tagIllustratedWhat Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath


Illustrated by PeterPD

All artwork remains the property of PeterPD and should not be reproduced without his consent.


Phil could not help but marvel at the way the Internet had shrunk the world. Here he was, talking to, and exchanging photographs with a man in Germany that he had never met, but felt he knew very well indeed.

They were discussing, as they had most days for the last few weeks, Phil's beautiful

English rose of a wife Stephanie.

They had married some 30 years ago, and were now in their early fifties, although both looked good for their years, and few would put Stephanie beyond 40. In the early days of their marriage, Stephanie was the sort of stunner that all their friends coveted, and she quickly grew to love the attention as Phil's friends openly ogled her. They did their share of swinging, and Stephanie even experimented with her lesbian side a few times, convincing herself that she didn't enjoy it, whilst the look on her face told Phil that she actually did!

With the arrival of family, the swinging and other adventurous behaviour ceased, and they settled into the role of happily married suburban family that they still occupied to this day. Phil had come to realise recently, however, that the sexuality that burned within his wife was if anything stronger than ever, and the time had come to let her rediscover it.

Although a tiny bit overweight these days, Stephanie still turned heads wherever she went. Often noted for her resemblance to Chris Evert the tennis player in her youth, she still retained that youthful look with the Cleopatra eyes. She kept herself in shape with horse riding, and had great legs and a cute ass....but her crowning glory was her magnificent chest. Her gravity defying 38 E breasts that had captivated all around her when they first married still retained all of their firmness, and she went braless whenever possible, enjoying both the freedom as her boobs bounced under her blouse, and the way heads turned to check them out. Most remarkable of all, however, were her nipples. Her beautiful baby pink areolae were massive-they measured a full 80mm across, and occupied a large part of each globe. Sadly, her teats were less remarkable, and in an effort to make hem more pronounced, she had them pierced about 15 years ago, so that the barbells that were now part of her made the buds of her nipples stand out even through clothing.

As she revelled in the increased attention that her nipple piercings invariably brought, Phil realised that the exhibitionist in her was rather stronger than either of them had ever dreamed. As they discussed this, they decided that making her body more noticeable turned them both on, and they embarked on the lengthy process of having her augmented by a series of spectacular tattoos that now adorned her body. A floral/tribal sash extended from her left shoulder, down across her back in a blaze of colour, to end in a flower and butterfly spectacular on her right thigh.

A black and red tribal collage emblazoned her left flank from thigh to breast, ending in a multi-fingered black cup that appeared to cradle her heavy left breast, circling teasingly around the curve of her enormous nipple.

Dainty pixie flowers cascaded from her right shoulder blade down across her right breast, cupping her right nipple in a more fragile version of the left counterpart.

She had lived with these tattoos now for many years, and had grown more and more prone to wearing clothes that exposed them to the maximum the situation allowed.

Phil had been convinced that these modifications would happily satisfy her exhibitionism for the rest of their days, but earlier this year, she seemed to have undergone another change, and had requested that they continue the process of tattooing her still spectacular torso.

Always eager to make her happy, Phil had agreed, and they added a peacock to her lower abdomen. A large piece of work, the head reached her waistband, and the blaze of colour that was the tail tumbled down the right of her belly and occupied the top third of her thigh. Because of the location of this latest piece, she had to sit in the tattooist's chair naked from the waist down for three two-hour sessions, as the artist worked her magic. Far from being fazed by this, Phil was interested to note that, not only was she visibly excited by the exposure, but that she seemed excited by the kiss of the needle, a process that she had previously found uncomfortable/painful depending on the area being inked.

As soon as the new tattoo was healed, Stephanie urged him to photograph the masterpiece and to post them on the Internet, which, to please her, he did.

It was when she asked him to shave her pubis so that they could continue the tattoo across to her pussy that the penny dropped. His lovely Stephanie, always a mild exhibitionist, now craved being displayed, and was immensely excited by it. She was never so passionate as she was when she had just posted a picture of her on the web, or someone had ogled her tattoos/piercings through the increasingly flimsy clothes she now wore.

