tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 06

Wanting It All Ch. 06


Lukus' BMW hugs the exit ramp from the expressway at close to double the posted speed. He's decided to take his pent up sexual frustration out on his car and is grateful the Saturday afternoon traffic is light. In the condition he's in, he might of ended up killing someone with road rage had there been a traffic jam.

He's never actually been to Markus' house out in the burbs. An anger he's learned to push down over the last three years is beginning to resurface with each passing mile. It was bad enough that Markus had never invited him out for a social event. No...his best friend had actually had the balls to ask Lukus to send someone else out from his security team to lead the job of installing the top-of-the-line security system Markus had invested in when he finished building his multi-million dollar mansion. By the time the house was finished, Markus was already married to Brianna...yet another social event he hadn't been invited to.

'My invitation must have been lost in the mail.'

His blood is starting to boil with anger as Lukus lets himself look back to the time right after Markus got remarried. After seeing each other at least weekly for over ten years, Markus had gone dark when Brianna came into his life. The friends had even thrown a few punches while moderately drunk just after the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon. After that eventful night, the men had actually gone almost a full year without even talking to each other.

Only Lukus' arrest two years ago had brought them back together again. Markus had really come through for him when the chips were down and while his friend had still kept Brianna sheltered from any part of his previous BDSM life, Lukus had been relieved to resume his friendship with his friend. The men have lunch together at least once every week or so now and talk even more frequently. Still, Lukus has always known there is a lot that Markus has been hiding from him. They'd come to an unspoken truce, agreeing to avoid the subject of Brianna and the BDSM lifestyle altogether.

The last twenty-four hours have pretty much torn down all of the walls holding Markus' secrets at bay. While now knowing why Markus had gone dark on him after meeting Brianna helps a little to alleviate the confusion of what had happened, Lukus is still left with a deep anger. He totally understands that Brianna was in no condition back then to be exposed to the D/s lifestyle. Jake's violence was just too fresh at the time.

'What the fuck did he think I was going to do? Show up to the wedding in leather, whip in hand and scare the shit out of her?'

Lukus is still not 100% sure what he's going to find when he gets to his friend's house. He also hasn't a clue how he's going to look Markus in the face in light of the feelings that Brianna has stirred up in him. Just thinking of her tied naked in his bed with her pink, striped ass submissively plugged with the butt-plug has his already hard cock throbbing with desire.

'Maybe Markus was right to keep her away from me after all. If I was back at my loft I'd probably be fucking her silly by now.'

Thankfully, he'd had enough willpower to get the hell out of there before he really did something stupid...like stick his dick anywhere near her. Just thinking of her again reminds him to make a call he'd meant to make as soon as he got on the road.

He reaches for his iPhone, searching for Derek's phone number and hitting SEND. His friend answers quickly.

"Hey. How's the 'training' going? Did she sign the divorce papers yet?"

Lukus should have been prepared for this question. "No...not yet and honestly, I don't think she's going to. I'm on my way out to talk to Markus about it now. That's why I'm calling. What's Rachel up to this morning?"

Derek laughs. "Well, right this minute she's kneeling under the desk at the office sucking me off. Why?"

"We've discussed this, man. You need to stop bringing her into the security office to service you. All it does is get the rest of the crew all horny and jumpy. Unless you're gonna start sharing her, you need to cut that shit out."

"Hey, it's Saturday and I already sent the guys working today out on their assignments. No one is around right now and even if they come back, she can just stay hidden at my feet under the desk."

"Fine, but as soon as you're done defiling your wife's throat, I need you to send Rachel up to my loft to babysit."

Derek chuckles. "What? Did you have some chick show up with a kid she's trying to saddle you with?"

"Don't be an ass. I left Brianna tied up to my bed. She gets upset when she's left locked up without someone being there in case the building catches on fire or some bullshit like that. Honestly, at first I laughed it off, but when I really think about it, I realized we might be putting the submissives in danger when we tie them up and leave them unattended. You think you could send Rachel up to sit with her until I get back?" There's silence on the phone for a few long seconds. "Derek....you still there?"

