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Wedding Bell Blues


I recently had a reader tell me that writing more stories wasn't always the way to become a great writer because a truly great writer takes the advise of others and fixes their mistakes. With that in mind I've redone this story paying more attention to the mistakes I had made and hopefully made it even better. You let me know ... Ghostwalker


Mike sat in his car outside the hotel room wondering what the hell he was doing here. He hadn't talked to Cindy in more than a year and then suddenly he gets a Wedding Invitation with a special note asking him to come. So, without even thinking about it he packed his clothes, jumped into his car and began to drive back home. Only after he was on the road for almost an hour did he remember to call work and change his appointments for the next two weeks ... and why two weeks? He could be back to work in fours days without a problem. And why had he checked into this hotel ... There were several others in town. And of all rooms ... he had to get this one.

Reluctantly, he got out of the car and grabbed his suitcase. Opening the door it looked like most other hotel room; two Queen-size beds, a TV, and a bathroom but the memories of that night instantly flooded over him. He had been 19 and she had been 18 when they had decided that now was the time to do "it". Closing his eyes he could still see her laying on the bed waiting for him. They were "in love" but neither of them had any experience so to say is didn't go well would be an understatement. They had kissed and touched and then they had done "it". Afterwards, they were both sore and embarrassed. They never talked about it again and three months later his mother informed him that she and his father were getting a divorce and they moved away. Still there had always been a special bond between him and Cindy, so they had kept in contact with each other and now he was back.

After getting settled, he walked across the street to the local restaurant for a late dinner. The food was as good as he remembered and he was relaxing with a drink when he heard her voice. Looking over his shoulder he saw Cindy (aka Cin) entering the bar with some of her girlfriends. The past nine years had been good to her and she looked better than ever. Standing 5-foot 7-inches tall, her blonde hair framed her blue-green eyes perfectly before rolling off her shoulders and stopping just above her breasts. She was wearing a white, sleeveless top that had the top three buttons open giving everyone a view of her ample cleavage along with a jean skirt and high-heels. Momentarily their eyes met before she was scurried away by her friends to the backroom for what was apparently her bachelorette party. But that moment was all it took for Mike to realize how much her still cared for her. Going to the bar he paid his bill and walked back across the street to his hotel room where he finally fell asleep dreaming of her.

All too soon the alarm went off and he began to get ready for the Wedding ... that is until he looked for his shoes. He checked the room ... twice ... and his car but no shoes. He was sure he had packed them but they were nowhere to be found and he has already going to be late so he slipped on his work shoes, gave them a quick buff with a wash cloth from the bathroom and headed for the church. He figured he'd slip in and no one would notice because of the ceremony, but was surprised when he arrived and found everyone still sitting quietly in their seats.

The time seemed to lag forever until Cindy's father walked up the aisle and stood at the front of the church. "Ladies and Gentleman, I regret to inform you that there will not be a wedding today. Apparently, the groom had a previous engagement with HIS WIFE and left town last night. I apologize for the inconvenience," and then walked swiftly back down the aisle.

The church burst into an uproar as everyone started to talk at once, saying how they knew he was up to something, that he was no good, or simply how sorry they were for Cindy, as they left the church. Mike sat there quietly, unsure what to do, until everyone had left. Finally, Cindy entered the church and walked up to the alter. He could hear her gently crying but didn't move until she turned to leave and she saw him there.

Hesitantly, he walked up to her and instinctively opened his arms. She looked at him through tear reddened eyes and hesitated until her eyes focused on him, "Mike?"

He nodded as she stepped into them and melted against his chest while he wrapped his arms around her protectively and as she continued to cry.

Mike saw Cindy's dad enter the church and look at them closely. Recognizing Mike he nodded his head as he mouthed the words "Thank you," and left.

"Oh Mike, I feel awful. I've known Eric for months now and never imagined this could happen. He always seemed to be "Mr. Right," our interests and dreams for the future matched so perfectly. How could he have done this to me? What did I do to deserve this? I mean am I ugly or does it look like I 'm that desperate that he'd do this to me? And now it turns out that he's been living a double life and has been married for almost a year," she sobbed.

