tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhat's a Good Pet for a Vampire?

What's a Good Pet for a Vampire?


((Did I hear some shadowy cries for deviancy? ;)

Anyway, this is probably the longest thing I've submitted to Literotica so far, but I didn't think it made any narrative sense to break it into pieces. However, the catch-all category of fantasy is a little broad, and there are several scenes (separated by a '*') in here. So no one has any nasty surprises as to content, here's what they involve:

Scene 1: M/F oral and sex.

Scene 2: M/F group sex and some F/F oral.

Scene 3: M/F anal, mild bondage and vampire activities.

Scene 4: More M/F group activities, with some toys and voyeurism as well.

Scene 5: Some F masturbation and brief violence.

Scene 6: Nudity and brief violence.

Last scene: M/F nonconsent (acted by the reluctant party), strong violence, more vampire activities.

As always, feedback and votes are appreciated.))


Shianne dangled her long, shapely legs over the edge of the second-story balcony and stared at the horizon. The sun was meandering its lazy way down the dome of the sky, heading for its daily resting place, but not nearly fast enough. The sleepy Ohio town of Burgshire lay below that sun, and she amused herself by watching the far-away people as they went about their business. She could barely make out individual figures, and even vehicles seemed lost in the dreamy late-afternoon light, but altogether it had the look of an anthill that had just been kicked. Little people milled around the streets with seemingly little to no purpose, vehicles streamed across the roads with only the traffic lights to guide their passage, and from way up here on the hill it all looked quite alien.

Although not bustling as a major city would be, the town had a fair amount of traffic for a weekday afternoon as people tried to get the last few errands of the day finished before settling down to dinner. The only road that had no one on it was the long, meandering strip of asphalt that lead up the hill. It twisted and turned like a snake in the throes of passion, doubling back on itself and generally making a nuisance for anyone trying to drive it, and eventually it lead to the impressive double gates of the mansion.

Of course, no one visited here much lately. No one had ever visited much.

A bored sigh whispered across Shianne's delicate, kissable lips, and she swung herself back off the railing and onto solid ground again. The hours between when the sun started to set and when the last dying rays of light were extinguished had always been the worst... filling her with a restless energy that begged to be released somehow. Tonight she felt it even more physically, as an intense, wet heat between her legs.

The temptation to relieve the tension as it built inside her was great, but she refrained... knowing that the longer she let it build, the more she kept it pent up, the sweeter it would be when she finally found the one release she truly desired. Instead, she guided her cream-skinned, naked body back into the house. The only scrap of clothing that touched her was a little leather collar that surrounded her neck, buckled so that she was always aware of its presence against her skin, but not tight enough that it was uncomfortable.

Everything else was bare for the world to see, from her high, arching brows to the pert globes of her breasts. The creeping autumn chill in the afternoon air caused her nipples to harden and point upwards like beacons, and little goose-bumps dotted the otherwise flawless flesh of her stomach. A shock of blonde hair decorated her lower abdomen, and there was a tantalizing hint of the pink just between her thighs that hinted at the inviting warmth in there.

Years ago, she might have been concerned when displaying herself so openly on the balcony... but now she knew better. No one from the town could see her, even if she were pleasuring herself right in the open air (which she had done on occasion), and no one ever drove on that rode.

"Good evening, lady." As she strode through the hallway, Shianne nodded and smiled her dazzling smile at the gargoyle bust which greeted her. "Waiting for night, are we?"

"Good evening, Joffrey. And yes, I am...why?"

"Well, I could... occupy your time." The bust, which was far more animated than regular statue should be, wiggled its eyebrows suggestively.

"You're far too cold for me." She stuck out her tongue at him, and the gargoyle feigned being offended.

"I'm not the only one that's cold." Then he huffed and purposefully turned his head.

Shianne giggled... it was the same conversation every time she passed, but Joffrey's expressions always cracked her up.

"Ah... ah... a chink in her armour, I see." Joffrey looked back and winked again, his stony reptilian eyes following Shianne's elegant backside as she continued down the hallway.

"Not tonight, I'm afraid." And, just to be bad, she slapped herself on her creamy cheek, hard enough to raise a red handprint on her ass. To complete the effect, she squeaked a little at the sharp impact.




