tagIncest/TabooViolating Mommy Ch. 02

Violating Mommy Ch. 02


- Quick disclaimer, this is not a tame story. There is a theme of non-consent/reluctance involved. Also, a very special thank you goes out to my volunteer editor Denorange for putting up with me. Comments good and bad are always encouraged. I hope you enjoy it. I did >:) -

I was late to work. My boss, the diner chef, yelled at me. I hurried to put on my apron and make it out to the dining room, which was nearly empty anyway. There were only two tables, both with elderly couples. But with four waitresses on staff, I had nothing to do. My sister was hanging around the counter.

"Sorry I'm late," I said to her.

"Hey, Katie, there you are," she said.

"Got caught up this morning," I said. "I guess you didn't need me though. How are Lori and Heather doing?"

"They're fine. Um..." Jenny was staring at me.

"What? Lipstick on my teeth?"

"Oh, my god," Jenny said.


"You sucked his cock!"

"What?" I hissed. "I did not!"

"You've got cum in your hair!"

"Oh," I said.


Jenny hurried me inside the bathroom and turned me to face the long mirror. The shame and embarrassment weighed heavily on my shoulders when I saw myself. There was cum in my hair, lots of cum. There was even some on my neck. Jenny didn't say anything. She just moistened a paper towel and cleaned me up. I felt like crying.

"I messed up," I said. "I sucked his cock. I'm so ashamed of myself."

"Don't feel bad. It's not your first incest experience."

"You don't count, and this is my son we're talking about."

"How was it?" she asked, throwing the paper towel away.

"He made me do it," I said. "He did. He shoved it right in my mouth. I even bit him, but he just shoved it in deeper and made me suck it."

"Really? Why didn't you bite harder?"

"I tried to resist," I said. "It's just been so long for me and, and I get horny too, you know?"

She rubbed my back. "So, you liked it?"

"My body did, but my mind didn't. And now my pussy is dripping wet, and god, I just want sex. I need to cum so bad."

"Come here," Jenny said, opening her arms. I hugged her and she stroked my hair. Then she lifted my chin and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. "Mmm, cum breath."

I laughed nervously. My sister and I hadn't kissed like that in years. Jenny was always such a sweetheart, ready with a shoulder to cry on. I thought she was just being nice, but then she kissed me again, opening her mouth, letting her tongue venture out to touch mine. I jumped.

"What are you doing?"

She shrugged. "You took care of Dillon; someone has to take care of you."

She kissed me again. Her hands ran down my chest, over my small tits, grabbing them through my blouse. I loved being touched, and she was so much gentler than Dillon. She knew what I liked. After all, we had taught each other, but that had been a long time ago.

"Hold on," I said, breaking our kiss. "What are we doing? We're not teenagers anymore."

"No, we're in our thirties and neither of us is getting near enough cock." Jenny patted the counter. "Here, sit on the counter. Come on, hop up. Let me taste that pussy of yours."

"What about work?"

"Lori and Heather can cover us for a few minutes."

Jenny put her hands on my hips and helped me up on the counter. I was a little reluctant to do this, especially in the bathroom of the diner, but my pussy was so tender and needy.

"What if someone comes in?"

"It's dead until lunchtime. We'll be fine. Relax."

I sighed and leaned my back against the mirror, putting my feet up on the edge of the counter. Jenny ran her hands down my thighs, under my black skirt. Her fingers wrapped around the rim of my panties and peeled them away. They stuck to my slick cunt.

"Oh, you are wet," she said.

I nodded and scooted my ass to the edge of the counter, cold against my bare skin. Jenny's hands ran down the inside of my thighs, spreading my legs open. My pussy was getting even more wet in anticipation, my clit swollen, my lips inflamed. When Jenny touched me with her fingers, I just moaned.

"Frick," I said.

"Are you okay?" she asked, stroking my slit with the tips of her fingers.

"Just so horny. Don't tease."

She slipped her middle finger inside my hot little pussy and my eyes flickered. I needed this so bad.

"God, thank you."

"What are sisters for?" she asked, sliding her finger in and out of me.

"Not for this," I mumbled. "We usually just shop for clothes."

"You can treat me to a clearance sale," Jenny said.

Then she knelt down, bringing her mouth to my dripping pussy. Her hot tongue lapped at my sensitive labia, sending shivers all through my body. I took the back of her head and pulled her in closer to my cunt. Jenny's tongue slipped inside as her fingers massaged my clit. I was in heaven as I held her hair. For a moment, I could understand why Dillon shoved his cock in my mouth. He needed relief, just like me.

