Wedding Bell Blues


"I think that's a very good idea, sweetheart."

"Mmmmm, I like the sound of that. It's the first time you've called me 'sweetheart' and I can feel goosebumps from hearing it."

"Let's get back to the boat. I have a lot of other things I want to call you but not out here."

Quickly they swam back to the boat and Mike was again treated to the sight of Cin's naked body as she climbed up the ladder and over the side. Yet when he pulled himself onboard she was nowhere to be seen. "Cin?"

"I'm down here. Give me a second," she called from the cabin.

It felt like years to Mike as he waited before he heard her "OK, you can come in."

Mike entered the cabin to find the lights dimmed and candles lit. Cin was lying on the bed wrapped in part of the lace from her Wedding gown with a "come hither" look that only a blind man could miss. "I forgot to bring a nightgown along so I figured this would work. What do you think?"

The lace did everything to hide nothing. Mike could easily see Cindy's breasts moving under the material and watched as her nipples hardened as she looked at him. Her tan provided a continuous golden color under the lace until it ended just below her navel. Below that she had again put on her garter, nylons and heels and was using the heels to brace her legs open to reveal the center of her womanhood.

Moving towards her, Mike climbed on the bed next to her. Her smile seemed to make everything in the cabin fade as she pulled him down and kissed him passionately, her tongue again battling with his. Instinctively, he cupped her breast and massaged the nipple between his finger and thumb causing it to grow and harden. He kissed her lips, her earlobes, and neck as he moved down to her breasts, teasing her by kissing every inch before descending on her lust engorged nipple and sucking it into his mouth.

"Ohhhh, gawd ..." Cindy moaned. "That's it lover suck my nipple. It feels soo good. Mmmmm ... suck on it harder. Now bite it a little bit. Ahhhhh ... my gawd, that's sending shivers all over my body. Use your teeth to pull on the nipple. That's it ... pull it more ... yesssssss ... now let it pop back. Aggghhhhhh."

Without waiting, Mike leaned over and began to kiss and suck on Cindy's other breast resulting in the same reaction. While she reached down and wrapped her hand around his hardening cock and began to stroke it. Using her other hand she guided Mike's free hand to her pussy. "Rub me, lover. Feel how wet you've gotten me. Play with my clit and then slip that finger inside of me so you can finger-fuck me."

The aroma of Cindy's arousal soon filled the cabin and Mike traveled further downwards to get his first close-up look of her neither region. Her lips were engorged with blood giving them a deep red color and causing them to swell so they look like a set of pouty lips waiting to be kissed. Juices flowed from between the lips and coated Mike's finger until it dripped down between her ass cheeks. Above it all Mike could still see her stiffened clit peaking out from its hood. Slowly, he began to run his thumb up and down the slit, watching Cindy's reaction each time her slid over her love button. Quickly her hips began to thrust up against his finger searching for more stimulation as her breathing became irregular. Instantly, he slid a second finger deep into her pussy.

"Yes, lover. That's it, Mike. Finger-fuck me. Rub my wet pussy. Finger my clit. Ohhhhh .... You're going to make me cum" she gasped. Looking up Mike could see her eyes closed tightly as the sensations spread throughout her body. Gently he leaned forward until his mouth almost touched her lips and blew lightly onto her clit. The results were instant as a scream burst from her, her muscles tighten, and her love canal clamped down on his fingers as she surged into her orgasm.

Mike continued to blow lightly across her clit sending her over the edge of orgasmic bliss again and again until she collapsed.

"Oh ... my ... gawd. I've ... never ... had ... that ... happen ... before. What ... did ... you ... do ... to ... me?" she gasped as she lay on the bed.

"Only trying to bring you the joy you deserve, sweetheart" he answered as he clawed up next to her.

"Ummm, I like that. But now it's your turn" she replied as she slowly sat up. Without saying another word she pivoted and plunged her mouth down onto his cock. Never hesitating she swallowed it completely taking it all the way to the root, allowing it to slide into her throat, while her tongue played with the shaft.

