tagIllustratedWhat Lies Beneath Ch. 02

What Lies Beneath Ch. 02


A story by The Doctor

Illustrations by PeterPD


Peter sat unseen in his Audi, observing his new slave as she stood under the designated streetlight outside Frankfurt Station. She looked breathtaking in her latex ensemble and porn star thigh-high boots. Even from this distance, he could make out many of her tattoos under the latex skin that was soon to be her constant companion. Snapping shots with his digital camera on full zoom, he caught her expressions as they ran through the full spectrum of embarrassment, vulnerability, excitement as the guy in the sports car so obviously perved her from his seat, to the amazing moment when she dropped her suitcase and looked suspiciously like she was trying to control an orgasm. He would take pleasure in sending those to Phil later-he would hardly recognise the latex clad slut as his beloved wife! He smiled inwardly as he caught the nipple shields under her violet tunic. It wasn't that he was reluctant to display those show-stopping areolae to her new German public, simply that he wanted to be the first to appreciate their magnificence in the flesh before he started work on them. They were the focal point of this project, although Stephanie and Phil were as yet unaware of the fact.

He let her squirm in her vulnerability for a full five minutes before he decided that the sports car voyeur was on the verge of approaching her, at which point he left his vehicle, and strode purposefully up to his charge.

"Guten abend, latexsklavin Stephanie. I hope you had a pleasant journey?" he said forcefully, as she turned to see who had spoken to her.

Peter was older than Stephanie, but was in good shape, and his shaved head gave him an understated aura of power, as well as cutting quite a distinguished look beside his expensively tailored clothes. Impressed with what she saw, she visibly relaxed, and quickly replied " Oh-hello Sir- yes, the journey was fine thank you. It is good of you to meet me"

Frowning slightly, Peter produced a leash from his pocket, and attached it to the loop above the pubic area of her chastity panties, silently cursing himself for not having included a loop in the collar of her outfit. Staring in amazement at this overt display of ownership so early, she meekly followed on her mega-platform heels as he ushered her towards the Audi.

" Gut sklavin for following your dress instructions to the letter-you look sensational" he said warmly as he led her across the car park " but you will always address me as LatexMeister, whatever the circumstances" he scolded.

Stephanie was amazed at how his gently spoken admonishment cut through the night air, and she surprised herself by instantly replying " Ja LatexMeister- I am sorry", and even more so by the regret she felt at having disappointed him on their first meet.

In the background, the sports car burned rubber as its driver vented his sexual frustration on the tyres and left in search of less challenging opportunities.

As the Audi purred effortlessly through the streets of Frankfurt, Stephanie noticed that her Meister had left the interior light on her side active. As they talked, Frankfurt citizens turned their heads in double takes as they wondered if they really had just seen a half naked tattooed beauty in that car.

Leaving Frankfurt south toward Mannheim, he extinguished the light, and under the neon glow of the dashboard, they got to know each other.

For someone who was clearly heavily dominant, he was remarkably easy to talk to, and they discussed whole lots of nothing until, introducing it seamlessly into the conversation, he asked her how her latex outfit felt. She answered in absolute truth that it was like no other tactile experience she had ever felt, and that the sensations came close to overwhelming her at times. Smiling, Peter thought that she may just be a natural, and looked forward in earnest to the next six months developing that lust into an absolute requirement.

"Did I imagine it, or did you orgasm under the lights, latexsklavin Stephanie?" he asked very naturally, but with just the right amount of gravitas that she knew only the truth was acceptable.

"Ja LatexMeister, I did-it took me completely by surprise. The feel of the latex, the way I was displayed so publicly, the chastity you had so openly placed me in, and the way that guy was staring at me...it just happened. I hope I didn't do wrong?" she blurted, surprised at the ease with which she discussed such intimacies with this stranger.

