tagIllustratedWhat Lies Beneath Ch. 03

What Lies Beneath Ch. 03


A story by The Doctor

Illustrations by PeterPD


Stephanie slept soundly after the exertions of the previous day, waking occasionally to reach out for her husband, before remembering that she slept alone in her latex envelope, and giving herself up to the wonderful security of those magic sheets as they hugged every one of her ample tattooed curves and soothed her back to sleep.

As the buzzer that was to announce the start of each new day of her six-month training regime brought her to morning reality with a start, she noticed that strong morning sunshine was already infiltrating her bedroom via the gaps in the heavy drapes, illuminating the large, plush room with a warm glow. As she collected her thoughts and drove the last vestiges of sleep from her brain, Stephanie could not help but stroke the sensual smoothness of the bubblegum pink latex bedding that had hugged her so intimately all night. Even the faint smell of it was exciting, and it was with regret that she finally extricated herself from her bed, and padded softly to the bathroom, the slap of the inflation bulb against her thigh reminding her that she was not entirely alone, as her ass muscles squeezed the intruder in a 'good morning' embrace.

Remembering Latexmeister's instructions, she leaned against the large, sumptuous porcelain basin, and, pressing the release valve to ensure the plug was fully deflated (her Meister had not inflated it at all for her first night), she eased the black rubber trainer past the sphincter or her arschloch, as she had been told to think of it, feeling a strange pang of regret as her anus closed sharply on its exit, restoring her watertight seal. Reaching into the cabinet above, she found disinfectant, and sterilised the plug thoroughly before cleaning her teeth with the utensils laid out before her so meticulously.

Now empty, she slipped into the toilet section of the suite and performed her daily motions, pleased to note that her morning regularity seemed unaffected by her change of routine, blissfully unaware that her Meister, by the introduction of mild laxatives into her evening meal, had already gained control of that part of her life, and was able to ensure that she could remain plugged all day and night, so thorough was her morning evacuation to become.

As she showered, she ran her hands through her hair, luxuriating in the power of the jets that drenched her tattooed body clean, and after a full five minutes' self indulgence, she exited and towelled the excess water off before using the turbo-powered drying arch to ensure that her body was bone dry in every crevice, her Meisters caveat about water and latex not mixing prominent in her mind.

A full half hour after awakening, a squeaky clean, naked Stephanie exited the bathroom, carrying her sterilised butt plug, and sat at the dresser to do her make-up.

Studying the range of products laid out before her, she was impressed at her Meister's good taste, as she set about applying the expensive cosmetics, taking care, as instructed, to make her eyes the focal point.

After an eye job Cleopatra would have been proud of, she picked up a lip-gloss, and contemplated how to apply it. Cleopatra was proud of her abilities as a fellatrice; and, as her eyes fell on the silver bell on the dresser and she was reminded that her oral abilities were to be a focal point of her stay, Stephanie decided that she should also be proud of hers, and proceeded to adorn her lips in cocksucker crimson.

Impressed at the wanton slut that stared back at her from the mirror, Stephanie walked over to the carousel part of the closet and, with an air of mounting excitement, inspected what was to be her attire of the day.

Gasping with pleasure as she touched the outfit that hung before her, Stephanie lifted a bright red latex full catsuit from the hanger. Surprised at its heaviness, she realised it was a much heavier grade of rubber than the outfit she had arrived in, and wondered why. It felt so wonderful to touch, not dissimilar to the weight of the sheets that had caressed her all night, and as she held it in front of her, she noticed that it had integrated feet, and extended up to the neck, fastening with a latex zip down the back, leaving just her hands and her head exposed- but no...closer examination revealed that the suit also had cut-outs at each nipple that looked suspiciously like 80mm across-the exact diameter of the beauties that sat atop her amazing chest. Placed next to the suit were soft black leather wrist cuffs and a squeeze-bottle containing talc.