"No Cin, you just got mixed up in a bad situation with the wrong guy."

"But what am I supposed? I quit my job, let my apartment go, put all my stuff in storage and sold my car because we had planned to move to his hometown to open a business together after we returned from our honeymoon. I even gave him the money to put a down-payment on the storefront for the business; now I don't even have a place to sleep tonight. My parents offered to let me stay with them for awhile, but I don't want to run back to mommy and daddy like a little kid."

"Well, then why don't you get away for awhile to think this out?"

Still wrapped in Mike's arms, Cindy stood quite for several moments before replying. "You're right but I really don't want to be alone right now, do you have any plans for the next two weeks?"

Mike stood there unsure of what to say. Here was the girl, now a woman, who had been the first love of his life asking him to go away with her for two weeks.

Cindy pulled away from him and looked into his eyes, "Please."

With that one simple word all of the reasons Mike had started to give himself for not going along melted away and he replied, "Sure."

Not another word was said as they picked up the last of Cindy's belongings and left the church with Cindy still in her Wedding gown. Stopping on the church steps Cindy stopped and looked at Mike "Did you know you're the only one that still calls me Cin instead of Cindy?"

"No I didn't know that. Do you want me to call you Cindy too?"

"No, I think it would sound strange to hear you call me anything but Cin, besides I want to get away from all of this and Cindy for the next two weeks, so why not just stay with Cin. Besides I like the way it sounds coming from you" she said before walking down the steps to Mike's car.

"So where do you want to go, ma'am? I'm at your disposal."

"I don't know. The ocean has always helped me forget and relax so why don't we just head that way."

Mike had left the top down on his car and the wind seemed to blow all of their cares away as they drove across state.

"You know this is what I did after what happened between you and I in that hotel room," Cindy whispered.

Mike almost drove off the road as he turned to look at her in surprise. "Well, that's one hell of a way to start a conversation," he said as he now kept his eyes glued to the road.

Cindy suddenly started to laugh and it was as if all the years away from each other had disappeared. They talked about everything that had been going on since they had last talked and reminisced about the things they had done together when they were younger until suddenly Cin said, "Do you care were we go for this get away?"

Mike drove on quietly for a few moments thinking. "Not really ... this is your trip. I'm just the chauffer."

Cindy's face lit up instantly, "OK, then just pull off at the next exit so I can make some calls and then we'll be on our way."

Mike found a service station and pulled over to fill up with gas as Cindy, still in her Wedding gown, made her calls. When he got back into the car she smiled that wicked little smile that made his blood boil as she said, "Everything is all set. Just get back onto the freeway and head south-east until you hit the ocean. I'll tell you more when we get there. By the way did you bring any clothes to bum around in or do we need to get you some."

"To be honest I decided to come to the wedding at the last minute so I've still got some jeans, shorts, swim trunks and a couple of T-shirts in the trunk along with a pair of old running shoes."

"Perfect. Then let's get going."

Time seemed to fly by and Mike soon found himself pulling up to an ocean-front marina where Cindy directed him to pull into one of the slots reserved for those having boats in the slips. Looking over at Mike she asked, "Still remember how to sail?" before jumping out of the car and heading to the Manager's Office. People all along the dock stopped to watch as she walked by in her wedding dress, while Mike unloaded the car. A few whistled as she walked by and made comments to Mike about what a lucky guy he was. When Cindy returned the Manager was with her and he opened the locked gate to allow them to the boats. Cindy took the lead going down the slips until she stopped at a 33' long sailboat that was being prepared by the marina staff. "What do you think?"

Mike stood looking at the boat with the seasoned eye of someone who knew and loved sailing craft. "Not bad. When did you get this?"

"Does it matter? Let's get this stuff stowed and get going", she replied as she jumped to the deck.

Throwing his bag into the cabin, Mike went through the pre-check and safety list with the marina staff as he familiarize himself with the boat and was soon cruising out of the marina in into the ocean. Cindy had gone below deck to check the cabinets for supplies when suddenly Mike heard, "Shit, Shit, SHIT!!!"

