tagNovels and NovellasVillage Tales: Alexia Pt. 05

Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 05


Village Tales Book 1 A Measure of Breeding

Alexia: Persuasions and Passions

Part 5

8. The Trials of Lurgus and Eustaces' Revenge

At once the crowd around the parted and a man, whom Alexia recognized as the erstwhile lover of Dilys entered the pit.

"Welcome. Welcome one and all. I believe that tonight's entertainment is a corker. In fact our first seductress will verify this judgment when she is in fact well corked. However, before we bring her out, let me introduce you to this sorry man before you. Some of you may recognize the slaver, Lurgus. A man always ready with a quick joke or a quick poke." The audience laughed at this.

"Here before you is a man to be despised. A man who married a beautiful wife and then abandoned her for a series of lovers."

"She was unfaithful to me." Lurgus muttered "Besides, she became fat and unattractive."

"Ah, fat and unattractive. Well, with no further ado let me introduce you to fat and unattractive Dilys!."

Again the crowd parted and Dilys entered the pit and faced Eustace. She was clothed in the familiar blue gown, her lower face completely covered with a black veil.

Eustace moved to her and removed the veil. The face that was revealed was beautiful. All trace of chubbiness that Alexia had observed when she first saw Dilys was gone. Eustace embraced her and kissed her passionately. When he drew away, Dilys' face was bright scarlet with selfconscious embarrassment.

"Dilys has been learning the virtues of discipline. Married to the lecherous and unfaithful Lurgus, she allowed her beauty to fade and her body to thicken. She has learned the importance of moderation and frequent exercise. And, let me assure you she has been well exercised. Not long ago her body was flabby, her beautiful breasts pampered and sagging. Dilys is ready ... nay, impatient to show you how she has been rejuvenated."

Eustace parted the neck of her gown and released her left breast from its confinement.

"Observe its smooth firmness. Even when she was young, she was large breasted and time has served to further augment her magnificent bosom. Though in her youth she jealously guarded them from the sight of all but a chosen few she is now ready and willing to let you savour their fascination.

She longs for the touch of your hands on her smooth flesh and will respond enticingly to the teasing attention fingers, lips and teeth on her lengthening nubs." Eustace eulogized as his hands squeezed and molded her breast while plucking out the tender bud.

Then, with a mastery born from long practice, he pulled the gown from her shoulders to reveal both secret charms to her ardent crowd.

Leading her by the hands he had her kneel in front of the spectators who clustered by the pit wall. Alexia had an excellent view of Dily's ravishment. The eager hands and mouths that captured her naked breasts, embracing and savoring them. while others kissed her lips and nibbled her ears, eliciting timid cries from Dilys as her face registered the metamorphosis from shocked dismay to acquiescent cooperation.

Alexia herself was not immune to her feelings. Oscar's hands roamed enticingly over her breasts and tight round stomach, which she was now convinced carried the child of one of the many men who had thrust their rampant cocks between her outstretched thighs and filled her all too willing slot with their exotic seed. When Oscar stopped, she saw that Dilys was again being led to the centre of the pit.

"Yes," said Eustace "once Dilys was as niggardly with her charms as a miser is with his money. But all that has changed. Lift your dress Dilys and show everyone your hairy spot."

Dilys did as she was bid and with a quick tug of gown, Eustace induced it to fall to the ground. Dilys stood shyly, all her charms now revealed. She was truly beautiful. Her black hair tied into a loose bun on head framed a beautiful face. The prominence of her breasts was even more evident now that she was naked. Her matronly stomach, rounded somewhat from childbirth topped a dense bush of black curly hair between her thighs that hung like a little beard.

Eustace turned her around and forcing her to bend over displayed her taut bottom to the crowd. The dense black hair covering her pubis extended well into the crack of her bottom. Eustace stood her up and led her over to Lurgus.

"Observe your wife Lurgus. Fat and unattractive, I think you said. Smell her sex." Eustace urged, forcing her fleecy mount against his nose. "Ready for a stiff cock, think you not." "Don't do this to me." Lurgus pleaded as the crowd could see his defiant cock stiffening provocatively.

