tagIllustratedWhat Lies Beneath Ch. 04

What Lies Beneath Ch. 04


A story by The Doctor

Illustrations by PeterPD


After hobbling back up from the dungeon in those impossibly high heels, latex novice Stephanie ignored the pain in her latex clad ankles from the constant "en-pointe" position the spectacular footwear held her feet in, and savoured the cool rush of the midday air across her recently shaved scalp, along with the delicious embrace of her scarlet second skin. The considerable weight of the 2 inch wide steel hoops that now adorned her nipples caused them to bounce gently against the lower curve of her breasts as she walked, accompanied by the simultaneous slap of her inflation bulb against her rubberised thighs, reminding her that the intruder that sat so snugly in her rectum was no secret to any observer. The ferocious posture collar that restricted her vision to that which lay straight ahead gave her an odd sense of security, keeping her in an insular latex world in which she felt remarkably at ease.

As the aftertaste of her Meister's cum on her palette reminded her of the act she had sunk so quickly to her knees to complete a few moments ago, she was shocked again to realise how quickly she had returned to submissiveness after the brief flare of rebellion she had felt as he had stripped her of her crowning glory.

As she shuffled into the bright and cheery kitchen, bathed in the lunchtime German sunshine, she thought that her husband, who had so graciously loaned his beloved wife to a stranger for six months training, had maybe underestimated her need to be exhibited. He would freak if he could see her now, bald as a baby- but she had a trust in her Latexmeister that she couldn't explain, and, as she busied herself preparing coffee and pastries for him, she knew that her baldness had a purpose, and felt rather at home with it.

Watching his sklavin struggle with the posture collar, he fondly stroked her smooth head every time she walked past him, making her focus on her baldness each time he was near. Feeling especially proud of her, he gave the bulb between her shiny red thighs another squeeze, enjoying her grunt of acceptance as her still virgin anus took another small step in its journey to complete openness. He had promised himself not to rush her anal training, and to restrict himself to one squeeze per day, but she was such a willing pupil, he saw no reason not to move things on a notch? If he could complete her stage one anal development by the time her hair grew back enough to be displayed publicly, then all well and good- it was another string to his humiliation bow. The rechargeable battery in the plug was due for recharging in the morning, and he was starting to think that leaving the next size up for her to insert in the morning, rather than simply a recharged duplicate of her beginner size trainer might be viable? He would have to decide before bedtime, as everything needed to be in place when she woke.

The rest of the afternoon passed smoothly, as Meister Peter took to the desk in his office, and his latex clad slave familiarised herself with the layout of the home she would be looking after for the foreseeable future. Despite the hobble boots and posture collar, she quickly located everything she needed in the kitchen, along with the basic instruments needed for cleaning the house. She had been told that only the ground floor was her responsibility- she was only to venture upstairs when it was bedtime, at which point she would be led by her leash to the door; and to the dungeon, again leashed, when instructed. Clearly there were areas of the house that she was not meant to see?

As she settled rather happily into her bald latex-clad servitude, Peter occasionally broke off from his work to give her a quick zap with the remote ass vibrator, smiling to himself as the squeal of shock she gave each time became more and more tinged with gratitude. Mid afternoon, he decided he needed a time-out, and reached for the silver bell that sat tantalisingly on his desk-it had been tempting him all afternoon, as he still could feel his slut's lipsticked mouth on his shaft from the dungeon earlier. As he rang it firmly, but not urgently, he heard Stephanie's steps change direction, and fancied that he detected a slight increase in pace as she hobbled towards his office to service her Meister.

As she presented herself before him, her steel rings rising and falling on her magnificent latex clad chest, he gestured to her to kneel again before him. As she slipped to groin level, he went to unbutton his fly, and then stopped. She was advancing so fast, he decided to try bringing another part of her training forward. Reaching round to the rear of her slender neck, he slowly unbuckled the posture collar, and as he eased it away from her shoulders, she gasped as her neck muscles again took the weight of her shaved head, taking her quite my surprise at their momentary weakness. As she moved her head around, slowly easing the stiffness in her neck muscles, as the strength returned, he tipped her head back slowly by lifting her chin, and told her to open her mouth.

"Before I allow you to blow me again, latexsklavin, I want to see how sensitive the back of your throat really is? Open as wide as you can, and try not to flinch or gag as I push my fingers to the back" he commanded.