Stephanie had always been an adequate lover, although she had steadfastly refused his anal advances over the years. She made up for it, however, with her enthusiastic and expert mouth, which gave the best head he had ever experienced (although she wasn't a throat girl) In their swinging days, everyone had praised her oral abilities, but, since her newfound exhibitionism, her sexuality seemed to be in overdrive, as she had encouraged him to lick play with, finger, and even use a slim vibrator on her virgin anus.

He tried to indulge her new needs by buying her revealing and exotic clothing, but it was never enough-she always wanted to show more, and the draconian decency laws in England, combined with the fact that they lived in a tight knit community where anonymity was not possible meant that an impasse was imminent.

He had been discussing his worries on the net with Peter, his German online friend, for a while now. They had met on an adult chat site. He logged on as "Meister Peter" and was clearly a Dom in the BDSM scene, which was not what Phil was looking for, but something about his profile made him seem approachable. He was a successful businessman in the video security world, and they had bonded as they discussed Stephanie's needs.

Phil loved Stephanie totally, and her happiness was paramount. It was clear she was evolving to a new sexual level, and that he was not at present able to cater for her needs. So long as the sanctity of their marriage was not at risk, he would do anything

to enable her evolution to happen , and between them they formulated a plan.

Peter was currently looking for a lady to train as a latex slave. Phil immediately dismissed this idea, saying his wife was no slave, and that kind of thing did not interest them-but Peter explained that there were many levels of slavery, and what he had in mind was not the dungeons and chains sort of service. He wanted to train someone to become so dependent on the tactile experience of wearing latex clothing that they would eventually do anything to be so cocooned- a slave to the material, so to speak. The sort of latex costumes he specialised in were the semi transparent sort-ideal for displaying tattoos etc. He theorised that he could satisfy Stephanie's need to exhibit herself by turning her into a latex slave, or "latexsklavin" as he put it. The public decency laws in Germany were very relaxed-there were even public parks where nudity was permitted. It was his proposal that if Stephanie went to Germany to be trained by him, they would both achieve their goals.

Initially the thought of sending his wife to another man to be "trained" was unacceptable, but as her needs continued to grow, and the suggestion played on his mind, it started to make sense.

One evening, he sat Stephanie down after dinner and confessed to the discussions he had been having with Peter, excepting her to be less than amused, but was pleasantly surprised when she listened, agreed with him that it was a good idea, and seemed rather aroused by the idea.

She had worn latex once before when she guested as a French maid at a friend's fetish evening, but had never told Phil until then how it had turned her on. As the evening wore on, it became clear that Peter's solution made a lot of sense, and with a sense of trepidation, he sat Stephanie down at the keyboard and introduced her to her potential "Meister"

For hours they exchanged messages, whilst Phil sat in the next room, feeling rather like a spare prick at a wedding. When finally a flushed Stephanie emerged, he felt a twinge of loss when she said "Meister Peter would like to talk to you now", and hurried upstairs.

As they talked into the night, Peter explained that he had found Stephanie's company enchanting, and that he was prepared to give her a chance if after a period of a week's reflection, they all still felt the same......

...Which brought them to the present. One week after that fateful evening, and after much traffic of digital photographs from Phil's camera to Peter's hard drive, the decision was made.

Peter could not help but be impressed at the many images he had been sent of his latexsklavin-in-waiting. All of her was lovely, but her tattoos were as erotic as he had seen, and above all, those breasts!! They were so wonderful he felt duty bound to share them with his German colleagues and neighbours. He was a breast man, and had shared many moments of boob-based fun with subs before, but never before had he encountered nipples like Stephanie's. They had been the clincher for him, and, although neither Phil nor his gorgeous wife suspected it, his plans for her nipples were long and involved!

That evening the deal that was forged stipulated that, in a few days, a small suitcase would arrive at their house by courier. Upon its arrival, all sexual activities between Phil and Stephanie would cease. Phil was to book Stephanie on the first available flight to Germany. She would leave him carrying only that case and the clothes she wore-she would need nothing else, as LatexMeister Peter would have total control over her appearance for the duration of her stay, and would provide everything. As he dropped her at Gatwick, it would be the last time he would see her for six months. He was not permitted to contact her, but would receive daily updates by email, accompanied by photos and occasionally movies of her progress.