"Feels so good," I said with a sigh. "Why don't we do this anymore?"

Jenny pulled her tongue out of my pussy to speak. "You told me a mommy is supposed to be respectable, and eating pussy wasn't right, especially your sister's."

"Sorry. I'm dumb sometimes."

She grinned at me. "And I thought you were the smart one."

I gave her a look and then shoved her face back into my pussy. Her tongue explored my clit, flicking at it. And then she sucked on it. I was trying not to moan, but it felt so good. I held her head firm as I ground my pussy into her mouth, humping her face. Jenny kept at my clit with her mouth while her fingers sawed in and out of my wet hole. It didn't take long for me to cum. Just as I was screaming in pleasure, the bathroom door opened and an elderly woman came in. She screamed even louder than I did and scurried away.

"Might be time to get back to work," Jenny said, wiping her chin.

"Have I told you you're the best little sister in the world?"

"I already know," Jenny said.

After explaining to my boss why I was naked in the bathroom with my sister---"she was helping me extract a tampon!"---I got on with work feeling much better. Really, my whole outlook had changed after having a proper orgasm. Yes, I had jerked off my son and sucked his cock, but that was incidental. There was no reason why I had to feel weird about this. And it was all his doing, in hindsight, 100%. I was in the right. I was a good mother. And he had two weeks of grounding to look forward to.

I came home feeling strong, confident, ready to lay down the law. But Dillon was not even home. He had skipped punishment! Oh, now I was angry! A stern talking to was waiting for that young man with the big cock, yes siree!

Dillon came home around 6:00 pm, wearing a basketball jersey and looking all sweaty and disgusting, his dark blond hair wet and falling over his forehead. I imagined this is how he would look after he finished fucking a girl with that long cock of his. Damn it, I stood up straight and showed him my motherly flower, I mean glower.

"And where have you been, young man?" I asked.

"Huh?" he said. "Just playing basketball."

"Did you forget you're grounded?"

"You were serious about that?"

"Yes! You violated my vacuum!"

He smirked at me. "I also violated your throat and I got grounded for that."

My glower couldn't stand up to that. I just gawked. "You little...you, you... You go to your room!"

"I was just joking, Mom. Chill."

"No, that's not something you joke about!"

"Whatever," he said, strutting into the hallway and closing his bedroom door.

I was fuming. I thought sucking my son's cock would have at least earned me a little bit of respect. Instead, he was already back to his rebellious ways. Well, note taken: sex doesn't change a man from being a man!

I stormed after Dillon, knocking on his door. "Dillon! I expect an apology for what you said!"

He opened the door...naked. My eyes popped out of my head. Yes, I had seen him naked already, but I wasn't expecting it.

"What are wearing!?"

"I'm not wearing anything," he said. "I'm about to take a shower. But if it makes you feel better, sure, I'm sorry."

I folded my arms, trying to keep my eyes off that cock of his. It was so long, even when soft, hanging between his legs, swaying with every movement he made. "I want a real apology. I'm still your mother, and I pay the rent."

"Fine, I'm sorry I made a joke about you sucking my cock. I was just playing with you. I didn't know you'd be all sensitive about it."

I gulped. "Well, I am. I'm not proud of doing it, and you did force me. I was trying to help you, and I don't appreciate you making jokes. I expect to be treated with respect."

"I do respect you. So, sorry I made you suck my dick. I thought you wanted it."

"Why would you think that?" I asked, keeping my angry pose going, my eyes fighting me the whole way, trying not to focus on that beautiful cock. My pussy knew it was there though. My brain was sending signals telling me to get wet, just in case I forgot I was Dillon's mommy.

"You seemed like you were getting into it when you were jerking me off, and you were staring at my cock a lot, and you sort of suggested you liked sucking cock, so I figured you wanted it."

"Well, I didn't want it, just so you know."

"You didn't?" he asked, a smile forming at the corner of his mouth. "Because the way you were sucking my cock, I gotta tell you, I thought you did."

"I was trying to make you cum. Just because I happen to be good at something, doesn't mean I like it."

"Uh huh. Well, I was going to have you give me another blow job after my shower."

I unfolded my arms, putting them on my hips, adding a scoff. "Are you crazy? Absolutely not. I told you, that was a one-time thing."

"Nah, I don't think so. I think you want it."

Dillon stepped forward, grabbing my wrist, bringing it to his hanging cock. I tried to pull away, but he held my hand in place.

"Dillon, let me go."