Mike had never felt anything so intense in his life as Cindy lifted her head, dragging her teeth along his cock until just the head was left in her mouth and then surge back down taking the length in one fluid movement.

Cindy felt Mike's cock growing in her mouth and knew that he was getting closer and closer to cumming, but she had other ideas as to where she wanted him to cum. Without missing a beat she threw a leg over Mike's head, positioning her dripping pussy directly above is face. He didn't hesitate.

Grabbing Cindy's around the waist Mike used his hand to spread her pussy lips as he pulled her down to his mouth, burying his tongue deep in her. His tongue twisted and twirled across her slit covering it with his saliva and her juices until he reached her clit and sucked it into his mouth. He felt Cindy hesitate as the sensations coursed throughout her body and little moaned escaped from her cock filled mouth until she pulled away, "Ohhhh ... you're doing me so fucking good. Just a little more, just like that ... yes, yes, ahhhhhHHHHH!!" Her cum flowed from her pussy into Mike's waiting mouth. Nothing had ever tasted so good, he thought.

Cindy knew that now was the time for her and Mike to do "it" right as she lifted herself from his face turning to sit on his lap, straddling him. "I need your cock in me NOW. I need to feel you bury your cock deep in me and fill me. I'm going to slide that hard cock of yours all the way into my pussy until it hits my womb and then I'm going to fuck you until you fill me with your cum."

Positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her womanhood, Cindy slowly began lowering herself down onto him. "Damn, sweety, you're bigger than I thought. I can feel you stretching every inch of my pussy. Mmmmmm, it feels so sexy to have you sliding up into me." The look of pleasure on her face was one that Mike would treasure forever.

Cindy slid lower and lower, take more and more of Mike's cock inside of her until they felt his cockhead press against her cervix. Cindy sat there motionless, her head thrown back, her hands resting on Mike's chest, but her pussy was anything but motionless; the muscles began to squeeze him from the outer entrance to the inner-most point trying to pull him even deeper.

Finally, she started to rock back and forth on his cock; a little at first but slowly increasing until Mike's cock was held inside by only her pussy lips and then she'd drive herself downwards, pressing Mike's cock against the entrance to her womb until, with a popping sensation, they felt him pass into her most intimate place. Cindy stopped as the pleasure/pain seared through her body. Leaning over she pressed her body against Mike as she held his cock deep inside of her. "Ohhhhh, I can't believe we did this. I've only read about how some couples can get the man in this deep. You're all the way inside my womb and that is exactly where I want you when you come, lover. I want you buried deep inside of me. I want you to pump your baby-making cum right here. I want us to make a baby tonight, Mike. I want this to be the first night of the rest of your lives together. I want to know that we may have made our first baby tonight." Then ever so slowly she began to slide up and down his cock, quickening the pace but making sure each time that he was as deep as possible inside of her.

Mike quickly reached the point of no return. The muscles in Cindy's pussy clamped down on him like a vise, sucking and drawing his cum from his sack. "Cin ... I'm going to cum."

"I know baby. I can feel your cock growing inside of me. Just hold on a little longer. I want us to cum together ... just a little bit more ..."

But Mike couldn't wait. Instead he grabbed Cindy's breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth as he felt his cum race up his cock and into Cindy's pussy.

The combination of tit sucking and feeling Mike's hot load filling her pushed Cindy over the edge, into orgasmic bliss. "Ooooohhhhh, yesssss, aaauugghhhh, I can feel your cum filling me, honey. Pump your cream into me ... Push that babymaking cock of yours cock deep inside of me ... Push it into my womb and knock me up!!!"

Mike reached down and grabbed Cindy's hips pulling them down as he thrust upwards pushing his cock head through Cindy's cervix and into her womb. "Ohhhh damn, your pussy is tight. I can feel it sucking me into you. Aaaaauuuugghhhhhhhh. I'm cumming Cin. I'm pumping my load deep inside of you, sweetheart."