"Ah, always thinking about yourself. What about her? She is just about to start a new life. A life where she will spend much of her time entertaining eager pricks in her overflowing honey pot and you worry about yourself. But you have a story to tell. Tell us about your sister, Susan."

"She was kidnapped by barbarians from the east."

"This is the sister that you deflowered when she was still unwed is it not? The sister who once you discovered was with child from entertaining your prick once too often, you sold to eastern traders to populate some heathen harem."

"No, she was captured!"

"Mustapha, perhaps you would like to tell us your tale."

"A dark faced man dressed in a long flowing gown of silk entered the pit and faced the audience.

"My name is Mustapha. I come from Alexandria in Egypt. Four years ago I was in this town, trading for goods that I could sell in my country. I was approached by a young man who asked me if I was interested in women. I am a man, of course I said yes. He asked me if I would like to buy one to take back to Egypt. I was interested to see who he had in mind.

He took me to the market and pointed out a fair young girl to me. I said I was interested but I would need to examine her more closely and find out more about her. I did not want to be sold the daughter of some noble who would search me out. I asked the young man what sort of girl she was and he told me she had been thrown out of her family because of promiscuous ways and she now was a woman of the night.

We arranged to meet later in the evening so that I could examine her. At the appointed time I was taken by the man to a rundown house where he took me upstairs to a dirty room with a bed in it. The girl I had seen was lying on the bed asleep. the man told me she was drunk and he couldn't wake her up, but I could still examine her.

He pulled off her dress and I was treated to the sight of an extremely beautiful young girl. She had hair like silk, her breasts small but showing great promises and her tender slit covered lightly with hair. I was undone. I had to have her. I was suspicious of the man because the girl was so clean. She did not seem to be one off the streets. I paid him the money he asked and took the girl with me.

At first on my way back I was worried that I had been swindled because she did not wake up for three days. When she woke up, at first she was angry and demanded I take her home. When I told her she had been sold and was now a slave she pleaded and begged with me. She cried for two weeks until we reached Alexandria and I was able to sell her at great profit to a sultan there."

"And Mustapha, do you see that man here?"

"Ah, yes effendi. He is chained right here."

"He lies" shouted Lurgus, "you cannot trust a foreign barbarian."

"And what happened to the girl."

"Ah, the girl. She was young but not too young to bed. I was honoured to be allowed to see her initiated into the harem.

An age old ritual is followed where first, her sex is shaved and she is branded as a bondswoman of the sultan and then the sultan himself lays claim to her. The girl/woman was stripped and then led into the room where a hot brazier burned. She was held face up by other harem women while I, as her discoverer, was given the honour of welcoming her into her new life of pleasure.

Resting on the brazier were two redhot disks. I took one small disk from the fire with the tongs and placed it on her shaved mount, above her slit, close to her small nub of joy. Though the brand cools quickly, she wailed pitifully while the women bathed her with cool water. Once she was calmed, she was prepared for the next phase of initiation.

Again women held her, this time face down over a small stool while others held her bottom cheeks apart. She cried pathetically, for I fear she realized what was to come. But I was resolute, and taking the second disk from the brazier I dropped it into the crack of her bottom where the women quickly squeezed her cheeks over it.

After some moments the disk was retrieved and I was allowed to observe the twin marks of my master glowing therein, before she was turned over to display my masters mark, the rampant desert lion, that marked her as his property. At last, the sultan entered and she was commanded to dance for him. Though she was awkward, being a foreigner, she danced divinely on his cock after he impaled her, as well as any houri I have ever seen.

The master was pleased with her and as a token of his generosity, allowed her to retain both her clitoris and her vaginal lips, which in his society are typically trimmed off so that women can only realize pleasure at the cock of their master. She has since become a great favourite of the wives, who delight in kindling her stiff little nub and watching her squirm beneath their passionate dominion."

"This then is the type of man we see before us. But, his true nature is not yet totally revealed. Tell us, Lurgus, of your mother. We have all heard your story about how she ran away with a lover and was never heard from again although there had been no evidence of a lover before this strange disappearance and after you inherited the family fortune you seemed to have more money than expected from your inheritance."