"Don't be stuck up," he said, pushing my hand against his cock. It was getting harder, growing and growing as my hand bumped against him.

"Stop it. I mean it. I'm not doing this anymore. It's wrong. I'm your mother for god's sake."

"Mom, can I tell you something?" he said, grinding my hand up and down against the length of his stiffening cock. "I want to fuck you."


"I've wanted you for a long time. You're so hot. I think about it all the time."

"This is seriously inappropriate, Dillon. I'm your mother. I don't want to do this anymore. Please, let my hand go."

He forced my fingers open, shoving his cock into my hand, wrapping his hand around the other side, stroking his cock between our palms. His other hand grabbed my hip and he pulled me in. I tried to push him away, but I was weakling against his strength.

And then he shoved his mouth right into mine, kissing me. Somehow, this felt even more invasive than having his cock shoved in my mouth. This was intimate and wrong. I lost myself for one moment. It wasn't like kissing Jenny, a sweet, loving, sisterly kiss. He kissed me with hunger, his tongue licking mine, his lips wild. I couldn't help myself. I kissed him back. Yes, I was kissing my son. My son! The realization stopped me. I'm proud to say I bit his lip.

"Ow, fuck!"

"Don't you ever do that again!" I shouted.

"So, what, you can suck my cock, but I can't kiss you?"

"What is wrong with you?" I said. "I'm your mother, Dillon! You let me go this instant!"

"Come here," he said, pulling me toward his bed.

"No!" I said, struggling in his arms. "Do you want me to ground you for another week?"

I stumbled as he pushed me, falling on my knees at the foot of his bed, but that was right where he wanted me, eye level with his cock. It was getting bigger and harder. He let go of my wrists, only to grab the back of my head, weaving his hand into my hair. He grabbed his cock with his other hand, aiming it where he wanted it to go. I was trying to squirm away as that monster of his came closer to my face.

"No! I'm not sucking it again!"

I could smell it though, all sweaty and disgusting after he had spent the day playing basketball.

"Open your mouth. Come on, I know you like it."

He pressed the head of his cock against my lips, rubbing it under my nose.

"Dillon, please!" I said, twisting and turning my head, trying to push him away unsuccessfully. I looked up at him, meeting his eyes. "Please, don't make me. I'm your mother. I feel so ashamed of myself doing this. Please."

He smirked down at me. "Admit you like sucking it."

I trembled. "I didn't like it."

"Admit it, or I'll fuck your throat."

I gulped. "Dillon, I'm a woman. Liking it and wanting it are different things. So, fine, maybe I like sucking a man's cock, but I'm your mother, so I don't want to do it. Please, don't make me suck it again."

"I need to cum," he said, his cock flexing in front of my face. "You should have taken me to the hospital if you didn't want to start taking care of my problem yourself."

"I know. I messed up, but I can't keep doing this."

"Open your mouth," he said.


"Open," he said.

I meekly shook my head.

"Open," he repeated, "or I'm taking your pussy."

I lost my breath. "You wouldn't..."

"Call my bluff. I fucking dare you."

My lower lip trembled, but then I opened my mouth. The head of his cock immediately forced its way between my teeth. I had to stretch my jaw again to accommodate his size, but he didn't care. He just rammed it in, hitting the back of my throat. I gagged, trying to push him back enough to breathe. He withdrew his cock, all covered and dripping with spit as I took in air. I didn't have long before he pushed his way back into my mouth.

Dillon was done being gentle with me. He started thrusting, fucking my throat like a hole in the wall. I was making obscene sounds as I gagged and coughed. Tears were streaming down my face as I tried to keep pace with his enormous cock sliding in and out of my throat. Yet I knew from experience how long it took him to cum. I would never be able to last.

I grabbed his cock and bent it, forcing it out of my mouth as I gasped for air; saliva ran down my chin. "Hold...hold on. I can't...can't do it that fast."

"Come on, I need more," Dillon said. He started nudging my lips with his cock.

"Let me jerk you off for a little bit. Please, I need a break."

"Fine, do it."

He took both my hands, wrapping them around his cock, and started thrusting between my palms. I began stroking up and down as I panted for air. My jaw was aching and my throat was sore, but my pussy was dripping. I was so horny. I really wanted to rub my clit while I did this, but if I did, he might think I wanted him to fuck me. I couldn't let that happen.

"Feel good?" I asked him as I stroked his cock back and forth.

"Not as good as your throat."

"Dillon, you can't be so rough with me. I'm your mother. I'm not just a hole you can shove your cock into."

