tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 10

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: Puzzle Pieces

There was a girl who Edward liked a lot. Her name was Sara, and she was his princess. She had long, blond hair, long legs, and a curvaceous frame. Though she thought herself fat, Edward thought that she was absolutely perfect.

Edward specifically loved her big, green eyes. They shined whenever she smiled and her laughter was like a perfect melody. Almost everything about her was perfect, and Edward loved her very much.

So when he asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes, he felt like everything was right in the world. They worked very well as a couple. She found him funny, he found her sweet, and they were both very enamored with each other. There was only one problem in their relationship which made Edward uneasy: he was afraid to open up to her sexually.

Throughout his youth Edward had heard all sorts of stories about sex and penis size. From what he gathered, big cocks were the best, and he didn't have a big cock. He was about average, maybe a bit thin down there, and so he was afraid that he wouldn't measure up to Sara's previous boyfriends.

These worries were eased three months in. He didn't know what it was about that night, but everything was perfect. It cool out and they were at his house. The window was open and the lights out. The gentle breeze came in, whispering to them, seducing them. They stared at each other, so lost in the rapture of their embrace...

They made love that night. Edward was a virgin, Sara was not. It didn't matter to him though. It was so perfect. Once they had both crested they lay together, embracing. Her soft skin felt perfect to him, so smooth and warm. He could feel her heartbeat as he held her. He never wanted that to stop.

She seemed equally content, with her head resting on his chest. All fears were at bay for the both of them. They fell asleep embracing, smiles on their faces, and their dreams paled in comparison to the perfection of their reality.

Edward carried all of this pride and contentedness with him until he overheard a conversation between her and her friend. What happened was he went to her house to hang out. When he knocked on the door no one answered, but he saw her car there. Rather than leave, he went in without asking and scaled the stairs to her room. He was about to knock on the door when he heard voices inside. Rather than alert them to his presence, he put his ear to the door and listened in.

Edward never really liked Rose. She was too skinny and had a big mouth. Edward always made jokes that only hung out with Rose to feel better about herself, but that wasn't completely true. They had been friends for as long as Edward knew Sara, and he didn't see their friendship dissolving any time soon.

Edward waited to see if he was interrupting anything important. At first it didn't sound like he was, so he was about to knock when Rose asked a very important question.

"So, how is he in the sack?"

Edward hesitated then. He knew he should knock, but he wanted to hear what Sara would say. He hoped that he was good.

"Well, how should I put this..."

Edward swallowed anxiously. If the answer was bad then he didn't want to know. On the other hand, Rose would know either way. There was no point in trying to run from it either. He waited by the door to hear what Sara would say.

"He's definitely the smallest guy I've ever been with," Sara said, and Edward's heart burst. He didn't listen to the rest. All sound deafened and was replaced by a chorus of complaints. He took a short breath and fled the scene, too humiliated to show his face. If he had stayed a bit longer, he would have heard her say...

"...But he's the best I've ever had. I don't know who ever said that size matters, but they haven't had a good fuck in their life, then."


"Hell yes," Sara said confidently. "He gave me five orgasms, Rose. Five, in one go. He's got stamina, he's got perfect movement, and he's just so damn cute!" Sara giggled and blushed. "I love the man, and he loves me. That's what is most important. The sex? The really, really, ridiculously good sex? That's just gravy."

A few days passed after Edward overheard the conversation, and each day was more horrible. His relationship with Sara was very strained. She would call him, and he wouldn't answer, as all desire to talk to her was gone. Truth be told, it warmed his heart to know that she loved him for him, but in the back of his head he knew that she wanted someone bigger.

What really destroyed him was his exposure to the internet. When he got home he did some research on penis size, and he found so many stories that seemed to confirm his fears. They were all about men with enormous penises ruining women's tiny pussies, and usually the man with the average endowments was left all alone in the end.

Edward had always known that he wasn't well-endowed. Knowing that he was the smallest she had ever been with was enough to crush his spirit though. He spent his nights sleepless, wondering how much she thought about the superior sex of her past relationships. He wondered if she ever thought about them while she was with him.

