Dear Readers: This is my first time attempting to write from a watching standpoint including a scene I already wrote. I would love some criticism, whether good or bad, to let me know whether I hit the nail on the head or missed by a LOT. Please help me!! Thanks for reading. By the way, this story is told from another person's point of view from my story Cabana.


When she walked out of the glass doors I felt my cock harden instantly. Her body in that bikini was amazing. The bronze silk flush against her smooth skin, hugging every curve. Framing her body as if the bikini was made just for her. My mouth pooled with liquid as my gaze traveled over her body. Her slightly curly brown hair had a mix of golden and cinnamon hues underneath the sun, bouncing with each step she took. Mystifying moss green eyes took in the surrounds quickly before latching onto something. Or should I say someone. I took a quick glance and noticed it was another guy. I allowed my gaze to travel back toward her and continue my appreciation as I felt a pang of jealousy that her attention was on him and not me.

Her lips were full and luscious with a pout,the kind I just had to kiss. I watched as she smiled, transforming her face bringing out a perfect set of dimples and bring twinkles into her eyes. Her smile gave her a girlish innocence that surprisingly made me wish to cuddle her. I sucked in a breath as I reached to adjust the tightness in my jeans.

My gaze traveled further, down the column of her neck, where I could imagine my mouth sucking gently bringing out mews of pleasure from her luscious lips. Across the line of her collarbone. I couldn't help but lick my lips as I imagined running my tongue along that line. My gaze dropped to her breasts, full and perky, barely concealed in the bronze silk. My eyes followed the curve of her breast down the lines of the bikini. The hardness in my pants twitched and started aching. I allowed my eyes to drift towards her nipples, hard against the silk. I could make out the piercings I heard she had. A low growl slipped from my lips. The smooth expanse of her stomach lead my eyes to her bikini bottoms. More bronze silk covered the area I want to slip into. It was hard not to linger, but I slipped my gaze down her tight thighs and down her calves. A quick glance at her feet showed the sexiest pair of stilettos. Slowly I let me gaze travel back up her body as she walked past me. I should thank her for giving me a view of her backside, but that would make me have to admit I was lusting over her body. A smooth back led down to the perfect ass. Rounded and tight. I clenched my hands into fists to squelch the urge to grab and caress.

The moment I took my eyes off her body I saw she slipped into that guy's arms and couldn't help but catch the subtle shift of her hips against him. I imagined her hips pushing herself against my cock and sucked in another breath. I cocked an eye brow when I saw her push away from him and turn away. Stopping just a few steps away she looked back at him. Unspoken demands had the guy following her around the pool and into a cabana. Curiosity got the best of me and for the life of me I couldn't stop my legs from moving on their accord. It was as if my want propelled me forward. The curtains of the cabana shift close, but not completely. The urge to look through was almost too great, but in my mind, if I wanted to look, I had to find a more concealed location.

I walked past the cabanas quickly and glanced around. No one was watching so I slipped behind. I walked to the last one and almost cheered out loud when I saw the cabana had an opening at one of the corners. Just enough to see inside and to conceal my intrusion. Setting myself close enough, I glanced through and almost moaned. This guy's hand was splayed over her ass, kneading the flesh, as the other hand slipped up her back to the bronze strings holding her bikini top on her body. I urged him mentally to pull the strings apart. I let out a breath as I watched him do just that. The pull of silk against silk, loosening the silk on her breasts. I swallowed loudly. The silk slipped off her body slowly, caressing her smooth skin. I watched as his lips caressed her neck, darting a tongue across the thin skin. My hand unconsciously started stroking my hard cock through my pants. Her moan made me increase the pressure. Slowly, his tongue slipped down her collarbone towards the curve of her breast. She shifted away from him to give him access and unaware give me a full view of her breasts.

