tagBDSMWanting It All Ch. 12

Wanting It All Ch. 12


Author's Note:

Welcome back to Wanting It All. I want to thank my readers for your continued supportive comments, votes and emails. They mean the world to me. It took a bit more time than I'd hoped to wrap up chapter 12. The good news is it's the longest chapter of the story and I hope you all enjoy your WIA fix.

I can't forget to thank my editor extraordinaire and friend, redyellowgo, for her invaluable help with not only traditional editorial duties, but also for talking me down from a ledge a time or two when things weren't flowing. Only I know how valuable your input is to the process. You rock!!! I also want to thank FA_JF, JennyB2492 and Waterburn for your frequent entertainment and support. Sorry, but I couldn't find a way to work cabana boys into this chapter, ladies.

Without further adieu....here is Chapter 12 for your reading enjoyment.



Tiffany's muscles are screaming for release. The constant strain of trying to escape from the constricting ropes binding her body tightly to the padded table she's sprawled facedown on is taking its toll on her limbs. She tries to scream, but finds herself gagged with an overly large ball-gag, which only allows muffled sounds to escape.

She's facing away from her captor so she can only feel his presence as he slowly massages her lower back, slowly moving downward to stroke her ass almost lovingly. Where she'd felt panic rising up minutes before, she now allows the tenderness of his caress to lull her into calming. His hand drifts lower to stroke her wet labia splayed open courtesy of her spread-eagle legs, tied to the far edges of the wide table. The agile fingers flick teasingly across her clit just long enough to draw a moan from deep within before diving in and out of her pussy several times, drawing out the wetness gathering deep within.

She's so focused on the probing fingers bringing her pleasure that she's completely unprepared for the searing pain of the punishingly strong cane stroke as it strikes her squarely across both ass-cheeks, spreading fire equally to both rounded globes. She doesn't even have a few seconds to recover from the heat spreading through her ass before the feel of the next lash connects squarely with the lower portion of her butt, dragging a long scream from deep within.

The scorching pain is bad enough, but it's the chilling chuckle of her punisher that makes her blood run cold. She can hear the joy in his sadistic laughter as he continues to punish her naked body with strokes from the thick cane raining down on her defenseless ass. She feels the dreaded shame of losing control over her own body pushing to the forefront of her thoughts as she allows her panic to consume her.

Using every ounce of strength she can find, she struggles to free her arms or legs from their hold, managing only to dig the restraints deeper where rough rope meets tender skin. It's when the cane connects with her bare back that she finally hears her own scream breaking through her fragile dreamlike state.

She feels his warm hands on her upper arms, gently shaking her, before relieved reality slowly starts to seep into her consciousness. It's his masculine scent that comes next, instantly helping to slow her racing heart. It isn't until she hears his voice, however, that she realizes what's truly happened.

"Tiffany. Wake up, Baby. You're having a nightmare." Lukus' voice is reassuringly strong, allowing Tiffany's dark dream to slowly slink back into the recesses of her mind where, no doubt, it will wait to come out to torture her again. Her eyes flutter open, seeking the comforting reassurance of Lukus' protection from the big-bad-wolf who's haunted her dreams for what seems like forever. Her breathing is labored as she tries to calm down.

Lukus pins her ocean blue eyes with a probing glare, taking every nuance of her in as if to assess her vitals to ensure she's really okay. Through the dim pre-dawn light making its way through the large master bedroom windows, Tiff can see the concern etched across his face. She tries to pass off a reassuring smile, but she's pretty sure her shivering gives away her more accurate precarious mental status. She tries to keep the quiver out of her voice as she replies. "I'll be okay in a minute, Lukus. I just need to wake up a bit and then I'll be fine."

"You're not fine. You were actually screaming...as if you were hurt. What the hell were you dreaming about?" Lukus has rolled her onto her back and is hovering over her...blanketing her as if he means to stand between her and anything that dares threaten her. Tiff can't resist reaching up to stroke his stubble-covered face, taking comfort in feeling he's real....not just a figment of her imagination.

'My own prince charming, intent on coming to my rescue. If only he could slay my dream-demons.'