These thoughts so consumed him that he refused to speak with her. Whenever she would try to see him face-to-face he would pretend to be sick, and if he could he would always hide from him. Edward thought it was just easier that way, and each day left him feeling more and more hopeless.

Eventually she caught him while on the college campus. She cornered him in the lunch hall with an extremely angry look on her face. "What the hell is wrong with you, Edward?" When she asked this she crossed her arms, and it made her swell up a bit.

Edward instinctively glanced down at her chest, and he felt a familiar stir deep inside. Then an image of her being fucked by her ex came to him, and he thought how he must have reshaped her with his big cock, and possibly ruined her for the rest of her life. Edward nearly cried on the spot.

"No," he said hollowly. "Nothing is wrong. I just want to be alone." He tried to walk away, but Sara shoved him back against the wall.

"Why won't you talk to me," she asked viciously. "Do you...Do you want to break up with me or something?" Sara didn't look sad about it. Instead, she looked like she wanted to hit him.

"No," he said honestly, but it felt like a lie. He didn't see the point in staying with her if he couldn't satisfy her. It would just hurt him in the end when she left him for a 'real man', and he knew she would. That was how all the stories went.

Sara gazed at him intensely for a while and finally said, "Okay, fine, then we're going on a date tonight, and you're buying dinner." She pinned him against the wall and looked him directly in the eyes, "No complaints, and if you run I swear to God I'll find you."

Edward wanted to shove her away and tell her to go fuck one of her hung exes, but he didn't have the guts. Instead, he said, "Alright, that sounds good."

Sara put on a smile. "Good, then I'll see you later tonight." She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, and as she left she stopped and said, "And remember, I'll find you if you bail."

Later that night Edward and Sara met for their date. Edward had wanted to avoid it, but he knew that she would live up to her word and hunt him down if he did. Whatever would happen between them, he couldn't hide from their problems any longer. So he decided to try and fix them, but each time he saw her he imagined her fucking some big-dicked stud.

She showed up at dinner wearing a low-cut dress. It looked good on her, with the blue making her eyes more vibrant, and it showed enough cleavage to get Edward to stare. She kissed him on the cheek, and when she did Edward imagined her with a big, thick cock spearing her throat forcefully. He shook his head and hoped that he could learn to control his overactive imagination.

He couldn't. As they waited for their dinner to arrive Sara reached out and cupped his hand. An image of a powerful horse cock filling her tiny hand came to him. She was stroking it lovingly, staring at the hard-bodied stud that made her feel so lewd. "I need a big cock like yours to keep me satisfied," she told his faceless stranger.

Later they went to a movie. It was a dramatic flick that brought tears to everyone in the crowd. Halfway through a passionate love scene came on, and Edward felt extremely awkward. Sara reached out to touch his hand again, but Edward pulled away, avoiding contact. Images of her with the horse hung stud were still fresh in his mind.

Through the entire movie Edward thought of Sara being fucked deeply by one or many horse hung men. Their thick cocks spread her all over. One time she was tit-fucking a man while sucking on his fat knob. Another time she was jerking off some random stud and his cum coated her face completely, to the point where she could barely see.

Each time she was with someone in his head, she was happier. She ate their cum appreciatively and praised them for their size and virility. It was an endless torment for Edward, who was nearly in tears by the end of the night.

The whole night felt like a horrible nightmare. Though Edward tried to hide his growing depression, Sara easily noticed the way he pulled away from her. At the end of the night she exploded at his door step.

"What in the hell is wrong with you, Edward? Why are you acting so weird?"

Edward stumbled over his words. "I...I'm not..."

Sara glared at him. "You know what? Never mind, I'm done. This is so not worth it. Edward, I'm officially dumping..."

"I walked in on you and Rose talking about cock sizes the other day. I overheard how you've dated guys that are way larger than me, and..."

Sara stared at him for a long while as tears ran down his face. "Wait a minute, you what, Edward?"

"I...I know that I don't satisfy you, Sara. I know that you want a real man who is way bigger than me, and I'm not good enough for you. You don't enjoy me like you should," Edward said all of this in a defeated tone and finally hung his head down. "It's just like in those stories that I read on the internet."

