Violating Mommy Ch. 01


"This is the last time, Dillon."

"Okay," he said, smiling down at me.

I gave him another glare to tell him I meant it, but god, how I loved the feel of that hard cock meat in my hands. It was filling up and getting harder and harder, growing even bigger before my eyes as I stroked it. Soon, his cock was pointing straight at my lips. I had to pull my neck back to keep a couple of inches between his cockhead and my mouth. I couldn't help by salivate. I used to love sucking cock. I wished I had lotion, just to take away the temptation.

"Do you want to get some lotion?" I asked him.

"No, that's okay," he said. "This feels good."

"Okay," I said. "Just don't cum on me. I don't have time to change."

His cock was fully hard now, and my hands were full as I stroked that long shaft from stem to crown. My other hand reached for his balls. I hadn't touched them last night, worried I might hurt them, but today, I wanted to feel them. They filled up my hand, saggy skin spilling between my fingers. I rolled them in my palm and he groaned. Then he reached down, running his hand through my hair, stroking the side of my cheek. It was more tender than I was used to from him. I couldn't even remember the last time he gave me a kiss.

"You're so hot, Mom."

"Excuse me?" I said, looking up at him, letting my hands continue to work. "Hot? Like, pretty?"

"Yeah," he said, breathing heavier. "Remember when I was little and I asked you to be my valentine?"

I smiled even as I kept stroking. "Yes, I do. That was cute. You even made me a card."

"I had a crush on you."

"Dillon, you were a little boy. All little boys have crushes on their mothers."

"Do they also steal their mom's panties and jerk off with them?"

I stopped stroking his cock. "You've done that?"

"Don't stop."

I switched hands when my arm got tired, picking up the pace with my other, squeezing nice and hard, pulling the skin back and forth along his shaft. "You know, that's really not right for a boy to do."

"I like how they smell."

"Well, at least you've stopped taking them," I said, but then I glanced up at him. My panties often turned up missing in the laundry, only to reappear days later, a mystery I had never solved. "You have stopped, haven't you?"

He just smirked at me and stroked my cheek with his thumb. I felt a little conflicted about what he had said. The idea that he had been stealing my panties and jerking off with them meant he thought about me sexually, and now I was doing something he may have fantasized about. And sure I'd heard of the Oedipus complex, but I never thought my son was attracted to me, and I was a little upset that he was. It wasn't normal. I felt like I should ground him or something. Instead, I kept tugging on that long cock of his while I listened to him groan.

"Feel good?"

"Incredible," he said, his hand moving down my neck. He didn't even hesitate slipping his hand into my blouse.

"Whoa there, kiddo!" I said, squirming, but then I felt his fingers on my nipple, just like last time, cupping my breast in his hand.

"Just let me play with them. It'll help."

I took a breath as he pinched and caressed my nipples and fondled my breasts. I liked being touched like a woman. It had been so long. I wanted nothing more than to just take my clothes off and let him have his way with me, but I swore to myself it would never come to that. I could fantasize though.

It was well past five minutes now, but I admit I didn't want to stop. My pussy was leaking juice into my panties, but there would be no time to rub my frowny-face little clit. I would just have to last the entire day, waiting tables and washing dishes without so much as a scratch to get my kitty through. Fuck, I needed sex, and here my son was, telling me how hot I was, that he had a crush on me. And here I was, loving the feel of his hard cock in my hands. I had to stop, but I couldn't. I wanted to see him cum again, wanted to feel it, taste it, and more than that, I wanted to make him happy, wanted him to love me. What mother doesn't? Of course, most mothers don't buy their son's love like this. No, I had to be a responsible mother who did not get sexually involved with her horny eighteen-year-old son. I really needed to leave.

"Okay, sweetie," I said, taking my hand off his cock, "you can take it from here?"

He looked down at me. "What? You're stopping?"

"I have to get to work."

"Come on, a few more minutes, please." He took his hand out of my shirt and once again took my hand, but I pulled away.

"Baby, I can't," I said, but how I wished I could just stay and tug on that pole and wait for the shower. "I gotta get to work."

"But I need to cum so bad," he said, stroking my hair, running his fingers along the back of my head.

