tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 05

Wanting It All Ch. 05


Brianna is almost frantic by the time her husband's best friends emerge from the office together. It seemed to her that they'd been closeted in the office forever, but without a clock, she knows her mind is playing tricks on her since each agonizing minute of her immobilized torture drags on like hours. Her body is one big ball of pain. She's desperate for release, both from her restraints and for her bladder.

Making things worse, her paddled and bruised ass is being pressed against the hard wood, sending renewed waves of heat through her weary body. While the pain was all consuming those first helpless minutes on the cross, the agony has since begun to give way to much less desirable, confusing sensations. The moist sheen gathering between her splayed legs is visible proof of her dilemma.

Bri waits anxiously for her captors to cross over to untie her, but when both dominant men detour towards the door to the stage without even so much as a glance her way, she loses it. Their faces are hard...stormy. She prays they're angry at each other, but she suspects their veiled rage is still directed squarely at her and that doesn't bode well at all.

She screams out, trying to get their attention before they leave her alone again. "I can't believe you left me like this. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. I know Markus doesn't know you're treating me like this. I demand you get me down now. Do you hear me? Lukus! James!" They're already out of sight before she shouts their names and she's forced to endure her pain in silence once again.

Thankfully, Lukus returns for his wayward charge just a few minutes later. When he comes through the door, his eyes lock with her own. The penetrating glare and the strong set of his jaw send a visible shiver through Brianna's entire body and she sees the evil acknowledgement of her fear in his gaze.

"Did you miss me, sweetheart?" His words may be playful, but his tone is all business.

"Please, Lukus. I'm begging you. Let me use your bathroom." Brianna couldn't stop the tears from streaming down her face now if she had to. In a conspiracy against her, her body releases a visible shiver that she hopes he thinks is because she's chilled. She knows it's a direct result of the throbbing of her exposed pussy, now desperate for attention.

"All in good time. We have a few other plans for you first." He's standing directly in front of her now, only inches away from her shivering body. Close enough that Brianna can feel the warmth of his own clothed body and she hates how it comforts her. The seconds drag on as they size each other up.

"Last chance Brianna. I know you don't want to sign the divorce papers, but I've told you...and I mean it. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you to sign them. It's what he wants and I owe Markus that. Will you please sign now?"

She's shocked that his condescending tone has changed to what sounds like a gentle, heartfelt plea. His eyes are softening, almost pleading with her to acquiesce. Up until now, Bri has been obstinate in her refusal to sign. She's amazed to see Lukus has his defenses completely down and she takes her small window of opportunity to try to get through to him.

Her voice is pleading. "I told you Lukus, I'm never going to sign for a quick divorce. Please....I know you think you're helping Markus, but truly, I need to go home and talk to him. Tell him how much I love him and how sorry I am. How I will spend the rest of my life making this up to him. Please Lukus...I'm begging you. Give my marriage one more chance. Take me home."

For the briefest of moments she thinks he might be listening; might be ready to take her home and end this insanity, but it passes. She watches as Lukus hardens, transforming himself once again into the Master's Master before her very eyes.

Dragging his gaze away from her pleading eyes, Lukus makes quick work of releasing first her ankles and waist before finally reaching up to unhook her wrists, allowing her feet to finally touch the ground. Her legs had fallen asleep while held immobile and she would have collapsed to the floor had he not caught her, holding her intimately against his body. His rock hard cock is pressing into her stomach as his arms enclose her, holding her steady. Bri fears he can see her soul as he stares deep into her eyes. She quickly snaps her eyes closed tightly in an attempt to hide the indecent feelings coursing through her as her senses are barraged by the smell, sight and touch of him.

With nerves of steel, Lukus pushes her away roughly and unceremoniously stoops to grab her below the waist, effortlessly lifting her to his shoulder in a fireman's hold. She cries out from the sudden pressure directly pressing on her full bladder and the sharp pulling on the chain linking her still attached nipple clamps.

As if he can read her mind he lets her know, "You'd best hold it. I'll paddle you black and blue if you piss down my shirt, little girl."

