tagIncest/TabooVicky- Mom Watches

Vicky- Mom Watches


The following story comes after the Vicky story "A gift to my best friend." The characters within the story are in their senior year in high school and are legal adults, as they have already turned 18.

Movie Night

Today Eric came over to just hang out; we spent the afternoon on the couch watching TV. Our behavior with each other had changed him after I gave him a blowjob and then fucked him. Now as we sat, watching TV, he would slip his hand up my shirt and massage my tits. Even though we've known each other forever, when I developed my C size breasts, I started catching him checking out my cleavage whenever I bent over. It was kind of hot to now have him playing with them all the time. He pulls my tank top down and sucks on my nipples for a few then puts my tits back in my shirt and goes back to watching TV. It's pretty cool having a best friend that I let whatever done to me. At one point he pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles and ate my pussy for like 20 minutes, hands under my ass, squeezing my firm cheeks and his tongue in my pussy, lapping away. Then, when I got off, we just went back to watching TV. We had a pretty hot afternoon just watching TV.

When my mom got home from work she brought pizza and movies. "Hey guys, I brought food and a few movies, if you don't have any plans, I thought we could have a movie night."

"Sure," we said. She had acted like nothing had happened even though just a week ago she had walked in on me with Eric's massive dick in my mouth and halfway down my throat. Plus he fucked me while she watching from down the hall and fingered herself. I was fine with acting like nothing had happened, although, my mother definitely took notice of the bulge in Eric's pants more often.

We put in American Pie 2; my mom was obviously trying to be cool by renting it. We turned off the lights and I laid down on the couch, on my side, and Eric laid down behind me, both of us under a blanket. My mom sat on the loveseat next to the couch. We all laughed a lot during the movie, and Eric kept giving my mom a hard time, saying that she didn't get the jokes because she was too old. When a scene came up where two girls kept kissing each other and sucking on each other's boobs, my pussy starting getting wet. To make it worse, Eric's massive, erect tool was wedged in my ass. We were all obviously turned on; even my mom had slipped her hand down to her crotch, feeling her pussy through her jeans.

"Mom, the blonde has tits like yours," I said, mostly just wanting to turn Eric on more. Since I had told him about how perky her tits are, I knew this would get his hard on raging even more.

"Yeah, now let's just hope that this scene doesn't go too far, I've already got my fair share of blowjob viewings this week," she replied.

"You'd love the movie to go that far, don't pretend like you didn't get turned on when you saw us."

"Let's just watch the movie, I'm sure you two little horny dogs don't want to miss this little titty show," she said, turning back to watch the movie, but now I was even hornier than before.

"Screw my tight little pussy," I whispered to Eric.

He didn't waste a second. As discreetly as possible, he reached underneath the blanket and pulled down his pants. I kept my hands above, so he pulled my pajama pants down for me. I felt his big head rubbing my pussy and then he pushed in it. I couldn't help but gasp. My mom looked over and gave me one of those motherly looks, and then went back to watching the movie. He started slowly pushing his entire dick into my tight pussy. Feeling his long dick go so far into me was ecstasy. He slowly started fucking me; he got me almost to climax really fast but then kept me there. My mouth was half open, my bottom lip quivering with each slow, full thrust. A few times I had to bite my bottom lip to keep in a moan. Then he got carried away and pushed to deep, I let a moan out then bit my lip, and closed my eyes as he pushed every last inch of his massive penis into me. When I opened my eyes, my mom was looking over, first at my face, then at the blanket which still showed the outlines of Eric's hips humping my ass. She didn't look mad though; I watched her chest as she pushed her boobs out further, with deep breaths.

"Eric, stop," I moaned. But he ignored me, thinking I was close to orgasm. He was too into it, he started fucking me harder. "She knows," I moaned as he slowly pulled his entire length out and then slammed it back in. His balls slapped, loudly, against my moist pussy and it broke his trance. He immediately looked over to my mother who still had a hand over her pussy and her chest puffing out with each deep breath, and her eyes were fixed on Eric's thrusting hips.