Controlling her mounting excitement, Stephanie applied a light dusting of talc to her feet and ankles, and sat down to start the lengthy task of slipping into her second skin for the day. As she slipped her first dainty little foot into the suit, and wriggled the garment up past her ankle, she felt a wave of sensations, as the tactile beauty of the suit caused her massive nipples and perfectly shaved pussy to spasm in excitement. Concentrating, she inserted her other foot and began the task of smoothing the latex up her long sexy legs. By the time she had smoothed the cherry red material all the way up to her crotch, she was gasping, but not with the effort, but with the overwhelming sexiness of the situation. Most remarkable of all, however, was that her arschloch had started spasming in time with her other sexual centres, and she found herself profoundly missing the butt plug that sat neglected on the dresser.

Pressing on, she wiggled her tattooed hips into the suit, and then stretched the torso part of the garment up towards her neck, making the lower half of it hug her figure as she guided her three inch wide areolae into the bespoke cut-outs that awaited them. Satisfied everything was lined up, she slipped the first arm into the suit, and felt the whole ensemble start to cling in the right places as her first beautifully inked shoulder blade slipped into place. Quickly adding the second arm, she wriggled the last part of her inside, and stood proudly before the mirror, trembling with excitement as she smoothed the second skin over her curves, amazed at how powerfully erotic she looked. She was aware of the fact that her tattooed back was still exposed to the atmosphere, and she wondered how she would pull the nylon zip up her back. Reaching down to the small of her back, she found the zip hasp, and noticed that her Meister's attention to detail was again supreme, as a small wisp of nylon cord, akin to fishing line, had been attached to it for her to pull on. Drawing the zip as far up her back as she could, she felt like she was being shrink-wrapped in heaven, and, as her other hand took over the pull as she reached back over her shoulders, she firmly drew the zip fully closed, feeling a gentle pressure on her neck as the collar drew shut around her throat. She was in her envelope at last, and no words she could draw upon could describe the feeling of sexual completeness she felt as she admired her crimson latex body in the mirror, her hands dancing across her body, taking in each contour as she went into tactile overload and her first orgasm of the day threatened. Realising that cumming was allowed now she was correctly attired, she reached for her clit, and immediately realised that touching it was not possible through her second skin. Frustrated and close to her peak, she rubbed the nub of her clit through the latex, and felt her orgasm wash over her, as her knees threatened to buckle, and her arschloch clenched at emptiness, craving the intruder that had occupied her virgin hole all night.

As the spasms subsided, and she regained her composure, she again examined her reflection, still not fully able to believe how wonderful she looked and felt. Wanting perfection for her Meister, she picked up a polishing cloth that was in the carousel, and buffed the red envelope until all hand marks had vanished, and she shone like she was fresh out of the paint shop.

Buckling on her wrist cuffs, she checked herself one final time in the mirror, before summoning her Meister. Her tattoos were only just visible through the heavier grade latex, and she wondered why her Meister had chosen to make them less visible than on her journey here. She decided to ask him later, and contentedly walked to the door to press the button, savouring the kiss of the latex as she walked.

Ten minutes later, as she stood obediently by the door waiting, LatexMeister Peter keyed in the entry code and entered his sklavin's room, keen to see how she looked in her first full latex situation. He had resisted the urge to check her progress on the hidden cameras, preferring to enjoy the sight first hand. As he entered, and saw her stood awaiting his inspection, he had to stifle a very unmasterful gasp, as he took in her full majesty-she was beautiful; the best he had ever seen. Her breasts, already gravity-defyingly firm for their great size, swelled under the elasticity of their rubber captivity like two oversized rosy red apples trying to burst through their prison. Those astonishing nipples thrust proudly through the cutouts like swollen pizzas, and the suit clung to her every curve like a surgeons glove.

"Guten morgen, latex novice Stephanie" he announced, using her slightly lower caste name, although she already looked like a fully-fledged latexsklavin to him.

" Guten morgen Latexmeister" she replied coyly, resisting the urge to curtsey.

" You have followed your instructions well, little sklavin" he enthused. "You look wonderful. How do your new clothes feel?" he added teasingly.

"Like nothing I have ever experienced, Latexmeister- danke" she relied in a hoarse voice thick with sexuality, surprising herself that this time she did actually curtsey very slightly.