Once on the main stage, he walks to the far side of the stage to an area she was not in the previous night. She has no memory of what torture device lives in this area of the dungeon until Lukus drops her from his shoulder onto the edge of the gynecological exam table. He wastes no time in pulling her arms up above her head and makes quick work of securing her arms tightly leaving no hope of release without the Master. The head end of the leather covered table is reclined at a forty-five degree angle, allowing Brianna to be in a semi-upright position; all the better to see every devious deed the men have planned for her now helpless body.

The bright stage lights are not on today and she quickly surveys the large, dark club, relieved to find it empty except for her and her husband's 'friends.' She's barely glanced around when she feels both of her legs being roughly pulled up, high and wide. Lukus is on one side and James is on the other as they lock her legs into the abnormally large, locking stirrups. These are unlike any stirrups found in any normal OB-GYN office. These stirrups are clearly meant to completely immobilize a 'patient' in the most vulnerable of positions possible.

As they adjust her legs to move her knees even closer towards her head, she finds her ass and pussy completely open and at their mercy...ready for their viewing, touching, punishing and God forbid...even fucking. Things are clearly going from bad to worse and Bri fights back her panic.

Once she's locked in place, Lukus steps back and leans his back against the nearby wall, only a few feet away from the action. He's at the perfect angle to watch Brianna's face. She doubts that he realizes that she is a witness as he drags his gaze slowly across her naked body. His muscular arms are crossed in front of his broad chest. He casually crosses his left leg over his right at the ankle, trying to give off an air of a casual bystander. Brianna watches him closely as his eyes devour her naked body. She doesn't miss his quickened breathing or the outline of his over-sized cock, clearly seen straining against his now too-tight jeans. An unwelcome thrill quickens her heart rate at the thought of being responsible for his obvious discomfort.

'Serves his ass right for how he's treating me.'

Lukus is clearly handing control over the 'scene' off to James. It only takes a minute for Brianna to realize he's playing the part of doctor in their sick game.

"Did you at least make your lover wear a condom when he fucked you?" James' tone is all business. Dr. Chambers is in session.

"He wasn't my lover...I told you that. And of course I asked him to wear a condom, but..." her voice trails off.

"But what?"

"I'm on the pill. I know he didn't get me pregnant."

"That's not what I asked you. Did he or did he not wear a condom? Did you let him shoot his cum into your body?" His voice is so hard.

"Yes." She is flustered.

"Which is it? Yes, he wore a condom or yes, he shot his cum into your body?" James is not letting up at all.

Brianna's voice is reduced to a whisper. "He didn't wear a condom. I told him to. I begged him to. He never listens to me."

"Sounds like a really nice guy. I can see why you'd throw your marriage away for him." James' voice drips with sarcasm.

His tone brings out her anger all over again. "What do you guys want from me? I know I was an idiot. Jake is a complete jerk and none of you are angrier with me than I am at myself. If I could turn back time and never go with him I would, but I can't."

James ignores her. He continues on as if she didn't speak. "Lukus tells me that Markus fucked you one last time before saying goodbye to you for good. I'm worried he might have been exposed to STD's. I'm going to get a blood sample from you and have it tested. Then I'm going to give you a full exam to see if there are any signs of sexually transmitted diseases."

Brianna is humiliated. She feels like a whore, about to be poked and prodded because she was so promiscuous that she could be diseased. She's sure that's exactly James' intention and she's tempted to tell him 'mission accomplished' but holds her tongue.

James goes about collecting a small vile of her blood from a vein in her restrained arm under the watchful eye of Lukus. When Bri looks away from the needle, she glances towards Lukus and sees him watching her reaction carefully, an unreadable expression on his face.

As unpleasant as the blood draw was, things get worse when James settles on the stool at the end of the exam table. He wheels the stool close to her body and reaches out with his latex gloved hands to begin his very personal examination of her body. At first, his touch is that of any reputable doctor, but within a few seconds his examination changes to that of a dominant Master. She feels his fingers roughly exploring her pussy, inside and out, as if he's testing her responses to his all-too-personal touch.

