Walking The Path Ch. 02


Collin smiled at me. "Really?"

"Pretty much." I acknowledged. "Nicole was very interested in you, after only meeting you once, and that's turned out pretty good. I think she's a good judge of character."

Collin nodded and fell silent until we finished hole and got ready to start the next one. He turned to me, just before he teed off.

"Nick, I just wish it hadn't happened so quickly. The three of us understand the need for discretion and we've gotten to know each other over the last few months. None of us really know Cynthia and even though she seems nice, Nicole's taking a big risk."

I fell silent, while Collin hit his drive and then I hit mine. As usual, Collin's drive went about 20 yards farther than mine. The distance didn't bother me, but Collin's position on the fairway did, and he stood a good chance at taking the lead.

As we got back into the golf cart, I continued our conversation.

"Collin, I definitely get it. I didn't want Cynthia to meet the girls at first, but Nicole felt it was ok."

Collin negotiated his way down the fairway and I waited until we stopped, before continuing.

"Did you know that Cynthia pulled me aside to talk last night?"

Surprise showed on Collin's face as he looked over at me.

"Seriously?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yep." I nodded. "She asked to speak with me privately and told me that she respected our privacy and wouldn't betray Nicole's trust. She said she wanted to see Nicole again and she wanted to meet the girls."

"Wow. That's kind of impressive, or creepy. I can't tell which." Collin laughed a little.

"I know right?" I laughed as well. "I spoke to her some more when I drove her back to her hotel and I have to say; she seems like pretty good people."

Collin nodded and we got out to hit our second shot.

"Didn't you speak to Cynthia?" I asked when get got back in the car.

"Yes of course, but I had guests and I focused my attention on them." He paused. "We talked, but we never had any privacy."

"Ahh. Gotcha." I said.

Collin and I finished the first nine holes and Collin lead by one stroke. Collin's confidence grew as we played and he clearly wanted to win today. There were still another 9 holes to play, so I wasn't worried yet. Collin's game had improved, but I was still the better player. At least that's what I told myself.

The beer cart came by and I bought us a couple of beers. It must be a secret rule for golf courses to use only cute girls to drive the beer carts, because every course I'd ever played had cute girls driving the carts. I bought the beers, but it was Collin that got the attention.

We teed off on the next hole and got back into our cart.

"Nick, how's it feel to be out of the chastity belt?" Collin asked.

Collin's tone of voice was light and friendly, but I started to get anxious about this conversation.

"It feels great Collin." I didn't know what else to say.

"Nicole and I talked about it and we both felt the panties and chastity belt together, were overkill." He looked over at me. "You can choose, one or the other, but you don't have to wear both at the same time. I still want you to call me and ask permission to have sex with your wife. Understood?"

"Yes." I said.

"I'm sorry?" His voice changed subtly.

"Yes, sir." I said with more conviction.

"Good. I'm serious Nick." Collin said. "You have to be in either panties or the chastity belt 24/7. That's non-negotiable."

I nodded my understanding.

"I also don't mind if you see Nicole in her underwear either, so that restriction is also lifted." He added lightly.

I smiled and responded. "Awesome."

"Nick. I appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with Nicole and me. We're all trying to find the right balance in this relationship and you've been very accommodative."

Collin held out his fist and we bumped knuckles.

"I understand Collin. It's been a journey for me as well and I'm still coming to grips with my role." I acknowledged.

A thought occurred to me and I looked over at Collin with a sarcastic smile. I waited until Collin tipped the beer to his lips.

"So, you going to require Cynthia to call you for permission to be with Nicole?" I asked slyly.

Collin spit beer out the side of the cart, choked and coughed a little as he tried to recover and keep a little of his dignity. Our laughter echoed over the course for the next few minutes, until it finally died down and Collin looked over at me.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He barked another laugh. "First, your wife has a hot temper and she'd probably cut me off completely. Second, Cynthia probably would tell me to go fuck myself and then make ME, call HER, to have sex with Nicole!! No thank you!!"