"You love it." Shianne turned to head up a set of stairs, and paused just long enough to blow Joffrey a kiss.

The third floor hallway was decorated in a similar manner to the one she'd just left. Paintings lined both walls, and as always she paused to admire them. Mostly from the Renaissance, they had been lovingly kept in incredible shape, to the point that the colours were almost as vivid as the day they'd been painted. The Renaissance masters had had an intimate knowledge of colour, anatomy and perspective, and combined all three to stunning effect.

Shianne's favourite was 'The Expulsion of Adam and Eve', showing the two titular figures striding naked and ashamed away from an impressive stone archway. An angel, complete with robe and scythe, watched the proceedings from above. Shianne reached out and let the delicate tips of her fingers linger just above the painted surface, identifying more than a little with the horror on Eve's face.

Memories that Shianne didn't like to face always came up when she saw this painting, memories of her first time: the shame and the agony of it. Maybe that's why she liked the painting... it made her face things that, given a choice, she would bury away and forget. But they shouldn't be forgotten... no matter how much pleasure she found in her body now, she needed to remember that things had not always been so good.

And maybe would be that way again.

"Darling, you're early." Another gargoyle, this time with limbs, body and tail, crept up behind Shianne and ran a marble hand up her side. Shianne shivered at the touch, her flesh aching to be touched all over like that.

"Maybe your watch is running late." She turned and smiled at the animated statue. Its eyes tracked hers, holding her gaze and not letting it go.

"Ha! My watch is the sun. Still..." A grey and white marble tongue flicked out and traced a circle around Shianne's belly button, and she sighed from the desire it aroused. "Maybe you've decided that your attentions are best directed... elsewhere?" To avoid confusion, the gargoyle pointed at itself.

"My, Sunny... I'm flattered." Shianne knelt so that her eyes were level with the gargoyle's, and she ran the tip of her finger along its beak-like mouth. As usual, it didn't seem to react to her touch. "You think that maybe I could finally pierce this stony exterior of yours?"

"Darling, you're capable of anything."

They both laughed at that, and then the gargoyle drew itself to a more respectable distance, while Shianne stood and stretched her lithe form shamelessly. Both of them knew that the statue's cold, stone touch wasn't enough for her, and that nothing could ever be enough for him. She would have pitied him, except she wasn't quite sure that the gargoyles even had sexual desires... they just pretended because they liked to play with her.

"So, how've you been today Sunny?"

"Oh, you know, pretty well. A mouse tried to sneak past me... but I showed it." He lifted one of his marble feet, and Shianne covered her mouth at the sight of squished mouse.

"Well, I'm glad to have such a diligent guardian. I hope you haven't been tracking that all over the carpet?" A pointed look from Shianne at the lush, crimson, and very expensive, carpeting which ran down the middle of the hallway made Sunny mime a swallow of fear.

"No ma'am, I haven't. I was... just about to..." Sunny lifted his foot again and started to scrape mouse entrails and fur off the bottom of it, "...dispose of this."

Shianne didn't know where the gargoyles' throats went, but Sunny popped the remains of the mouse into his mouth and swallowed. She was pretty sure that the statues didn't defecate, but she'd seen them do similar things enough time that there had to be some trick involved. Although, honestly, she didn't really want to know.

"Good... so was there anything else besides defending us valiantly from rodents?"

"Not really. But if you see any angry, torch-carrying mobs... you be sure to let me know."

"Oh... you'll be the first to know, Sunny, believe me."

Laughing, Shianne stole a glance towards the window at the end of the hallway. Her smile turned to one of pure joy as she saw that the sun was almost set: it was only a thin, purple crescent peaking up over the edge of the world.

"And... now I must be on my way." Turning, Shianne strode off down the hallway again. Sunny chuckled knowingly as she left.

"I could watch you leave all day."

"Maybe you should be guarding something."

"I see only one treasure here worth guarding."

"Ah. Do you mean the priceless paintings?" Shianne shot a wicked glance back and Sunny, rolling his stone eyes, went back to patrolling the hallway. Despite being several tons of rock, he made very little noise on the hardwood.