She had known this was coming since her first act of oral submission the previous night-and the idea had turned her on at the time, but she hadn't expected it this soon, and swallowed rather nervously before opening her heavily lip-glossed mouth so wide her jaw ached, as her Meister began his exploration. There was something desperately humiliating about kneeling, shaved bald, before your new Master as he saw how much of his hand he could cram into her mouth, and the humili-slut in her reacted to this, and her anus clenched it's plug in excited spasms, as he reached in to her hungry mouth. Excited beyond belief, she waited for his fingers to caress her epiglottis, before her excitement turned to shame as she instantly gagged as he made contact. Not wanting to force her, he withdrew very slightly-

" Now concentrate, little sklavin- mind over matter. You want me to stroke your throat-it excites you. Focus on that" he encouraged, as he prepared to try again.

He was right-she did want it-more than she would ever have dreamed; yet again at the moment of contact she gagged and coated his fingers with throat slime.

Time after time they tried, each time she tried harder than the last, but it was a pure reflex, and he could not massage her throat opening without the same reaction.

Eventually, he gave up, and stroked her baldness for comfort, as she cried unashamedly at her inability to comply. This was her first failure, and he was impressed with her level of regret at it-she really was a natural submissive; more so than he had dared hope.

" Never mind, latex novice Stephanie- I will get something to help you with that for tomorrow- just forget about it now and concentrate on your oral task now" he soothed, and she opened her lips again and took his shaft in with an enthusiasm that said both "I am sorry" and "I am a cum-slut" equally loudly, as Meister Peter enjoyed the best head he had ever received, only just managing to stifle a very un-masterly roar as he emptied his second delivery of the day copiously into her hungry mouth, stroking her baldness again as she swallowed greedily.

She remained kneeling obediently as he reattached the posture collar. As he did up the final buckle, she rose unsteadily to her feet; the ankle hobbles making the task difficult, before being dismissed with a wave as he returned to work.

He left her alone for the rest of the afternoon, seeking to enhance her feeling of shame at his disappointment at her unreceptive throat (he wasn't in the least --he was fully expecting early failure), but mind games were part of her training, and he let her wallow in her shame as she prepared his evening meal.

As he worked, he found time to email Hans, a friend of his, and fellow Dom, who practiced as a dentist. He agreed to drop by on the way home, and drop off a Novocain spray. He was looking forward to checking out Peter's new toy, and was thrilled when he was invited to stay for dinner and to inspect his latest acquisition.

Peter stressed that at this early stage, it was inspect only-he wanted her to get fully used to the fact that she was property to be displayed and inspected at will before he allowed the slut to be fully used by anyone else.

The rest of the day passed quickly, with Stephanie hobbling around the house being domestic, just like any regular hausfrau. The erotic embrace of her latex suit, the weight at her nipples, the cool air on her baldness and her inability to move her neck all served as constant reminders, however, that this was no ordinary situation.

She had settled into a relaxed, almost peaceful rhythm, totally at ease with her lot, when, just before 6PM, which was the time she had been instructed to serve dinner, the doorbell rang. Expecting her Meister to answer it, she continued with her food preparation.

"Answer the door, latex novice Stephanie" came the firm instruction from his office.

Shocked, Stephanie was brought back to reality with a bump. She had to answer the door to a total stranger clad in latex, shaved bald, and sporting all manner of bondage accoutrements! She froze momentarily, but the second ring of the bell reminded her that this was real- this was why she was here-to be displayed and humiliated.

Swallowing hard, she hobbled to the door, fighting for her composure as she went.

Opening the front door to reveal the world outside-her own world for the next six months, she was faced with a tall, rather handsome, and obviously German man, smartly dressed and very professional.

As his predatory eyes lit up, and proceeded to devour every inch of her latex clad body, she wondered if the blush she felt extended right across her bald pate?

Unsure how to behave, she curtseyed as well as the hobble chains and collar would allow.

"Guten Abend Meister, und begrüßen" she heard herself say. She had just called a total stranger Master. Were there no limits to her submissiveness?

"Good evening-You must be Stephanie" he beamed. I have been looking forward to meeting you. Your LatexMeister told be you were sensational, and he did not exaggerate"

Flushing still harder, Stephanie led him at hobble pace to the kitchen area, feeling his eyes on her anal inflation bulb as she walked.

Meister Peter stood waiting, beaming proudly.