When we finally calmed down, we got serious about finishing. We finished the current hole and I pulled even with Collin. The air between us got a little tense, as our competitive natures took over. The next several holes saw us match each other and we remained tied up to the 16th hole.

Collin stopped the cart at the 16th hole and looked over at me, a confident smile breaking out over his face.

"Nick. Did I mention that Nicole was fucking amazing last night?"

I gulped, took a deep breath and tried my best to keep calm.

"Is that right?" I asked robotically.

"Are you kidding me?" He laughed. "Did you see how she was dressed?"

"Yes." My mouth was dry.

"She looked hot last night, didn't she?" He smiled at me. "She loves dressing sexy for me. Nicole's got almost a whole closet full of sexy clothing that she wears just for me."

I returned Collin's gaze, barely.

"Dude, she loses control when we get naked." Collin continued confidently. "It's such a turn-on, to see her go from sexy girlfriend to wanton slut."

My heart rate increased significantly as I listened to Collin. I looked straight ahead and took silent, deep breaths, trying desperately to keep my mind focused. It worked a little, but my cock decided it really wanted to hear more and started to get hard.

"Nicole loves to suck my cock. She absolutely loves it man and she can deep throat the entire thing." Collin watched me closely, gauging my reaction, before he continued. "She always swallows too Nick. She never wastes a drop."

My head spun and I reached forward to steady myself on the dash of the golf cart. It took a few more deep breaths, before I looked over at him and smiled.

"I love hearing that Collin." He smiled triumphantly. "But it's not going to affect my game."

"Is that right?" Collin paused for effect. "Nick, you should know that Nicole offered me her ass light night."

"What?" I croaked.

"Yea. Your hot little wife, asked me..." He laughed. "Hell, she begged me to take her anally last night."

I looked down at my lap and asked. "Did you?"

"Tell ya what Cuck." Collin clapped me on the shoulder. "I'll tell you after you hit your next shot. Now do you want to go first, or should I?"

I motioned for Collin to take the first shot.

Collin got out and hit a good drive, but it was the old Collin. The drive soared down the fairway, but it sailed wide and rolled into the rough.

My legs were a little weak as I walked up to the tee. My breath came in ragged gasps and I had to stop for a second to catch my breath.

Relax Nick, I thought to myself. Collin's been fucking your wife for a while. Get a grip. He's just trying to get inside your head.

I stepped up and calmly took a few practice swings. One more deep breath, as I sought my calm center, and then I hit my drive. The little white ball flew dead center down the fairway.

Fuckin A! Play time was over baby, I thought excitedly

Collin and I didn't talk much over the next three holes. We were both completely focused on our game and I noticed tension slowly creeping into Collin's shoulders. We finished the 16th hole and I gained a stroke on Collin. I was now in the lead. There wasn't a smile to be found on Collin's face and he thrust his putter back into his bag.

It's a rule in sports that when your opponent is getting pissed, tense and it's affecting his game; don't say a fucking word. No advice, no suggestions, no debates; just keep your mouth closed. Your opponent won't hear or appreciate anything you say and it's likely that you'll just piss them off even more. As a result, I kept silent as we golfed the next few holes.

"I'm going to fucking beat you one of these days Nick!" Collin's said. Frustration filled his voice.

Collin mimicked breaking his putter over his knee, shook his head and then thrust it back into his bag. I'd won another round of golf, but anger came off of Collin in waves. I didn't want to make a big deal of it and besides, he was getting better. Sooner or later, I'd have to eat any words I uttered today, so I focused on riding next to him.

Yes, he played better today, but he wasn't in the mood to hear it. I drove back to the Clubhouse and we handed the cart off to the guys and carried our clubs to the bar.

Collin looked down at me. "By the way, I didn't take Nicole anally last night Nick."

I swallowed carefully and glanced around. We were alone at the bar.

