What I Want


Dear Lover,

Oh baby, this is what I want to do with you:

I want to meet you alone at an out-of-the-way place where we can be together undisturbed.

I want to take time to anticipate the night that is to come, the passion we are about to share.

I want to see you as you open the door, see the lust in your eyes as we meet again after so long apart.

I want to drink in the sight of you, take in everything about you, your long flowing hair, your sparkling gray eyes.

I want to see the appreciation on your face as you look me up and down, nodding in approval.

I want to contemplate the swell of your large breasts, the wide hips, the long legs.

I want to kiss your lips, deep, and feel your tongue in my mouth.

I want to lick your ears, lick your neck as your hands caress the back of my head.

I want to take your clothes off one piece at a time, slowly revealing your body to me.

I want you to strip me, until we're both naked, standing in the middle of the room, shivering with excitement.

I want feel your hands on my skin, at the same time as my hands touch you, while we kiss, deep and long.

I want to hold your tits, and squeeze your nipples.

I want to suck those nipples and stuff as much of your flesh into my mouth as possible.

I want to feel your tongue on my nipples, and feel the excitement of your teeth as you nibble lightly on my chest.

I want to slide my hands between your legs to feel your wetness, the heat of your lust.

I want to roll your clit with my fingers as you sway in the grip of passion.

I want to scoop up some of your precious juice on my fingers and take a taste, then scoop up some more and let you have a taste.

I want to groan in lust as you softly stroke my throbbing-hard cock.

I want you to rub the pre-cum over the crown, getting the head nice and slick.

I want you to take a thick ball of clear fluid and rub some over your teeth, then take up another dollop and let me lick your finger clean.

I want to get on the bed and rub my nakedness against yours, feeling the crackling sensation of flesh on flesh.

I want to hear you groan with passion as I swirl my finger around your clit again.

I want to feel your hands softly stroking my cock, making me throb with the need to cum.

I want to get between your legs and slide my tongue between the folds of your pussy, while I slowly work two fingers in your pie.

I want to plant my lips on your hole and suck you into my mouth, tasting your tangy sauce.

I want to feel you hold me to you as you writhe on the bed with your climax, as you cry out sharply in joyous passion.

I want to feel your lips on my thighs, licking up each leg until you find that special place under my balls.

I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock as you suck me into your mouth.

I want to look into your eyes as you take as much of me as you can, as you work your lips around my burgeoning meat.

I want to see you pull my cock out of your mouth and jack me off with your soft hands.

I want to shoot a hard load of cum on your face, then lick it all off, every drop.

I want to touch you, caress you, kiss you as we rest in anticipation of another bout of passion.

I want to slide my fingers in your hot pussy, and open you up, while you stroke my cock and make it hard again.

I want to roll you onto your back and watch you spread your legs for me.

I want to put my dick into your horny hole and fill you with my hardness.

I want to wrap my arms around you and feel your legs circling my waist as you draw me tightly to your body.

I want to fuck you, fuck you and fuck you some more, slowly sharing the pleasure we've come to know with each other.

I want feel my sweaty skin sliding on your sweaty skin.

I want to see the strain on your face as you start to come again.

I want to feel your pussy clenching tight as my cock swells and I fill you with cum.

I want to cry out in ecstasy as you milk my cock of every last bit of my hot cream.

I want to feel my cock dwindling in your ravenous pussy, feel it as it slowly slides free.

I want to see the warm flow of spent semen as it oozes from your red, well-fucked hole.

I want to hold you in the afterglow of lust, feel your head on my shoulder.

I want to make love to you.

And the sooner the better.

Love, Me

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by Anonymous10/03/13

I want a sandwich and I can't be bothered getting up. Could you make a cup of tea for me while you're in the kitchen!

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