tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 12

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 12


Chapter Twelve: Programming

"It's all about control," Brent said calmly to his women's psychology class. "At the end of the day every woman wants control, and that's why they need a man."

"That is ridiculous," Amy shouted. "I can't believe the asinine things that come out of your mouth!"

"Asinine," Brent parroted coyly. "No, it's not asinine. It's just the truth."

It was another psychology class hi-jacked by the same argument. As always the teacher sat at his desk in silence, too defeated to intervene, and Brent always played the part of the instigator. The teacher knew it was wrong to let the argument take over the class, but he was too afraid to speak out. Brent was tall and very muscular. Even worse, he seemed to have a personal vendetta against women's psychology and women in general.

Amy always played the role of the feminist, and again she took Brent's bait and fought back. Normally she was smart enough to know how to avoid an argument. A straight-A student, Amy considered herself a progressive and a liberal. She was an open lesbian who dated a cute blonde named Mandi, and the two were very happy together. Never in her life did she want to be of service to a man, which is why she found Brent's argument so repugnant.

"Honest," Amy said in a cold fury. "How in the world is that honest? It is nothing but a self-serving assessment of reality that is completely fallacious!"

Though quite angry, Amy was still highly attractive. She was blessed with long blonde hair the color of honey and almond shaped green eyes. Her cheek bones were high-set and her lips were pouty and naturally red.

She kept her body in good shape with a mixture of diet, exercise, and strong genetics. Slender by nature, she had large, womanly hips and tight, youthful C-cup breasts. Though gay, every man who saw her came over to chat her up, and always left with their head held low at the realization that they could never have her.

Brent was a handsome man. He was a very muscular and tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. He smiled at Amy, clearly enjoying her frustration, and said, "It's the truth because that's how nature made women. They are basically programmed to obey men."

"That's ludicrous, Brent! I, for one, have no desire what-so-ever to obey a man as you claim."

"That's because of our modern, PC culture has confused you. You gals should never have been allowed jobs. Your real job is to serve your man however he wants and let him make all the decisions.

Brent grins more broadly as Amy turns read in the face. "That is downright chauvinism!"

"A REAL woman would want to be the feet of a man, doing WHATEVER he asks of her." Brent winks and adds, "And I do mean whatever."

Amy was flabbergasted by his audacity and lewdness. "You...You are so vulgar! You're disgusting!"

"Maybe," Brent says confidently, "but I'm also right."

"No, you're nothing close to be right. As most of you know, I am a lesbian, and I am a very happy lesbian without a man there to take care of me. I don't want, nor have I ever wanted, to be at the feet of any many doing ANYTHING!"

"Well, that's because you've never met a real man before.

"Personally, I don't even know if a real man exists anymore. If they did, they would probably be trustworthy, intelligent adult male role model, which is something you most certainly aren't." Amy glared at Brent and said, "All you are is a boy with big muscles."

Brent's grinned remained though his eyes narrowed. "Would you like to see how manly I am first hand," he asked as he groped his crotch. "I've got one hell of a muscle right here for you, baby!"

"You are a disgusting Neanderthal!"

Around that time the teacher finally stood, much to the surprise and relief of the class. Shakily, he said, "Well, it's time to go class. Take your books and get out of here. I'll see you all again on Friday."

All of the students left with their books tucked away under their arms. Amy shoved her books into her backpack and then slung it over her shoulder and stomped out of the room.

Brent watched her display of anger and followed her. He walked a short distance behind her, watching the smooth movement into of her ass. It was a nice, tight ass that was slightly large for her frame, but still very well shaped. He thought about what Amy would look like naked, rather than garbed in her ridiculous vintage seventies tie-die outfits. He grinned, thinking that her clothes would be waded at the end of his bed by Friday.

He followed her closely down the hall and caught up with her just as she was exiting the building. "So, that was some discussion we had in class, huh?"

Amy glanced at him, huffed, and walked more briskly toward the parking lot.

Brent grinned it off and stared at her ass as it sashayed perfectly. Then he rushed to catch her and said, "Come on, don't be mad." Amy stopped, faced him, and crossed her arms over her breasts. This caused them to squash together, which Brent happily noticed.

"You're a pig, Brent." Amy did her best to cross her arms in a way to hide her breasts and said, "My eyes are up here."

"I'm sorry, you're just...Know what? Never mind," he said quickly as she gave him a death-glare. "Anyway, babe, I just wanted to give you this." Brent quickly produced a printed piece of paper and handed it to her. "it has my address on there. My brother and I having a party tonight and you're totally invited.