Full and perky like I said before. Her pierced hard nipples were surrounded by a darkened tan circle. My fingers twitched to roll them between them. My tongue longed to lap at them, sucking them gently into my mouth and increasing the pressure to bring out a moan. I almost let out of breath of frustration when his mouth slipped over her nipple, suckling it and blocking my view, but was quickly relieved that for some reason I enjoyed watching him teasing her like this. Her head fell back. Her lips parted with a soft moan and I decided quickly I needed more direct stimulation on my cock. The hiss of my zipper seemed so loud to my ears and I glanced into the cabana to see if I was heard. My body relaxed slightly when I noticed I was still watching unaware. The touch of my hand against my cock made me close my eyes in ecstasy. The only thing that would have been better right then was my cock sinking into her wet cunt.

As the newness of that sensation subsided slightly, I opened my eyes and viewed the scene in front of me again. His mouth traveled slowly across her breasts, closing around her other nipple. It left the first free for viewing. Glistening and hard I licked my lips and quickened my stroke on my cock as I started at her nipple. She started mewing and I glanced up at her face. She was looking down, eyes glued to his mouth on her other nipple. My excitement heightened as his hand rubbed soft circles down her stomach. Yes, touch her down there. Touch her sweet cunt, I whispered into the curtain, hoping the fabric muffled my speech.

His hand slipped into her bottoms just as I dampened the need to come. Talking like that really revved me up. Her moan was sweet as she gripped onto him for support and I had to reach out a hand to the cabana pole for support. Leaning forward my body became taunt as I stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and listened to her moans. Knowing what I was doing was very wrong only increased the pleasure I was receiving from it. Despite my harsh breathing, I opened my eyes and watched again. She was arching her back, pushing her cunt further into his hand. "Please Josh. I need you." She whispered hoarsely. If I was in his place I couldn't tell her no and luckily, he didn't. He turned her around and pushed her towards the lounge.

The cushion looked comfy and I hoped that he wouldn't take her in a way that blocked my view or my pleasure was done. "On your knees." He growled and I was ecstatic he demanded that. I watched as he slipped off her bottoms and I saw for the first time what I wanted more in this moment. She trimmed her pubic hair in a perfect way, a small strip leading right to any man's dream. Even from here I could see the glistening wetness on her thighs and cunt. I found myself licking my lips again with a sudden want to slip to my knees in front of her and taste her. I couldn't believe this guy wasn't going to take advantage of that, but watched as he pushed her towards the lounge. She settled herself, ass up in the air and for just a few moments I got the perfect view of her ass and cunt. She wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder at him, giving him a smoldering look of lust. I heard him growl as he stepped up behind her, concealing the view I wanted.

I slipped over to the other side of the cabana. I was in luck that there was another gap. The view was delicious from here. I watched her breasts bounce with each thrust and I started timing my strokes with their thrusts. All breaths quickened as did the thrusts. My thighs were quivering as I strained to stop my release. I watched with fascination as she slipped her hand between her legs and flick her clit. Her loud moan was ecstasy in my ears. Her eyes closed as her body became taunt. I risked a glance at him and his eyes were closed as well, enjoying the feel of her around him, exactly where I wanted to be. "Josh I am going to come." She whispered and my strokes become urgent. I knew I was going to come quickly the moment she did, however, the tempo of his thrusts increased and I wanted to keep up. Her back arched as she came, her moan loud sent a vibration through my body and my cock. My body spasmed and I came in a hard intense rush. My eyes had closed the moment she came and I opened them.

Her body was relaxed even though it was in the same position. A sweet smile graced her lips and made the flush of sex stand out on her face. She looked over her shoulder to him with a look so intense I felt as if I was intruding. I chuckled inwardly at my logic since I had intruded, but it was only sexual before. I turned away from them and zipped my pants. I looked down to check myself and then checked my surroundings. I didn't see anyone around the cabanas, so I slipped out the back and into the pool house to use the bathroom. I was only in there for a few minutes, but when I stepped out, I watched as he stepped out of the cabana. A huge smile on his face, he walked away. Amused, I couldn't help but watch until she came out. She stepped out into the sun again and she looked even more beautiful to me. Maybe it was watching her come at the hands of another man. Or maybe just seeing the flush of sex on every plane of her body. But I know I would never forget watching her like that. Smiling, I slipped into the crowd as if I had been there the whole time.

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