His watchful concern is touching and makes Tiff's heart flutter. He's being so protective of her, even against her imaginary demons. Still, she has no intention of discussing her reoccurring nightmare...at least not tonight...not with Lukus. In part, because there's nothing he can do about it, but more so because the details are just too intimate...embarrassing. A stray thought flits through her brain asking herself why tonight and she knows the answer is so simple. It's absolutely no coincidence the dream, which has been gratefully dormant for over a year, chose tonight to rear its ugly head. Her brain races to connect the dots. The nightmare was back for a very good reason. Her face must portray her epiphany.

"What is it? Talk to me." Lukus has started to stroke her hair gently; carefully swiping the sweat dampened locks away from her face, removing the last small veil she had to hide behind. His concerned green eyes are boring into her as if they have the ability to rifle through her own thoughts to see what she has hidden there. He doesn't have to say another word. His last command is hanging in the air. She knows he expects answers.

'Damn him. He knows it's important. I don't know how, but he knows.'

Tiff falls back on her first line of defense. She snaps her eyes closed, trying to hide her disorganized emotions from Lukus long enough to formulate a truthful answer which will both appease him and will still protect herself from the pain of delving too deep into her demons. It's bad enough they creep up and impact her sleep. She'll be damned if she's going to let them start to infiltrate her waking hours as well.

"Open up, Tiff. You can't just close your eyes every time you don't want to talk to me."

Keeping her eyes closed, she replies. "Of course I can." She lets a playful smile creep to her face, hoping her sassy response will distract him from his original mission.

"I'll rephrase. You won't close your eyes every time you don't want to talk to me. Open."

Tiff wants to be angry at his tone...at his expectation he can demand and she will just obey. But now that her protective dam has fallen, she finds a welcome warm burn igniting deep within as she realizes that for the first time, she's met a man who isn't going to let her roll right over him. The realization is both frightening and strangely exciting. She finally takes a deep breath and opens her eyes to see he's moved even closer; his handsome face hovering just inches away.

"That's my girl." His possessive words co-mingle with his intensely dominant gaze to make her feel as if she's just been encased by his protective shield....as if nothing is ever going to hurt her again. It feels damn good.

"Now Baby...I think I've made my point clear, but just in case you missed it....we're not going to follow in Markus and Brianna's footsteps and avoid talking about topics that may feel uncomfortable. Be warned. Just like down on the stage last night, I didn't try to hide anything from you. I took a chance by telling you the truth, knowing it might hurt you. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I've never been one to play games. That means we may end up having to say things to each other that might hurt or feel embarrassing, but I don't give a shit. I can't fix things I don't know about."

"Lukus...I get it. But truly...there's nothing for you to fix. It's just a dream I have sometimes...."

Before Tiff can finish her sentence, he interrupts. "So, you've had it before?"

"Yes, but..."

"And is someone hurting you?"

"Yes, but..."


Tiff is tired of him cutting her off. She's also aware he's quickly honing in on the root of her nightmare. "Lukus, please. Let it go."

The standoff has begun. He holds...waiting for her response. She refuses to answer and has to work hard to keep her eyes open as she watches the emotions flit across Lukus' face in the dim lighting. She can see his determination. They are suddenly playing a game of chicken. Who will flinch first? The long, silent seconds drag on like hours.

'Damn...he's good at this.'

"Fine. It's a nightmare I've had on-and-off for the last few years. I honestly haven't had it in so long that I'd hoped it was gone for good. Apparently, I was wrong."

"Who's in it? Who's hurting you?"

She knows the truth is going to set off fireworks, yet he's the one who laid down the rules. Tiff gets a small feeling of hollow victory at the thought of answering him truthfully.

'Serves his ass right for pushing me to talk about it.'

She doesn't expound. She doesn't need to. One word will do. "Jake."

She doesn't miss the sharp intake of his breath as he internalizes her answer. If possible, his deep green eyes turn black in the dim light. She gets the impression he's working hard to maintain his temper before quietly...too quietly...replying. "I thought he'd only hurt Brianna. I didn't know he'd touched you too. Tell me every single thing that prick did to you, Baby."