"You OK down there?"

"Ya, just another fucking thing to go along with my day."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm stuck."


"You heard me. I can't get this damned dress off. The zipper is stuck."

"You need help?"

"NO, I want to stay stuck in this thing for the whole trip. What do you think?"

Mike laughed as he switched the engine to "Idle" and went down into the cabin. Cindy stood in the middle of the cabin with her back to him, the zipper of her wedding dress partially down revealing the smooth, tanned skin of her back and no sign of a tan-line from a bikini top while her arms were across the front of her dress to keep it from falling forward. Mike found the zipper snagged in the satin of the gown and gently tried to get it to move without success. "This thing is really stuck. If I pull much harder it may rip."

"I don't care what you need to do but get it off of me. After what's happened today I may just use it for an extra sail or a sea-anchor."

Grabbing the zipper, Mike gave it a yank and was surprised when the whole gown slid over Cindy's hips and landed up on the floor while throwing him off balance so that he landed on the floor too. Looking up he was rewarded with one of the beautiful sights he had ever seen. Cindy stood there in only a garter-belt, flesh-colored hose and a pair of 3-inch high-heels. Her blonde hair hung down over her shoulders to her breasts revealing that she must have done her share of topless sunbathing since there was not a tan-line to be seen and her tanned nipples seemed to be growing as he sat there. Her hips flared perfectly and there was a delicately trimmed blonde triangle of hair above her slit. Faintly he could smell her essence as he looked up into her blue eyes and saw not only surprise but ... excitement? Neither moved for what seemed like an eternity until a wave hit the side of the boat bringing them back to reality.

"Like what you see?" Cindy asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Hell, ya. I'd have to be crazy not to like it. You're gorgeous," he relied as he felt his cock hardening.

Instantly Cindy began to cry as she sat down, "I'm glad someone thinks I'm beautiful. I can't believe that son-of-a-bitch was married. All the plans we made together, all the promises made ... it was all a lie ... a fucking lie!"

Mike quickly stood up moved to her wrapping his arms around her again and drew her to him. Laying her head on his shoulder he stroked her hair and whispered quietly that everything would be "OK". The fact she was almost naked only seemed to heighten his emotions. Holding her in his arms he realized how much he cared for her and that no matter what had happened before he wanted to take care of Cindy and protect her from ever being hurt again.

Slowly Cindy's tears stopped and her hand slid down to the front of his pants, surprising both of them as she gently squeezed Mike's hardened cock. Now it was Mike's turn to be embarrassed as he stammered "Cin, I can explain ... when I saw you standing there naked my body just reacted. I'm really sorry."

Instead of moving her hand Cin slowly began to rub against the hump forming on his pants. "Mike, I know this is going to sound really corny ... almost like those romance novels you can buy at the store, but being here like this suddenly brought a lot of things into perspective." Lifting her head she looked directly at Mike, "Every guy, and I mean every guy, that I've ever dated or been with I've compared to you. Sometimes, I'd fantasize that it was you holding my hand, or kissing me, or undressing me and making love to me. I've never regretted what happened that first night together, what I have regretted was that we didn't do it again ... and again until we had learned to do "it" right and what to do to please each other. Tonight was supposed to be my Wedding Night and I don't want to go to bed alone. I want to go to bed with someone who truly cares about me." Pulling away, she walked to the small bag she had brought on-board with her, giving Mike another look at her magnificent body. Each step she took away from him made her hips sway enticingly and her legs stretch and tighten in her high-heels. When she reached for her bag he could see one of her breast as it stuck out from her chest, firm and inviting. After retrieving a small box wrapped in silver and gold paper she turned and walked back towards him never trying to hide anything from him.