As soon as the plane reached cruising altitude, she would go to the bathroom, however cramped it may seem, and change into the contents of the suitcase. Her old clothes would be shut in the valise where they would remain for six months.

She would spend the remainder of the flight exhibiting herself as ostentatiously as possible to her fellow passengers before landing in the country that would become her home for the immediate future. Once landed on German soil, she would transfer to a train to Frankfurt, where her Meister would meet her and take over her life. Phil suggested that a direct flight to Frankfurt may be safer, but Peter was adamant- he wanted her first experience of Germany to involve maximum exposure, so she was to make a land haul after her flight.

During her stay, she would not be harmed or brutalised in any way, but was not entitled to refuse anything that was asked of her. Modifications such as piercings, tattoos, hair restyling, etc were allowed and expected. At any stage during the six months, she was entitled to use a safe word, which would result in her regular clothes being returned to her, along with tickets home and the adventure would be over, no questions asked.

Phil had Peter's personal mobile number, but was not allowed to ring it unless he wanted to end the arrangement, in which case the same would happen-clothes back and tickets home. If he rung Peter's phone for any reason, the arrangement was over, so he couldn't even think of an excuse to ring to check on his wife.

With a lump in his throat, Phil agreed to all the terms, and committed his beloved partner to the unknown for half a year in the hope that it would fulfil her new needs.

Stephanie was a sexual animal for the next few days, sucking his cock at all times of the day, and jumping on his bones with exhausting frequency, as the reality of the situation sank in, and they awaited the arrival of the suitcase. She had arranged a six- month sabbatical from work, and had told all her friends that she was doing missionary work, which would explain her absence.

She was lovingly licking the flange of his cock as he relaxed in his favourite armchair one morning when the doorbell rang. Giving his twitching cock head a teasing kiss as if to say "be right back", she hurried to the door, and opened it to be met by a DHL man in impeccably pressed uniform, offering a small Samsonite case, and asking if "latexsklavin Stephanie" was available to sign for a delivery. Blushing furiously, she signed, unable to meet his eye, and hurriedly closed the door taking the case inside.

Realising to her shock that she was turned on by her embarrassment, she quickly knelt back in front of her husband to resume her oral worship. As her ruby red lips parted over his cock head, she felt his hand on her head restraining her.

"Not allowed now, slave Stephanie" he teased, hiding his regret and resolving to do this thing properly. "We have tickets to book"

Sighing as she zipped his lovely cock back in his pants, she knew he was right, and she tried to focus on what was left of her normal life as he surfed the net for the right deal on Eurostar tickets.

"This just got real" said Phil, as he handed her the printed copy of her E-Tickets. "Your flight leaves Gatwick at 2PM tomorrow- you check in at midday. If all goes smoothly, and the connecting train from Berlin is on time, you will be at Frankfurt central train station at 8PM their time tomorrow evening- I have just emailed confirmation to your Meister".

She nodded silently, and felt a wave of pure sexuality course through her tattooed body. She knew she was moist, but didn't dare let on, as her hands were tied now.

She just hugged him tightly, and whispered "Thank you my darling" in his ear.

He was doing all this for her, and she felt an overwhelming flood of love and affection for the man who would put her needs above all else.

Phil enjoyed her cuddles, and reflected on the twinge of jealousy that he felt each time he said "Meister"

Stephanie decided on a long soak in the bath before bed that evening, whilst Phil spoke online with Peter for the last time-from now on it would be emails for information only.

As she rinsed her hair, she was surprised to see Phil enter, wearing his bathrobe.

Letting it slip to the floor, he stepped into the tub beside her, feeling awkward at the raging hard-on he sported knowing she could do nothing about it.

" I have instructions to shave your pubes, pussy lips and anus" he explained, and busied himself with the task as she knelt obediently in the tub on all fours for him.

Although she had recently started shaving her pubes, she had never had her labia and anus shaved, and she gasped at the feeling of the cool air on her newly naked skin as she stepped out of the water. She felt her pussy moisten again, and bit her lip for control.

It was a fitful sleep for both of them that night, as she wondered what she had let herself in for, surrendering totally to a man she had never met, and he tried to resist the urge to cup her fabulous breasts in his hands for the last time for six months, knowing his cock would burst if he did.