"Let me get this straight. You...Master Lukus Mitchell...the hard-ass owner of The Punishment Pit not only took a sub that you were charged with punishing up to your private loft, but you have her tied to your soft, king-size bed and now you want my sub...my wife...to go keep her company so she doesn't get scared. Is that really what you're saying here?"

"I told you...stop being such an ass. You know what...fuck it. I'm sorry I called." Lukus is suddenly self-conscious. Calling Derek seemed like a fine idea before, but now hearing his words coming back at him from his second in command, he sounds exactly like one of the lightweight Doms that he and Derek like to make fun of regularly. They're the ones that bring their subs into the club because they're too soft to actually discipline them properly themselves.

Lukus can hear muffled sounds at the other end of the connection. He then hears Derek telling Rachel to go kneel out in the reception area and wait for him. After a few seconds, Derek is back on the line and Lukus can hear the concern in his voice.

"Alright man. What the hell is going on with you? Please tell me you didn't fuck her."

Lukus wants to be pissed at his friend for even thinking it, but he knows he'd be a complete hypocrite if he busted his balls over it since Lukus is not entirely sure he would have been able to stop from ravaging her if Brianna hadn't stopped them when she did. He takes a deep breath and then sighs before answering truthfully. "No man. I didn't fuck her. But I'll tell you.... I wanted to... bad. I had to get the hell out of there before I did something stupid."

"Shit. Well, yes. Fucking Markus' wife would have been colossal stupid. She's hot, but she's so off limits."

"Tell me something I don't fucking already know. Listen, will you please send Rachel up to be there with her? I don't want her to even know that Rachel is there and under no circumstances do I want Rachel talking to her, do you hear me? Bri knows next to nothing about Markus in his Dom days and I don't need Rachel filling her in yet, got that?"

"Sure, I can send her up and she'll do what I tell her. You know that. I'm worried about you though. This isn't like you at all. I hear it in your voice, Lukus. You're getting emotionally invested in this."

"Well, fuck yeah. How the hell can I not after the history that Markus and I have had the past few years since he met Brianna. There's a part of me that's relieved that he's turning to me to help him...like the old days. There's a part of me that's furious that I wasn't good enough to be part of his life with her before she lets some asshole fuck her and then all of a sudden she becomes my problem. But the biggest part of me is pissed because he's trying to throw away something that he should have been taking much better care of. If he'd been doing a better job taking care of his wife, she never would have felt the need to cheat on him."

"Fuck a duck. You're actually taking her side in this? She must be part witch to have cast a spell on you and get you this twisted up so fast man."

"I never said I'm taking her side, damn it. I just spent a few minutes doing something Markus should have done a long time ago. It took me all of ten minutes to figure out what the hell is going on. He was either blind or just didn't give a shit to have missed all of the signs of what she needed to be happy."

"And just what is that, Dr. Mitchell?"

"Screw you, man. I'm sorry I called you."

"Okay...I'm sorry. I'll back off. I'll send Rachel up and we can talk about all of this shit later when you get back here. Good luck, Lukus. I don't envy you your job this morning."

"Thanks. I'll call you later when I'm on my way back into the city."


Lukus checks the map on his iPhone to see how much farther he has to go. He's getting close now and he decides to call Markus again so he knows to let Lukus in.

When the phone rings six times and rolls to voicemail, Lukus loses his temper. "Markus, you'd better be up and sober and ready to listen. I'm almost there. We have a lot to talk about." He cuts the call off there.

Within five minutes, Lukus is parking in the brick driveway of his friend's mansion. The early spring flowers are just emerging in the neatly trimmed landscape beds lining the wide walkway to the massive front door. Lukus rings the doorbell several times, but gets no response from inside. He of course tests the door, but it's locked as expected. After knocking on several doors and windows and phoning Markus' cell phone two more times, Lukus is starting to really get worried about his friend.

"Surely he didn't do something stupid.'

Lukus says it like a statement in his head, but his heart is picking up its pace at the thought his best friend might have done something stupid in his grief over the loss of Brianna. Before meeting her, Lukus would have been furious at just the thought, but now... having met Brianna... having kissed and held Brianna... hell, he could almost understand the temptation...almost.