Taking a quick inventory Mike realized that Cindy had definitely grown up to be a beautiful woman. At 27 years old she now stood 5' 7" tall though she was closer to 5' 10" with her high hells. She had a 36C-27-34 figure that was tanned everywhere with the exception the faint tan-line of a G-string around her waist. Her blond hung loosely over her shoulders and rested on the top of her breasts which were capped with a darker shade areola and nipples that, at this moment, were hard and pointing directly at him. Her blue-green eyes sparkled with an intensity and excitement that he had never seen from any other woman before and her legs were toned and shapely. Then for the briefest of moments he thought he saw the light reflect from between her legs as if they were wet. His body reacted instantly as his cock hardened further causing a tent to form at the front of his pants.

So lost in thought about how great she looked Mike didn't realized she had stopped in front of him and was lifting her hand to offer him the box. "Here, this was supposed to be for my husband but I want you to have it."

Shaken from his fantasy, Mike opened the box and looked inside at what appeared to be an oversized condom as a bewildered look formed on his face.

Cindy came to his rescue with a large smile on her face and that twinkle back in her eyes, "It's my diaphragm. You know that thing that some of us women use to keep from getting knocked-up. Well, I had planned on getting one kind of ring today and then giving this one to my new husband to let him know that I wanted to have his children. We had planned on waiting until the business was stable but the more I thought about it the more I realized I'd be a great mother and didn't want to wait, I wanted them now."

Suddenly Mike looked at Cin. "Are you saying that ..."

"Yes, while we were driving here I had the chance to really think things through. I realize that you're the only man I've ever wanted or ever will want and that the other relationships I've had with have always been failures because they weren't with you; they were just one rebound after another. When I saw you standing in the church today it was like a light that I had kept covered had suddenly opened in my heart. Mike, I don't want anyone else. I want to be with you and have your babies. I want you to take me to bed tonight and make love to me, screw me, or just plain fuck me until I walk bow-legged. I don't care. I want to be whatever you want or need me to be. I'll be your lover, your slut, your whore or whatever else turns you on. I just want it to be with you."

Mike sat there as a million thoughts and feelings ran through his mind. Here was the woman of his dreams offering herself to him ... yet he was hesitating. Did she actually feel that way towards him or was it just the emotions from the day? Did she truly want to make love or did she just want a "mercy fuck" to help realize what a fantastic woman she was? And what about this "baby" stuff? He hadn't had the opportunity recently to think about a long-term relationship much less children. He needed time to think ... "Cin, I have to admit what you've just said has floored me and if it was at any other time I'd be jumping your bones right now in that rack, but sitting here in the middle of the harbor probably isn't the best time or place for this. Why don't you get dressed and come top-side and help be get the sails up on this beauty and then we'll talk some more."

Reluctantly they separated; Mike going onto the deck to get the boat moving, while Cin dressed. When she came topside she was dressed in a pair of "Daisy Duke's" and a T-shirt of Mike's that she had tied in a knot directly under her breasts. Mike could tell that she didn't have anything on underneath as she moved about the deck helping him raise the sail and head out to sea. The rest of the day slipped by quickly as they worked together sailing the boat South until they saw Key West before them early in the evening. Then by mutual decision they dropped anchor off of one of the local islands and enjoyed a dinner together. Nothing had been said about the events of earlier in the day though it was never far from their thoughts until after dinner when Cindy stood up and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, stripped off her clothes and stood once again before Mike. "I think I'm going to take a swim before bed. Want to join me?" Mike never had a chance to reply before Cin did a perfect dive into the ocean, disappearing from his view.

Instantly he felt a loss because she wasn't with him and realized that all the answers to her questions had been made a long time ago in a little hotel room back home. He loved her like no other woman he'd ever known and wanted exactly what she did; to love each other, to commit to each other and to have children together. Stripping his own clothes off, he stood at the rail and saw her treading water a short way from the boat and dove in so that he came up beside her. When he surfaced he wrapped his arms around her and whispered only one word, "yes" as he kissed her passionately.

Wrapping her arms around him she returned the kiss as their tongues began a battle known to lovers around the world. Their bodies rubbed against each other resulting in all the right responses as they kissed until Cin pulled away, a seductive look on her face. "I think it's time we went back to the boat, don't you?"

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