Finally, after the ritual flirting with the gargoyles, Shianne reached her destination. While the hallway was lined with doors that lead to various bedrooms, studies and other things, this one was obviously different. The other doors were all made of a rich, brown oak and had big bronze doorknobs on them. This one, on the other hand, was fashioned of what looked like a kind of jet black wood, and was noticeably larger than the others. There was a knocker on it, too, but it was silver and fashioned in the shape of a dragon's open mouth, with the tongue acting as a knocker. There was no knob.

"Hi Sam."

"Hey See-an." The knocker winked at her, its eyes changing from fierce and imposing to mischevious and friendly.

"Can I come in?"

"Yeu know yeuwa nodd thpothed tah." The dragon had a disadvantage in that his over-large, shiny tongue made it difficult for him to speak.

"Yes... I know." Smiling, Sam never let her in and she just asked to be polite, she turned towards a much smaller door to the side of the big one.

The mansion had been built long ago, in a time when servants weren't supposed to be seen or heard. As such, it was criss-crossed with small side passages and tiny tunnels which made it possible for the various people who made the household actually run to get around without being seen by the so-called Lords of the Manor.

Shianne was the only non-furniture member of the house these days, but she still used the various passages and tunnels for certain things... more out of a sense of fun and excitement than a need to. She knew her place, and didn't mind crawling around in tiny passageways once a night.

And tiny was being generous. The door itself only came up to Shianne's supple waist, so she needed to get on hands and knees to even get through it, and the tunnel beyond wasn't much larger. It was warm and dark inside, and the wood seemed to enclose her on all sides. It brushed up against her shoulders and slipped along the top of her hair, and for the two long minutes she spent in the tunnel it seemed like the entire world had shrunk down to this small, dark place.

Then she was out of it, emerging into the room beyond and stretching again, although no one was around to admire the way her body curved and twisted this time. Outside the sun was probably set, but in here there was nothing but black.

Thankfully, Shianne had good eyes, and she found the light switch without any trouble. Although the wiring in the house could be a little finicky, mostly because it had been installed hundreds of years after the original construction, the impressive chandelier overhead blazed to life almost immediately.

The room was, if anything, utilitarian to a fault. There was a single podium near one edge and a bookshelf beyond. The shelf held all sorts of large, leather bound volumes that could only be referred to as "tomes", and the podium was obviously for reading them since they were far too large to hold. Beyond that, there was only one long, rectangular slab in the room. There wasn't even a window.

The slab was made out of jet black basalt, and at first glance seemed to be one solid chunk of rock. It was a little longer than a normal person was tall, and rose only to about knee height on the floor. Closer inspection revealed tiny, hairline grooves all around the top edge, suggesting that it was a lid of some sort, except that there was no obvious lifting or locking mechanism. Why anyone would put something like this in a room that otherwise seemed like a library was not readily apparent.

Shianne, though, knelt beside it without a second thought and ran her fingers along the close edge. Her thumbs found two small, basically invisible, recesses carved expertly out of the rock.

There was a faint whirr inside of a mechanism moving, and then the top of the slab started to lift, proving the lid theory. It rose several inches, clearing the top of the box, and then slid out of the way to reveal the box's contents.

Inside was a naked man lying on his back, his eyes closed in what looked like sleep. He was a well-built specimen, with curly brown hair, a strong, beautiful face, and well-defined muscles. A little on the skinny side to be a regular at the gym, he looked like someone who did martial arts for a living, turning themselves into what looked like a bundle of wires and steel, instead of the huge blocks of granite for muscles that most guys tried for.

Shianne smiled to herself and got into the box with the man, turning towards the flaccid penis that lay against his leg. She squatted down on him until her warm, moist pussy was pressed against his chest, and then leaned forward towards her goal.

Her perky breasts crushed up against the muscles of his stomach, and as her mouth got close to the tempting skin of his member her hair fell in cascades around her, seeming to close off everything in the world but her face and his cock. Then, slowly, gently, she started to run her pink tongue along his organ.

The skin was smooth and dry, reminding her of crushed velvet, and for the moment basically tasteless. As she tempted and teased it, circling the soft shaft with her tongue and wrapping her lips tenderly around the foreskin, that started to change. She could taste the first of his lubricant start to bead at the tip, its smoky flavour and oily texture fueling the insistent heat between her legs.

