tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 02

Wanting It All Ch. 02


Markus is lounging at the eat-in island in the middle of their oversized gourmet kitchen. He's engrossed in something on his iPad as Brianna comes in from the attached four-car garage. The sight of her handsome husband literally takes her breath away. She finds herself questioning how she could have let herself get so wrapped up in their day-to-day routine that she could forget to stop and admire how absolutely dreamy her husband is?

He's in a tailored dark navy suit paired with a crisp white linen dress shirt that looks as fresh now as it had at six this morning when he'd left to head in to the office. One of the things that Brianna has always admired about her husband is his strong work ethic. He works hard and likes to get into the office early on court days to get an early start on his day before heading to court. This morning had been especially important, as he had to deliver the closing arguments on the main case he's been working on for months now.

The only indication that Markus has begun to relax is the loosened tie and open collar that are allowing just a peek at his dark chest hair. That and the almost empty bottle of Heineken sitting in front of him. Brianna correctly assumes he must have arrived some time ago if he'd had time to drain one beer already.

Deciding she needs to break the silence, Brianna injects "Hi honey. So sorry I'm late. I can't believe you beat me home tonight. That hasn't happened in... well... like never." Brianna tries to keep her voice light and playful. After purposefully dropping her gym bag on the counter nearby to help lend weight to Tiffany's cover story, she makes a beeline to Markus to give him a kiss. She's ashamed to find herself almost desperate to have him hold her. She knows she doesn't deserve his comfort, but she's still shaken up by the events of the afternoon and while she's fully aware that she is acting like a complete hypocrite for needing his gentle assurances, she greedily recognizes how much she looks forward to his warm embrace at the end of each day.

Rather than rising to greet her, Brianna has to wait nearby for him to look up from his iPad. In that silent moment, Brianna is close enough to catch a whiff of the absolutely yummy masculine scent of her husband. He never wears cologne, but he doesn't need to. He has his own Markus smell that is a combo of his sexy body, shampoo and body wash. His scent alone has a calming effect on Bri's frazzled nerves. If only she could figure out a way to bottle it, Bri knows she could make a small fortune.

He finally looks up to acknowledge her, but only after a somewhat awkward silence had invaded the space. Only when Brianna finally reaches out to gently run her manicured fingers through his thick, dark brown-black hair does he finally tear his attention away to look up into her green eyes. The intensity of his deep brown eyes almost takes her breath away. The five-O'clock stubble covering his strong jaw line gives him that casual bad-boy look that is somewhat out of place in his expensive suit.

It's clear that Bri is interrupting something he's working on because it takes him a second to acknowledge her even after looking up. Like a light bulb lighting up, his face breaks into a broad smile as he reaches out to pull her to him. He almost takes her breath away when he reaches out for her, grabbing her ass and pulling her tightly into his embrace. He wastes no time going in to capture her mouth in a passionate kiss while he pulls her body swiftly between his open legs. She can feel the outline of his semi-hard cock pressing into her stomach as his legs circle around her body, trapping her tightly against him.

Sweet relief washes through Brianna's mind and body. Like a bright light being illuminated in a dark room, the flash of certainty hits her in that moment. This feels right. Here in Markus's arms is where she belongs. She pushes her crushing remorse aside long enough to acknowledge without a doubt that she knows what she needs to do.

She's learned two very important things today in her tryst with Jake. First and foremost is that she truly loves Markus and she finally feels a strong enough fear of losing her husband to know she will never be tempted into infidelity again.

Second, she's learned that there is truly some place deep inside of her that does need to be dominated... at least some of the time. As hard as it will be to discuss it with her husband, she has to find a way to help Markus understand how much she wants....no needs... to be spanked when she is a 'naughty girl'. She hopes that he won't object to the fact that sometimes Bri would like him to walk in the door and start barking orders to strip naked, fall to her knees and let him roughly face-fuck her until he shoots his hot cum all over her face and tits.