" Nein, latexsklavin-you did not do wrong" he chuckled reassuringly "This is all about pleasure, for all of us. You will be doing a great deal of cumming over the next few months, and each orgasm will be welcomed and encouraged. There is only one exception. You are only permitted to orgasm when clad in latex. Any orgasms whilst naked will be punished most severely. There are few rules that apply during your training other than your absolute obedience-but this one is vital. The vast majority of the next few months will see you clad in latex, with the severity of the enclosure gradually increasing, but there will be times when you are naked, such as for bathing, showering, etc. Also you will sleep naked to start with, although that may well change as your training progresses. The other rules will be explained to you as we progress, but that is the one you must hold most dear-is that clear?"

"Ja LatexMeister" she gulped, disturbingly aroused by the way he discussed her presentation over the coming months as though he were dressing a piece of meat.

"Gut Sklavin" he said soothingly, and they drifted back to easy chat as the Audi ate up the miles to Mannheim.

After an hour or so, with the clock showing around 10PM, they turned into a leafy lane on the outskirts of the town, and then through automatic gates into a modern sizable building set in sumptuous grounds, made private by a substantial perimeter wall. Even under the artificial lighting, Stephanie could see that it was an expensive designer building. She noticed video surveillance cameras everywhere, and remembered that this was what her Meister did for a living.

As the Audi swept into the treble garage, whose doors opened as if by magic and closed securely behind them, she felt surprisingly secure given that she had just entered a fortress in a foreign country with a handsome dominant she barely knew. She touched the latex clad curve of her magnificent chest to reassure herself that this wasn't a dream, and shivered with excitement at the sensation.

It even felt natural to be ushered from the car on a dog leash, and as he led her from the garage and to the front door that gave access to his home (and hers for the next 26 weeks)

As Peter unlocked the door, he told her to stand to attention, hands behind her head as she stood on the threshold. She obeyed instantly, surprising herself again at her compliance as she stood there leashed, vulnerable and on display. Untying the lace that held her latex dress in place, he eased the violet second skin from her shoulders, making her gasp with the tactile sensations as the featherweight garment slid from her body to gather in a small pile on the floor, leaving her clad in just the latex shoulder wrap with collar, nipple shields, chastity panty and thigh boots. Reaching round and releasing the top buckle on each boot, he folded the top few inches of each legging down, so that the upper portion of each thigh was now visible. Satisfied that each of her lovely tattoos was now fully visible, Peter gave the leash a gentle tug and his sklavin crossed the threshold and entered her new home

Peter unclipped her leash, and gestured to her to sit down, whilst he fetched her case from the car.

Bringing it in, he opened a door in the hallway behind which sat an armoured locker, like a gun cupboard, with a combination lock on it. He put the case inside, then reached for her purse, which contained her passport, cards and money, and added that to the storeroom, before closing the door with a meaningful flourish and spinning the lock to scramble the tumblers.

"Unless you use the safe word, or Phil rings my mobile, the next time you see those things will be in six months time. I for one will be most disappointed if I have to open it earlier. Henceforth, every minute aspect of your appearance will be controlled by me- your clothing, jewellery, make up, etc. All your needs will be catered for-all you have to do is obey and enjoy, my latexsklavin" he said comfortingly.

"Starting tomorrow it will be your job to attend to my needs, and those of any guests/friends that may visit. Just for tonight, however, I will attend to you, and will prepare supper for us. After we have eaten, I will show you to your quarters, inspect you, and you will sleep-it has been a long day for you."

Wondering quite what he meant by 'inspect', since more of her was already visible to him than most people other than her husband and her doctor had seen for years, she took the offered chair at the vast kitchen table, savouring her highly exposed, and now aroused, state; but strangely missing the feel of her latex dress caressing her naked buttocks as she sat. Just a few hours into her training, and already she craved the feel of the latex, she reflected, as she watched her handsome, sophisticated Meister open a bottle of wine to breathe whilst he sautéed fillet mignon in butter, mushrooms and onions, before using a liberal splash of the wine to create a jus to accompany the steaks. Potatoes and vegetables were already in the oven on timer, and she watched admiringly as he worked the large, super-modern kitchen like a pro, before presenting them with mouth-watering plates of supper, which they ate enthusiastically, enjoying the surprisingly good red Rhine wine as they feasted, and talking in relaxed tones as if it were the most natural thing in the world to begin ones slave training sat half naked at the meal table.

