tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 03

Wanting It All Ch. 03


Author's Note:

Thank you to those of you following along with Brianna and Markus' story. This chapter has an overtone that would have also fit into the Non-consent/Reluctance category. I decided to keep it in BSDM, but be aware in case this may offend you. Your comments and voting are very much appreciated.



Brianna's mind is racing. How could Markus have possibly found out about Jake? Her first instinct is to try to declare her innocence... to deny any wrongdoing, but it only takes a few torturously long seconds to know that route would only make things worse. She can see the pain and hurt in her husband's eyes and she knows it's too late to feign innocence.

Still...maybe he doesn't know everything. Maybe he just knows that she wasn't where she said she was going to be this afternoon. Even if he somehow found out that Jake had come to the salon looking for her.... and even if he knows she had left with him.....how could he possibly know where they had gone or what they had done together?

The rest of the club has melted away for Brianna. She has turned 100% of her focus on her husband standing in front of her, searching his eyes for a hint of softness....a hint of his love for her... just a hint to tell her what he might know. What she finds is a stranger staring back at her.

Markus' entire face is mask of anger. With each passing second she can see his resolve strengthening. Before her eyes she sees the last remnants of pain and hurt being washed away to be replaced with a steely hardness. His transformation is enough to literally take Brianna's breath away.

By the end of the longest minute of her life, Bri is physically ready to collapse under the weight of her fear and guilt. She has to dig deep to find her shaky voice. "Markus....honey....please talk to me. What's happening?"

"Oh, I think you know exactly what's happening, Bri. You did, after all, put this entire night into motion with your traitorous actions, didn't you my dear?" Markus waits several long seconds before confirming her worst fear. "I sure hope he was a great fuck since he's going to cost you everything." His voice is dripping with venom.

Until now, Brianna had been in shock...too afraid to truly internalize what's happening to her. The sound of her husband's hate-filled voice pointed directly at her serves to cut through her defenses. Her body immediately begins to quake with fear while hot tears flood her eyes, spilling down her cheek. The rush of overwhelming guilt and self-loathing rocks her to her core.

She doesn't remember making a conscience decision to throw herself at his mercy...in fact... she doesn't remember much about those first fateful minutes of her doom. All she knows is that when she wakes up from the trance she had found herself in, Brianna has dropped to her knees at her husbands feet and is reaching out to hug his legs to her tightly, holding onto him for dear life.

"Markus...I'm so sorry. I swear to you... I love you so very much. You have to believe me... I'm so very sorry. It will never happen again. Please believe me honey....I am so very sor..."

"Enough! It's too fucking late. Let go of me." He's so very strong. He easily tears her apart from him and roughly pushes her backwards where she unceremoniously falls onto her ass on the floor just behind the balcony seats. Her dress is short enough that it rides up giving Markus a glimpse at her bare pussy.

He quickly squats down in front of her and roughly reaches out to grab her cunt, squeezing her sex with all of his strength. "Did you like having someone else's cock in here today Brianna? Is he bigger than me? Harder? What the hell does he have that I don't have?" The pain in his voice breaks her heart into a million pieces.

She is forced to beg through her sobs. "Markus...truly...I am so very sorry. Please believe me... you are the only man I love. Please, can't we go home and talk about this there? I swear to you I will tell you everything. I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you. I need you...I lo..."

"Shut the fuck up Brianna! I don't believe one single word coming out of your whoring mouth. The second you let another man shoot his cum into your body is the second you lost the right to tell me you love me. I have to hand it to you Bri. I really did think you were different, but you're just another gold-digging bitch. Well, bad news for you.....you're about to lose your free-ride, baby." His voice and words may be vicious, but the tears streaming unchecked down his face show how devastated Markus is by his wife's unexpected betrayal.

Through her sobs, Brianna manages to continue begging. "I don't care about your money...truly. You can take back the salon... the car... the jewelry...clothes...take it all. I just want you Markus...please"

He lets loose an evil chuckle. "You have a pretty sick way of showing it." Markus' grip on her pussy is like a vice.

