tagInterracial LoveUnleashed Ch. 16

Unleashed Ch. 16


Locks in the DarkBefore you all decide to stone me for the extremely late update, I went on vacation and afterwards my computer went on the fritz and needed fixing, and since money doesn't grow on trees...well, you guys get the point. This was supposed to be the last chapter, but my plans changed. There might be one or two final segments before Unleashed comes to an end. Anyway, enjoy the 16th chapter. I worked my butt off to get it to you as soon as possible—in spite of the setbacks.


Jessica was groggy. She came to only because of the nagging pain in her arms. Her body felt heavy yet somehow she couldn't quite explain the sensation of weightlessness weighing her down. She could hear the faint murmur of voices, but the fog clouding her brain hindered their ranting from entering her mind.

"She's waking up."

"I see that as clear as day," Maria said as she watched Jessica's body gently sway back and forth. She admired the sinews and cords of toned muscles as they too became conscious after a long nap. She glowered at her son who currently had his face buried in the apex of Jessica's thighs and inhaling deeply.

"Julio, this time I want you to keep your filthy hands off of her. I never authorized her violation before and I don't want a repeat of the last time. Do you understand?" Maria knew that she had to make things clear to her son. His obsession with sex had had her clearing his name from rape charges on more than one occasion. If he wasn't her own flesh and blood, her only son, Maria would have had a bullet through his head for all of the trouble he caused.

Julio responded back to his mother with an innocent voice, "No worries, Mama," he assured her although his brown eyes were still glued to Jessica's sex. He remembered all too well the night they had taken her virginity. He had raped countless women afterwards in a meager attempt to recreate that night. Her fear, her anger, her hatred, every single emotion Jessica directed towards him had sent a rush through him evoking the most mind blowing orgasm he had ever experienced in his life. He wondered if it would be the same now. She had been the only woman capable of giving him a long lasting erection, one that a couple of hours of sex couldn't do away with. After that night, Julio, thinking her to be dead, had almost returned to Big Man's mansion for round two with her corpse. Julio shivered as his cock involuntarily twitched with need. He had never been able to forget Jessica Whitaker.

"Julio, I'm serious. We cannot afford to screw this up," Maria told him, snatching his face into her hand to make him look into her eyes. He looked downright disgruntled from being denied, but they both knew that he wasn't crazy enough to go against his mother's decision. He had made that mistake once in his late teens and nearly wounded up castrated.

"I'll make her suffer so much that she wished our first encounter could be repeated," Julio vowed.

"Good. I'm going to prepare for the Traps. Keep me informed," Maria told him as she began to walk away. "As soon as her sisters get here, let me know. You know that I hate surprises."

"Yes, Mama," Julio replied waiting for the door to close behind her before directing his lustful eyes on Jessica's thighs. He may not be allowed to screw her, but his mother never said anything about having a little taste. He pulled her flimsy panties to the side, his thick pointer flicking against her clit until her legs were restlessly rubbing against each other. He surmised that he had struck her too hard on the head for she was barely responding to his advances. He wanted more of a reaction from her. His nose toyed with her soft flesh until her intoxicating scent made it impossible for him to think straight.

Julio's greedy tongue lapped at Jessica's cunt, fiercely digging into her tender flesh until her legs were shaking. He smiled to himself when they wrapped about his shoulders, biting down just enough to inflict painful pleasure.

Jessica's head finally cleared enough for her to realize that the man between her thighs was not Eithne. The slurping noises his over enthusiasm made caused her stomach to clench in disgust. She attempted to move, only then noting that she was suspended by her arms off of the ground. No wonder they were aching. She tightened her legs about the man's neck, tensing her muscles as she violently twisted her body and sent him spiralling away from her. She watched him land on his side, releasing a cackle that resounded in her ears.

"I expected nothing less from you," Julio said highly amused. He knew it. Only Jessica could make his cock stand on point. He wanted to be inside of her, especially with her restrained; however he had already taken the risk of getting caught when he sampled her. "Hello Jessica, long time no see."