"It's true. One day I returned from my work and she was gone. I never saw her again."

"In order to get to the truth of this matter I would like Camilla to come forward. Make way for please. I think you might be interested in what she has to say."

A woman in her early forties came forward and addressed the crowd.

"As you all know I was Ingrid's best friend. I think it was perhaps two months before her disappearance and almost a month after the disappearance of Susan that Ingrid began to tell me of strange goings on. I remember one day when she came to my cottage and told me a strange tale. She told me that the previous day she had cooked the evening meal for herself and Lurgus, which they had eaten.

She then remembered nothing else of that evening and when she awoke in the morning she found herself in her bed. When she arose she was surprised to find that she was wearing no nightgown, as was her normal custom. She felt strangely sluggish and when she sat on her toilet to relieve herself, a watery liquid ran from her. When she returned to her bedroom she examined herself and found her sex to be puffy and her nipples seemed swollen.

We talked about what it might be and decided that she might have a disorder of the body. That night she talked to Lurgus about the previous evening and he said that she had seemed lightheaded and had gone to bed early.

The next morning she again found that she remembered little of the previous evening and again the watery liquid ran from her. She began to be frightened that something serious might be amiss. However, we decided to wait one more day before seeking out the doctor.

That night she told me she had the most amazing dream. She dreamt that she awoke in a small dingy room and found herself lying on smelly bedding. She realized instinctively that she was unclothed. Her sex felt itchy and damp and there was the scent she remembered from lovemaking with her husband. The door to the small room opened and a burly darkskinned man entered. She was alarmed, but like in many dreams was unable to move.

The man dropped his pants to reveal his cock and moving to her pulled her legs apart and sank his prick into her. His hands pawed her as his body bounced on hers. When he was done she found his cock replaced with another.

In her dream man after man toyed with her body. Because it was a dream and it had been a long time since her husband had died she found herself assisting their efforts as climax after climax overpowered her.

In the morning she again found herself in her bed, a sticky pool of liquid between her thighs, staining the sheet. She showed her sex to me and I had to admit it did look inflamed, although no more than it might if she had lain with a man.

She told me she would talk to Lurgus and then go to the doctor just to make sure she was alright. That was the last time I saw her. The day after she told me this story, she disappeared."

"A bizarre story indeed. Do you know whether she went to the doctor?"

"I asked him and he did say she had visited him. I asked him if he had examined her and he said that he had, but he would not tell me what he had found out."

"Doctor," Eustace called out "could you come forward and tell your story."

An older man came forward and said.

"I suppose it alright to talk about Ingrid now. She did come to me the day she disappeared. She complained of swelling in her sexual parts and milky emissions. Although her sex looked a little puffy, it looked no different than it might if she had recently bedded a man and I asked her if she had. She assured me she had not, so I examined her more closely.

I was able to see the milky emissions and feel and smell them. My conclusion was that the emissions were semen and the swelling caused by sexual excess. At this she complained that it could not be so and left my home angrily. That was the last time I saw her."

Eustace spoke up again.

"We have one last person who can shed some light on this situation. Ah here he comes now. Sir can you tell your story."

"My name is Simon I'm what you might call a purveyor of fine flesh."

"A pimp you mean to say, don't be shy. Simon runs a string of brothels from here to Aazburg."

"Ah, as I was saying. I am a connoisseur of the female figure. I was in your fair town near the time that this woman disappeared. For some days a man tried to contact me about a woman he wanted to show me. Eventually I met the man in a house in the poorer part of town where he led me into a room where a naked woman lay on a pile of sacking, apparently asleep.

He invited me to feel her and test her to see if she was the type of woman I might be interested in. She was older, but still well-formed. I have many customers who prefer the more mature woman so I checked her carefully. Her breasts were taut and firm and her moans when I checked her recently injected slot led me to believe she was immoderately licentious.

I asked to see her at work, whereon the man brought in a succession of men who kept her slit full for more than an hour. She grunted and groaned like the true strumpet she was, as orgasm after orgasm consumed her. He told me I could use her in my business if I paid him a portion of her earnings every month. I could see she was a valuable asset so I concurred.