"I can't wait that long," I said, looking up at him, trying not to stare at his cock bobbing in front of my face.

"But I'm almost ready," he said. "I can cum right now if you suck on it."

My eyes bulged. Yes, I had fantasized about sucking his cock ever since I first saw it, but the moment he started asking to participate in my forbidden fantasies, that was too far. I was angry at him. What sort of son asks that from his mother?

"Dillon, I'm your mother!"

"I know, but I'm so fucking horny. My cock is rock hard."

"Don't use the F-word, and it's bad enough that I've jerked you off. I can't suck on your cock too. That's wrong."

"Come on, just for a minute."

And then with his hand on the back of my head, he closed his fingers around my hair, holding me in place as his cock came closer. I gasped and closed my mouth just as his mushroom head bumped into my lips.

"Dillon!" I said, turning my head away. "Stop it!"

He turned my head back with my hair, which made me wince. His other hand grabbed a hold of his long shaft and he aimed at my mouth.

"Open your mouth," he said. "Come on, suck it."

He slapped me across the face with his cock, but I was shaking my head, trying to get away from this monster, all while I tried to shove him back with my hands, but I had no leverage and he was so much stronger than me. His cock pressed right into my lips, spreading them open, but my teeth remained clenched.

"Stop!" I said through my teeth, giving him a furious glare. "Let go!"

"Just suck it for a minute," he said, rubbing his cock across my cheek, into my nose. "Then I'll let go."

"No!" I said angrily, but every breath I took was filled with the smell of his cock, that musky scent of a man, and god I was tempted to just open my mouth and let him do it. If he had not been my son, there would've been no fight in me. "Stop it!"

"Open your mouth!" he said firmly, thrusting his whole cock into my face. It bent and ran along my cheek, poking me in the eye. He began slapping my lips with his cockhead. "Open!"

"No," I growled, showing him my teeth. "I'll bite it!"

He began rubbing against my teeth and gums, trying to get in. "Good, open up and bite it."

"I will!" I said.

"Bite it, Mom," he said. "Open up and bite it."

God help me, I think he knew I wanted it in my mouth. But I wasn't going down without a fight! I opened my mouth and nipped his cockhead with my teeth. He jerked but then tried to push his cock into my mouth. This time, I closed my teeth around his crown, pinching.

"Ow, shit!" he said, pulling his cock out.

"I warned you," I said. "And you just earned yourself another week of grounding!"

Dillon looked angry now. He grabbed my hair again and bent my head back. I yelped, my mouth opening. He instantly rammed his cock in and I closed my mouth, bringing my teeth down on his shaft. But my tongue did not follow my teeth's example. I told myself it was an accident that my tongue was running across the underside of his cockhead, dipping into his piss slit, tasting all that nasty precum. Dillon pulled his cock back again, scraping the head across my teeth.

"Ow, Mom!" he said. "What the hell?"

"Next time you shove your cock in my mouth, you're going to lose it!"


"Mmmhmm," I said. "I'm not bluffing."

"Prove it," he said. "Open your fucking mouth."

I knew he just wanted his cock back in my mouth, and I just wanted his cock back in my mouth too. My jaw fell open and he stepped forward. My mouth had to stretch to accommodate his size, but I closed my teeth just as his head hit the back of my throat. I pinched his cock to let him know I had him.

"Holy shit," he said. "You're not really going to bite down, are you?"

"Don't swear." I doubted he could make out what I said with his cock in my mouth, but he did moan from the movement of my tongue under his shaft. I gave his cock a few loving licks with the limited space available in my mouth. Then I gripped his shaft in my hand so I could control him. I opened my mouth and pulled his cock out, giving his crown a kiss to let him know I wasn't too mad at him. "You're a bad boy, you know that?"

"I'm desperate. God, I have to cum so bad right now."

I raised an eyebrow, but how could I leave my poor baby boy in this much need? "Sixty seconds. That's all you get. But if you don't cum in the next minute, you're on your own. And this is a one-time thing, okay? Don't ask for it again. And don't you ever shove your cock in my mouth. Deal?"