" Hans-good evening my friend. Glad you could join us for dinner. My new sklavin has been working hard in the kitchen all afternoon despite her somewhat restricted state. I am rather pleased with the way she has settled in. Did you remember her throat spray?" he said welcomingly in German.

Unaware of what was being said, Stephanie stood to attention, awaiting instruction.

"Yes, I have it here. One spray to the back of the throat will numb it completely for ten minutes. Take care to apply it just to the back-you don't want to numb her whole mouth and spoil her fun? Can I inspect her now?" he replied

" That is what she is here for- she is by definition available for examination-take your time" he offered proudly.

Despite not understanding many of the words, she knew instinctively as Hans approached her that she was to be inspected as if she were merchandise. As the tall German took his time, examining her a inch at a time, tracing the faint outline of her tattoos as he went, she felt her arousal levels rise, despite being stood motionless. Just as her anus started to squeeze her training plug in response, latexmeister Peter, as if he were psychic, pressed the remote somewhere out of her field of vision, and the plug hummed gently into life.

Gasping, she concentrated on standing to attention, relishing his touch as her traced her ink, smoothed her curves through her new skin, and ran his hands appreciatively across her smooth scalp. As he lifted each heavy nipple ring away from her chest, and noticed how the massive pink discs absorbed the load with ease, she bit her lip, teetering on the brink. Sensing this, her latexmeister, still unseen, upped the vibration control and at the same time squeezed her anal bulb twice. Plunged into sensory overload, Stephanie cried out as an orgasm ripped through her body. Even with her pussy in total chastity, the intensity was like nothing else she had known before. The sensations in her arschloch and nipples screamed "schlampe" at her as her legs buckled and she totally humiliated herself in front of the two men, sobbing for more as the butt plug finally stopped.

Stepping over her as if she were invisible, Hans and Peter repaired to the dining table to discuss her performance, leaving the latex clad slut to re-gather her composure and carry on preparing their meal as if nothing had happened.

"You were right, Peter. She is a natural. I never saw such devotion so fast. She looks great in the suit, and baldness really sets the scene. She has stupendous tits, and the nipples are the best I ever saw. I think we will have fun training those- I think they will break some weight lifting records? It is a shame we can't see her tattoos better though-they look awesome" enthused Hans, still in German

" I decided to put her in the heavy grade rubber for a while to develop her sensory perception of its tactile power- but you are right, her body art needs displaying sooner rather than later. Besides, as you can see, she is already rather hooked on its embrace. I will have her sleep naked again tonight, to enjoy the kiss of her latex bed-sheets. In the morning I will put her in a fully transparent pink bodysuit, with built in feet, and keep her in that or similar 24/7 for a while. Why not call round again tomorrow and check her out?" he replied, as the latex novice arrived carrying plates, and served them a surprisingly good spaghetti carbonara with baby mussels and garlic bread. As she returned with a bottle of claret that Peter had selected and opened earlier, they smiled as she struggled to pour it as her posture collar kept the target wineglasses out of her field of vision.

As she eventually finished her task, Peter gestured to her to sit next to him, as he served his sklavin a portion of the Italian cuisine. Blushing again as she had to hold her inflation plug to one side in order to sit, she enjoyed the feel of the rubber suit as it stretched across her tattooed ass.

As the posture collar made it impossible to feed herself, her latexmeister fed her a mouthful ever few minutes, as one would a baby, as he and Hans eagerly discussed his new inmate, totally ignoring her other than to offer food to her scarlet lips.

She understood none of what they said, but from the way the gestured at the spray bottle that was obviously of pharmaceutical origin, and then at their throats, she had a good idea of the gist of it. Very few words made sense, but she did keep hearing them mention 'eine Maschine' on various occasions. Assuming the word was similar to the English, she was more than a little nervous at this development.

She was ignored for the rest of the evening, save for being fed.

As she cleared away and washed up, they carried on their animated and enthusiastic conversation that was clearly about her. Words like 'zitzen' and 'Euter' kept cropping up, but she had no idea what they meant. Deciding that if she needed to know, she would be told, she happily finished her chores, and, after serving coffee, was led on her leash, to her room by her latexmeister. As he opened the door bearing the legend "Sklavin", he unbuckled her posture collar, and stooped down to remove her hobble shoes as she stood obediently to attention.

"Goodnight latexsklavin Stephanie-sleep well" he said softly but masterfully, before turning on his heel and rejoining Hans.