Tiff is suddenly aware that for the first time, she's talking about Jake's abuse to a man that not only actually gives a shit about how fucked up both she and Brianna are over Jake's abuse, but she's talking to a man who is more than prepared to actually do something about it. That realization is both exhilarating and frightening. As much as she'd love for Jake to pay for all he's done to terrorize them, she doesn't want Lukus to do anything stupid that'll get him in trouble...or worse...hurt.

"Lukus, please. It's in the past. Let it go."

"The hell it's in the past. You had the dream tonight. Laying in my bed....in my arms." His calm is eroding. She feels the hurricane brewing behind his response. "Markus and I are gonna deal with the bastard. Now, tell me exactly what he's done to you. Don't leave anything out, do you hear me?"

"Lukus...believe me. I want to see Jake pay for all the pain he's caused, but I don't want you to do anything stupid. Please...."

"I'm not gonna do anything stupid. I just need facts."

"Well, the fact is he never really touched me...not physically anyway. Sometimes I think it might have been easier if he had."

Tiff feels his grip on her upper arm constricting as he replies. "I don't want to hear you ever say that again, Tiff. I've heard first hand what he's done to Brianna so I don't ever want you to wish that for yourself."

"You're right. I'm sorry. I just get mad at myself for letting him scare me so much. He loved to torture Bri both physically and mentally. He just took joy in torturing me emotionally."

"I need specifics. What did he do exactly?"

Tiff knows Lukus is trying to help, but his pushing is making things worse. She feels like a spineless dishrag when she feels the hot tears burning her eyes. She's already cried more times in front of this man than she has in the last six months put together. She doesn't like playing the role of the damsel in distress, but taking another look into Lukus' dark eyes, she can see he's not going to back down.

With a deep sigh, Tiff plunges into the story. "He never touched me. In the beginning, he tried hard to hide what he was doing to Brianna. Eventually, though, he knew I was trying to get her to leave him. I didn't like the changes I was seeing in her. I knew he was abusing her. One night... when he brought her home...with a big bruise across her cheek and...she was unable to sit down, I made the mistake of screaming at him to get out and never call her again. I threatened if he didn't leave her alone, I was going to call my brothers and tell them what he was doing to Bri and he'd be sorry. He knew most of my brothers were cops and I thought he'd be too afraid of getting them on his case. Little did I know he'd figure out I was bluffing and actually use it against me."

"What do you mean, you were bluffing? You damn well should've asked them for help."

"You have no idea how much I wish I would've, but at the time I was too ashamed to go to them and Jake knew it."

"Ashamed of what? That you knew he was abusing Bri?"

"No...it's just...well" He's patiently waiting for her to finish. "You won't understand."

"The hell I won't."

"We barely know each other Lukus. You have no idea about my childhood... my family life, just like I have no idea about yours."

"I don't need to know about your family life, Tiff. I know this. If you'd gone to one of your brothers with this story, cop or no cop, they would've damn well helped you take care of the problem."



"So, I couldn't let them get in trouble. I knew how protective they are of Bri and me. She'd been home with me dozens of times through our college years. They love her like a sister. Jake would have ended up in a shallow grave somewhere and they'd have ended up kicked off the force...in jail."

"Not if they're even half as smart as you are, Baby." Lukus' sly grin tells Tiff she was right to worry about telling him the story.

"Believe me, I hate him so much that I entertained the idea a few times myself, but it's not that simple. Jake is....well he's...devious." She takes a break in hopes he'll let it drop. His probing glare is unwavering. He will hear the story.

Tiff continues on, the defeat evident in her voice. "He recorded a tape. He showed it to me once...you now...to make sure I knew he was telling the truth. It had him outlining how Brianna was his willing sub and he was her Dom. In it, he made sure to talk about many of the depraved things he did to her, but he said how much she loved the submission and the pain...that she actually got off on it." Her voice takes on a wicked edge as she continues. "The bastard even recorded several sessions where she was enjoying...well... you know how she is." Tiff can feel herself blushing as she takes a short break to make sure Lukus is with her. She prays he doesn't ask her for the gory details of how the tape showed Brianna coming while being strapped and spanked to bruising with a heavy wooden paddle.