"Is she watching me fuck you?" he asked lowly into my ear.

"I think she's still turned on by how thick and long your penis is," I replied.

"So than I can keep fucking you, since this is turning her on, right?"

"I guess," I said. Any other time I would have thought this was wrong, but when you have a gigantic dick filling your entire pussy, it's hard to say 'pull it out'.

With that reply, he started slamming my pussy. The movie was still on, but the sound of his balls slapping against my juice covered pussy was louder. He turned me onto my stomach; he pulled almost his entire dick out before every thrust. The blanket slipped off of us and now my mom had a full view of his ass and dick ramming her daughter's wet little pussy. I looked over to her; she was now massaging one of her perky tits as she rubbed herself. Eric would pull his thick, veiny cock out of my cunt and her eyes would widen, then his whole shaft would disappear into my pussy hole. Then she made eye contact with me, I had never seen such a fiery, lustful look on her face. Then I realized, she was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. "Eric, watch her," I moaned as another slap rang out from my ass cheeks, from this position it felt like he was fucking my ass. He looked over just in time to watch my sexy mother slip her panties down to her ankles with her pants.

We could both see her shaven pussy with a landing strip leading the way to where her fingers rubbed. Now he started really giving it to me, my big firm booty was jiggling with every thrust. He was thrusting himself into me with everything he had. My mom and Eric both had eyes locked on to each other. She wanted to give him a good show so she pulled her shirt down until both her tits popped over the top. They were big C cups, like mine, but somehow hers were perkier and fuller. Even her dark nipples were perfect, I love seeing her tits. Now she was really fingering herself like crazy. I could hear the sloppy puckering sound that her pussy made as she pulled her fingers out with each stroke. For a long time, she just watched Eric boning my cunt and we watched her finger herself while we fucked. Eric's cock was so hard it was like a metal bat, and he pumped it into my pussy for at least twenty minutes. He kept me right at climax the entire time. My mother, on the other hand, we watched as she came three or four times, bucking her hips into her hand, most of which disappeared into her pussy. She even moaned like she was getting a good fuck. The whole thing was extremely hot, I could feel myself building up to a huge climax.

"Ohhh, fuck me, fuck my little cunt with your huge cock. Fuck me Eric; ram that massive thing all the way in me. I'm gonna cum; I'm gonna cum all over your massive penis. Ohh, shit. I'm cummmmminggg." Then my entire body suddenly felt relaxed, I pulled my ass up until Eric's long dick fell out of me, then I turned over. His dick was totally soaked and dripping with my cum. He straddled my face and rubbed his dick all over my face, until I was covered in my own juices and cum.

"Mom, do you want Eric to put his huge penis in your pussy too?"

"No baby, your father will fuck me when he gets home late tonight. Thank you though," she said as she pulled up her pants and put her tits back into her shirt.

"Oh please, you just came like five times, watching me get fucked. You want it and you know it."

"Before I married your father, I spent lots of time getting my pussy ravaged by men with large penises. When I was younger I had a lot of nasty, reckless sex that you don't know about. But I fell in love with your father and now his tiny dick will have to do and I will keep to fantasizing and masturbating."

"Ok, suit yourself but dad's always working and never home, I don't see why you care." Just as I finished my sentence a huge load of sperm hit me right in the face, it was the beginning of a long facial shower of jizz. I had forgotten that Eric was jerking off a few inches from my face. Eric had a big smile on his face as he kept shooting his load all over my head, it dripped down my chin and neck, and gobs got stuck in my hair. It actually felt really good. When he finished, I wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled his softening member into my mouth, cleaning him off. I took as much into my mouth as I could, cleaning my cum and his off his dick. Then I let it slide back out and put my head back against the arm of the couch. I looked over to my mom, who gave me a big smile.

"I'm glad to see my daughter can handle a good facial like a lady." She started walking out.

"Thanks for the show Mrs. Fuller! You've got great tits." Eric called out to her.

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That was just outrageously hot. I hope you're still writing, you got skills.
Besides, I want to see Eric and the mom go at it.

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