The next call he makes is back to Derek. "Hey man. I need your help. I'm at Markus' house and he's not answering. The house is buttoned up tight, but I need to get in. Can you turn off the alarm from the remote access system and even send a command to unlock the front door?"

"Sure...hold on. You don't think he did something stupid, do you?"

Lukus isn't about to tell Derek the thought had already crossed his mind. "Naw. I'm sure he just drank like a fiend and passed out. I'll probably need to throw his ass into a cold shower to get him sobered up enough to even talk to him."

After a few minutes, Derek is back on the line. "Okay, you should be able to get in without an issue now."

"I'm going in." Lukus tentatively opens the front door, holding his breath in case the alarm sounds and relieved when it doesn't. "Thanks again Derek. I'll call you later."

Lukus quietly closes the door and takes a minute to take in the large Italian marble tiled foyer with the grand circular staircase leading up to the open second floor balcony. The floor plan is open and he can see all the way through to the back of the house. The whole great room sports two stories of huge windows that look out onto a fairway of the connecting private country club's award winning 18-hole golf course.

In spite of the size and opulence of the space, Lukus is struck by how comfortable and homey it feels. So often houses like this feel like a damn museum and he's struck by how admirable a job Brianna did at building a real home for his best friend. A pang of unwanted jealously flairs up again and he's smart enough to take a minute to push it down knowing it isn't exactly advisable to face Markus with such dark thoughts on his mind.

There's loud rock music playing throughout the entire house. Lukus calls out loudly trying to project his voice over the music. "Markus... Where the hell are you?" He moves through the foyer towards the great room. He can see the large sunk-in dining room with a grand table that seats at least twelve to the right with the gourmet kitchen just beyond. As he moves into the great room, he has to step over several broken vases, picture frames and even a chair that's now in several pieces. The large mirror over the two-story stone fireplace is crushed into a million pieces.

Only when he's fairly far into the room does Lukus finally spot Markus laying face down on the couch. His left arm is hanging over touching the floor. His now empty rock glass is discarded nearby. Lukus quickly crosses over and gives his friend a poke. "Hey man. I've been calling you. You need to wake up. We need to talk."

When Markus doesn't even budge, Lukus squats down in front of him and tentatively reaches out to do a pulse check. Relieved when he feels a strong heartbeat, he roughly rolls Markus onto his side, his back towards the couch cushions and not so gently taps his face in an attempt to rouse him. The only evidence Markus even knows he's there is his low groaning at being disturbed.

Markus looks like complete shit. His beard has always grown back fast and he has a full day's dark gruff on his strong jaw. His dark hair looks like it's been through a windstorm and he still has on the same clothes he was wearing last night at the club. The only addition to his wardrobe appears to be spilled food or drink all down the front of his wrinkled dress shirt. The normally put-together lawyer is looking anything but lawyerly today.

While Lukus takes a minute to look around the room, Markus surprises him by pushing him backwards and out of the way while Markus leans over the edge of the couch to puke all over the decorative carpet between the two men. Lukus manages to get out of the way just in time.

"Nice....I feel like we're back in college and waking up after one of our all-night frat keg parties. I would've really been pissed if you'd puked on my favorite boots."

It takes a few minutes for Markus to recover enough to be able to talk. He lies back to lean against the back cushions of the couch, trying to focus on his friend. His voice is hoarse and croaky. "What the hell are you doing here? Did you bring the divorce papers?"

Lukus takes a minute to watch his friend before answering his question. Lukus is relieved to see Markus has a clear look of dread on his face. It's easy to see he's praying she didn't sign. "No. I'm afraid I failed you. She isn't going to sign the divorce papers, Markus."

The wave of relief that washes over Markus' face tells it all. "Oh thank God. I should be pissed...but I'm not. I've dreaded you getting here with signed papers. I know it's what I asked you to do for me, but it guts me just thinking about losing her. I know you're gonna give me all kinds of shit for being a pussy for feeling like this after what she did, but I can't help it. I love her so much it hurts, man."

