tagInterracial LoveWalking The Path Ch. 01

Walking The Path Ch. 01


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I've taken this next series in a new direction and not everyone will like it. This series will continue to feature, creampies, chastity belt usage, sissy themes, lesbian encounters, dom/sub situations and of course, lots of messy sex (the best kind).

I want to thank everyone who continues to read this series. I especially want to thank those of you who have emailed me or provided feedback. I really do appreciate it and I hope you enjoy this new direction.

Troll Alert: If you don't like cuckold/hotwife stories you won't like this one. Save your energy and your ugly comments for another story.


The drive home seemed to take forever, as I fought the urge to drive back to Collin's and ask Nicole to come home. Even though I'd agreed to Nicole staying over the whole weekend, I couldn't escape the feeling that I'd just crossed yet another threshold in this lifestyle. Another mile down the Hotwife Highway, with a cuckold husband access road of course and divorce as the final destination. Our empty driveway was dimly lit as I pulled in, shut off the engine and just sat in the car staring out the windshield. My heart was racing and my mind was a jumble of conflicted emotions, laced heavily with lust and excitement. I trudged inside and flopped down on the couch, flipped on the TV and closed my eyes.

The house was silent and empty, thanks to grandma and grandpa, because they had arranged for all the grandkids to spend the weekend at their house. It was a nice break for the parents, even if the kids grumbled a little at having to spend the weekend away from home. The grandparents spoiled their grandkids to an unbelievable level, so it wasn't that much of an inconvenience for the kids.

A huge sense of relief washed through me, as I realized once again, that I wouldn't have to make excuses to Jasmine and April, for why Nicole wasn't spending the weekend at home. It was a lucky coincidence that probably wouldn't be repeated, so we'd need to discuss the next weekend (if there was one) well in advance.

Eventually I dragged my sorry, horny ass off the couch and rummaged through the refrigerator and pieced together a light meal, from leftovers and scraps. The empty house echoed with the sounds from the kitchen and I couldn't help feeling a little depressed. The frantic sounds of my wife and kids that normally filled our home were absent and tonight, I was all by myself. I grabbed my laptop and randomly surfed the net, while I munched on the re-heated leftovers.

Nicole and I had a few email accounts that we'd accumulated over the years and I went through the tedious process of clearing them out. We used the same site for all of our emails, because it let us 'link' them all together. Our first joint email account was old and jam-packed with spam. I wanted to close it out, but a lot of our extended family still used it, so Nicole wanted to leave it open.

Our most recent email address was actually pretty clean, so I moved on to my personal email account and found it empty. I really didn't use it, because I spent so much time at work and all my correspondence went to our joint email anyway. I'd set it up to have another email, just for the websites that I visited a lot. No, not porn, but other websites.

The last linked email account was Nicole's and I never checked it because it was her personal account. When she setup the account, Nicole said I could check it anytime, but it never seemed important and I also didn't want to invade her privacy. While she had given me permission, I still felt as though I was invading her privacy if I checked it without her knowledge. As I stared at the screen, my fingers poised above the keyboard, I felt hugely conflicted.

It's her personal account Nick, just leave it alone. I thought.

Yea, but she didn't have a boyfriend when she set it up and she said you could check it anytime.

I was arguing with myself now.

True, but it's still her personal account, not yours. She deserves your trust.

My fingers quickly typed the password to the email account and I pressed enter, before my conscience could get the better of me. I felt like a complete asshole and a deep sense of betrayal washed through my body, as I accessed her email account.

Aside from the normal amount of spam and email subscriptions to her favorite stores, Nicole's email was empty. I looked through the email folders she'd created and there was nothing from Collin. I shook my head and the feeling of betrayal grew stronger.

"I'm such a fucking loser." I said out loud and I resolved to tell Nicole, as soon as she got home.

Nicole deserved better from me and I didn't want any secrets between us. I logged out of the email account and shut down the computer. The house was empty and for the first time in a long time, I felt lonely and unsure how to spend my free time.