"Good to know Collin." I said.

He laughed quietly. "Anal is fun, but it requires preparation. A lot of preparation."

"I didn't know that Collin." I added sarcastically.

"Well, now you do Nick." He said simply.

I hit Collin on the shoulder. "I'll buy the first round."

Anything to change the subject, I thought desperately.

"Cool." He said.

Collin and I had just walked in the door, when voices that I recognized shouted at me.

"Daddy!" Two voices yelled at me.

I looked around and saw Jasmine and April coming toward me, arms open, and I gathered them into a hug. Jasmine didn't usually hug me in public, so I figured Nicole must have asked her to; but honestly I didn't care because I'd take a hug from my girls anytime.

"Hey girls. Wow, thanks for the hug."

Collin got a high-five from Jasmine, that seemed to be their normal greeting now, and April gave him a hug and a high-five. They turned to me.

"Mom and Cynthia said we should come see how you two were doing." Jasmine said.

"Is that right?" I smiled at them. "Well, where is mom and Cynthia?"

We all scanned the bar area and then we saw Nicole and Cynthia standing just outside the Pro-Shop. They waved at us and we all started walking together.

Nicole gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. She smiled and winked at Collin.

"Hi baby. We saw you and Collin pull up, so I sent the girls to get you." Nicole said.

"Cool." I responded.

"Hi Cynthia." I waved at her and she smiled back at me.

"Hi Nick. Hi Collin. How was golf?" She asked us.

"Nick beat me again!" Frustration laced Collin's voice.

"Aww. Poor baby!" Nicole said.

She stepped forward and gave Collin a brief hug. The girls laughed and Collin made a face at them, which made them giggle even more. Cynthia and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

I looked over at the girls. "So how was the Girls Day?"

"Awesome dad!" Jasmine added quickly. "We all got pedicures and mom let us get a manicure too!"

I wasn't sure I liked that and when I looked at Nicole, my concern must have been evident in my expression.

"Nick, they just got their nails buffed and shellacked. They don't have fake nails or anything."

"Ahh. I guess that's ok." I added reluctantly

"Relax dad." Jasmine gave me the eye-roll, while April continued. "Yea dad. Mom and Cynthia also took us to lunch at this restaurant where they have a big fish tank and we tried Sushi."

"Did you like it?" I asked with a smile.

Both of the girls made faces and laughed out loud. I wasn't a fan of sushi either and it looked like the girls took after me when it came to sushi.

"Cool." I looked up at Nicole and Cynthia. "So what's on the agenda for the rest of the day?"

"Well, can you take the girls back to the house with you? Cynthia and I did some shopping and I wanted to take her back to her hotel, so she can drop off her stuff." Nicole looked back at me and Collin. "Cynthia and I wanted everyone to get together tonight."

Collin had been silent up until this point, but he smiled and added.

"That sounds fun. We can eat at my place or the restaurant, if you want." Collin offered and then continued. "I'm going to head home, but why doesn't someone call me and let me know what the plans are for tonight."

"Sounds good." Nicole said and Cynthia nodded.

Collin and I exchanged a glance and nodded to each other. I motioned for the girls to follow me and we got started walking towards the car. I glanced back to see Nicole talking with Collin and Cynthia standing near the Pro-Shop, several feet away, giving them some privacy.

"Coming dad?" Jasmine asked and I nodded, increasing my pace to catch up with the girls.

"Ok girls, slide and let's go home." I said to Jasmine and April.

"Sure thing dad." The girls got in and we got started.

"Dad, that sushi was nasty." Jasmine offered and made a cute face.

"Yea dad." April concurred. "I'd rather have chicken sticks."

April always got chicken sticks, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, no matter what restaurant we went to, she always ordered the chicken.

"But you guys had a good time on your girl's day, other than the sushi? I asked.

"Yea." They both said at the same.

Jasmine and April looked at each other and stuck their tongues out. It was cute and I chuckled.