Sara was dumbfounded by this admission. She didn't speak for a long while; she just stared at him while he sobbed. Her silence made Edward feel even more uncomfortable. His heart raced up in his throat and his crying grew more intense. "Maybe you're right," he finally said. "Maybe we should break up."

Sara finally lost it then. She collapsed on the ground in a powerful fit of laughter that made Edward feel even worse. Not only did he feel weak, but he felt completely ridiculous. Lurching with a new wave of sorrow, he burst through the front door and sprinted up the stairs. The truth was finally revealed: Sara's love for him was a charade. She really loved big, thick horse cocks, and she was just with him as a joke. He had no hope of every making her happy.

He found his bed and collapsed on it sobbing. There he continued to cry uncontrollable as demonic images of Sara came rushing to her mind. In each image Sara was at the service of two or three horse cocks at once. Each time she laughed joyously as sperm poured out onto her.

"God, I love your fat cocks," she muttered as she suck one. Cum spilled out of her pussy where she was just well fucked. She swallowed one man's thick seed and went to sucking on another massive cock. She smiled happily as she stroked two fat cocks and sucked on a third. A fourth man started fucking her from behind.

She pulled her sticky mouth free from one cock and looked at Edward in his mind's eyes. "Your tiny dick never satisfied me, Edward. You're pathetic!"

Edward clutched his pillow tightly and ignored the knocking on his bedroom door. Images of Sara being stuffed in her ass while a fat cock smacked her face preoccupied him. A group of horse hung studs surrounded her and ejaculated all over he while she shouted, "I'm a slut for big, fat horse cocks! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HORSE COCKS LIKE EDWARD NEVER COULD!"

"No, no, no," Edward cried into his pillow. Anger swelled inside of him, and he hurled the pillow at the door as hard as he could. "NO!"

Sara stood in the doorway looking concerned. She rushed to Edward's side and cradled his head. "There you are, baby..." She was surprised by how vulnerable he looked right then, and how beautiful. She caressed his hair and held him tightly. "Shh, baby, don't cry, okay? I'm here, so don't worry."

"No, stop it," he sobbed. He didn't want to see her or hear her. He just wanted her to leave so that he could be alone.

"Edward, listen to me," she said, her voice firm. When he didn't listen she punched him hard on the arm. It was enough to jolt Edward out of his delusions and bring him back to the real world.

"Sara? What do you want? Are you here to taunt me? Tell me how pathetic I am and how I'll never be able to satisfy a woman?"

Edward was cut off sharply by a deep, impassioned kiss by Sara. She shoved him down and straddled him firmly, holding him in place with her shapely legs. She kept kissing him until she had him pinned, then she pulled away and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Listen to me, you pansy," she said with a hint of playfulness. "I love you to death, and you would know that if you had listened in on the whole conversation rather than eaves-dropping and running. I'll admit it; you're not the biggest I've had."

Edward's stomach turned. He closed his eyes and readied for the final, skull crushing blow. Up until a few days before he had been happy with her, but he knew it was too good to last. Beautiful, funny, affectionate women didn't like normal guys. They deserved better.

"But you're definitely the best I've had in my life."

"I know, but I just wanted to stay with you and...Wait, what?"

"You're the best, Edward."

The images that plagued him dissolved into vapor. He opened his eyes and saw the real Sara for the first time in days. "I'm...I'M the best?"

"Without a doubt, Edward, you're definitely the best." Sara kissed him gently on the cheek and then the nose. Then she giggled at the way he stared at her in shock. "You men are so self-conscious, but it really isn't that big of a deal, pardon the pun. You're not small, baby, and you're the perfect size for me. Besides, you have really good technique and a lot of stamina." She took a deep breath, as she was getting hot from the thought. "Then there's the fact that I love you. It makes everything I do with you better by default, and sex is definitely included. Hell, it's the most important part, because when I'm with you like that...Well, I feel so safe with you."

Edward was so surprised that he could barely form words. "I...Do you mean it?"

"Yes," Sara said softly, an endearing smile on her face. "You're the love of my life," she said. She slid one of her hands up his forearm and took his hand. This time Edward did not pull away. "Edward, we're perfect for each other."