I checked the clock on the wall, it was still early and I knew that my team would still be at the bar celebrating Sheila's promotion. I was conflicted about attending because Sheila seemed intent on creating something between us and I knew that was a really horrible idea. It would look bad however, if I didn't show up and make an appearance at least. The team expected me to support Sheila and I knew Sheila expected it as well. Besides, I'd told everyone that I would stop by and while I could make some excuse, it would not sit well with everyone.

It only took me a few minutes to change and fire up the mustang. It was a bad idea to drive the mustang tonight, because I'd be parking in a public parking lot, which seemed to invite people to smack my car with their doors. I needed a pick-me-up though and decided a ding or two was worth it. I wanted to get the car repainted anyway and getting a few dings would give me just the excuse I needed.

The bar the team chose was known for their strong margaritas and nacho's and I resolved to only drink one beer, say a few nice words and then leave. I figured I'd stop by a sports bar on the way home and watch ESPN or something, as a way to kill some time. The idea of sitting at home, in an empty house, thinking of Nicole and Collin, definitely didn't appeal to me.

The bar was completely packed when I arrived and I had to park across the street. That was actually a good thing, because I found a spot at the end of the row, underneath a street light. Hopefully, that would keep my car from getting stolen or mutilated. The noise and heat of the bar washed over me, as I entered and I looked for my team. I could have found them if I was blind, because I just needed to listen for the loudest group in the bar.

I couldn't help smiling as I approached, because everyone was talking and laughing together and I was glad my team was so tight. A few people from other departments had joined and they'd pulled some tables together. I estimated that there were about 10 -- 12 people in the group, with Sheila in the middle and it looked like she was just finishing a toast as I approached. I couldn't hear the punch line or how she ended it, but everyone laughed and raised a glass. Just as she was about to sit down, she saw me approaching and her face lit up; which caused everyone to look in my direction of course.


The tables erupted with my name and it seemed like everyone in the bar turned in our direction. My face grew hot and I raised a hand and gave the table a wave. Everyone started shuffling chairs to make room for me and I ended up sitting next to Sheila, which was the opposite of what I wanted. I decided to make the best of it.

Someone shouted out. "Hey Nick. Where's Nicole? Did you get a kitchen pass or something?" Everyone laughed.

I didn't see who asked the question, but of course, that had to be the first fucking question.

"Nicole is hanging out with some friends for the entire weekend, so my kitchen pass is for the next two days. Thank you very much!"

Everyone laughed again and the conversation turned to other subjects and I was relieved not to be the center of attention anymore. The waitress stopped by and I ordered a beer. Sheila was talking with two girls on the other side of her and I made polite conversation with a few of the individuals around me. They weren't in my section, but we'd worked in the same general area long enough that we'd gotten to know each other.

I could swear someone was helping me drink my beer, because it was finished in no time. I ordered another and started to relax a little. Sheila hadn't said more than a few words to me and I was hoping that situation would continue. My second beer arrived at the same time as my cell phone buzzed, indicating that I had a text message with a picture. As discretely as possible, I checked my phone's display and my heart leapt into my throat. The text was from Collin and I quickly shoved my phone back into my pocket, because there was no way I was checking that message at this table. As tightly as we were sitting, I'm sure someone would see the message and there was a picture attached, so that could be disastrous.

"Wife checking on you?"

Sheila's voice washed into my ear and I looked over at her smiling face. We were sitting fairly close and her eyes were twinkling at me, with her smile exposing her impossibly cute dimples.

"No. It's a friend of mine."

"Ahh. So is your wife staying with her friends for the weekend?"

"Yep and the kids are staying with grandma and grandpa, so I'm all by my lonesome for the weekend."

The second I said it, I knew it was a mistake but I couldn't take it back and Sheila smiled at me warmly.

"That's great Nick. You can stay out with us tonight. We're heading to this dance club later and you have to come along!" She laughed and squeezed my arm. "I won't take no for an answer Mister."

"We'll see Sheila. I'm not much of a dancer and I'm heading into the office tomorrow morning to finish up some work."

"Oh Nick. Just come for a few songs and then you can leave. Promise!" She punched my shoulder lightly. "Besides, we're celebrating tonight and, as our leader, you have to celebrate with us."

