tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 05

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 05


Chapter Five: Welcome to the Family

Girls love horses; it is a well known fact. Ask any woman alive what their favorite animal is and almost every one of them will answer the same: horse. When ask why they girl multiple reasons, such as, "Horses are strong, sturdy, and they stand tall," or "They are beautiful, graceful, and enduring." It seems that it is every woman's fantasy to have a powerful horse that carries them off into the sunset.

This is just romanticism and half truths. Something else drives women in their love of horses, something which women have forgotten in all of their struggles for equality over the past few decades. The truth is that women love horses for their big cocks.

Women think their cocks are big, strong, sturdy, and stand tall.

Women think their cocks are beautiful, graceful, and enduring.

In truth, all women want a powerful, virile male with a cock like a horse that can fuck them into feminine submission. That is a truth of the world.

It was a big day for Taylor. She was meeting her in-laws for the first time ever. She and her husband had been married for a year, but she had barely even heard mention of his family. It took a lot of nagging to get her husband, Kevin, to agree, but he finally caved, and they planned a week long visit.

During the drive Kevin acted strangely, almost depressed. He lost all zest for life, and the closer they got the crabbier he became. No matter how she much she tried to get him to talk about it, he refused. They spent most of the car ride in a tense silence.

The Kevin she had married was a lively man. He was balding prematurely, but he was still handsome. He had vibrant blue eyes, a dashing smile, and a muscular body. His penis was handy, too. She figured it around eight inches long and rather thick. Whatever its size, she had no complaints about it.

She also knew that Kevin had no complaints either, because she was gorgeous. She wasn't waif thin, but curvaceous, like a real woman should be. Her hips were incredibly wide, as was her rib-cage, and her hourglass figure was accentuated with her massive F-cup breasts. Her skin was smooth, fair, and flawless. She had a heart-shaped face with full, red lips, and she kept her dark hair long. Her green eyes were framed by long, dark eye lashes.

They drove for hours in a deep, wooded area, and stopped in a large field. A barn was in the distance, with an old two story farm house in the center. It was old but well-maintained, and had a distinctive feel of home to it. Dogs were kept in cages out back, and they went to barking as Kevin pulled up.

Kevin sighed deeply upon arrival and said, "We're here." He looked almost sick.

"Is something wrong," Taylor asked.

Kevin gave her a forlorn look, but said, "No."

Taylor placed her hand on his to comfort him. "Okay," she said sweetly. "Then let's go." He smiled weakly and then they got out and grabbed their bags from the back of the car.

They went up onto the porch of the house and knocked. When they went inside they were welcomed by a big inside that was cluttered with antiques and trinkets. Coco Cola products lined the walls, along with collectable plates and knitted products. There was three seats in the room, one a large couch, one a love seat, and the final was the throne of the living room, a massive recliner.

Two women sat on the love seat. One woman was slightly older and had light skin with blue eyes. Her hair was the same color as Kevin', and she had a full, womanly figure. Her breasts were large and her hips wide. In her youth she would've been gorgeous, but she seemed tired in her old age.

Next to her was a fair skinned woman with dark hair. She was about the same age as Kevin was, and her hair was dark. She had dark eyes and high cheek bones, along with full lips and sultry eyes. She had a slender frame, no breasts, and it was obvious that she worked hard to stay in top physical condition.

In the throne-like recliner sat the head of the household, the patriarch, Kevin's father. In his youth he would've been a strapping, burly man, and in his old age he was no less impressive. While his body was fat, he still maintained some muscle. He had bulging, beefy arms that were thick with veins. His hair was dark and greasy, but thinning out, and he had five o' clock shadow. He wore a jogging suit which looked prim and freshly cleaned, despite his generally unkempt appearance.

As soon as she stepped in, Taylor realized that all eyes were on her. Kevin followed her demurely through the door. "Hi, guys," he said lamely. It's good to see you again."

His father scowled. "That's enough with your chattered, boy! Introduce us to your lovely wife."

Taylor found Kevin's father to be rather disgusting. He was a rude, demeaning person who kept his children in line through insults and physical threats. Kevin was utterly terrified of the man, and Taylor understood his reluctance to come back. Obviously, Kevin had a rough childhood, and she felt guilty for forcing this on him.

