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Valentine's Day Alone


"Happy Valentine's Day, Amanda," the receptionist greeted as Amanda walk towards her desk.

Amanda nodded acknowledgment without slowing her pace. The halls and office doors displayed recognition of the holiday. When Amanda reached her office door, she grimaced when she saw that someone had taped a pink heart to her door. After looking to make sure no one was watching, she ripped the pink heart from its place before opening the door. She crumpled the heart in one hand and tossed it into the trashcan as she sat at her desk.

All day, Amanda focused on her work. She was glad that the majority of her business to attend to was easily achieved without having to speak to anyone. She was in no mood to be social. Any time thoughts of her ex-boyfriend crept into her mind, she forced herself to focus on the computer screen. Words she had typed with ease everyday became her salvation from tears. The act of thoughtfully typing erased the painful memories from her conscious mind.

She was glad when the day was over. Even if she did think of her ex tonight, she would be free to cry or scream in the privacy of her apartment. Bravely facing Valentine's Day in the emotionally triggering yet stifling office had been exhausting. Amanda looked forward to a relaxing evening at home. She felt she deserved a treat for having to deal with this despised holiday. It seemed as though the only purpose of the holiday was to torment her broken heart and remind her of her loneliness.

When she sat in her car, she changed the CD and selected the song, "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve. On the short drive home, she tried to ignore any signs of the holiday, which wasn't difficult. An occasional heart or pink streamers in store windows were the only obvious reminders that accosted her view. However, the sight of couples holding hands or even just walking close was enough to stir emotions of hurt and envy.

Upon opening the door to her apartment, her plump, white cat greeted her. Amanda couldn't help but smile.

"Well, it looks like it's just you and me, Princess," Amanda said to her cat as she stooped to pet her. The cat purred as it rubbed its cheeks against Amanda's leg as Amanda petted the loving white mass of fur.

After eating a light dinner, Amanda sat in front of her television. She scanned the channels and settled on a documentary. Amanda always appreciated learning new things. As she reclined on the sofa, she smiled as she recognized her desire to learn as a strong motivator in her life. That was one thing that she liked about herself. Her smile ceased when she thought how this is not something that attracts men, at least not the men with whom she has been involved.

Amanda froze, as if stopping the movement of her body would help her stop the negative thoughts. Her beloved cat, Princess, ran and jumped next to Amanda on the sofa. The cat always seemed to know when Amanda needed a little moral support. While Amanda petted her cat, she chastised herself for the negativity and returned to thoughts about her enjoyment of learning new things. "So what if I haven't found a man who appreciates that about me. I like that I enjoy learning new things," Amanda said to herself.

Amanda made a mental list of other things that she liked about herself. Amanda considered herself intelligent and kind, and rightfully so. She also reminded herself that she needed to stop being so hard on herself. With a smile, she decided that perhaps her time without a relationship could be put to good use. She could work on not being so negative about herself. She also recognized that she could take time to read those books she had every intention of reading, but had been gathering dust on her bookshelf. She knew there were going to be times when she felt lonely, but she wasn't going to let it define her.

After giving herself a pep talk, Amanda felt much better. Reading sounded like a pleasant way to take her mind off this dreadful holiday. She decided to take a bath before getting comfortable on her bed with one of her unread books. She went to her bathroom and started her bathwater as usual. She noticed her small bottle of lavender bubble bath and decided to make it a little special. After drizzling the liquid purple bubble bath against the flow of water, she went to her bedroom to get her pajamas.

She reached for the flannel pajamas in her bureau drawer then stopped herself. She smiled as she selected the pink camisole that she usually reserved for her ex-boyfriend. "I don't need him to feel sexy," she thought.

She smiled as she grabbed her favorite, vanilla-scented candle from on top of the bureau and the lighter setting beside it. She returned to the bathroom and placed the candle next to the sink. After checking the temperature of the water, she turned it off. The pile of bubbles looked inviting.

Amanda took her time getting undressed. As she removed her blouse, her fingers traced the contours of her lacy bra. She paused in front of the mirror to admire the contrast of the deep burgundy lace against her porcelain skin. Her manicured fingertips traced the edge of the lace that rested against her full breasts.

She reached around and unzipped her black skirt before lowering it to the floor. With her fingers gripping the tiny hem of her black, silk panties, she lowered them to the floor. Stepping out of both her skirt and panties, Amanda unhooked the clasps of her bra. Standing in front of the mirror, she watched as the bra was lowered to reveal the full curves and dark nipples. Her brown nipples invited her touch, but she decided to step into the tub first. Amanda lit the candle and dimmed the lights.

As she stepped into the tub, the bubbles clung to her shins. She lowered herself into the warm water, feeling the warmth of the water and the light bubbles envelop her body. While she watched the flame of the candle dance and cast a soothing glow, she felt her breathing slow. She closed her eyes as her tension seemed to drift away. Absentmindedly at first, Amanda caressed the contours of her breasts. With wet fingertips, she traced circles around her nipples. She pinched and encircled her nipples, awakening a welcomed warmth within her.

Amanda slid one hand through the bubbles that clung to her stomach. Her hand caressed a path down her stomach and over her smooth, shaved skin to her slit. With one finger, she parted her pink fold to gain access to her long-neglected clit. Her finger grazed her most sensitive skin as she sought out her target. Her fingertip rested on her clit. She lightly touched her clit then caressed her entire sensitive pussy. She ran her finger along her pink skin and returned to her clit. Slowly and gently rubbing her clit, she ached for relief now. Her breathing became labored as she continued to rub her clit with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other.

She moaned as she felt her body respond to the stimulation. Her mind drifted momentarily into a remembered vision of her body entangled with her ex, but she quickly forced it from her mind. Amanda refocused on herself; her curves, her nipples, her sensitive folds and eager clit. Her intimate muscles tightened. She whimpered while she furiously rubbed her clit until the pulsating force of the orgasm clenched and burst into shakiness of her thighs.

Amanda drew her knees to her chest and embraced herself. With a sigh came the resolution that she would be okay. With a night like tonight, Amanda was convinced that she could embrace Valentine's Day as a day to love herself inside and out, whether she was involved in a relationship or not.

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