What could I say? I didn't have an excuse I could offer and a few other people heard Sheila's invitation and encouraged me to come along. Before I knew it, the whole table was encouraging me.

"Come on Nick."

"Dude, come out with us."

"Seriously Nick. You have a kitchen pass for the weekend, you have to come."

I scanned the faces at the table and slugged the last of my beer, setting it down on the table loudly.

"All right! I'm coming, but no pictures and no recording devices!" I shouted dramatically.

As long as everyone was going together, as a group, it should be fine. I told myself as I ordered another beer.

The nachos were great and the restaurant served several different kinds of salsa, some were mild and some were unbelievably hot. It wasn't planned, but Sheila and I ended up sharing a large bowl of Nacho's, because the restaurant had screwed up the order and brought us too many orders of Nacho's. I finished my third beer and I was already feeling the alcohol, so I ordered a diet coke and resolved to stop drinking for the night. I was damn sure not leaving the mustang and taking a cab home.

"Lightweight!" Sheila teased me, as she sipped her margarita.

"Hey, I have to drive home tonight."

"Did you drive the Mustang?"

"Yep. I shouldn't have, because it will probably get dinged, but I like driving it."

"It's a cool car." She paused and leaned closer to me. "It's also really sexy Nick." Her breath tickled my ear and she squeezed my thigh under the table.

I really tried to act casual and I sat up straighter, nodded shortly at Sheila and looked for the waitress. I knew Sheila wasn't fooled, but hopefully the people sitting around us wouldn't suspect anything. The waitress wasn't anywhere to be seen, so I grabbed a nacho, dipped it into a random salsa and stuffed my mouth, chewing quickly.

As luck would have it, the salsa was the hottest one the restaurant offered and my mouth quickly started sizzling. Of course my beer was empty and my eyes started to water, so I looked again for the waitress, who had become invisible.

Sheila was staring at me with an amused smile on her face and as our eyes met, she laughed out loud and pushed her margarita over to me.

"Was that salsa hot Nick?"

She continued to laugh as I sipped the margarita and held the ice in my mouth. A few other folks had noticed my painful experience and joined Sheila in laughing at my expense. Finally my mouth cooled enough for speech

"Holy Shit. Is that stuff even legal?"

The table busted up with laughter as the waitress finally arrived with my diet coke. I promptly sucked half of it down and my mouth started to feel normal again. I managed to keep Sheila at bay for the next hour or so and munched on Nacho's and salsa that didn't remove the first layer of skin from my mouth. Eventually I made a toast in support of Sheila's promotion and said some nice, supportive words and then she made a toast for me as well.

First one person took their leave, then another and before too long, the only people sitting at the table were the folks going to the dance club. I had switched to diet coke, so I was ok to drive, but Sheila had continued to drink margaritas and I was worried about her getting behind the wheel. The guys at the table left and said they were going to the club and would make sure we all go tables. I started to follow them, when Sheila grabbed my arm.

"Nick. Can I ride with you?"

"Uh...I thought you'd ride with your friends."

I motioned to the girls sitting on the other side of her. They looked over at me, glanced at Sheila with a smile, and one of them responded, I think her name was Beth.

"Nick. We're going to stop off at our apartment first, to change clothes, so we won't be at the club until later. Would you mind taking Sheila to the club?"

Well that was nicely done! Jesus, were they planning this all night? I wondered to myself.

"Sure." Yea, I know my response was lame.

"But you will be there later right? Because I won't be staying long and she'll probably need a ride home."

"Oh definitely Nick." Beth responded quickly.

Too quickly and I strongly suspected that the girls wouldn't be showing up later at the club. I nodded and looked over at Sheila.

"Did you want to leave now? Or......?"

"Um, let me finish my margarita and then we can leave. Is that ok?"

"Yea, that's fine."

I took a sip of my diet coke and Sheila glanced over at her friends, who gave her a slight nod and a conspiratorial smile.

"Well, we're going to go. It was nice to see you again Nick. Take care of our girl Sheila. Ok?"

I nodded lamely and the girls did the 'kiss on the cheek' thing with Sheila, that girls do and they departed, laughing between each other. I couldn't help feeling like I'd been setup. I'd honestly tried to avoid this exact situation and now I found myself smack in the middle of it.