Jessica's eyebrows twitched as recognition dawned on her. This voice, he was the last one. He was the final piece blocking her from complete vengeance. She struggled against her restraints as he continued to watch her in amusement. The wicked smile on his pink lips encouraged her to break free, but alas the only thing she accomplished was rubbing her wrists raw. "I'm going to kill you," she gritted through clenched teeth. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Julio grinned, readjusting himself in his pants and taking several seconds to stroke himself as he observed the rapid rise and fall of Jessica's breasts. What beautiful handiwork. He remembered how marred they had left her ripe body. He had to fuck her just one last go before he killed her. Her thrashing about only intensified his determination to have his way with her. He was going to give her the best fuck of her life before he slowly choked the breath out of her. He wanted to fuck her as she died. He wanted anger and hatred etched on her face while his cock impaled her repeatedly.

Julio groaned already reaching for his zipper when he heard the door to their secluded compound open and close. "What is it?" he spat. He was furious for being denied a second time. He jerked his head to the side then grimaced. His mother had sent men to see to it that he didn't do anything stupid. He sneered at them before his brown eyes returned to Jessica. "By the time I've finished with you, you'll have wished that you had truly died that night."


The mansion was overrun by government officials who were busily bustling about in preparation of Jessica's rescue. When Parker realized that Maria had a personal vendetta against the sisters, he didn't leave them with any other choice than to make their home a base in the hopes that Maria would contact them. He had had the phone lines bugged, something that Marc vowed to be rid of once the group left when the sisters raged in opposition; however, Maria never called.

Eithne was currently debriefing his men on what they would be expected to do once Jessica's location was pinpointed. For some odd reason, her tracking signal was fading although the device was in perfect condition which led them to believe that there were several scramblers wherever Jessica was being held. With this in mind Marc contacted Cyrus, his friend responsible for the communicators. He somehow got him to agree to fly out after completing his exam and handle the situation. Cyrus reassured him that he could take care of any scrambler even if it was within a fifty mile radius. They were expecting his arrival in five hours and everyone was on edge, including the two remaining Whitakers

"You have a grade three concussion, and cocaine flowing through your system, not to mention that you're hooked up to an IV; you need to lie down," Chun Li told Dasha, fighting to restrain her against the sofa until she ceased moving. She knew that any other time Dasha would have already had her thrown over her shoulder or her knee for attempting to subdue her.

Dasha gritted her teeth in frustration. Rest? Was this woman really telling her to rest? No, she wouldn't and she couldn't until Jessica was back. "Get off of me."

"No," Chun Li replied defiantly. She loved Jessica, but Dasha was her heart. There was no way she was allowing her to head into danger in her state.

"Chun Li, if you don't get off of me right now..."

"You're not going to do anything," she said hearing her voice break. She was so afraid.

"I don't have time for you and your bitchy mood swings so, if you have nothing better to do, get the fuck out! I have more important things to attend to and I don't need you. You're weak and you'll only weigh me down."

Hurt reflected deeply on Chun Li's face as the entire room gasped in shock. Grecko quickly hurried to salvage the situation, but it was too late, Chun Li was rushing from the room. "Dasha, didn't mean that," Grecko told her after finally catching up to her friend. "We're all just stressed right now and we're afraid. Please, don't hold this against her." She was already upset with her husband and Jessica would undoubtedly despise Eithne once the truth was out, there was no need for a third relationship to be damaged.

"I'm not going to sit there and allow her to speak to me anyway she likes. I'm not her damn punching bag," Chun Li stated with tears streaming down her face. "I won't wait around for news that she's not coming back. Normally, I can handle it, but seeing the state that she's in..."

"I'm going to take care of her. I know that we screwed up royally today and we lost a hold of Jessica, but I promise on my life, that Daria will come home. Please, please, don't go. She needs you right now." Grecko wiped away the tears in her eyes. "We both need you right now. Only you understand what we're going through. Please."

Chun Li knew that Kallisto was right. She had been there for them from the very beginning, and even when she learned the truth she never judged. It just hurt that Dasha was trying to push her away. She loved the Whitakers with all of her heart. They were family to her. She couldn't turn her back on Dasha and Grecko now. They needed each other's support. "Okay," she said hugging Grecko and allowing her to cry out her frustration and fear. "It's okay, I'm here."