Brianna is jarred away from her naughty thoughts as Markus finally pulls out of their embrace. She pulls back just far enough to be able to look into his expressive eyes. With the height of the bar stool he's sitting on, they are eye-to-eye. For a brief moment, Bri catches a look of sadness in his eyes, but it's gone so fast that she talks herself into thinking she'd been mistaken. He reaches out to run his strong hand through her long, thick brunette hair, wrapping his fingers around the nape of her neck while he strokes her cheek with his thumb gently.

"Hi baby. How was your day?" Damn, his voice is sexy.

"I think the important question is how was YOUR day? So you won the big case? I'm so proud of you. Tell me all about it." Brianna is only half way trying to divert the conversation away from her afternoon in an attempt from having to lie to him flat out. She truly does want to know how the closing arguments had gone since this case was so important to him.

Markus's face lights up. "Today was one of the most rewarding days in my career so far. I nailed the closing arguments and I was able to get my defendants completely acquitted of all of the bogus charges that had been brought against them by several women looking to ruin them and their business. I'm still a bit surprised that the jury came back so quickly. I thought for sure they would end up deliberating into next week."

"That's great honey. I never had a doubt. You are such a great lawyer. What made this client so important to you though? You've obviously been working really hard on this case even more than normal. You haven't told me too many of the details."

After taking the final drag from his now empty Heineken, he answers. "Well, first of all Lukus is an old friend of mine. We've known each other for years and when he came to me for help, I wasn't exactly sure we would be able to win his case. Him and his business partner were both being charged with a bunch of bogus charges. I just knew I had to try to help and as it turns out, your husband is really a kick-ass attorney because I was able to put together a great defense that the jury obviously agreed with." His voice turns ice-cold with an almost vengeance as he finishes. "It helped that I was able to destroy the credibility of the women bringing the charges against them. I'm certain they regret the day they went up against Lukus and me"

Brianna shivers slightly. "Wow... remind me never to cross you. You just gave me the chills there with that tone of voice. I'm glad you're on my side." Her voice is shaking slightly by the end as it dawns on her that this is a glimpse into the Markus she might see if he ever found out about her fucking around with Jake.

He continues on, oblivious to her train of thought. "Yes, you're lucky I'm on your side to be sure. So, where were you today? I wanted to talk to you when I left court and couldn't reach you on any of your numbers."

'Damn... I guess I'm going to have to flat out lie' Brianna acknowledges to herself as her pulse picks up.

Brianna gently extricates herself from her husband's embrace to move across to the refrigerator, making it look like she's thirsty. In reality, she knows she can't be staring him in the face as she's about to lay a big, fat lie on him. "I didn't have my cell phone with me in the massage room so I missed your call there and then since I didn't have any more appointments for the day, I just decided on a whim to head to the gym for a workout. I was telling you last week that I've put on a couple pounds and I suddenly felt motivated to do something about it."

She's surprised at how easy the false words flow out of her mouth. It's surprisingly easy to lie when you have so very much to lose should the truth come out. Trying again to change the subject Bri asks. "You want another Heineken or something to eat?" When he doesn't answer, she looks back at him and sees him simply staring at her with a look that unsettles her.

Snapping out of it, he stands. "Sure. I'll take another Heineken, but let's not snack. I have reservations at Hugo's tonight. I'm looking forward to appetizers there. I think I'll take my beer and head up and take a quick shower and change." He's close to Brianna now and reaches out and touches her hair again. "It looks like you already took a shower...at the gym."

They are already staring into each other's eyes and this time she knows she has no choice but to look at him as she lies. "Yeah, I did, but I could be talked into taking another shower with my husband if he would have me. It's been awhile since we showered together." The words are out of her mouth before she remembers the welts that Jake's belt had left across her butt and upper thighs. They are almost certainly not faded yet and Bri's heart rate has skyrocketed while her offer hangs in the air.

Her eyes must betray some of her fear because Markus breaks into a smile. "Thanks for the offer, but the look on your face tells me you're not actually crazy about the idea. I'll try not to get my feelings hurt." Markus reaches out for the Heineken and with a final peck on her cheek, heads up to the master suite, grabbing his iPad as he leaves the kitchen.