As they finished an excellent crème brulee dessert, and Peter poured coffee, she felt the stress of this monumental day catch up with her, and had to stifle a yawn.

Noticing this, Peter got up from his seat " I know it has been a long and traumatic day for you today, latexsklavin Stephanie-that is why I am being so lenient on you this evening. Follow me to your quarters now" came the mood-changingly stern instructions.

Shocked back to reality from the wine fuelled peace that the meal had brought, she collected her discarded latex dress, and hobbled on her impossible platforms behind him, up some glass effect stairs and along a corridor to a door that bore the single word "Sklavin"

Keying in an unseen code to the door entry pad, Peter pushed it open, and Stephanie was greeted with a large airy bedroom, in the middle of which sat a king sized bed-well; bigger that that-it must have been six foot wide! All along one wall sat an avenue of mirror-fronted walk-in closets, but strangely all had keypad locks on them. On the other wall was a door, which clearly led to the en suite facilities, which bore no lock at all.

Most remarkable of all was the bed. At various points around its frame were eyelets that were clearly anchorage points, and the whole assembly shone as the bubblegum pink latex sheets and pillows caught the light. She was to sleep in latex bedding!

Noting her eyes widen at the prospect, Peter added teasingly, "I said you would sleep naked at first-did I forget to mention that your body will still be fed the sublimal need for latex via your bed sheets?"

Stephanie blushed scarlet, and tried to suppress the heat in her groin as she took it all in.

"Danke LatexMeister," she stammered, unable to think of anything more meaningful to say.

"Gut- now undress, and place all your items of clothing in the hopper over there and push the button-it will be emptied, and your new attire will be laid out each morning for you in the rotating closet on the left-no decision making is required on your part- then go and shower through there. After showering or bathing, you must towel yourself dry, then walk through the drying arch where powerful jets of hot air will dry every part of your body properly. As you will discover, wet skin and latex simply do not mix! When you are done, push the button by the door and I will attend to you after I have cleaned up the supper things.

With that, he exited, and a bemused Stephanie wriggled out of the latex shoulder wrap, unlaced those sensational but uncomfortable boots, and unbuckled the chastity panties that must have been soaked by her arousal. As she pulled the nipple shields off, wincing as the tit tape let go, and dropped them into the hopper, she pushed the button. As a mechanical noise told her the hopper was empty, it occurred to her that she now owned nothing- only her nipple barbells stood between her and total nudity, and she was totally reliant on Latexmeister for everything, without exception. As she went into the shower, and activated the powerful multi-jet array, she felt good in her insecurity-it aroused her damn it, as did the way the many colours etched into her skin glistened in the wet.

After luxuriating in the power shower for a full five minutes, the grime of the journey was finally gone, and she exited and dried herself with one of the huge fluffy towels that filled a large heated rail.

Intrigued, she stood in the drying arch, which reminded her somewhat of an airport security portal, and pressed the button. Powerful jets of air blew at her from all angles-there were even nozzles in the floor, and she parted her legs slightly to allow the warm air to dry her perfectly shaved pussy and ass.

Once done, she inhaled the smell of warm clean skin as she exited the en-suite, and, after pushing the button by the door, stood obediently to attention awaiting her Meister's return. She glanced across the room at her reflection in the mirrors of the closet doors, and noted than she was in good shape for her years. Her tattoos shone brightly in the light, and her breasts looked especially pert, as she cupped them, weighing each one and remembering how they felt when restrained by that marvellous latex dress. Her massive areolae, somewhat akin to headlights on main beam, dominated her incredible bosom, and almost perfectly matched the pink colour of the bed sheets.

The door opening interrupted her daydreams, as LatexMeister returned.

"Follow me for inspection, latexsklavin" he instructed, and, bare assed and bare foot, she padded behind him back downstairs to the kitchen.

As she reached the warmth of what seemed to be the hub of the home, she stood expectantly, as Peter produced two soft leather wrist cuffs, which he buckled around her arms as she offered them to him meekly. Feeling her sense of arousal rise, she obediently, and without being asked, bowed forward to offer her slender neck for the matching collar that he again buckled efficiently into place, his appreciative eye scanning every inch of his new slave's body.

