tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 01

Wanting It All Ch. 01


Authors Note:

Hello. This is my first submission on Literotica and so I'm obviously very anxious to hear what the readers of the story think about my 'virgin' submission. I struggled deciding which category to post this story into. It could fit into Loving Wives and as it plays out, several chapters could fall into NonConsent/Reluctance at times. In the end, I choose BSDM because that is a consistent theme throughout. Hope the right pocket of readers find it. :) Thanks in advance for reading, commenting and voting.



"That's it you little slut.... I know you want it harder... Beg for it." Jacob's voice is husky and so damn smug. It isn't bad enough that he has Brianna completely unglued with pent up sexual frustration, but she truly hates how he loves to humiliate her into verbalizing just how desperate she is for him to defile her in all of his deliciously devious ways. Honestly, even in her sex-hazed condition, she has to admit the bastard has outdone himself this time. God knows Bri would love to hate Jake for how he treats her, but then again.... he's only giving her exactly what she needs from him. Freaking hot sex.

As much as she would love to tell Jake to go to hell, Brianna knows she's not in any position to change the rules of their complicated game right now. A moment of panic hits her as she asks herself "How the hell did I let things get so out of control?"

She must be losing her mind to be here in this upscale hotel room, her naked body tied down tightly, legs splayed indecently wide open over the back of the love seat, about to beg to be fucked by her ex-boyfriend. The same ex-boyfriend that she left over five years ago because he treated her like a piece of meat. Yet here she is... about to beg him to have his wicked way with her because.. Well because unfortunately, Jake unlocked some small, secret place deep down inside of her that only he seems to have the key to. God knows that she's worked hard to push it down. To deny the need is there... but just like an ex-smoker confronted with the chance to sneak a quick smoke when they think no one is looking, Jake has learned exactly how to tempt her back into these short fuck-fests whenever he's in town.

"I'm waiting Brianna. I know you want it. You know you want it. All you have to do is tell me what you need." To make sure he has her full attention, Jake pulls the small butt plug out of her ass and slowly twists it back in as he slowly inches his cock into her tight pussy, careful to only insert an inch or two. He's been working her tight body over for almost an hour... carefully taking her to the edge over and over with his perfect potion of pain and pleasure.... careful to never once allow her to climax. The bastard knows exactly how to push her to the proverbial edge of the cliff and then hold her there... dangling over the edge... waiting for him to push her into that final plunge of ecstasy.

"Damn you Jake... just fuck me already." Brianna grits out. Damn, she hates how desperate she sounds, but she hates the sound of his knowing, deep laughter even more.

"I am fucking you Brianna. Don't you feel my cock?" Jake slowly pulls all the way out and then reinserts just an inch or two of his long, thick tool. She tries to thrust her body backwards off the couch in a failed attempt to impale herself. He rewards her with a hard slap on her already pink ass instead.

"Fuck you Jacob! You know I want it all... give it all to me!" After spending the last hour having every inch of her body magically brought alive with his wickedly knowing hands and his toys of torture, Brianna is primed and ready. Jake oh-so-slowly inserts the rest of his rock hard cock. Once in to the hilt, he holds completely still allowing her pussy to hug his erection tightly. "There you go, my pet. Now you have it all."

Brianna's breathing is becoming more and more labored as her pent up frustration level rises. She can't see his face in her compromised position bent over the back of the love seat with her face mashed down into the cushioned seat. Her hands and ankles are tied wide to the four legs of the heavy furniture,. She doesn't need to see his all-too-handsome face. She knows exactly what the smug look that he has plastered there right this minute looks like.

He may be the master of self control, but Brianna is coming unglued. He knows he's won when she begins a litany of mumbled pleas. "Please...I need it... I need it hard... and fast... I need it deep... fuck me Jake.. Please..... For God's sake, fuck me until I come!" Surely anyone walking by their room had to hear her calling out, but she's too far gone. She doesn't care who hears her now.