As his cock began to stir, rising slowly at first and then more quickly as he was taken out of sleep by the masterful movements of her lips and tongue, Shianne smiled to herself.

"Good evening, sleepy-head." She wrapped her lips around the head of his phallus as she laughed, and he moaned at the sweet sensations that her vibrating tongue and cheeks sent cascading down his body.

"Ah, my Pet, you have the most excellent wake-up calls." The man in the box moaned again as Shianne slid her mouth down the length of his cock, taking him until the tip bumped up against the back of her throat.

Then, her lips working the skin at the base of his shaft and her tongue dancing in tempting rhythms along the entire length of his cock, she slid him back out until with a little pop he was free.

"Mmmm, I'm glad you like it Master." Her hands slid up the now slick length of his cock, her fingers teasing and exciting him, before she lowered herself back down and took him into her mouth again. She moaned in desire as her pussy ground against the hard, warm skin of his chest. Her clit slid up and down in the groove between his pectorals while she more quickly worked her mouth up and down his cock, and the aching desire she'd felt earlier built more and more quickly into a raging fire that begged to be tamed.

"I... mmm... love it."

As she felt him start to twitch in her mouth, his cock swelling and filling with seed, Shianne increased the speed and urgency of her rhythm. Her hair tickled the skin along his scrotum, her lips encircled his manhood, her fingers dug into the tight flesh of his buttocks, and he came with a shout of pleasure into her mouth.

Shianne made a breathless noise of pleasure as the slippery, smoky seed filled her, and gulped it down as best she could, knowing that feeling her swallow while his cock was still in her mouth would serve to further excite the Master's desire.

It had the intended effect, and before he could even grow flaccid after the strength of his release, he was hard and ready again in her mouth.

"Mmmm... Master... I need you." Shianne lifted her head and shot a look over her dainty shoulder at the man in the box. His face was suffused with pleasure, and he nodded.

Strong hands gripped Shianne's waist, and before she knew it she was lifted straight into the air. Squealing in delight, Shianne let herself be turned and then settled back down on the Master's abdomen, with the curves of her ass cheeks just touching the wet length of his cock.

"And I you, Pet." She smiled to see the desire and fondness in his face, and did what she'd been dreaming about all day. Pressing her palms against the edge of the box, Shianne lifted herself up and slid backwards, then down, until the tip of his cock just pressed against the delicate gates of her body.

They both moaned, and he thrust his hips upwards to end the exquisite torture of being able to feel the warm, inviting enclosure of her body mere millimeters away from him. Shianne was ready for it, but teased him by moving her body upwards as well, keeping the prize just out of reach.

A small growl of frustration escaped the Master's throat, and the strong hands were back, more insistent this time, pulling Shianne's waist downwards. Done with her games, Shianne acquiesced and they both sighed in mutual pleasure as he slid deep inside her. She pushed all the way down until he was completely hidden within her body, the rigid length of his cock surrounded and embraced by the moist, ready muscles in her pussy. Her clit pressed against the curls of his pubic hair, and sent further tingles of sensation and delight shooting all up and along her body.

"So..." Shianne flipped the disheveled length of her hair away from her face and smiled down at the Master. "How did you... unnh... sleep?"

"Mmmm... like the dead." They both chuckled, and then groaned, as Shianne started to work herself up and down on his cock. Her strong inner muscles gripped and stimulated him, and each time he thrust up inside her she could feel the exquisite pleasure as his cock brushed up against the knot of nerves that was her G-spot.

"Any dreams today?"

"Nnnh... no..." His eyes drank in the entire length of Shianne's body as if it were the first time he was seeing her. From her beautiful face, now shining with ecstasy, to the way the leather collar bobbed up and down while she rode him, and the hypnotic bouncing of her breasts against her chest. Even the flat, sweat-slicked length of her tummy, and the tantalizing movement of her blonde pubic hair entranced him.

"That's too bad."

"Ha! Mmm..." As they both hurtled towards their climax, Shianne began to increase the pace. The acceleration was maddeningly slow, but Shianne knew what she was doing as she coaxed the both of them towards an explosive orgasm. "Not... not too bad when I have a dream made flesh... mmmm... to wake up to."

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