Kevin nodded hastily. "Right, sorry, pop. This is Taylor," he said, and he displayed her. "Taylor, that's my dad, Billy, and my mother, Suzanne, and my sister, Ray."

Taylor waved at them and wore a superficial smile. She felt uncomfortable being put on display. Ray wasn't content with just a wave. She bounded up and embraced Taylor, who recoiled but allowed her sister-in-law to have the hug.

"It's a shame you can't meet my husband," Ray said. "He really didn't have a reason to come down though, the poor guy."

Taylor didn't know what Ray meant, but she didn't pursue the subject. The house was a strange place to be in, and already she was uncomfortable. She wasn't sure how she would make it a week, but she told herself that was all it would take. Then, she and Kevin would never have to visit again.

They all sat around and chatted. Kevin, Taylor noted, was unusually quiet through out their visit. He would not speak unless spoken to, and spent most of his time avoiding everyone else's gazes.

Ray, Kevin' sister, spoke nearly constantly. She complimented Taylor endless, as well as sang the praises of her father almost the whole time. Taylor found it quite unsettling.

Suzanne, the mother, was extremely quiet, but seemed content. She sat demurely at Ray's side, her hands on her lap and a contented look on her face. In no way did she seem unhappy. Periodically she would agree with what someone else said, but mostly she stayed out of conversation.

Billy dominated the conversation. He spoke loudly and constantly, and when other people spoke he often interrupted them just to slovenly assert his own opinion.

What bothered Taylor most was how Suzanne was treated as a maid. Whenever Billy needed anything he called on Suzanne to get it, and she did so with out complaint. Ray treated her mother in the same way. The only person who didn't treat Suzanne thanklessly was Kevin. Taylor tried not to, but Billy insisted.

Billy, Taylor decided, was a horrible oaf. It seemed all of his intelligence was focused primarily on his genitals. On more than one occasion he slapped his wife on the rear and made a spectacle of it. He also groped around his crotch. Aside from that, he also made a sport of insulting his son. At every turn Billy belittled Kevin in some way, from his looks to his job. No part of Kevin was left safe, not even his sex life.

"So, tell us all the truth, Taylor, is the boy keeping you in line?"

Taylor was flustered by the question. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean does he have you happy? Does he treat you like a real woman?"

"Yes," Taylor said through a fake smile. "I am very happy. Kevin treats me very well, thank you."

Billy laughed a deep, boisterous laugh. "Does he now? Good, I was worried the boy wouldn't know how to treat a woman, what with him being so limp-wristed and all. I'm sure you know what I mean." Billy laughed again, and this time Ray and Suzanne joined in.

Taylor looked between the three laughing, and then at her crestfallen husband. She couldn't take it. With out thinking she said, "No, I don't know what you mean. Kevin is a very handsome, well-built man. He has been in pique physical condition since I met him. There's barely any fat on him, so how is he, in anyway, limp-wristed?" She glanced at Billy's bulging stomach in contempt.

"I'm not talking about his arms, girly." Billy snickered, and the two women continued to laugh under their breaths. "I'm talking about his cock. You know, his dick, his prick, his wiener, his penis, his manhood, or lack there off," Billy said, and he emphasized each word.

Taylor balked at the subject as well as the implication. She couldn't believe that he was implying that Kevin was small. From what Taylor figured, he was blessed with a thick nine inches, and though she had nothing to compare with she was satisfied.

Billy looked certain that he had caught her attention. He looked at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. It was like he looked through her, into her, and regarded her as he did all women. She was nothing but meat to him. What sickened Taylor even more was the fact that both Suzanne and Ray seemed to enjoy that look.

"This...this is a very inappropriate conversation," Taylor said. "I have to use the restroom, so excuse me." She stood up and left the room eagerly. As she left Billy made a show of whistling at her ass. Taylor thought it best not to react, but she blushed as she heard the laughter of the other two women echo down the hallway.

Later that night Taylor and Kevin went to the bedroom to sleep. The rest of that day had been uneventful. Billy's behavior didn't slacken, but Taylor became more skilled at ignoring him or changing the subject. Ray and Suzanne weren't too bad to talk to when Billy wasn't around, though they seemed to hero worship him.