I opened my jaw nice and wide and moved forward, my lips enveloping his head and sliding down the length of his shaft. He was so big. I could feel my jaw muscles straining to take him. I was going to feel this for the rest of the day, I knew it. And he wanted more. He started to push into my throat.

I leaned forward in my chair and straightened out my neck. Then, I let his cock slip an inch down my throat. He groaned so loud I thought he was going to cum, but he wasn't ready yet. This was more than I had ever taken, and I was way out of practice. I coughed and pulled back, but Dillon wanted in my throat again. He shoved forward.

I grabbed his shaft, trying to hold his cock back from invading my throat. Then I started to slide my tongue along the bottom of his shaft. Dillon couldn't wait. He took hold of my hair and withdrew his cock before thrusting it back in, ramming it down my throat, gagging me again. It had been far too long since I'd done this. I pulled away, gagging and coughing.

"Don't ram your cock down my throat. You're too big for that. You're going to break my windpipe. Just let me do it."

"Sorry," he mumbled, but he didn't mean it, because he instantly pulled my head back to his cock and tried to bury himself in my throat. Still, only half his cock was in my mouth. That was all I could take. My tongue kept working on his shaft while my hand pumped along the base of his cock. My jaw was already sore. He was far bigger than anyone I had ever done this with, and my throat was taking serious punishment. It hadn't even been the full minute yet and I already needed a break.

It actually took him about three minutes to cum, but I'm a good mother, so I kept sucking on his cock, ignoring my sore jaw. When he finally did explode, I couldn't keep him in my throat. I pulled back but kept my lips around his cockhead. Still, I couldn't swallow fast enough. I coughed and his semen spilled out of my mouth and ran down my neck. When I took my mouth off to catch my breath, I caught another explosion of cum in my face.

"Frick!" I said. But I quickly closed my mouth around his cock to catch the last of his cum, gulping as fast as I could. Dillon's groaning got softer and softer as I sucked his deflating cock. Finally, I pulled my mouth off. "Better?"

"Yeah, much. You're the best mom in the world."

"Oh my god, the time!" I said, looking at the microwave clock. "Your bus will be here any minute! And I'll be so late! Oh god, oh god!"

I hurried past Dillon, grabbing a hand towel and wiping the spilled cum off my face and neck. My blouse was ruined, leaving obscene wet stains, but I had no time to change. I just hoped it dried and covered the evidence. I threw the towel in the laundry basket and ran to the front door. Dillon was still standing in the kitchen, that long cock of his hanging between his legs like a perfect sausage.

"Dillon! School!"

"Okay, going," he said, disappearing down the hallway.

I dashed out the door, down the apartment stairwell, and out to my car in rapid succession. As soon as I was on the road, I saw the bus coming and hoped Dillon caught it. Me, I was speeding through traffic, which left me only a little bit of time to realize I had just sucked my son's cock and swallowed his cum.

"Oh my god, did I really do that?" I said to myself. But of course I did it. I could still taste him in my mouth. "What is wrong with me? Well, hold on. It wasn't all my fault. He did force me, didn't he?" I asked myself. "Yes, he did. He shoved his cock right into my mouth. I had no choice, really." I took a breath, but I couldn't explain the part afterward where I started participating. "Oh my god, I sucked my son's cock! I'm going straight to hell. Do not pass heaven, do not collect 200 dollars."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/14/14


I was just watching Scary Movie yesterday and Doofy had his cock in a vacuum too.

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by Anonymous05/19/14

unbelievably funny

this was one of the most entertaining and funny stories i have ever read...the writer is very talented and his characters are so real ... i could understand how any and all of this could really happen...more...

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by happybeta05/03/14

Great story!

Had a touch of humor, and my dick was hard the whole time. What could be better?

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by bigdaddyg12303/22/14

"Violating Mommy Ch. 01:" - Katie and Dillon - (Mother and Son)

The story is written with a lot of "tongue-in-cheek" and with the subtext of humor and levity! The text, context and theme are written on a higher level of exotic foreplay of the son's long time lovemore...

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by Anonymous03/04/14

* * * *

In Chap 2, maybe Dillon could make Mommy preggo!

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