For a few seconds Brianna thinks he's going to keep withholding what she so desperately needs, but with relief she feels Jake pull out completely and slam his hard tool back into her in one powerful stroke. It's clear that he's finally had enough foreplay and is ready to do what he does best. Fuck... hard and fast. Brianna vaguely registers the obscene sounds of their bodies slapping together. She is strangely turned on by her embarrassing guttural moans mingling with wet slurping sounds coming from her soaking wet sex. He has tortured her all afternoon and she is desperate to finally come. As if she needed any additional encouragement to go over the cliff, she feels Jake pull the butt plug out and begin to fuck her ass with the same hard rhythm as he's plunging his cock into her pussy.

Brianna should be furious that for all practical purposes, her ass is being raped. Jake knows full well that she has never wanted any ass play and that her virgin rosebud was off their playlist menu. In typical Jake fashion, he blew through all of her protests today and being unable to stop him, Bri had to submit when he shoved a well lubed, relatively small butt plug up her tight ass.

This type of shit is exactly what made her leave him in the first place all those years ago. In addition to the fact that he treated her like crap both in public and when they were alone, her biggest problem with Jake was that she never could trust him to respect her limits. Jake has always taken joy in pushing Brianna to do things that were outside of her comfort zone. The more embarrassing or humiliating, the better he liked it. In spite of their rough play, Jake had scoffed when Brianna had wanted to introduce a safeword in their relationship. Every time she would mention it, his answer was always the same. "We stop when I say we stop. Not a second before. I know your body better than you know it. Trust me because I know what you want Bri.....I know what you need." In spite of their years away from each other, there is no denying that he was right about knowing her body. The feel of her first double penetration with the dirty fullness in her ass is completely unhinging her before his very eyes.

They had started their afternoon with her on her knees while he face-fucked her until he shot his hot cum down her throat. As a result, Jacob has amazing staying power. He's using that power to drill her exactly how he knows she loves to be drilled. It doesn't take long for Brianna to drive over that elusive cliff and she is finally coming hard. Her cunt is squeezing his cock with erotic spasms. As always, Jake has to acknowledge her climax in his smug, condescending way. "That's it you little whore. Squeeze my cock. You got to come because I allowed it. I'm not done with you yet."

Jake moves into high gear. He releases the butt plug and savagely grabs Brianna's hips and begins to pull her hard to him as he plunders her pussy with his cock as hard as possible. With each thrust he's hitting so deep that she is sure he's going to damage her. As his body smashes hard into her tender ass, the butt plug is plunging deeper and deeper. He has pushed her exactly where she loves to go... that purgatory smack dab between pleasure and pain... that perfect balance that brings her sexual satisfaction like no other... and Jake knows it. "That's it Bri.... Come again while I shoot my cum deep in your pussy. I want to make sure you feel my cum seeping out into your panties after you leave here and go back home to your pathetic husband."

Damn him to hell... She was just hitting that euphoric destination that only Jake seems to know the directions to and then he has to go run her completely off the road. He might as well have thrown water on her fire, dousing it out quickly by making Brianna remember that the cock servicing her right now does not belong to her loving husband, Markus. A wave of guilt and shame washes over her with the same effect as a cold shower. Unfortunately for her, she has to suffer the last few minutes of Jake's hard drilling without the benefit of receiving any pleasure. All that's left is the pain.. Physical and emotional. My God...what have I done?

Luckily, Jake is finally done with his fun. Brianna knows he takes great joy in shooting his cum deep inside her. It's his way of marking her as his own. When done, he quickly pulls out of her dripping sex with a final slurping sound and soundly slaps her now pink ass with his large open palm. The sound of the slap startles Brianna more than the actual pain from the contact. She's grateful that the jerk callously heads straight to the bathroom to shower before he notices that she's shedding hot tears. He's so conceited that he'd probably think she was crying tears of joy had he taken the time to notice them. Now, she is stuck here... tied in this humiliating position with Jake's cum running down her inner thigh with nothing to do but think about how out of control she's let her life become.

Bri should have known better. The last time she'd met Jake in a similar hotel, she'd ended up crying for an hour after he had left. At least last time she'd enjoyed herself while he was still there. I have to stop this insanity. She has a husband who loves her so much and treats her like a princess. It's complete and utter insanity for her to cheat on Markus. Not only because she signed an iron-clad prenup that will ensure she doesn't get a penny if she's ever unfaithful to him, but more importantly.... because she truly loves Markus.