By ten everyone had wound down. Kevin and Taylor were in a guest room, and everything inside of it was pristine. Suzanne apparently had a bit of an OCD and worked hard to keep the house perfect, which was how Billy liked it, and whatever Billy wanted, he got. The way Kevin said it to her made Taylor feel uneasy.

That night they barely even kissed before bed. Kevin rolled over without so much as a good night and curled into a fetal position. Taylor laid there in the silence for a few minutes before sleep took her.

A few hours later she woke having to go to the restroom. As quietly as she could she slipped out of bed and walked down the stairs. She flushed when she was finished, and as she returned upstairs she heard a strange sound. It sounded like a woman being beaten.

Taylor turned to investigate. She started toward the living room, and the closer she got the more extreme the sound got. The floors and walls reverberated with a heavy thumping, and shrieks filled the house. Taylor's skin prickled. From the beginning she knew something was wrong, and suddenly it all made sense why Kevin never wanted to return. Billy obviously abused his family.

She found the door to the living room and stopped there. The sound was so loud that it hurt her ears. The door was ajar, with a slender sliver of light spilling into the hall. Taylor swallowed hard and peeked into the room. At first she was blinded by the light, but when her eyes adjusted she was astonished and proven very wrong.

Ray was completely naked. Her athletic body was mounted atop her father, her small breasts jostling wildly. She swiveled her slender, almost childish hips around. Her face was a mask of sheer pleasure. Nothing else existed to her, other than sinful pleasure.

Taylor gaped at the sight, appalled and aroused. Billy fucked his daughter, his very own daughter, and she loved it. His bulging stomach jostled disgustingly with each thrust. At first Taylor was disgusted by the sight. Then she saw his bulging arm muscles, broad and strong, more so than Kevin' arms. They held Ray's slender legs tightly and spread them wide. Taylor's pussy reacted. She felt heat seep through her body.

Her gaze could not drift away from Ray's super extended twat, which was stretched beyond belief. It was then that she saw IT for the first time. Taylor realized why Billy thought Kevin' penis was so small. Billy's penis was at least twice as thick as Kevin', if not more so.

Ray slid her body up to the very tip and revealed Billy's full cock to Taylor, and then plunged back down. Taylor could barely breathe. Billy's cock wasn't just insanely thick, but it was much longer than Kevin' as well. If Billy was what could be considered a real man, then Kevin was nothing more than a child. She was completely shocked by Billy's size, as well as the pleasure that Ray obviously derived from it.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming from your humongous cock!" Ray get a high scream as her body shook in Billy's lap.

Taylor left briskly. She retreated to bed, but she couldn't find sleep. Watching Billy fuck his own daughter filled Taylor with uncontrollable lust. In the darkness of the bedroom Taylor saw images of Billy's humongous cock inside of Ray. She thought about what it would feel like to have it inside of her, and what kind of pleasure she could have.

In the morning Kevin woke. Taylor tried to grope his cock, but it didn't react. He left her unfulfilled and horny. Taylor rolled over, out of breath.

"What do I do," she said, and she looked down at her sticky crotch.

The next day Taylor ate breakfast with her in-laws and husband. She hadn't slept at all and she felt horrible. Images of the night before kept repeating inside of her head. She thought of Billy's humongous cock and how it stretched poor Taylor so much. She couldn't even begin to imagine how she would fit something so large inside of her.

Suddenly everything she saw the day before made sense to Taylor though. Billy acted like Kevin was a child, and Taylor suddenly understood why. Billy's massive horse cock made Kevin' penis look like an infant. Strangely enough, Taylor was infatuated with that thought. She didn't want to cheat on Kevin, but she found the sight of Billy's cock magnificent.

She sat across from Billy at the kitchen table, and she began to see him in a new light. He was indeed everything she thought he was the day before, primal, gruff, vicious, and demeaning. Yet, that was what made him undeniably masculine.

Furthermore, in his youth he was most likely extremely handsome and a stud. With a cock like his, she truly understood why Suzanne waited on him hand and foot. After the show with Ray last night, she even understood by both women hung on his every word. Sadly, she also understood the trauma that Kevin must've suffered under years of Billy's demeaning attitude and his brainwashed family.