Brianna sinks down into the now vacated bar stool with relief after he's gone, ignoring the dull ache of her recently punished ass. She knows she just dodged a major bullet. Taking a good long drag of her own beer, she realizes she's going to have to coordinate her getting dressed for dinner carefully to avoid him seeing her naked. She can only hope that the marks will be gone by the time they get home much later tonight after dancing at the club.

Only then does she realize she'd forgotten to press Markus on where they were going tonight. They so rarely go out dancing and never with just the two of them. They almost always went clubbing with a larger group of their friends. She isn't going to complain though. Brianna loves to dance and since it really was the truth that she has put on a couple of pounds, it would be a great way to get some fun exercise while trying to seduce her husband into bringing her home and having his wicked way with her sinful body.


They're almost ready to leave for dinner forty-five minutes later. Brianna had successfully navigated getting ready without her welts being discovered. The inspection of her backside in her full-length mirror in her oversized walk-in closet had confirmed that Jake's belt marks are still clearly visible. They may take days, not hours, to fade. It's going to be very difficult to hide and serves as yet another reason to solidify her resolve to never see Jake again. He can't be trusted at all with honoring her limits.

She's making the final inspection of her little black dress in her full-length mirror when Markus comes in to see what's keeping her. He steps behind her to stand facing the mirror with her. In spite of her three-inch heels, Markus still stands over five inches taller than Bri. At six foot one, he makes a striking presence in any room that he enters.

He reaches out and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her curvy body back against his rock hard, muscular frame. Once again, Brianna is thrilled to feel his over-sized cock already getting hard against her ass. She breaks into a naughty, knowing grin as she wiggles her derriere, making sure to tease his now growing erection.

To her delight, Markus leans in to plant a wet, open-mouth kiss that turns into an open-mouth sucking of the sensitive skin of her neck where it meets her shoulder blade. Her body shivers violently as she watches her husband's face break into a grin as he finally releases her. "I love how you always shiver when I kiss you there, baby. Maybe I should give you a nice big hickie there to let everyone we run into tonight know that you're mine? You look so hot, I wouldn't want anyone to try to steal you away from me at the club."

Before she can recover, Markus reaches into the pocket of the black sports jacket that he's wearing over a grey silk shirt and perfectly tight black tailored slacks. Brianna's eyes light up at the sight of the extremely expensive diamond necklace he's draping around her long, regal neck. Their eyes meet in the mirror as she holds her long, thick hair up so he can work the clasp. He gently places several small nibbles and kisses along her sensitive neck after he gets the necklace secured before finally pulling back and reaching into his pocket again to pull out the matching tear drop diamond earrings and tennis bracelet.

Markus had given this expensive jewelry to Brianna over the course of the last three years... one piece on each of their three wedding anniversaries. He had given her the bracelet only a few weeks ago on their last anniversary. Tonight would be the first night that she'd be wearing the whole set together. Because the jewelry was so valuable, she rarely wore it in public because she was so afraid of something happening to it or God-forbid, that she might accidentally lose an earring or something silly.

After placing the sparkling jewels on his wife, Markus takes a step back and looks at their reflection in the mirror again, taking the time to admire how beautiful she is. She watches silently as the look on his face turns almost feral with lust as he takes in the vision in the mirror. Almost absent-mindedly, he reaches out slowly with his left hand to lift the hem of her already short skirt up to reveal the sexy silk stockings and garter belt his wife is wearing hidden under her little-black-dress. Simultaneously, he grabs one of her firm and full C-cup breasts with his right hand, taking time to pinch the already alert nipple through the thin material of her dress.