They returned to the others once Grecko's emotions were calmed. She averted Marc's eyes still upset with him for withholding information from her. Marc huffed in exasperation. He was tiring of the silent treatment. It was clear from her puffy, red eyes that his wife needed him. She was so damn stubborn sometimes. He watched Eithne barking out orders, realizing for the first time that the inside of their mansion had transformed into the group's temporary headquarters. Tightness in his belly gripped him so strong that he nearly doubled over. He had never felt such anxiety before. Perhaps it was because Jessica was the glue which held them all together. She was their comforter and their relief. She had no issues with shouldering the burden on her lonesome for their sake because she valued their family and their bond more than she valued her life.

"Damn it," he swore under his breath. Everything was crumbling to hell without her. He felt so helpless. He swiped away several errant tears from his eyes and left the room to compose himself. He found himself face to face with his spouse who was attempting to walk past him as if he was non-existent. "Kallisto, let's stop this bullshit," he told her taking her arm and pulling her into an unoccupied chamber.

"Right now we all need to stick together."

Grecko snorted as she yanked her arm out of her husband's vice like grip. "Stick together my ass. You lied to me, Marc. You should have told me from the very beginning what Eithne was," she accused deciding to square off with her giant instead of continuing to ignore him.

"What he was?" Marc asked incredulously. "You make him sound like some alien species that we need to burn with fire." His anger increased when she crossed her arms and gave him a look that said 'damn right.' He grabbed her shoulders, lifting her off of her feet and to his eye level so that she could no longer avoid his gaze. Grecko was angry, but so was he. A part of him knew that she was only projecting her fear of losing Jessica and her hurt from being deceived by Eithne unto him, but Marc just knew, instinctively, that Eithne was, is, and would always be a good man who utterly loved Jessica.

"You put me down right now, damn it!" Grecko shouted over his voice once he continued his monologue.

"You need to open your eyes, Kallisto, and see how much Eithne loves your sister. It wasn't my business to tell; therefore I kept my mouth shut. Don't you know how hard it was for me to keep this from you?"

"Apparently, not hard enough. You're a liar, I don't even know who you are. I don't know any damn thing right now. I feel so lost," she conceded as more tears accumulated in her eyes. "Put me down and let me go. I don't want to see you right now."

"Tough," Marc replied. "You need me, Kallisto, and I need you. I'm the same man who married you eight and a half years ago. I'm the same man who comforts you when you're feeling lonely and scared. I'm the same damn man continuously endangering his life for you and your family because you're all I've got. And I'll continue doing it because you're all I need. And you know deep down that Eithne feels the same way with Jessica."

Grecko felt her bravado flying out the window. She knew that her husband was right, but it was hard to let go of the sense of betrayal that struck her every time she looked at the both of them. She had seen repeatedly the look of love in Eithne's eyes when he gazed at Jessica. At times he would watch her with a small smile upon his lips, when she wasn't paying attention, and clear his throat in embarrassment when he was caught in the act. Eithne loved her, yet why couldn't he have just told her from the very beginning? Why couldn't he have told all of them so that they wouldn't have to be dealing with so much stress right now?

"When did he tell you?" she asked needing to know. "How long ago?"

Marc closed his eyes in regret. "At first I found out on my own when I checked his records. I questioned him about it, and instead of lying Eithne told me everything. That was about six months ago."

"We've known Eithne for eight months and out of those eight, you knew his secret for six! That's half a year, Marc! You knew for half a year yet you couldn't say a damn thing, Marc?"

Marc cringed at the disappointment in his wife's voice. "Baby—"

"Don't baby me. You hurt me, Marc. You hurt all of us. You promised that you would never do it, but you did. You're just like the rest of them."

"Don't you say that," he gritted as liquid escaped his eyes. "Don't make me out to be the bad guy. I love you."

"Yeah right—," Grecko scoffed unable to complete her negative rhetoric with Marc's demanding mouth pressed tightly against her lips. "No—" She wanted to protest to make him stop, but Grecko knew that she could never resist her husband's advances neither would she thwart them through physical force. So, she gave in to her desire for him. Her arms wrapped around his neck as her smooth legs did the same to his waist.