The unmistakable sound of Bri's rapid breathing mixes with the wet slurping sound of his probing fingers sliding up and down through her juicy folds. Her ass jerks up off the end of the table when his fingers craze her clit. An unmistakable groan of pleasure escapes as he quickly plunges what feels like two fingers deep into her cunt, expertly curling them to find her G-spot.

Panic hits when Bri realizes just how close she is to actually coming at the hands of someone other than her husband. She'd made a promise to herself while caged up overnight that she would never again let anyone other than her husband touch her sexually ever again and here she is only a few hours later being forced to break her own promise already.

Bri is shocked by her friend's boldness. Pushing her obvious pleasure aside, it takes all of her self-control to give James the same warning she'd given Lukus not long before. "James, stop it right now. I'm still Markus' wife and I'm positive he doesn't want you doing this to me."

"That's where you're wrong, Brianna. I think Markus wants to know as much as possible about why you fucked around on him. Why you would risk everything for a quick fuck with some jerk that treats you like shit. My examination will continue." With that, he reaches down into a black bag at his feet and pulls out an abnormally large speculum. She can feel him rubbing the cold metal up and down the wet folds of her pussy as if to get it lubed up and then unceremoniously shoves it deep into her cunt, drawing another groan from his captive patient.

Unlike a reputable OB-GYN doctor, James roughly spreads the device wide open, stretching his patient's tender pussy, rendering her most private body part public domain. He's locked the device wide open, causing painful cramps to wash through her lower half. He takes his time reaching for a very long Q-tip to swab a sample from deep within her body, scraping against the walls of her cunt. Even after he secures her sample, he's in no hurry to relieve her discomfort.

Leaving the speculum in place, he now reaches into his bag to pull out what looks like a Foley catheter along with a collection bag. He pulls a wheeled cart over next to them and Brianna can see it's actually a tall cart that has several hooks positioned high as if to hang an IV bag. There's a second row of hooks near the bottom to hold, in this case, the pee collection bag.

"I'm going to get a urine sample now so I can give you a pregnancy test. I want to make sure that you aren't going to come back later and claim to be pregnant with Markus' baby."

Brianna has such mixed emotions as she feels James' fingers pulling her folds apart to insert the catheter. She hates him seeing her like this... touching her like this. But still, anything that may help relieve some of the pressure on her bladder at this point is welcome. She feels the pinch as he inserts the tube and then almost immediately can feel some relief as her fluid begins to leave her body. Her relief is short lived when he barely allows for a cup of her hot pee to escape to the collection bag before he clamps off the tube, cutting off the urine stream. He then roughly yanks the catheter from her body.

Brianna does her best to stop the flow of her pee, but is only successful after having an accident that nearly hits James' pants. He jerks back barely in time. "Jesus Christ, Bri. Watch it. You just peed on my shoes."

She knows her face has to be beet red from embarrassment and she quickly closes her eyes in a feeble attempt to hide her escalating panic. The urge to pee is almost too much to hold back now. It's taking every ounce of her self-control to stop from peeing on James.

"Please...I need to go to the bathroom. Let me loose so I can go. I'll even use the damn bucket now, Lukus."

"I told you, sweetheart. You had your last chance. We're going to do this our way now. Like I said. There are many ways to punish you that don't involve spanking or paddling. You're about to find out how very true my words were."

Brianna isn't exactly sure what 'their way' means, but it couldn't be good. She barely pays attention as James finally removes the over-large speculum, throwing it into his bag below.

She's so focused on not having an accident that she's surprised when she feels something touching the puckering hole of her ass. Her eyes fly to James as she sees the bottle of lube in his visible hand and feels the cool lube that is covering his latex covered fingers as they play with her tight hole. Brianna is too surprised to even complain when she feels him pressing a finger into her body, seating it in up to the knuckle before circling his thick finger in circles, bringing a strange feeling of fullness and desire to invade.