Cindy collapsed on Mike's body as her orgasm slowly subsided. Her hips still rising and falling slowly as she tried to prolong the pleasure they felt, until Mike placed his hand on her buttocks and held her in place. Locked as close as two lovers can be they rested in each other's arms, occasionally kissing in the afterglow of their passion until they fell asleep.

The next morning Mike woke to the gentle rocking motion of the boat. The sun was shining through a porthole lighting up the room, but Cindy wasn't there; her place was empty. For a moment he wondered if it had all just been a dream, until he saw the lace from Cindy's Wedding gown laying on the floor. Rolling from the bed he called, "Cin? Sweetheart, where are you?"

"Up here, baby, getting some sun."

Mike took the stairs two at a time and found Cindy laying on her back on the hatch cover; nude, with her finger lightly stroking her pussy. A mischievous smile crossing his face as an idea quickly formed. Grabbing the cover he pulled it towards him and Cindy along with it until he was able to grab her legs and pull them across his shoulders bringing her beautiful pussy directly to his mouth. "Mmmmm, breakfast" he laughed as he thrust his tongue inside of Cindy.

Startled Cindy let out a scream which quickly became a moan as Mike's tongue slid across her pussy lips and into her. "Ohhhhh, that feels so good. You can do this to me any time you want to. That's it suck me ... suck my pussy ... lick it ...mmmmmm ... your tongue feels so damn good when you slide it across my clit ... that's right, lover, suck my clit ... Yeeeeesssssss ... shit ... you're going to make me cum soon ... ooohhhh my gawd ... mmmmm ... yesssss ... bite my clit ... suck on it just like you sucked on my nipples ... grab it with your teeth and pull on it ... I'm cummingggggggg ... aaaaaiiiiIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE ... don't stop ... keep licking me ... lick me ... lick me ... suck the juices from me ... aaaaAAAAGGGGGAAAAIIIIINNNNNN."

Mike continued to lick gently up and down Cindy's slit until her orgasm passed, then he swept her up in his arms and carried her back into the cabin and gently laid her on the bed.

Cindy instantly rolled over on her hands and knees and whispered over her shoulder, "Please fuck me Mike ... fuck your lover ... fuck my wet, horny pussy ... fill me with your cum again ... Push your cock all the way inside of me until you're inside of my womb ... give me a baby ... give me OUR baby!"

Hearing Cindy talk like this, Mike was more than happy to comply as he stepped up behind her and slid his cook deep into her aroused pussy, "Ohhhhhh, that's it honey ... push it inside of me nice and hard ... harder, I'm not going to break ... fuck me ... fill my pussy with your cum ... fuck me ... fuck me ... I can't believe this is happening ... this is what I've dreamed and fantasized about ... to have us together and have your cock deep inside of me ... fuck me, Mike ... fuck me pussy ... shove it deep inside of me ... I feel so naughty ... yesterday I was supposed to get married and today I'm fucking another man ... but you feel so good inside of me ... I feel like such a wanton slut ... your slut, Mike ... only yours ... Ram that cock of yours into your slut and fill her with your cum ... give her your baby.

Grabbing Cindy by the hips, Mike began thrusting into her. Slowly withdrawing just as she had the first time and then ramming forward until he felt himself pop through into her womb, again. Mike knew that they wouldn't last long from the way the Cindy's pussy muscles were clamping down on him, so at the last moment he leaned forward and whispered into her ear as he tapped her clit with his finger. "Will you marry me?"

Cindy's response was instantaneous as she screamed, YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSsssss" as Mike's cum surged upwards into her womb, starting a new life for them and the child they had conceived.

Later that day they found a small chapel located just off of the beach and had the preacher perform the ceremony for them. They spent the rest of their two weeks together sailing through the islands and making love every chance they had. When they finally sailed back into the harbor, Mike and Cindy's parents were waiting at the dock and from the glow on her face the two female parents instantly knew they had to start planning for a baby in the family. They all smiled when they noticed Cindy's wedding dress was hanging in the rigging and a wedding band was on her finger. As for the other "ring", it had disappeared over the side on THEIR wedding night..

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