At breakfast Billy ate like a savage. It reminded her of the work he had done on poor Ray the night before. Ray looked worn out, yet content. Billy ate so much to replenish energy for that night, Taylor thought. She watched in a strange sense of awe.

She hoped he wouldn't have enough energy for that night, because she didn't want to hear his love-making in the night. If it was even love making, she thought that it probably wasn't. What Billy did was clearly fucking, which Taylor didn't find completely appalling. IN fact, she thought that she would use a good, hard fucking at that moment.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Taylor found staying with the family to be repugnant. The day was spent listening as Billy ordered people around. Kevin was constantly outside doing some sort of manual labor, which left Taylor alone inside with Billy and his little harem. They hung on his every word, obeyed his every command, and Taylor was appalled.

Despite her disgust, she also found herself somewhat aroused. Billy demeaned everyone in the room, but despite those rough patches he was undeniably masculine. He treated her like women were treated in the old days, and it was somewhat refreshing to see a man take-charge. Normally, Kevin was somewhat like that, but not nearly like his father. The knowledge that Billy had a killer cock only made her arousal more severe.

By nighttime Taylor was crazy with arousal. Kevin still didn't give her what she needed. No matter what she did, he just told her that he was tired and rolled over to sleep. Taylor lay next to him, angry and desperate.

She heard it again. Below she could hear Billy and his daughter fucking like rabid beasts. They sounded like animals, and during the night that moved to another room of the house. Taylor could hear it through the wall, and she was certain Kevin could as well.

Taylor's nipples stood at hardened points. She knew she was leaking through her underwear, but she managed to control herself. She fidgeted all night, but never touched herself. The sound of fucking radiated through out the house and it shook her to her foundations.

Through the night she did her best to ignore the sounds of their fucking, but it didn't help. She spent the whole night with that fierce fire in her panties, and no matter what she did she could not find sleep.

When she finally did pass out near dawn she found herself taunted by terrible dreams. In the dreams, a horribly masculine incubus demon found her and used her body. She was treated like a mere doll for her sexual release.

To her disgust, she found immense pleasure in her dream. At one point she had her eyes firmly closed in the real world, while she rode her tormentor's gargantuan ethereal tool.

At sometime in the dream the incubus changed form. Suddenly, Billy was revealed in her dream. He was the same, overweight, vulgar monster from before, but the sight of him drove her to new heights.

She woke having a powerful orgasm. She jerked and howled next to Kevin, who rolled over to find her shaken. He had a knowing look of depression on his face, and then he rolled over and cried, but Taylor was unsure why. All she knew was that every day Kevin acted less and less manly, and she feared for their relationship.

The next day went over the same, and Taylor was confused about how she felt by that time. Soon her time with Kevin' family would be over, and she felt conflicted. She hoped that going home would return everything to normal, but she had doubts about that.

The whole day Taylor watched, and through out the day her opinion of Kevin became lower. Billy continued to demean her husband and, by the end of supper she found herself disgusted with his lack of masculinity.

She wished her was more assertive, more demanding, and more confident. Honestly, she wished he was more like his father. It seemed that was impossible though. Kevin just didn't have was Billy had that made him so confident and in control.

After dinner Billy sent Kevin outside for some menial task so that she and Billy could be alone. She did her best to ignore his lecherous leer. He stared at her chest as if he owned them, and she felt almost as if he did sometimes.

"Well, Taylor, how're you liking your stay?"

Taylor glanced into his face. He looked wild. "It's been fine, Billy."

"Yeah? I ain't heard a peep out of you two these past two nights. Ain't you been fucking? He been taking good care of you?" Billy smiled lewdly. "I bet you've got lots that needs tending to down there. Poor little boy probably can't take care of you."

Taylor blushed. She felt strangely hot between her legs. Unconsciously, she glanced down to his cock, which had stiffened up inside of his sweats. It looked thick and huge, and she wanted it.

She cleared her thoughts. "Excuse me? What in the world do you think you're saying to me?"

Billy grasped his horse cock. His huge hand outlined and equally large cock. It was big even when in comparison to his large, meaty body. "I mean to say that he ain't a real man. The boy's cock is too small to satisfy a woman like you! Poor little girl, you got yourself a sissy for a husband."

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