tagIncest/TabooVictim or the Crime

Victim or the Crime


"Hannah, what the shit are you doing here?" I realize as the words are leaving my mouth that I am more screeching them at her than asking her. I can't hide the surprise in my face as I try to avert my eyes from my nineteen year old cousin, Hannah, standing awkwardly in the middle of my living room, staring back at me with cerulean blue eyes wide and startled, and absolutely naked. I turn around, quickly slamming and locking the door the front door behind me, taking the time to peer out into the darkening driveway as if barring out some unknown stalker. The crisp cold of the October air stings my nose even as I'm turning the dead-bolt. Resting my back against reaffirming wood of the door, I focus my eyes on the scene before me.

Staring at the floor is of no use as the creamy white flesh of her legs flashes in the corner of my eye and naturally my eyes find themselves following those familiar curves. Her thighs are thick and inviting, her wide hips beg for my touch. I let my eyes teasingly dance across the sparse trail of pubic hair and up to her full breasts that rise and fall with the rapid pace of her nervous breath. It feels as if an eternity has passed before I can finally look into her cool, murky blue eyes that stare back at me with such intensity. She recognizes the flair of hunger in my eyes and takes it as an invitation, making her way slowly across the room, reminding me of a cat with every swaying step she takes towards me.

I can only continue to stare incredulously as she wraps her arms around my neck and places her soft, pink lips against mine, her warm tongue filling my mouth and melting away any reservations I have left. The backpack that I had still been holding falls from my grip as I lift my hands to her small shoulders, griping her tightly and pulling her firmly against me, my hands kneading her soft flesh, forcefully trying to explore every single contour of her back. She continues to kiss me deeply as her tiny hands fumble blindly with the button on my pants, causing my already swollen cock to grow even more with every tug of the stiff denim fabric. Gently wrestling my rigid dick free of the seemingly endless layers of constricting fabric, she falls to her knees and envelops the head of my dick with her full, wet lips. Glancing up at me again with eyes meant to drive me insane, Hannah swallows the length of my cock with her delicate lips, causing my knees to weaken. Fervently sucking my cock, her tongue eagerly massages the length of my shaft as she moves her head forcefully back and forth.

Feeling the tension building within me, I grab the handful of hair my hands had been resting in and roughly pull her head back and upwards. She rises to her feet and hungrily pushes her tongue back into my mouth. Wrapping her arms around my waist, she begins walking backwards, pulling me with her. Never letting her lips part with mine, Hannah thrusts herself against me, pushing me backwards onto the couch. Climbing on top of me and straddling herself across my lap, Hannah writhes against me, the head of my cock teasingly brushing the wet folds of her slippery pussy.

"You're evil," I mutter breathlessly as she extends an arm behind her and guides the pulsing head of my cock inside of her. Pushing down hard with all of her weight, she rocks rhythmically against me. Hannah thrusts against me hard and fast as if she is trying to crush something inside her. Her feral bucking invites my hands to dig hard into her thrashing hips, slamming her forcefully down onto me as I pound my cock upwards into her with all my might. She buries her sweaty, tear stained face in my neck, tightening her grip around my chest so tight that it's difficult to breathe. The scent of vanilla fills my nostrils as I press my head hard into her soft brown curls. Quiet whimpers escape her panting lips. Hannah becomes rigid and it seems like every muscle in her body is trying to crush me as she comes suddenly and violently. Hannah's pussy squeezes around my cock, contracting over and over again and milking me of every drop of come as I push deeply into her one last time.

Hannah remains there on top of me, holding me tightly and breathing deeply into my neck, both of us shaking from excitement and exhaustion. After what seems like hours, she finally peels herself away from me and slinks across the room, slipping into an oversized grey sweater and a long black linen skirt. "I should go... before everyone else gets home. I hope you had a good day at work." She smiles impishly and opens the door, glancing back at me with a polite smile as she walks out. The loud slam of the door seems to be a hundred times louder than usual.

I deeply breathe in her scent still lingering so strongly about me and I think to myself that I may be in love with that girl.

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