"Turn around slowly, latexsklavin Stephanie," he ordered firmly, and she enjoyed his gaze on her curves as she span the full 360 for her Meister.

The photos Phil had sent him did not do her justice-she was beautiful, thought Peter, as he drank in every detail of her tattooed sexiness. He had known she was a head turner, which was what was needed for an exhibitionist sklavin, but this was better than he had dreamed. Finally his eyes rested on her chest. As a breast fetishist, he had enjoyed many shapes and sizes, but never had he seen breasts as full as these that were so firm-they thrust forward like those of a twenty year old, and those nipples! He had taken Phil's claims that they measured 80mm across with a pinch of salt, but now he did not doubt that claim at all. Captivated, he reached out and cupped first one breast, then the other; cupping each one in turn to fully enjoy it's great mass, before letting it go and watching her finely honed chest muscles hold it in the shape nature intended. Sensing that Stephanie was aroused by his touch, he unceremoniously lifted the left breast by the nipple piercing, handling it as if he were a butcher with a choice cut, checking out the tattoo detail that ran underneath the orb. To most girls, being handled so impersonally would have been an instant turn-off, but Stephanie bit her lip and concentrated on not cumming, as the wonderful humiliation of being so callously examined washed over her. As he lifted the other breast by its nipple, he squeezed that bit harder, and was please to see that she bit her lip harder.

Finally satisfied, he released her breast meat.

"Zehr gut, latexsklavin-your photos do not do you justice. You will do nicely. It will be a pleasure showing you off to the German public. Those nipples are especially interesting-we will start work on those tomorrow. These existing barbells, however, are most unsatisfactory-way too small. I will remove them now, and we will fit your first training size of ball-closure ring in the morning when you are dressed properly."

With that, he expertly unscrewed the ball from the end of each piercing, and deftly removed them from her nipples.

As she pondered what he might mean by "start work on them", he gestured her toward the table that occupied the whole of the centre of the homely room, and she hopped up on it. As he fetched a digital camera and an anglepoise lamp from the chest opposite, Stephanie noticed the other pieces of apparatus that were sat there, and felt a little uneasy for the first time since she had arrived- there was a small whip there, and some black rubber devices she had never seen the like of before.

"Kneel face down on the table as if I was about to spank you, latexsklavin," commanded her Meister.

Sensing her tense up, he added, "Don't worry you have earned no punishment yet- there will be no spanking."

Obediently draping her naked, tattooed body across the table, she felt him approach her and tenderly trace the outline of her back-sash across her spine, feeling the raised scar tissue and noting that her pain threshold must be quite high.

Returning to the task in hand, he switched on the anglepoise lamp, and directed it at her ass. Stephanie felt the warmth of the lamp, as he slowly and deliberately parted the tattooed cheeks of her lovely ass to expose the rosebud that lay between them. As her anus winked in the light, he ran his finger across her virgin opening, watching it pucker in response to his touch, and feeling her breathing become heavier.

"You have a beautiful anus, Stephanie-or as we call it here, your arschloch. You are German property for the moment, so it will be referred to exclusively as such-do you understand?"

"Ja LatexMeister, es ist meine arschloch," gasped the slut, as he continued to examine it.

"Zehr gut. It is perfectly shaved-we will keep it that way for a while, before we deal with the hair on a more permanent basis," he added. "I will shave you myself. The same applies to your pussy, which also feels silky smooth in it's present state-much more appreciative of the kiss of the latex like that" he enthused, seeing her tight little arschloch twitch at the mention of the material.

Adjusting the lamp so that both her pussy and arschloch were well lit, he parted her labia expertly with one hand, as he took a series of photographs of it with his right.

"Beautiful pussy, latexsklavin, but sadly undecorated-so far!" he teased, before returning to her arschloch and gently teasing it open before again shooting a series of photos.

"Phil tells me you are an anal virgin, latexsklavin?" he enquired

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