She silently allows him to slowly finger her ass, fighting the urge to moan with pleasure. She closes her eyes, allowing just a few seconds of pleasure to wash over her before she feels something hard, like a small dildo being inserted into her ass. She quickly opens her eyes again to seek out exactly what's happening to her and is just in time to see James hanging an oversized enema bag on one of the high hooks of the rolling cart next to her. As her eyes trace the hose coming from the bag, it doesn't take her long to realize that James has just shoved what feels like an oversized enema nozzle deep into her anus.

True panic takes over. Brianna begins to strain against her restraints in a feeble attempt to free herself. She's shaking so hard as the realization of her dire situation sinks in that she doesn't even realize she's quietly sobbing as she feels the first evidence of the invading water. At least she prays its water. What if they put something into the water to cause her even more pain?

Bri has never had an enema before, but unfortunately she has read several erotic romance novels that had experimented with water 'sports'. She was always completely turned off by any pee play, but she hates that she remembers getting turned on reading about punishment enemas. The thought of a helpless submissive being filled up with warm, soapy water and then being made to hold it, painfully, until finally being humiliatingly forced to expel in front of her master had been the fodder of her masturbation fantasies more than once.

What a fool she'd been to ever think there was anything erotic about this when reading about it. Now that the moment is upon her, she knows that it's painful and unbearably embarrassing. And yet, if she's truthful with herself, if she was a spectator to this scene, without a doubt she could understand how it might turn a Dom on. Watching their sub tied down, immobile, with her nipples tortured and her legs splayed high and wide, ready for mounting. Watching as her most private hole is cleansed in preparation for her Master's cock.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, ... she can feel her pussy throbbing, her juices beginning to flow and she's furious with herself. Bri shakes her head from side to side as she wrestles with her own internal war raging within her as she battles between humiliation and near ecstasy as she's forced to submit to this very personal punishment from her husband's Dom friends.

She has no choice but to beg for them to stop this insanity and she decides to layer in a small threat. "You have to stop this James. You can't do this to me. Markus is never going to forgive you for humiliating me like this. I'm going to tell him everything you and Lukus are doing and he's going to kill you both."

James' face is hard and unforgiving as he monitors the water flow into her already too-full body. With each passing minute, her cramping is getting worse and the pressure in her bowel is now having a detrimental effect on her bladder predicament. She begins to feel as if her entire body is a water balloon that is about to pop from being over-filled.

As her groans of sheer agony get louder and more frequent, James occasionally stops the water flow to let her to get used to the water level before opening the clamp, once again allowing the flow of liquid into her body.

Bri soon has a wet sheen of perspiration covering every inch of her body, partly from the heat of the warm water filling her, but mostly from the embarrassment and physical strain of trying to retain the liquids in her body. Yet, against her will and in spite of all that's happening to her, an undeniable sense of surrender is beginning to form in Bri's fragile mind. There is something therapeutic in being rendered completely helpless...forced to comply... forced to cleanse her body, as if the flood inside her could possibly wash away her unforgivable sin when the liquid is finally allowed to vacate her body.

When the huge enema bag is finally empty, James clamps off the tube and immediately begins to squeeze a hand pump bulb attached to the hose. Brianna immediately feels the nozzle still shoved up her ass beginning to expand....ballooning up to stretch her tightest hole to new and painful limits. On the one hand, she's grateful for the balloon's presence, making it easier to retain the invading water as it acts as a dam. Yet, she's appalled that two men who profess to be friends of her husband are using her ass in this shameful manner.

James finally unhooks the plastic tubing from the balloon plugging her ass and steps back, watching her body carefully with a damn smug look on his face as if he's proud of himself. The asshole.

"In case you haven't figured this out yet, this is a punishment enema. Lukus informs me that the more traditional forms of punishment he was attempting to use were not having the desired effect. As a basic rule, we discourage orgasms when we're punishing our subs. I'm pretty sure this punishment is not going to turn into a pleasurable experience for you, although I must admit you may experience euphoria when you're finally allowed to expel... that is if you can get past the humiliation of expelling in front of Lukus and me."

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