Realising that she was dismissed, she replied " Goodnight Latexmeister" and as the door closed behind her, she allowed her neck muscles to readjust to the unfamiliar task of supporting the weight of her bald head, before switching on the TV and winding down from a startling day.

As bedtime approached, she unbuckled the chastity device, before unzipping and peeling off the latex cocoon with a reluctant sigh. Placing the items of clothing in the carousel device for disposal, she headed for the shower, only the slap of her inflation bulb against her thighs and the weight of her new nipple rings detracting from her nakedness.

As she stood under the powerful jets and luxuriated in the steamy environment, she soaped her tattooed body lovingly, feeling the great weight of each breast as she washed it carefully to avoid pulling too hard on her new rings. Feeling overcome with her own femininity, she went to wash her hair and, with a shock, touched her own baldness for the very first time. Gasping at the tactile shock, she was forced to remember that less than 24 hours ago she had a full head of hair; regular sized steelwork in her nipples, and a vacant and unstretched arschloch! Thinking of Phil, she wondered how he would react when he saw his new look wife, and shuddered as the erotic value of both of their helplessness in this adventure brought another orgasm, as her arschloch again clenched the plug, and Stephanie amazed herself by pumping the bulb herself to make up for the missing vibrations.

After standing in the drying arch until utterly moisture free, she slipped excitedly into the bubblegum pink latex sheets and wondered what tomorrow held. As she dozed off, a thought suddenly struck her- she had orgasmed while not wearing latex!

Should she tell Latexmeister?

Downstairs, Peter bade Hans a fond farewell before settling down in front of his PC and e-mailing Phil. It was time he knew the enormity of his wife's progress

Back in England, Phil had been waiting all evening for his inbox to ping. When it did and he saw the missive was from Germany, it was with trepidation that he opened the attachments.

Taking in the heavy red cat suit and the monstrous nipple rings, he felt his erection grow. As the various shots showed the anal plug and bulb, the chastity device, and the hobble shoes, his breath became shorter- his wife looked amazing, and was clearly in ecstasy. As he opened mpeg at the end, his jaw dropped. Someone bald was giving Peter the blowjob from heaven-surely he didn't have two slaves there...then as the camera panned closer, he saw the outline of familiar tattoos on her back, and instead of fury at his wife's defilement, he orgasmed there and then at his computer table.

The following morning looked like being another bright and sunny day, as the drapes did little to hold back the sun's rays. Latexsklavin Stephanie awoke to the sound of the buzzer from a jumble of confusing dreams; some erotic, others troubling; and snuggled her tattooed curves down into the latex sheets as if drawing strength from them for the day ahead. Stretching her body seductively, she trod gently to the bathroom and, after deflating the plug in her arschloch, eased it somewhat reluctantly from it's snug seat, enjoying the feel of the air on her rectal walls briefly before the sphincter closed a little less tightly than it used to. After thoroughly disinfecting the plug as instructed, she went about her morning ablutions as instructed, surprising herself again with the ease and thoroughness that her morning bowel evacuation happened with.

After another long shower and through drying, she eased the new plug that had been laid out for her, fully recharged, into her greedy and willing arschloch, noting how readily it slipped in with only the merest hint of lubrication. Only 24 hours ago, she would have found that operation difficult, but now she welcomed it as a long lost friend. Enjoying the familiar feel of the bulb at her thigh, she sat at the dresser and spent as long as she dared on her make-up, again paying special attention to her eyes. Now she was bald, they were the focal point of her face, and she took great pride in making them as seductive as possible. After a liberal layer of crimson lip-gloss, she felt ready for the day, and excitedly approached the carousel unit to see what lay there in wait for her to wear today. She had fully expected the heavy rubber cat suit again, and nearly squealed with delight when she lifted the gossamer thin pink transparent latex suit that lay within. Made from the same material as her travel clothes had been, she felt a sense of privilege that she was being allowed to enjoy such luxury again so soon. Appling a thin dusting of talc to the feet pieces, she wriggled her body into the second skin, thrilling at every aspect of its touch. As she smoothed it up her legs, and then deftly eased her tattooed butt into it, before the sleeves and each dainty little shoulder followed, she stood and gasped as the feather light wrapper kissed her whole body. It was so finely made, that the zipper was barely visible, and as she reached behind and pulled it closed, she savoured that 'just vacuum packed' sensation again as she drew the fastener right down to the pipe of her inflation device.

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