"You're hurting me Markus. Please.... Let's go home and talk about this." Brianna is trying to push back away from him, trying to loosen his grip on her tender parts.

"Oh, you don't know what hurt is yet Brianna." His words are ominous. They serve to jolt Brianna back to the here and now, suddenly reminding her where they are. As if someone has taken earplugs out of her ears, the sounds of the surrounding punishment club flood in on Brianna. She had been so focused on getting through to Markus that she had tuned out everything around her. The sound of a woman screaming out below invades.

The relief of Markus finally releasing his grip on her is only short lived when he roughly grabs her by her upper arms and yanks her to her feet. In one swift move, he swings her around forcibly to face forward towards the stage. She briefly tries to struggle free, but she feels his arms grip her in a vice lock, effectively trapping her as a witness to the scene playing out below. In spite of his tight grip, she's relieved that he's touching her... holding her tightly against his hard body...even if only in anger.

He leans in close to whisper against her ear. "Are you watching Brianna? Do you see what happens to cheating whores?"

Brianna knows she should be horrified with the activites below and on one level she certainly is, but against her will, the scene playing out below her immediately reminds her of an especially hot chapter in one of her all time favorite erotic romance novels. It's a scene she has read dozens of times...in a book kept in her nightstand right next to her dildo...with tattered pages from its frequent use as masturbation incentive while in college.

Only her best friend, Tiffany, knows and shares her dirty little secret that from the time she was in college, her guilty-pleasure has been her closet love of erotic romance novels. In the beginning the novels had been innocent enough, but over the years she had been constantly pushing the envelope, looking for increasingly risqué material. With the copious volume of every type of BSDM and fetish material available on the Internet, today's sexual materials make her original dream scene seem relatively tame.

Without a doubt, Brianna knows her deep-seeded and dark submissive desires have been formulated and nurtured by her questionable choice of sexual reading materials over the years. How different her life might be right now if she had only just stuck with those innocent Harlequin romance novels her mother loved so much.

Below, center stage, a naked slave girl has been trussed up, arms pulled high above her head as she is attached to the high rings on the formidable whipping post. She is facing stage right which allows the audience to catch not only glimpses of her pained face, but also the entire backside of her body....a body that is under assault by the huge hulk of a bouncer, Derek.

The slave girl's legs are splayed wide open by a spreader bar and Brianna watches in horrified fascination as her punisher uses an actual bullwhip to stripe her back, ass and legs. Even from the relatively long distance, Bri sees the ugly welts rising up across the poor woman's body. It's clear Derek is a Master at his craft because he's causing great pain without actually creating open wounds, which can too easily happen with such a deadly implement.

After a final stroke of the whip that wraps around the poor slave's ass and draws an agonizing scream from his victim, Derek throws the whip down and steps up close to examine his handy work. He is surprisingly tender as he gently caresses her ass and leans in to place a kiss on her cheek. The sobs are still racking her small body when the Master on stage speaks again.

"I'm sure slave cindy is already regretting her continued acts of defiance against her master, but as this is her second offense, Master Michael has asked us to ensure her lesson 'takes' this time." The gasp from the slave girl on stage can be heard as he takes a short break before continuing on. "I sentence slave cindy to another 25 lashes with the wooden paddle followed by an additional 25 lashes with the belt and we'll end with 25 lashes with the cane. Sentence to be carried out in phases throughout the evening. Let's let her think about her sins for awhile on the whipping post before we move her over to the spanking bench for the rest of her sentence."

Only now does Brianna see that the Master who seems to be in charge is actually seated in what looks exactly like a king's throne from high court circa 1750. His 'throne' is on a raised platform towards the left side of the stage. There is enough room on the platform for a naked slave girl to be kneeling in front of the throne. Her arms are not only tied behind her back, but are actually wrapped tightly in ropes from her wrists to just above her elbows. It looks quite uncomfortable as her arms are jutted out behind her as she bends to face-fuck the Master sitting on his throne. Faint sounds of her sucking and licking are getting picked up over his wireless microphone.