Brianna moans in pleasure as she leans back against the full length of her husband, laying the back of her head against his broad shoulder, giving him better access to slip his left hand inside her lacy panties. She watches in the mirror as his hand disappears into her panties to stroke the wet lips of her pussy. She places her hands on each of his strong arms, silently telling him how much she is enjoying this rather uncharacteristic groping of her body. Their eyes are boring into each other in the mirror; lust clearly showing on each of their faces. Only when Markus suddenly inserts two fingers deep into her pussy and almost lifts her entire body with the depth of his intrusion, does Bri close her eyes and allow the sudden wave of passion to fully wash over her. He's forcing his fingers almost painfully deep and it only takes a minute of his probing fingers against her g-spot before she's on the brink of coming all over his hand.

It surprises her when he whispers against her ear, "Such a naughty girl tempting me into sex before we even leave the house. I think you need to wait until later before I let you have your fun." Brianna gasps with disappointment as she feels him quickly withdraw his talented hands from both her pussy and her tender breast all at once. Her eyes fly open and she's in time to see an almost evil look of satisfaction on Markus's face. "I'm going to enjoy watching you squirming in your seat all night tonight, baby. Knowing how horny you are and knowing you'll have to wait for your reward."

Without another word, he does something he's never done in all of their time together. While continuing to stare into each other's eyes in the mirror, Markus lifts his now pussy-cream drenched fingers to his wife's lipstick covered lips. Unable to believe he means her to do what she thinks he means, Brianna stands there silently, searching his lust-filled eyes for answers. Only when he leans in closer and quietly, but firmly orders in her ear "open up" does she pop open her mouth reflexively.

Brianna's heart is thumping in her chest at this sudden display of dominance from her normally gentle husband. She only has a second to panic with fear that maybe he found out about Jake, before she's distracted by him shoving his juice-covered fingers into her waiting mouth. She quickly closes her lips around the intrusion and is so turned on by his sudden forcefulness that she moans as she laps at his thick, long fingers....cleaning her own lusty juices from his fingers. She's not entirely sure what has gotten into Markus this evening, but whatever it is, she finds herself hoping it's here to stay.

As if the uncharacteristic spell they had found themselves under was broken, Markus suddenly pulls his fingers from her mouth and steps away from her, finally breaking their intense eye contact. As if nothing unusual had happened, he cheerfully injects "So... looks like we are both ready. Shall we head out? I don't want to be late for our dinner reservations." He holds out his arm and Brianna slips her hand into the crook of his arm. After stopping to grab her small clutch purse on the bed, they walk silently down through the house and out to the garage to head out. Markus takes time to set the alarm before assisting her into the car.

Brianna is surprised that Markus has decided to drive into the city in his prized possession....his brand new Porsche Cayman. He works downtown every day and has an Audi for his everyday driving. He rarely wants to risk damage to his sports car in the city. Brianna has always thought it funny that he can consider a $75,000 Audi his 'beater' that he doesn't mind risking getting knicks and dents in while in the crazy traffic of the city.

The Porsche is so low to the ground that it feels like she's sitting on the pavement as they drive away from the house. Markus guns it, clearly enjoying the feel of the power as he speeds through their gated community of multi-million dollar mansions. How had she let herself become so complacent that she failed to realize every single day how very lucky she is? Sitting here in this car, with this man, driving away from this home that they share.... How could she risk losing it by fucking around with Jake? Never again she vows.

"So where is this club you mentioned going to after dinner? Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled to go dancing, but you don't normally initiate a night out dancing. I was sure that you normally only go to appease me."

Markus guns the engine as he clears the on-ramp to the expressway, throwing them both back in their seats as they feel the power beneath them. She glances sideways at her husband and catches his look of joy with his 'boy toy'. He answers without taking his eyes off the road. "I thought it would be something new for a change. An old friend of mine owns the club and invited me awhile back. I was waiting for the right occasion and well today just seemed like the right night to try it out."

"Well, I must say it's certainly a step up from Denny's last weekend." Bri can't contain a giggle.

"Hey, that was entirely your fault. You picked it. I only went along with your choice. No complaining now."

Brianna decides now is a good entry point to open the delicate discussion with her husband. "Markus. I'm not angry we went to Denny's." She takes a break to find her words. "In fact.... I'm not angry at all. I guess.... Well..."

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