"Gut- I am pleased. We have a few minor adjustments to make before we go to the basement to start your training proper" he continued authoritatively, and, entering a code into one of the keypads on the mirrored closets, one of the panels slid back silently, revealing rows and rows of latex finery, and various cabinets that housed sexual appliances of all shapes and sizes, some totally unfamiliar to Stephanie. Reaching in quickly and collecting what he needed, the door slid back again before she had chance to take in the detail of the treasures that awaited her during her stay, but the mere colour and smell of the contents of the closet had started her spasming again.

"Firstly, and most importantly, sklavin, we must deal with the unadorned state of your nipples. This is the last time for six moths that they will not bear metal of some description. Those barbells you arrived in were wholly inadequate, which is why I removed them. For the first few days you will wear rings like these, although much heavier and more challenging furniture await your nipples as your training progresses"

He produced two ball closure rings 50mm in diameter, and fully 4mm thick, causing Stephanie to flinch and gasp in shock, shaking her head from side to side in denial of her ability to accommodate such monsters.

" Why do you shake your head, latex novice? There is no NO here, and Meister knows best for your nipples just a he knows best for your attire. I will use these surgical steel insertion pins to open your existing holes to the required diameter. It will hurt briefly, but the rewards will be enormous. Your nipples will be the central feature of your exhibitionism once you go public, so it is right that we should maximise their potential" he explained

As the enormity of his statement sank in, and she realised that, unless she deployed the safe word and ended this before it had started, those pieces of heavy engineering were going in her nipples whether she liked it or not. Determined not to disappoint at the first hurdle, and encouraged by the fact that he most certainly did seem to know what was best for her attire wise, she bit her lip and nodded, this time in the affirmative

"Ja Latexmeister, sorry. It will be an honour to wear your steel"

Smiling at how easily this English rose of a slut capitulated, he fed the thin end of the lubricated insertion pin into her left nipple and slowly but firmly eased it into her tit meat, seeing the pinkness of her teat expand around the increasing girth of the pin, until, just when she was at the point of gasping out in pain, he reached the full four mm. Removing the ball from the heavy ring, he offered the open end to the base of the insertion pin, and with one fluid motion he eased both invaders through the meat of her nipple and out the other side. Stephanie yelped as the ring popped through, but was surprised at how little discomfort she experienced as he fed the ring through until the gap hung directly below her teat, and attached the ball deftly.

As he released it, she was shocked at its weight-it was sufficiently heavy to cause her entire nipple to curve slightly toward the floor-and this, if he was being straight with her, was just the beginning! The thought shocked her, but the spasms of excitement that stated again in her groin suggested otherwise.

As he fed the other ring in, she was less nervous, and experienced little pain. Once finished, he had her stand before the mirror and admire her reflection.

Two huge shiny steel rings now hung heavily from each of her massive aureolae, glistening against the sheen of the latex, and heavy enough to make her every move cause them to pull on her breasts. She had to admit they looked awesome, and she found herself thanking her Meister enthusiastically for violating her chest so totally.

Smiling, he sat at her dresser and bade her lie across his knee.

Complying meekly, she felt him fumble in her crotch before finding a second, less obvious zip, which he pulled back to expose the pinkness of her anus, which blinked at him in the light like a mole surfacing for air.

"You will learn to crave having your arschloch full for 23 hours per day, latex novice Stephanie- but for now I will settle for acceptance. I will not increase the size of your plug for the first few days, although you can expect increasing frequency of use of the inflation bulb" he softly explained, as he lubricated the freshly sterilised plug ready for insertion. " Do you have anything to ask me?" he enquired, as he readied for the assault

"Bitte-plug meine arscloch Latexmeister" came the reply that surprised them both, and as her pink rosebud opened effortlessly to accommodate the widest part of the plug before claiming the narrower base greedily from his hand, Peter realised that his sklavin was an anal natural. Rewarding her enthusiasm with a squeeze of the bulb, he enjoyed her squeal of surprise and pleasure as the plug swelled in her rectum.

