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What I Want


**To the reader:

It is through your support that I am inspired to create these stories. Thank you for your support and time to read my endeavors. I hope you shall seek passion in your life always. And should you have someone you love, don't hold back. Tell them what you want.

Oh and votes and feedback are most treasured gifts to me.


I want you to hear the humming of my vibrator as I pleasure myself and stimulate you. I want you to think of me sharing that wonderful toy with you at some point, preferably while I am in between your thighs, licking your balls and underneath and sucking your powerful cock.

I want to feel your erection in my hand, and mouth beating its gurgling thickness, ready to spray my throat with streams of hot sticky liquid silk. I want to hear you tell me how hot you are, how you want me to take you to that exquisite level of pleasure with the toy that is waiting for you.

I want to suck you with an unquenchable thirst, letting my saliva drip to your darkened star-burst as my finger begins to press passed your ring there. I want to corkscrew your ass while I suck your cock voraciously.

While the moaning vibrations of my vocal cords caress you, I want to feel your hips bucking their way against my throat and against the toy that is now pumping into and out of your ass. I want to feel your body become rigid, your cock stiff, hard like stone, and your growling moans that send me over the edge with just the audible ecstasy of your pleasure.

I want to feel that unbelievable pressure commencing to an exploding eruption of hot molten thickness blasting forth, spraying the love well that is my mouth. I want to feel it scalding my oral cavity as it cascades down my throat, quenching that thirst I have for your essence.

I want to feel your hands in my hair, first caressing my golden locks, then gripping and holding my head down as your cum washes my throat. I want to hear more of those growling moans as I slowly take that toy from your most intimate place, slowly and continue to suck every after-shocking spurt from your volcanic cock.

That's only a little of what I want.

I want to feel you inside my tight cunt, sliding inside, and out. Then I want to feel you teasing my crinkled bud with the mushroom head of your cock, making me whimper for more. I want to feel your cock spearing me with a single rapid thrust, making me cry,

"Oh FUCK!"

I want to hear you urging me on, nodding at me with reassurance, "Yes, Baby-girl, FUCK!"

I want to hear the squishing sounds of our hot sex when you move your hands from behind my knees to clasp my ankles over my head, partially elevating my pelvis so the descending thrust of your fantastic fuck-pole provides the deepest penetration possible, making me squeak and gasp with your every piercing thrust.

I want to experience the animalistic instinct overtaking you as you pound your turgid meat into my swollen, hot flesh.

I want you to urge me on to climax.

"Cum for me Baby-girl, rain for me!"

I want you to feel those deep inner clenches of my pussy. I want to see you watching me throw my head back onto the pillow, making only an exhale and a squeak. I want you to feel warm wetness gushing from my hot, little cunt, then I want to feel your finger slip into my ass and feel those clenches too as my body convulses in short spastic waves.

I want you to see my facial expressions, as I moan with delight, grimace with wondrous pleasure, and bite my lower lip.

I want to feel you becoming rock hard again as the spectacle of my pleasure before you pushes you over the edge and you violently fuck the full extension of your cock up my tight tunnel, your finger inside my ass wriggling and pumping, stroking yourself from the other side of me to heighten the level of intensity and pleasure.

Then, when you hit the highest possible plane of ecstasy, I want to feel those unceasing surges from the depths of your loins blasting forth into me, squirting my cervix, as you slip your finger in and out of my ass, until you feel you are too sensitive to move anymore.

I want your cum and my gushing soaking the bed beneath us, leaving a large puddle of honey juice and sticky semen.

Then I want you to collapse over me, sucking my taut nipples, allowing the spasms from my pulsing valley to massage the shaft of your amazing cock.

I want to hear you whisper with me, "I love you, I love you, I love you," until we drift off into the sweetest slumber with our bodies still joined, just as our souls have merged forever.

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