They treated themselves to a lie-in that last morning, after which Phil cooked her a special breakfast that they shared at leisure before she went upstairs to do her make up.

She took care to accentuate her eyes more heavily than usual, as she wanted to create a favourable first impression for her Meister. With that in mind, she added a liberal coat of kiss-proof crimson lip-gloss. Satisfied that she radiated sexuality, she chose her lingerie carefully. Even though she knew it would be removed before she left the train- it was all about getting the mood right.

Dusky pink French knickers and camisole, that allowed her breasts to bounce under the silk, causing her nipples to do pokies. Matching stockings and garter belt followed, the softness of the hose causing her to purr as she smoothed it up her lovely legs.

A smart pencil skirt that hobbled her steps to a degree seemed appropriate, although she wasn't sure why, with a cream silk blouse and matching jacket. Killer 3-inch strappy shoes completed the ensemble.

As she walked downstairs, Phil let out a long whistle. She looked good enough to eat. Nipple piercings clearly visible through the silk, and the merest hint of tattoo around the areas the camisole didn't cover. She would turn every head at that airport, and they could only guess at what truly lay beneath. Stephanie knew, and it excited her. Meister Peter would soon know too!

With a lump in his throat, Phil drove his lovely bride towards London and her rendezvous with the 2 o'clock to the rest of her life. As they parked, and she took short, restricted steps on her killer heels, carrying the suitcase that held who knew what, he was reminded of what a supremely sexual being she was, and that he was a lucky man indeed. Six months would fly by, and she would come back to him fulfilled. He held that thought as he dropped her at the departure lounge, and kissed her passionately. Waving goodbye as she headed toward passport control, he felt a nervous twang as his control over the situation exited with her.

As she stretched to put her case on the luggage rack after boarding the plane, she felt the good looking guy opposite's eyes on her thighs, and she stretched that little bit further to ensure he caught a glimpse of genuine Christian Dior stocking top that enthusiasts always hoped was there.

As she sat down and felt his eyes devour her, lingering on her nipple piercings, she knew then beyond doubt that she was an exhibitionist slut, and was going to the right place.

There was sense of significance as, 30 minutes into the journey, the flight levelled out at 30,000 feet and they left English airspace. Her voyage of discovery was underway, and she would soon be a latexsklavin in training! She made small talk with the handsome guy; careful to tease but not too much as she didn't want to start something she couldn't finish. As the plane settled into its level trajectory, and the passengers relaxed, she left her seat, smiling provocatively at her admirer, before retrieving her case from the overhead locker and hurrying to the vacant and very claustrophobic toilet to change into her soon-to be regulation attire.

As Stephanie locked the door, and opened the suitcase for the first time, she gasped out loud at what she saw, and took a few minutes just touching the material that lay within, astonished at the tactile sensations she was experiencing. She had never felt anything like it.

When the closet door opened again twenty minutes later, it was not Stephanie that emerged, but latexsklavin Stephanie, the exhibitionist slut. As she strode proudly down the aisle back to her seat, every head on the flight turned to watch her. The overpoweringly sensual feel of the gossamer thin violet transparent latex dress caressed her curves with every stride. The clever upper bodice held her amazing breasts straight out in front of her, her many tattoos clearly visible under the magic fabric. The dress laced up at the front, and was split all the way up to the lacings, so that it gaped open with every step, exposing her peacock tattoo to the whole world. Only the shining steel of the chastity panties that covered her shaved pussy and ass, but nothing else, preserved what was left of her dignity. The side chains of the chastity device shone through the latex. The boots she wore were thigh high bondage boots in matching violet, with 5 inch heels that she struggled to walk in, and were buckled every few inches all up her lovely long legs. They positively screamed "fuck me". The integral collar at the top of the dress held her head high and proud. Included in the ensemble had been steel nipple shields, which she had used the roll of tit tape supplied to attach to her breasts, noticing how they exactly covered the 80mm width of her colossal areolae, clearly hinting to her admirers what lay beneath, but still teasing a little. It looked like she had metal nipples, as her heavy orbs swayed gently within the tight confines of the exquisite latex.

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