"Danke Latexmeister" she grunted, and they both knew she meant it.

" Just to ensure that any gratification you may enjoy during the day is drawn solely from your arschloch and your latex clothing and accoutrements, I think a little chastity would be wise" he added, before carefully zipping the crotch of the cat suit back up around the piping to the bulb, and then buckling a leather and chrome chastity belt around her waist which made any attempt at stimulating her genital area manually quite out of the question.

"Nearly ready now, sklavin" he announced as he delved into a shoebox he had retrieved from the closet earlier. "Slip these shoes on while I ready your posture collar and then we will walk-or in your case hobble-to the dungeon"

As he offered the shoes to her, the shock of the word 'dungeon' registered at the same time as did her amazement at the shoes he was expecting her to walk in. A hobble chain that was no longer than 18 inches connected bright red strappy platform shoes with heels that must have been fully five inches high to each other. The colour matched her suit perfectly, but how could she ever walk in them-and why did he have a dungeon?

A wave of panic rose in her metal adorned chest, as she obediently slipped her latex clad feet into the deliciously impractical shoes. When she eventually stood in them her ankles protested as her feet were virtually en-pointe, and her first attempts at steps around the room were unsteady and painful. After a few minutes, she got the hang of it somewhat, and was starting to enjoy the way her legs looked in those incredible shoes, when her Meister stopped any further admiration by buckling a large and especially brutal black leather posture collar around her swan-like neck. Taken totally by surprise as he had approached her from behind, she could do no more that accept it as he buckled the restraint into place. The most extreme he possessed, he had used stealth tactics deliberately, as had she seen it she would surely have panicked and refused-it held her head high and rigid, allowing no movement whatsoever-once buckled into it she could only see what lay ahead at head height, which was exactly what he wanted. There were devices in his dungeon that he did not want her to see at this early stage, although she would encounter many of them in due course. For now, she was to visit his dungeon for one specific task, and everything else was on a "need to know basis"

As her neck muscles became used to being stretched into such an exaggerated and unnatural gait, she relaxed a little, and as he attached a leash to her collar, she obediently hobbled slowly behind him as he led her step by painful step to his dungeon. The wonderful feel of the latex, and the reassuring impact of the inflation bulb on her thigh each time she took a step, along with the bang her heavy nipple rings against her latex lad breasts induced such a state of euphoria in her that, as each step took her closer to the dreaded dungeon, she knew that whatever awaited her there was worth enduring to enable her to enjoy six months on tactile sensations such as she now savoured.

As he led her downstairs slowly to the basement, she could not observe anything other than the way directly ahead, so she took the opportunity to ask her Master, in between concentrating on her balance and poise, why this latex outfit, wonderful as it was, did not display her tattoos as fully as her travel outfit had?

" A good question, little latex novice" he replied. "Your tattoos will be second only to your nipples in importance when you are publicly displayed and inspected. However, in these early novice days, it is important that you learn to appreciate the feel and texture of your new skin before we use it as a tool to show off your ink. Also, until you become experienced at putting the latex wear on, it is very easy to tear the thinner, more transparent items. Rest assured, as your training progresses, you will earn the right to wear thinner, more see-through garments. By the time you are a fully trained latexsklavin, your costumes will leave absolutely nothing to the imagination" he explained, as she hobbled down the last set of steps and they approached the dungeon door. It was truly a dungeon, with the curved top of the heavy oak door reminiscent of medieval architecture as it creaked menacingly open.

Leading his charge inside, Peter was grateful that she did not see the many instruments of discipline that festooned the walls as he led her to the table and chair that sat alone in the middle of the stone floor, lit eerily by a skylight somewhere above.

As she finally reached the chair, he sat her down in it and removed her leash. She wriggled her latex clad buttocks sexily as she tried to get comfortable with the inflation bulb and tube, enjoying the feel in her arschloch as each movement pressed on the intruder within, but frustrated by the chastity belt.

Firmly but gently, he gathered her hands behind her back and locked the wrist cuffs together as she started straight ahead, unable to move her neck at all, relying on her sense of feel to tell her what was happening.

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