"Master Peter...I believe you have a matter you would like to bring to our attention tonight. Please join me on the stage."

There is a commotion in the pit below in one of the comfortable seating pits. Brianna can make out a man that must be Master Peter pulling on the leash of a naked slave girl who had been sitting quietly at his feet. Now that they've been called to the stage, the slave girl has come alive. Her cursing can be heard throughout the club. After struggling with no success to get her to move along towards the stage with him, Peter proceeds to unbuckle his wide leather belt and begins wailing on her ass with quick, hard strokes. The slave girl lets out several yelps, but it certainly gets her moving along towards the stage.

There are stairs from the main floor of the club to climb up to the raised stage and when the slave girl stands to walk up the stairs, her Master is waiting to greet her at the top of the stairs with his belt. After yanking her back to her knees, he proceeds to wail five quick, hard smacks across her ass and upper thighs.

"I have told you ten times that when you are on the leash, you are to stay on your hands and knees. That includes on stairs and you know it."

Through her sobs the slave girl apologizes. "I'm so sorry Master. I truly am sorry. Please... can't we go home? I'll be a good girl."

Her Master visibly softens at her pleas and for a brief second as he gently reaches out to wipe her tears from her cheeks, Brianna thinks that he might relent, that is until the head Master reminds him of why they're there.

"Master Peter....Please share with everyone in the club tonight the reason you have asked that slave kristen be punished here tonight."

"As you know, I collared slave kristen over three months ago in a ceremony on this very stage. At the time we entered into a TPE 24/7 relationship. In the time since, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that I don't think she has a true submissive bone in her body and is interested in one thing only...my money. It just came to my attention that in the space of three months, she has spent over thirty thousand dollars on clothes, jewelry and God only knows what else. I would ask you to punish her severely in the hopes that she can be reformed."

"Peter... she certainly deserves to be punished, but seriously... she has broken so many rules in your M/s contract. Are you sure you don't want to just cut your losses here?"

Master Peter glances down at the crying slave at his feet and then back at the Master on his throne. "God help me, but I love her. I would like to at least try to train her properly. I know she needs a stronger hand to get her on track and that's why I'm bringing her to you and Master Derek. I will defer to any training you suggest."

Slave kristen is holding onto her Master's leg as if to throw herself at his mercy, much like Brianna had done with Markus just minutes before. "No Peter... please....I love you so much... please don't..."

The Master on stage silences kristen with a loud "Enough!". The warning stops her pleas, but cannot stop her tears.

"Slave kristen....I want to remind you that you do have an option here. Your Master has brought you here to punish you and get your training on track, but you do remember the details of when you willingly entered into your contract with Master Peter and agreed to join our club. You chose your safe word that, like every slave punished in the club, you can invoke in order to stop your punishment immediately. Of course, that also means you will be escorted from the premises never to return again and any contract with your Master is null and void." The evil smile playing on his lips only enhance kristen's torture. It's easy to see that she hates both her options.

The dominant men on stage give slave kristen a full, agonizingly long minute to contemplate her fate. When she finally raises her eyes from the floor with her decision, she looks at her own Master, Peter before replying. "I love you Peter. Please forgive me. I promise...."

The Master of ceremonies does not allow Peter to relent. "No more whining! Derek, gag her and let's get her settled onto the bench for starters."

Master Derek is already in motion and effortlessly picks up the petite redheaded girl and throws her over his shoulder much like he would a large sack of flour. He gives her bare ass several open-handed swats as he marches her over to the spanking bench. He makes quick work of pushing her body down over the padded top of the bench and tightly securing first her arms and then her legs to the heavy piece of furniture. A final leather strap is brought across her body at her waist to immobilize her further.

The red-head has continued to cry out for Peter to rescue her, but Master Derek stops her screams quickly by inserting an oversized ring gag into her mouth, forcing her to open wide. Within minutes, drool can be seen slipping down her chin, mixing with the already wet tears found there.