He grunted. "I get sort of...crazy when I'm horny. I can't help myself."

"I know it's hard, honey," I said. "But you have to respect me, and when I say no, I mean no."

"Why do you have to say no though?"

He inched closer, bringing his cock near my face again. I knew what he wanted, but I wasn't ready for more. Instead, I kissed the head of his cock and licked it.

"Because I love you, and it's not right for us to do this."

He sighed as I began licking his cock. I kept it out of my mouth, running my tongue all along the bottom of his shaft, inhaling his musky scent. He really did need a shower. I kissed the base of his cock, smelling his balls. They were even worse. I glanced up at him and then opened my mouth to take his sack in. He groaned loudly. I kept stroking his cock with my hand as I gently sucked on his balls. My jaw could handle them.

"That's good," he said. "I'm almost ready to cum. Suck on it again."

"Dillon, my jaw is killing me."

"Come on, suck it. I won't force it down your throat. I'll let you do it."

I was worried if I said no, he'd start fucking my throat again. "Okay, but I'm trusting you to respect me."

He put his hands behind his back. "All you."

I kept both my hands around his cock, controlling how deep he could push it into my throat as I opened my mouth and took in the head of his cock. I let my tongue do the work, licking the head, running over the piss slit, sucking and moving my lips down to my fingers. He groaned.

"God, here it comes," he said.

My sore throat was ready when his cock began spraying cum. I gulped and gulped as my mouth filled up with more and more. It was still too much, drooling out of my mouth, spilling over my lips and down my chin. I coughed as it spurted against the back of my throat, but I swallowed until finally his cock stopped throbbing. I kept his head in my mouth, nursing on it, how his father used to like it.

"All done?" I said, taking my mouth off his cock, licking my lips to clean up the sticky sperm.

"Yeah. Thanks, Mom."

I stood up, giving him my trademark motherly glare. "You're welcome, but next time you have those urges, you have to control yourself. You can't come running to me. And you can't force me to do things I don't want to do. Understand?"

He nodded shamefully, how he usually did when I caught him doing something wrong.

"And," I continued, "I want you to find a girlfriend, someone who can take care of your sexual needs. That's not my job, okay?"

"I know."

"Okay," I said. "And you're still grounded!"

Dillon kept to himself for the rest of the night, which was good. I hoped he was thinking about how inappropriate he acted, forcing me to suck his cock like that, threatening to fuck me. I hoped he'd been bluffing, but I had a feeling he wasn't. Still, I had given him a stern talking to and I think I straightened him out. This whole thing was probably behind us now. I was looking forward to telling Jenny how it had all worked itself out. How naive! Maybe I wasn't the smart one...

I went to bed around 11:00, spending a nice long time rubbing my hungry pussy, thinking about my son's gigantic cock. Yes, it was wrong, but I couldn't get the picture out of my mind. Still, I was in the right. He had forced himself on me, but I had been a good mother and abstained from doing more, even after he told me wanted to fuck me. I was very proud of myself, and if I imagined my son's big cock while I played with my pussy, I had earned the right.

Dillon shook me awake around midnight. I opened my eyes to see his muscular form standing over me. His pants were already off, his long cock dangling between his legs, thick and ready to get bigger.

"No," I said immediately. "Dillon, go back to bed. I'm not doing this again."

"I need to cum."

"You just came like six hours ago. I can't keep up with you. Please, just go to bed."

"I heard you rubbing your pussy in here after you went to bed."

I sat up and turned on the light. "What I do in my room is none of your business."

"Yeah, but you were horny after what we did."

"Dillon, I have needs too, but that doesn't mean I want to do anything with you. You didn't hear me calling you for help, did you?"

"If you did, I would've come," he said.

"Dillon, enough."

"No, I'm serious. Tell you what. I'll eat your pussy if you suck my cock. We can do 69."

"Jesus, absolutely not. You, young man, are not ever seeing my privates."

"Then suck my cock," he said, reaching for my head.

"No," I said, moving away from his hand, scooting across the bed. "No, Dillon. I'm not sucking it, not again. I told you, no means no. Don't try to force me again."

"Mom, please, I need help," he whined in that voice I always gave in to, but not this time.

"Even if I wanted to, I can't. My jaw hurts. My throat is sore. And I'm tired. I'm not 18, I'm 35. I work 50 hours a week. And I'm way out of practice sucking cock. Go to bed, and maybe this weekend, if you're good, really good, I'll rub your cock and suck on it when you're ready to cum, but that's it."

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