Thankfully, Lukus seems to have a good handle on Brianna's particular pain tolerance as he thankfully nods her to continue. "Of course he never included the true abuse on the tape. The things he was doing to her without her consent...that she didn't enjoy. That was bad enough, but the worst part of the tape was when he went on to say he felt threatened and harassed by my family of cops and if anything should ever happen to him, the police should investigate them as they would most likely be responsible. He had a copy of the tape left sealed at his lawyer's office to be opened in the event of his death."

"That fucker. He knew you'd never want to risk getting your brothers involved."

"Exactly. Once he had me backed into the corner, his gloves came off. He went out of his way to make sure I knew every sick detail he was doing to Bri because he'd made sure I'd be too afraid to stop him. I got to the point where I would've gladly risked getting myself in trouble, but never my brothers. The bastard called me that Valentine's weekend when he was on the way back with Brianna beaten and bleeding. He took joy in making sure I'd be home to witness his handiwork first hand. Thankfully, Bri had finally had enough and I thought we'd finally seen the last of him. But even after Bri finally got away from him, I still lived in fear that some other woman he was terrorizing would finally have enough and take him out and it would still drag my poor brothers into this mess."

Tiff spends a few long seconds deciding if she should stop there or finish the story. She can see he's waiting...as if he knows there's more. "It's why I am so furious with Brianna for letting him back in her life again. Not only am I afraid he could truly kill her one day if he isn't stopped...but...well she doesn't know this. I'd just about decided to ask Markus to help me get the tape back legally. I knew Bri told him about Jake right after they met and I suspected he'd want to get even with Jake as much as I did. Then she had to go and let the asshole fuck her again and I knew then...I could never go to Markus for help....not anymore."

"Oh Tiff, come here, Baby." Lukus rolls to his back, pulling Tiff to snuggle up against him, safely cocooned in his protective arms. She tries hard not to dissolve into the threatening tears. She wants to be strong, but the weight of her nightmare combined with the relief of finally being able to share the burden of her guilty feelings for putting her brothers in danger make it impossible to hold back her tears. For what seems like the tenth time since meeting Lukus, Tiffany finds herself sobbing against his strong chest. For once, she feels the tears are justified.

Several minutes pass. He doesn't try to tell her she's silly. He doesn't try to stop her tears. He's simply there. Supportive and compassionate and it's exactly what she needs. When she's finally calm, he hugs her to him tightly, still stroking her back gently, but she's not fooled. She knows his mind has been racing with all the possibilities he has available to deal with Jake. Before she can warn him off getting involved, he's already pressing for more information. "So, what exactly does he do to you in the nightmare?"


"Tiffany." His voice if firm.

"Fine." Her unguarded response comes out like a petulant child's sass to a demanding parent. She's happy she no longer has to look him in the eye as she describes her reoccurring dream. "I keep dreaming it's me he's torturing in the video. That it's me...instead of Bri, he has tied down and immobile. That it's me he's beating with the cane over and over. When I'm lucky I wake up before it gets to the point where I start bleeding. When I'm really unlucky, I keep dreaming long enough where I see my brothers breaking in to shoot him dead. Then they start to untie me and I can see the disappointment in me reflected in their eyes. They're disgusted I was mixed up in the BDSM lifestyle. They treat me like I'm a whore and tell me I deserved what I got."

"You know that's completely irrational, right?"

"Maybe...maybe not. I'm the youngest daughter in a very Catholic family. Let's just say I'm pretty sure my father thinks I'm still a virgin. I know my brothers are a bit more realistic, but they'd never approve of...well...of"

"Of me."

"I didn't say that."

"You don't need to. I can just imagine what it's gonna be like taking me home to meet the parents. Mom...Dad...I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Lukus. He owns a sex club where he's the Master in charge of delivering punishments to naughty submissives. I'm sure they'll welcome me with open arms." Tiff can hear the bitterness in his voice and it makes her panic he's going to decide a relationship with her is going to be too much trouble after all.

"Well, I haven't given it much thought, but I admit I'd more likely introduce you as owning a security firm. Considering my dad is a retired cop and my brothers are either lawyers or cops I'm pretty sure they'd welcome you with open arms as a fellow law enforcement official."

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