Of course, my cell phone buzzed again in my pocket and the ringtone indicated it was a phone call. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked screen.

Fuck me!! I thought angrily. It was Nicole of course and I toyed with the idea of letting it go to voicemail, but I knew that would lead to more phone calls from her. I mumbled an excuse to Sheila and stepped away from the table.


"Hi Nick. It's me honey. I wanted to call and see how you're doing."

"Hi honey. How's it going with Collin?"

"Where are you Nick? I can barely hear you."

"I'm at Chacho's restaurant. The team is celebrating Sheila's promotion and I stopped by to say a few words."

"Oh. I thought that would be over by now."

"Well, it's winding down."

"Ok. Things are great here. Collin made dinner for us and his house is so nice, but it really needs a woman's touch." She laughed a little and squealed. "Stop it!"

"Is Collin there?"

"Yes. We're going swimming and he's waiting for me." She giggled and I could hear Collin's voice in the background and her voice became fainter. "Stop. I can undress myself, mister."

"Anyway Nick." Her voice came back on the line. "I just wanted to check on you. I love you."

"I love you to Nicole. Thanks for the call and have fun."

There was some generic, unreadable sounds over the phone, as if it were being rubbed against fabric or something.

"Nick." It was Collin's deep voice. "How's it going buddy? Check out my text to you. It's pretty hot."

I heard Nicole's voice in the background. "Collin, give me back the phone."

"Sorry, we gotta go Nick. We're going skinny dipping in my pool tonight! Take care cuck!"

Collin's laugh echoed in my ear as the connection was abruptly severed. I stared at the phone for a few seconds, trying to figure out how I felt about that conversation. I was glad Nicole called me and that she was having fun with Collin. The idea of them skinny dipping together was intensely erotic, but the way the phone call ended made me feel conflicted. Was Collin being deliberately malicious or just having fun? I shook my head and decided to think about it later, in the meantime, Sheila was waiting for me.

Sheila was halfway done with her margarita when I got back to the table.

"How's your wife?" She smiled at me. "Is she having fun with her girlfriends?"

"Yes. She's having fun and I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be fun as well."

There was a little sarcasm in my voice, but I don't think Sheila heard it or, if she did, she wouldn't understand the reason for the sarcasm. Sheila was looking at me carefully and I shoved the conversation with my wife and Collin in the back of my head and smiled at her. There was a minefield sitting next to me and I needed to make sure it didn't blow up in my face.

"Thank you for the toast Nick. I really appreciate it."

"You're welcome. You deserved the promotion Sheila and everything I said was absolutely true."

"I'm not sure I'm ready for this position."

I laughed a little. "Sheila, you should know something about moving upwards." I paused conspiratorially. "You're never really ready for the next position. Our company in particular, tends to promote people with potential early, and let them develop in position."

"Ahh. That's good to know Nick." She winked at me. "So, are you going to help me develop in my position?"

I took a long sip of diet soda and considered how to answer. I got the double entendre in her question and it was obvious she was interested in having more than a supervisor/supervisee relationship. I put my cup down and looked over at her.

"Actually Sheila, I've already arranged for you to have a mentor."

"What?" Surprise broke out over her face.

"Yep. I asked another senior manager to be your mentor."

"Why would you do that Nick?"

"Sheila, it's my job to help you build a career that extends beyond your current position. I think you have the ability and talent to move into a middle management and potentially a senior management position. You'll need to build a network of individuals, outside our department, who can provide support and guidance for your career."

I took another sip of soda.

"That's why I asked another senior manager if she would be your mentor."

"Oh. Wow Nick. I don't know what to say. Thank you."

"You're welcome Sheila."

Sheila leaned over and gave me a hug. I'd like to say it was a friendly, no hidden meanings hug, but it wasn't even close. Her hands ran themselves over my arms and shoulders before clasping my neck softly and pulling me into her arms. She raised her head and placed her cheek against mine, while pressing her breasts against my chest. Sheila whispered into my ear and I felt her lips against my cheek.

"Thank you so much Nick."

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