"I love you, Kallisto," Marc mumbled feverishly against her neck as he turned them around to press her back into the wall. He greedily swallowed her grunt of surprise while his hands caressed a molten path up her thighs. He felt her tremble as his fingers made contact with her burning sex. "I want you, baby," he said asking for permission. One thing Marc never did was to touch her without her consent during an argument. He needed confirmation that their union would be equally desired and not selfishly taken.

"Please, Marc, I need you."

He groaned in relief as he fought to hold her dress back, maintain her body weight without crushing her, and relinquish his cock from his pants. Grecko helped him by pushing the dress up and cried out in triumph when his fat erection pushed into and past her wet slit. Her entire body trembled as he surged continuously inside of her. She hungrily searched for his mouth, biting his bottom lip to muffle her moans of pleasure. Her hands couldn't stop touching him. The feel of his fingers gripping her tightly in place made her feel secure. She was close to climaxing, her lungs were winded, her abdomen contracted, her hold tightened as her eyes watered with her release.

"Let it go," Marc coaxed, peppering kisses along her neck as she fell into orgasm. "I'm sorry," he apologized once their breathing returned to normal.

"I know. And I'm sorry for the things I said. I didn't mean it."

"I know."

"But don't you ever keep something like this away from me again," she told him burning into him with a serious gaze.

"I promise." He held her for several minutes until they both decided it was best to return to the others. They re-emerged from their seclusion to find Chun Li giving Dasha a run for her money. They were arguing intensely now that Chun Li had had enough of Dasha's antics.

"Since you're so big and bad, you need to get up now and act like it. Come on," Chun Li goaded dragging Dasha to her discombobulated feet. She was still dizzy and her head was spinning in circles.

"We should stop them," Grecko said to no one in particular. The men on Eithne's team seemed oblivious to the argument.

"I think they need this to clear the air," Eithne replied about to walk by her before Grecko stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"You're right," she agreed then slapped him soundly across the face. That seemed to capture everyone's attention for even Dasha and Chun Li ceased their quarrelling to stare in shock. "That's for lying to us and making us believe that you were someone you aren't. Now we're even."

Eithne's hazel eyes burned with anger before he caught himself. He had almost forgotten that Grecko had a right to be upset with him. Nevertheless, she was taking it a bit too far. It was time that he put her in her place. "I was only doing what I had to do."

"More like what you wanted to," Dasha remarked siding with her sister.

"No, in our line of work secrecy is a must. Your lives could already be at risk by knowing who we are and what we do," Turner said standing next to his best friend.

"Do you know how many countless spouses were abducted, tortured, and some even killed because they knew too much?" Tyrone asked. "We don't lie because we want to. We lie because we have to. It's a job requirement."

"But if you truly love someone, you'd do your damn near all to make sure that you found a loophole," Grecko insisted.

Eithne rolled his eyes in exasperation, "Look me dead in the eyes and tell me that you've never in your life withheld information from your husband—even before your marriage. You've never had your own secret that you were afraid to tell him out of the fear that you would be hurting him." Eithne knew that he had successfully silenced the both of them. Grecko lowered her eyes and Dasha downright turned away.

Grecko knew when she was caught. In the beginning of their relationship, she had been adamant about Marc not knowing about her double life. But just like he successfully dug up Eithne's secret, he had done the same to her and once found out, the girls opted, like Eithne, to tell the truth. By then Grecko and her sisters had realized that she was too in love with him to get rid of him, so they settled for a threat that they never had to cash in. He had proven and was still proving to be very loyal.

"Like I said, this makes us even. Besides, I'm not the one you'll need to do a world of explaining to." With that said Grecko made her way to Dasha and laid her back on the sofa to rest.

"Ms. Whitaker," one of their security guards approached with an unlabelled manila envelope in his hand. "I found this in the mailbox."

Parker immediately snatched the envelope, in his gloved hand, ready to hand it off to an analyst just in case it was a bomb or a chemical threat. "We need to analyze this and see what's in it."

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