The range of emotions racing through Lukus at a hundred miles per hour is staggering. He should be relieved and happy for his best friend that he's smart enough to fight for his marriage, but until this very minute, Lukus hadn't recognized the small sliver inside of himself that was hoping that Markus would walk away, leaving Brianna available...for him.

'Don't be an asshole, Mitchell. They love each other. Back the fuck out of this.'

"Hey, I'm not going to say jack shit. In fact, if you hadn't woke up to realize what the hell you're losing by now, I was coming out here to bang some sense into you." Markus has sat up and is at least vertical now. His eyes are closed and it looks as if he's contemplating throwing up again as Lukus continues on. "I really like what you've done with the place. You know, you're gonna have seven years bad luck from the broken mirror."

Markus finally opens his eyes. He's able to focus now and has turned his sights on his best friend. "Cut the damn small talk. What happened last night and how is she doing?"

The men stare each other down for a few long seconds before Lukus stands and walks over to the high-tech entertainment system. He takes a minute to locate the off button to stop the blaring music so the men can actually have a real conversation without shouting. He then heads to a nearby, overstuffed chair and plops down. "Why don't you go take a shower and we'll talk after. I'll make you some food."

"Stop stalling. What the hell happened to my wife?" His tone is suddenly over-the-top accusatory.

"Hey, nothing happened to your wife that you didn't ask to happen and don't forget that. You left her there...alone...with two men who were gonna whip, paddle and humiliate the shit out of her. How could you do that to her knowing what the hell she's been through in the past? The least you could have done is warn me." Lukus' anger level is rising and Markus' face is draining.

"I told you everything you needed to know. You didn't need to know all of the shit about Jake. If she was so traumatized by what that asshole did to her, she should have called the police when he showed up at the salon, not jumped in a car to meet him at a hotel to fuck the afternoon away." The pain in his voice is evident.

The men spend a good minute staring each other down before Lukus finally lays it out for his friend. "You really screwed this up Markus. I love you like a brother, but from the minute you met that woman you've done one thing after another to fuck things up and I'm done letting you get away with it."

"What... so now the next thing you're gonna tell me is that it's my fucking fault she cheated on me? Jesus Christ, Lukus. How the hell did she get you wrapped around her little finger so fast? Wait...I forgot. That's what she does. She cries that soft, vulnerable cry and blinks those big brown eyes, or laughs that cute little giggle of hers and it melts your damn heart. I should know. I've seen her do it to every man I've ever introduced her to."

"Is that why the hell you never let me meet her before? Why you didn't even invite me to your wedding? We were like brothers, Markus. Do you know how ridiculous it is that I just met her for the first time last night?"

Markus stumbles to his feet to walk towards the wet bar across the room. He throws his next insult over his shoulder. "Oh, for Christ's sake. Are we gonna have this argument again...now? I had my reasons for not introducing you. I thought you understood that."

"I never understood...at least not until today. Would it have killed you to explain it to me back then? It took all of ten minutes of talking with Bri to figure it all out. I would have understood."

"Right. You were already so angry with me for the way things had ended with Georgie. I knew you'd give me no end of grief over what I had to do to get Brianna to trust me."

Lukus is relieved to see his friend has just grabbed a bottle of water from the small refrigerator in the bar area and isn't planning on drinking more alcohol. "I resent that. What have I ever done to make you think I wouldn't have supported you marrying Brianna?"

"Are you kidding me? After all of the shit you gave me after Georgie left me? You can't help yourself."

"That's completely different. You crossed the line with Georgie. I did to you what I would have done to any Dom in the club that did the same thing. You blew through her safe-word. Not once, but twice. You hurt her, Markus. Were you really surprised that she left you?"

Markus takes a seat at the far end of the couch, away from the foul smelling mess on the floor. He looks totally defeated as he sits quietly, unable to look his friend in the eye. When he finally looks up at Lukus, it looks like tears are threatening. "I regret losing control that night more than you'll ever know, but Georgie didn't leave me because I blew through her safe-word. She was ready to leave me long before that. That was just the final straw. I've been thinking about it all night before I finally had to take a fucking Ambien just so I could finally shut my brain off."

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