Edward's expression finally softened. "Thank you, babe, I really needed to hear that." Edward freed his other hand and cupped Sara's head. He pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues fell into a beautiful dance, and as he did, he felt a familiar stir in his loins. This time Edward didn't think of her with anyone else, and they started grinding together.

As they kissed Edward cupped her full bottom and squeezed it tightly. He pulled her into him, and she moaned into his mouth as they moaned. After a whole day of whining and fear Edward realized the ultimate truth: Sara loved him dearly and completely. She would never betray him. The thought brought tears to his eyes. He broke the kiss and hugged her lovingly.

"I...I love you so much, Sara," he said faintly.

Sara paused and smiled at Edward. The smile was so sincere and full of affection that it made Edward realize how silly he was being. They kissed again, just as deeply. "Edward, I love you, too," she said as she caressed his cheek.

Edward took the initiative and spun her over. Then he lifted off his shirt, revealing his less than perfect body. He felt no shame though. He knew Sara loved him completely and how he looked. He pinned her down and started to kiss her deeply again. He humped her fiercely through their pants and squeezed her bottom again. The growing trust and intimacy between them made the sensations all the stronger. He truly loved her, just as she loved him.

When their kiss broke she pushed him off and smiled hotly. "Take your pants off, baby; it's time for us to get serious!" Edward hesitated, fresh images appearing, but Sara grasped his manhood through his pants. "I told you to take your damn pants off so that I could see that beautiful cock of yours, so do it!" Her voice was extremely heady. She didn't merely need him, she WANTED him.

After realizing that all Edward could see was his beautiful girlfriend holding his crotch. He undid his jeans and let her hold him directly. In her hands and mouth it looked even larger than he remembered, and he stared in astonishment as he grew even larger. She gave him her love through his cock and sucked dutifully.

The notion of love making astonished Edward, and he felt inspired to return the pleasure. He pulled free from her and pushed her back onto the bed. Yanking her clothes off, he journeyed down between her legs and started to lick her enthusiastically, going wild with his tongue.

Normally, oral sex wasn't something that Edward was fond of. It was hot, sticky, and he found it more than a little disorienting. This time he truly through himself into it though. It wasn't merely about sex. It was about love and the passion that love bred. He wanted to pleasure Sara, and he wanted to love her in the way that she loved him. So he dipped his tongue into her and savored the taste of her womanhood. It was a strange, powerful taste that lingered on his tongue.

Sara's back arched as she screamed out. "Yes, oh, Edward, yes, you feel so damn good!" She squeezed her legs around his head and ran her fingers through her hair. Edward recognized that sound. It was her having a small, yet satisfying orgasm. His mission completed, Edward stood and stroked his extremely hard cock.

"Are you ready, baby?"

"Yes," she said breathlessly. "Yes, Edward, please, shove your beautiful cock deep inside of me, baby."

Edward lined up and smiled. He slid into her slowly at first, making sure she felt every inch entering her. Once he was buried entirely inside and his balls were resting against her ass, he rested there. It felt familiar and like home. Sara wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She pulled him down into a deep, impassioned kiss that was enough to stir him into frenzy.

That is when Edward began to truly make love to his girlfriend. He rocked into her, meeting her thrusts like two waves crashing together erotically. Their pleasures grew, escalating by giving the other pleasure. As they made love, they stared loving at one another and held hands tightly.

Sara leaned forward and kissed Edward gently. Edward thrust in deeply and tried fiercely to hold the kiss, but she pulled away with a devilish smile. "Oh, baby, you've got to earn those kisses."

Edward laughed and pulled her into him with each thrust. He tried to keep pace, but he was getting close. His hands were shaky, and soon he couldn't control. The sight of his girlfriend writhing happily beneath him was too much. He reached out, pulling her into a kiss, and he came.

Sara kissed him back, and the clutched him tightly to her body. "Yes, baby, cum for me, please..." They kissed again, and he exploded inside of her, releasing his hot seed into her young pussy. Sara tightened her grip on him. Her breathing accelerated sharply, and she went off like a siren. Her orgasm was incredibly powerful, probably the best of all their time together.

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