble. "You know, why don't you just tell me what my dad has done so that I can solve it and get the hell away from all of you? You're all sick and need help."

Jessica ignored his last sentence, sitting up in her seat to cross her legs. "Your father came to me about five months back and took out a loan for five hundred thousand dollars. He told me that he was going to build a church and help rebuild the community; so I fronted him the money in the hopes that he would make good on his word. Instead, he chose to invest it all in bad pyramid schemes and gambling.

I gave him a way out; however, he refused to listen to reasoning. He came to me for another loan and I refused him because he had yet to repay me for the first that he had taken. I told him that he could pay me back the money slowly without interest, however, Dan took it upon himself to steal from me even after my unending generosity; hence, the reason that he is now three million dollars in debt to me."

Jessica saw the look on Eithne's face. He had looked as if she had just swallowed an elephant whole. "Do you know what disappoints me the most with Dan?" she asked, leaving her seat to sit beside him on her bed. "It's the fact that I believed him to be an honest man of God and if there is one thing that I hate the most, aside from being lied to...and touched...is dealing with someone who takes the Lord in vain. So he will pay me back every since dime even if he has to sweat blood to get it done. Do you understand?"

Eithne was in shock. His father, a man of God? The only time he had ever heard God's name in his father's mouth was when he was swearing. He knew that times were hard for him, but how could he have done something as idiotic as stealing from...the mob? Hell yeah, these women were in the mob, Eithne surmised. There was no way that they could kick ass that bad if they were on the straight and solid path. So it was either they were gangsters or they were just obsessed with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. He opted for the first choice.

"Did you still want to take care of your father's little problem?"

He could hear the mocking tone in her voice and wished that he could do something more than just lounging around in her bed. "You can still go to hell."

"I'm going to pardon you for your rudeness. However, let's make one thing clear, I will not tolerate disrespect."

"Disrepect?" Eithne asked her incredulously? "As if any of you have treated me with one ounce of respect. It's hard to give something that you won't get in return."

"You will stay here until further notice. Where you go, what you do, everything that concerns you will be decided by me. If you try to get away, I will find you. If you try to tell the police, they'll only bring you back. I'm a very respectable woman with a respectable business. All I'm telling you is that if you play nicely, then so will I." She traced a finger down the side of his face, smiling when he snatched it away from her.

"Don't touch me," he hissed then winced from trying to sit up.

"It would be in your best interest not to move for a couple of days," Jessica advised him; enjoying the fact that she was torturing him. She ran her fingers up and down his abdomen. Not being one to beat around the bush, Jessica reached for his crotch, rubbing him gently through the stiff fabric of his jeans.

"Don't," he growled, clutching her wrist to steady her hand as she unzipped his pants. He winced again, resting his head against a pillow after being blindsided by the throbbing in his head.

Luckily for her, she had two hands, only switching to her left to continue where she had been interrupted. Eithne's grip lessened as he fought to keep his pounding head from spinning. With a victorious smile, Jessica took his stiff cock out of his pants. It looked angry to be disturbed, but by the time she was finished with it, his red, swollen head would be thanking her.

"I hate you," he gritted out as her soft lips laid against his hot flesh.

Jessica ignored him, moaning as the taste of him accosted her tongue. He was a bit salty thanks to the pre-cum slowly leaking from the tip of his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the sides of his shaft before engulfing him completely inside of her mouth to deep throat him.

Eithne enjoyed the feeling in spite of the pain it was causing him from panting to catch his breath. This woman was a professional when it came to giving head and he could tell by how meticulous she was in licking every inch of him before taking his balls into her mouth to suck on. So she wouldn't apologize for kicking his ass earlier. He would just accept this as his apology. I mean, what man in his right mind could stay furious with a woman who gave head this good?

Jessica continued to suck Eithne off, adding a bit more saliva to make it easier for her lips to glide up and down his shaft. His already red cock seemed to turn purple as it stiffened in preparation to climax. She pumped her right hand while keeping her left planted at the base of his penis to hold him still, incited to go faster by his half groans of pleasure. The man might be hurting, but at least he was having a good time.

"Bloody hell," Eithne hissed, feeling his balls tighten before Jessica's lips were all over them again. Her mouth ascended back to the tip of his shaft where she swirled her tongue around then once more guided him to the back of her throat in time to drink up every ounce of sperm shooting violently from his cock. She swallowed enthusiastically, licking his shaft crystal clean before doing the same to his balls then putting his now flaccid penis back inside of his pants.

"Remember what I said," Jessica told him, exiting the bed to leave him alone in the room.

It was really hard to hate that woman.

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