After getting tired of being treated like dirt by Jake, it took her over a year after breaking up to even consider going out with another man. She hadn't even really been looking for a new relationship when she met Markus. It didn't take long for her to see that he was everything good that Jake wasn't. Not only is her husband drop dead gorgeous in a dangerous bad-boy way, but more importantly, he truly loves Bri so much. As a very successful defense attorney, he can easily afford to constantly showers her with gifts. At thirty-five, he's seven years older than her twenty-eight years. The combination of his powerful career and their age difference combined with his bad-boy rakishly good looks had lulled Brianna into thinking he would have some of the dominant characteristics that she liked about Jake without the rest of the immature traits of the jerk she had called her boyfriend for almost two years. Markus had been such a breath of fresh air after living through the humiliation Jake put her through. Brianna had fallen for Markus hard... and fast. He was as gentle as Jake was rough. He was generous to Jake's stingy. He was as loving as Jake was demeaning. As far as she was concerned, Markus was perfect and when he asked her to marry him, she was ecstatic.

It took almost two years before Brianna started to recognize her own restlessness in her marriage. As with many married couples, they had started to let the distractions of everyday life get in the way of their sex life. In addition to the inevitable decrease in frequency of their sexual trysts, Markus was gentle to a fault. On the one hand, Brianna was flattered that he was so very much in love with her that he treated her like a princess. The only problem with that is he had no idea about that secret part of her that sometimes just needed to be treated more like the king's sex slave than his princess. Of course Brianna had tried to tell Markus about her deep sexual desire to be dominated, but there is just something inherently wrong with having to verbalize that you want to be taken and used like a whore. It feels like an oxymoron. Being dominated should mean not having to ask.

Brianna has been lost in her own thoughts, her level of panic rising with each passing moment. Damn Jake for leaving her tied up in this compromising position while he saunters off to take a hot shower. Thankfully, Bri hears Jake turn off the water and she is hopeful he'll be out of the bathroom to come untie her soon because her legs are starting to cramp up. Almost simultaneously as Jake emerges from the bathroom with a white fluffy towel carelessly draped around his trim waist, Brianna hears the unmistakable sound of her cell phone ringing in her purse across the room. If possible, her heart rate doubles in the space of a few seconds. She can actually hear the pounding of the blood rushing through her ears as she recognizes Markus's ring tone. He's supposed to be in court right now. Why is he calling me in the middle of the afternoon?

"Jake... quick... untie me dammit. I need to get that call." She cranes her neck to try to look up at him from her humiliating position. She sees the devious grin on his face and she knows he has no intention of allowing her to talk to Markus right now. "I mean it Jake. The fun is over. Untie me right now." Brianna hears the ding indicating that Markus has left her a voicemail message.

"I wonder what your good little husband would say if he could see you right now. Maybe I should take a picture and text it to him. Do you think he would like a souvenir of how his wife fucks around on him?" Brianna looks up just in time to see the look of sheer evil that crosses Jake's face.

"You wouldn't dare." It comes out as just a whisper. She barely gets the words out when her phone starts ringing again and now she's in total panic mode because it's Markus again. He would never be calling her again so quickly if he didn't need to talk with her right away. "Untie me... right now you sonofabitch!"

Jake is laughing an evil laugh and has come to stand close to Bri. He leans close to speak intimately into her ear causing her to stop her thrashing. "You've been a very naughty girl fucking around on your husband, Brianna. Since he's oblivious to your cheating ways, I believe it's my duty as a fellow man to punish you accordingly for your frequent infidelities."

Brianna barely registers his words in her panicked state. Jake has walked over to her purse and Bri can just crane her neck enough to see Jake fish her cell phone out of her purse. Oh my God... he's going to answer my phone and tell Markus what we've been doing. Brianna begins to thrash wildly on the back of the love seat. She's desperate to be free of the rope holding her down. She heaves a sigh of relief when she hears the call go to voicemail before Jake can pick it up. He's moved out of her limited line of sight and the only hint of what he is up to are the sounds of him dressing. "Untie me Jake... I mean it."