"How about Cynthia?" I asked curiously. "What do you think of mom's new friend?"

"Dad." Jasmine was the first to answer. "Did you know she used to be a professional cheerleader?" Excitement colored her voice. "Isn't that cool?"

"I did know that and it is cool."

"Yea." April jumped in. "And she took years and years of dance classes."

"Wow, that's pretty cool." I admitted. "Is she nice?"

Ok, I had an agenda and I just hoped the girls wouldn't pick up on it.

"Yea dad." Jasmine answered. "She's nice, but she's also cool."

That was high praise coming from my oldest. A lot of adults were nice, but very few were also cool. Jasmine had a pretty good bullshit meter and she easily saw through adults who were fake.

"Dad, can I try cheerleading?" Jasmine asked suddenly

Fuck me, I thought desperately. The idea of Jasmine wearing a cheerleading uniform didn't appeal to me.

"Jasmine, can I talk to your mom first?" I looked over at her. "I'm not saying No, but I need to get used to the idea."

"Sure dad." The smile on Jasmine's face told me she'd already discussed this with Nicole.

April giggled in the back seat. "What's up kiddo?" I asked.

"Cynthia knows all the words to all the songs dad." She laughed again. "We were all singing to songs on the radio, even the old ones."

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Well, mostly mom and Cynthia sang, but April and I knew a few of the songs. Cynthia and Mom were funny."

Well, Cynthia had scored with the girls. They clearly liked her and surprisingly, I didn't mind. I shouldn't have been surprised though, because she said she had a son.

The girls filled me in on all the shopping they'd done with Nicole and Cynthia. Honestly, I tuned a most of it out, because women's fashions were beyond me. The girls ran upstairs, as soon as we stepped in the door, and disappeared into their rooms or the game room.

I checked the refrigerator and started to get an idea about dinner. Nicole probably wanted to go out tonight, but I wanted to make sure the girls had something fairly nutritional to eat. Just in case, I also called the sitter. The sitter offered to watch April at her house and I eagerly agreed. April would love spending the night with the sitter.

I called the parents of Jasmine's friend, to make sure we were still on for her spending the night. They were looking forward to having Jasmine and I let them know that I'd feed her before bringing her over. The girls would probably talk about boys all night. Jasmine fortunately didn't have a boyfriend....yet. It would happen of course, but not tonight.

The phone rang, as I sat down to relax, of course.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hey baby." Nicole's voice greeted me.

"Hi. What's up?"

"I just wanted to check with you, because Jasmine said she might sleep over at a friend's house tonight."

"Yes. I checked with her parents and we're all set. I'm going to feed her and then take her over to her friend's house."

"Cool. How about April?"

"Well, I called the sitter and she's available tonight, but she offered to have April spend the night at her house, rather than over here. Apparently she has to do some work on the computer and it's easier if April stays over there." I paused to take a drink of soda. "It actually works better that way, because we can pick her up tomorrow morning."

"Ok." Nicole paused. "Hold on a second Nick."

"Hey...I'm on the phone.....Stop."

Nicole giggled a little.

"Stop...don't...mmmmmm....that feels good. No..don't take my panties off.......you are sooo bad."

Nicole moaned loudly and I heard a low laugh in the background.

"You don't want me to stop, admit it."

"mmmmm......" I heard Nicole gasp. At least it sounded like Nicole.

"Nick." Cynthia's voice was light, playful and full of lust.

"Your wife will call you back."

The line went dead and I stared at the phone for a second, before I put the phone back on the cradle.

Nicole and Cynthia were enjoying their time together..... a lot. I found it extremely exciting, but I still worried. I loved the idea of my wife with another woman, but I didn't want her to get hurt.

No one knew where this would lead and a thousand cliché's crossed my mind; but they all boiled down to the same thing.

Buckle your seatbelt.

Hang on for dear life.

Enjoy the ride!

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