The final addition to her torture is a wide posture collar that fits in a way to force her head to stay upright, giving the entire audience and her punishers a clear view of her face throughout the punishment.

Brianna's heart is racing as she takes in the scene below. Markus has continued to hold her tightly against him, forcing her to face the unfolding drama below. Little does he know how grateful she is for his touch. Her legs feel like they could crumble beneath her any minute. She takes time to close her eyes and try to calm herself down. She needs to think of how she can possibly fix things with Markus. She's finding it hard to think of a way out because she knows how very hurt she would be if he had done the same thing to her. How could you have been so stupid Brianna?

Her attention is brought back to the scene on the stage below by the agonized screams coming from slave kristen who is in the process of getting a butt-blistering paddling, administered by the hulk of a man, Master Derek. He is using what appears to be a wooden fraternity paddle with several round holes drilled through it. Brianna is absolutely ashamed that the sound of the wood meeting flesh over and over in a rather fast, punishing pace is causing her pussy to throb. The slave girl's gag-mumbled screams combine with her groans of pain to send an electric jolt straight to Brianna's core.

After at least 25 paddles, Derek stops long enough to move closer to admire his work. He takes a minute or two to caress and rub the naughty girl's ass, allowing her time to slow her sobbing and gain some level of control over herself. She has been jerking wildly against her retraining straps, desperate to be free.

The punishment already seems severe to Brianna so when Master Derek moves to the nearby table to trade his punishment implement in for another, Bri almost collapses. Markus holds her upright and facing forward as she watches Derek return to the occupied spanking bench. He takes the time to turn the bench a quarter turn in order to give everyone watching a new angle for viewing.

He then proceeds with the punishment, this time using a riding crop. He sets a slower pace, stopping to caress the naughty slave's ass every third stroke or so. The care he seems to be taking to ensure no permanent damage is being done is both comforting to Brianna, and yet feels somewhat out of place. From their angle, they have the perfect view of the slave's ass and each hard snap of the crop is leaving visible welts criss-crossing her buttocks and upper thighs.

The final three strikes come fast and are all centered on the perfect tender 'sit spot' where her ass meets her thighs. Her blood curdling screams through her open gag let all spectators know how painful they were. Her body is now physically shaking from the strain of fighting her restraints and the overwhelming pain consuming her naked body.

Derek has laid the crop down on the near by table and has returned to once again massage the slave girl's punished parts. When he dips his hand across her wide-open pussy, he chuckles. "I think she's actually liking her punishment, Peter. She's dripping wet. We'll try to get her back on track tonight, but it's clear you're going to need to perform regular maintenance punishments to keep her spending under control."

Derek returns to the table to pick up his next punishment device for slave kristen. He chooses a leather strap that is several feet long and about two inches wide. He takes a minute to test the supple leather on his leather-covered thigh and once satisfied it's what he's looking for, he returns to the calmed down kristen. He once again rotates the spanking bench a quarter turn giving spectators a new angle by which to watch the unfortunate slave's discipline session.

He makes sure to show kristen the next tool he has chosen and a loud cry can be heard as she once again begins to shake before he even begins with his newest punishment phase. He moves closer to her and places a hand on her lower back, taking a few seconds to caress her long enough to get her shaking under control.

Unfortunately for her, her relief is very short lived when Derek proceeds with bringing the strap down across her ass over and over, very hard and alarmingly fast. While he had given time between strokes before, he is now acting like a man on a mission. The smacks of the strap hitting her beet-red ass are so loud that anyone watching knows that the large man is using close to full strength for each stroke. Ugly strips cover her bottom, from where her two little dimples above her ass start all the way to just above her knees.

The screams coming from the naughty slave on the stage are horrific and Brianna is shaking so hard now that she truly collapses against her husband. Bri is sobbing herself at the mere thought that Markus is going to allow the barbarians on the stage to do to her what they are doing to the current occupant of the bench.

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