Bri is not prepared for him to touch her and she jumps... startled that he's leaning intimately over her now shaking body. She'd been mistaken. He hadn't gotten dressed, but instead he dangles his thick, wide leather belt in front of her face. He gives her a few seconds to register his intention as the skin on skin contact between their bodies begins to heat Brianna up all over again.

"How dare you. Jake, you need to untie me right now."

"I'm sorry Brianna, but I insist on doing my duty and punishing you for being such a naughty little girl. It wouldn't be right for you to get away with this little tryst scot-free. It's either I answer the phone the next time he calls so I can make sure he knows HE needs to punish you or I take care of your punishment myself. Which one is it going to be my pet?"

He doesn't wait for her answer... he knows what it will be. The first strike of his thick leather belt isn't very hard. The loud crack startles Brianna more than anything. She quickly understands it was just a warm-up because Jake very quickly begins to blister her helpless ass with fast, hard strokes of the belt. The loveseat that she's tied to begins to move from it's original location as Brianna struggles to free her arms and legs. Through her rising panic, she manages to scream out to Jake "You promised... damn you... you promised not to do anything that would leave a mark that Markus could see. You know damn well that you are leaving marks. Stop!!!"

She's almost frantic now. Little does Bri know that this is just one more devious way Jake plans to push her into her purgatory between pain and pleasure. The belt continues to rain down welts onto her creamy white ass, leaving ugly red, thick stripes across her butt and upper thighs. It's somewhere around strike twenty that Jake smiles victoriously as he hears her pain-filled cries turning to feral moans. He stops the punishment long enough to slide two fingers the length of her slit, laughing as he feels how wet she is. "You're drenched my dear. You can deny it all you want, but I can play your body like a well-tuned instrument. If your precious husband knew even half of the tricks I do, you'd never agree to see me again. Stop fighting it Bri. You know this is why you came with me today."

Brianna does stop fighting it and he resumes her punishment, as if she has a choice. Her helplessness combined with each hard stroke of his belt is bringing her higher and higher. The pain of her ass being blistered has electrified her core. It's the switch that turns on that throbbing ache deep inside her sex. Almost as if he can read her mind, Jake knows exactly when to throw the belt to the floor and in one swift motion, he steps close and buries his rock hard cock into her dripping wet sheath. They both cry out.

There was no need to beg this time. Jake always takes her hard and fast after he's punished her. Beating her creamy white ass until it turns a deep red has always been his favorite forms of foreplay and today was no different. He pistons into Brianna's sex like a man on a mission, grabbing her hips to help pull her onto his cock while he lunges forward. Brianna comes twice before he finally shoots his seed deep in her pussy, once again marking her in his own primal way.

Jake collapses heavily on top of Bri when he's spent... crushing her in a way that makes breathing hard. Every muscle in her body is aching from being stretched painfully for hours. She can feel the thin layer of sweat covering her body from her strenuous excursion. She is relieved when Jake finally stands and quickly begins to dress as she tries to catch her breath and calm down. She can't see what he's doing, but after several minutes, she distinctly makes out the sound of the door opening and slamming shut.

"JAKE! YOU ASSHOLE! UNTIE ME!!" Bri is beyond frantic that she would be left like this... presumably to be found by the hotel housekeeper... but when? Tomorrow morning?

A full minute of terror passes before Jake places his hand intimately on her warm, red ass. Brianna jumps with surprise as she feels him gently pulling the plug out of her ass. She's even more surprised when he starts placing tender kisses down her back and across her now blistered ass. He seductively massages her tender butt for a few minutes before finally reaching to untie her ankles and then finally her wrists. Despite finally being free of the restrictive ropes, Brianna finds that her legs have lost all feeling from being tied in the compromising position for so long.

Masquerading as a gentleman, Jake scoops her up in his strong arms and carries her to the bed, gently laying her well-used body down on her side to avoid putting pressure on her tender ass. Brianna wants to hate him. She wants to only remember how mean he was to her and how he had terrified her today. She knows focusing on that will make it easier to avoid getting pulled back into his web in the future. Unfortunately, as he often does at the end of one of their trysts, Jake gives her just a small glimpse of why she had found it so hard to leave him in the first place as he kneels on the carpet next to the bed, bringing him eye to eye with Brianna.

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