When I got her back to my bordello she took on alarmingly, saying that she was a chaste woman of substance and what did I mean by kidnapping her this way. I took almost a week of strict treatment before she would reluctantly take a stiff cock. However, after two weeks she had swallowed her pride and eagerly awaited her nightly duties. She has been a great success and I have paid her whoremaster every month since that day."

"And where is this man?"

"Right there fastened to the pillar."

"And the woman."

"Right here."

The crowd parted and Ingrid stepped into the pit. She was older, and more shop worn than people remembered but still a fine woman.

"You ungrateful wretch, Lurgus." She railed at the restrained man. "Selling both your sister and mother into slavery. I hope you are truly punished for your sins."

"Ah, Ingrid. He certainly will." Said Eustace. "Come and meet his disaffected wife."

Ingrid went to Dilys and stroked both her proud high breasts and the slippery little notch between her thighs.

"This is a hot one I believe. Too good for Lurgus."

"Yes, but she too has been guilty of being standoffish and proud and must make restitution. Mustapha has kindly volunteered to demonstrate how women are treated in his country."

"No ... o ... o." Wailed Dilys abjectly, falling to her knees and holding Eustace around the knees and putting her face inside his gown to seek out his cock, which she kissed passionately. "I'll do anything for you. I will let you lie with me. Here," she cried "here is my bottom. Do with it what you will."

"No Dilys, you must be shown the error of your ways. You have been a unscrupulous seducer of men. Professing purity while you secretly embraced stiff members in your slippery young chink."

"I didn't know what I was doing. He asked me to meet him so that we could talk. He told me he had important information about you and that it would help me to secure your love. He had a flask of juice from which he offered me a drink. I tasted it to see if it was alcoholic and it was not and felt safe to drink some. But, shortly after he had given it to me, he flattered me and when he kissed me I felt fluttery and was unable to withstand his charms.

My whole body quivered when he opened my shirt and kissed my breasts and though I begged him to preserve my virtue, by the time his hands at last slipped between my thighs I was consumed with desire.

When next I awoke from my dreams I found Lurgus urgently pistoning my tender slot. I told him to get off me but he just laughed and said that I was ruined forever and that he was the only hope I had for a good marriage.

He said you would never have me after you knew that I was no longer a virgin. He said you would hate me for ever, and I couldn't accept that. Better to have you think I had found another lover than that I had been so easily debauched. I never meant to injure you Eustace. Please be merciful. Let me take you in my mouth. Here," she said kneeling down her bottom raised to him, "take my bottom, but do not torture me."

"A pretty story and one I'm tempted to believe, but we cannot allow you to go entirely unpunished."

Dilys was led by Eustace, with the aid of Mustapha, kicking and crying to a board where her arms and legs were fastened tightly and a leather strap was fastened between her teeth. Eustace turned a large wooden wheel, which rotated the board upwards from the ground until her body was at an angle where she was once again visible to the crowd. Mustapha ran his fingers through the profusion of tightly curled pubic hair that bushed out between her thighs as he addressed the attentive spectators.

"In my country, such an extravagant bush would not be permitted. It hides her most pleasing blessing. It would be troublesome with such a one to discover what indecent conduct hides beneath this fleecy veil.

The first step in her enlightenment would occur soon after her arrival in the harem. I show you my blade, blessed by the Almighty and honed to fine keenness." The short curved dagger he held up glinted in the light.

"Kiss the blade my beloved so that the only scimitar that pricks this soft flesh are the edgeless kind."

He held the small dagger to her lips and then clapped his hands. A young maiden holding a two small bowls. Her breasts were covered with jewelled cloth that molded her shape perfectly and pantaloons that, while they ballooned around the legs, tightly fit around her thighs and hips revealing clearly the bulge of her sex. Mustapha took the bowls from her and lay them on the floor.

Bending to the young woman he whispered in her ear. Unhestitatingly, she uncovered her breasts to the delighted gasps of the crowd before lowering her pantaloons to the floor. She parted her legs to reveal her hairless quim that gaped unabashedly. Her vaginal lips had been trimmed away so that her slit gaped.

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