"Oh, how embarrassing for you," she said sweetly. "You're so stupid that you actually think I would come to your frat boy party." She scoffed, "pig."

Brent scowled. "Well, I was thinking that we could test that theory of yours about how you don't need a real man." Without warning, Brent grasped Amy's delicate little hand and pressed it against his crotch. He made her grab down on his manhood and feel its size.

"Y-you are an absolute animal," she stammered. Slapping him against the chest, she pulled away blushing while Brent laughed.

Embarrassed and shaken, Amy turned away and storm off from him. Walking briskly, she held her hand tightly against her chest. For some reason her heart was beating rapidly and she swore that here was a strange flame growing inside of her stomach.

"Don't worry about your girlfriend, baby. You can bring a date," Brent called after her. "We can run tests on her, too!"

Pretending to ignore him, she rushed to her car and got inside. Locking the door, she pinned herself against the seat and took a moment to try and calm herself. She was shocked, she was surprised, and she was convicted that she would prove him wrong.

Putting her car into gear, she felt a strange weight in her palm. Brent had been big, really big, so big that she thought he might've been part horse. She was convinced that he was wrong though, and she was determined to prove that to the entire world.

"I really don't want to go," Mandi said to Amy. Mandi was driving them to the party, but she had a strange feeling in her gut. Something was telling her it was a bad idea.

Before Amy met her, Mandi was a bit of a party girl. She was small, cute, and very athletic. Her abs was noticeable even when not flexed, but her frame was still womanly. Whenever they made love Amy always thought how Mandi's body was a well-oiled, locomotive machine.

Though fit, Mandi still had larger B-cup breasts. Her skin was a perfect tan and her hair, light blonde, was curly and hung down her back. The most defining features she had were her piercing grey eyes and high-pitched voice. Amy found the voice cute, while many others did not.

Mandi owed a lot of Amy. When they first met Amy made her give up her wild lifestyle. She made her give up pot and started helping her in school. Thanks to Amy's efforts Mandi was going to graduate with honors, and Mandi knew she owed her girlfriend everything.

That is what worried Mandi about Amy's behavior. Amy normally wasn't one to go to a party, but she insisted on going to one tonight, and she wouldn't tell Mandi why. She just kept saying the same cryptic thing.

"I just want to see something. Once I do, we can leave."

They pulled up in front of a house where the party was going on. Cars lined the streets, some were even parked in the yard. Drunk idiots ran by and loud music came rolling from inside of the house and kept everyone on the block away. They were about to exit the car when Mandi stopped Amy and said her name anxiously.

Amy smiled fondly at her girlfriend and kissed her gently on the forehead. "Mandi, don't worry. I just want to go in and come right back out. If you're that nervous, you can wait outside for me. I won't be long."

Looking at Amy's beautiful face, Mandi felt a mixture of calm and greater dread. It wasn't just the secrets that worried her, it was the way Amy was dressed. She was wearing make-up and a low-cut dress that hugged her in ways that aroused Mandi. Never had Mandi gotten such special treatment, and normally she would have wanted to stay in and take advantage of Amy's queer behavior. Instead, Amy insisted they go out to a party where boys would leer at the two of them and try to take advantage themselves.

Mandi glanced at the party, filled with drunken morons. A lot of them would hit on Amy, and Mandi just didn't feel safe with that considering Amy's odd behavior. She took Amy hand and said, "We'll go in, but can we be quick about it? I've got a test to study for."

"Of course we'll be quick," Amy said happily, and she kissed Mandi sweetly, lovingly, the way Mandi loved. "Thanks, babe, this means the world to me.

"Yeah, yeah, let's go and get this over with."

The two of them entered the house and were separated shortly after. Amy said something about having to use the restroom and rushed off afterward. Mandi, anxious and alone, stood in a corner until some idiot came up and hit on her.

"No thanks," she said snottily. "I'm a lesbian."

"That's fine with me," the boy said with a grin. He was a short, muscular man with a handsome face. He carried himself very confidently and leaned in close to her. His big arm was almost the size of Mandi's tiny waist. "You can bring your girlfriend along."

Mandi scoffed. "As if," she said, and she shoved him out of the way.

After that she was ready to leave, and she searched the party for Amy. "Excuse me, have you seen this girl," she asked, showing every passer-by.

She went up to a couple boys who were drinking. One was a skinny, rather lanky boy, and the other was plump but cute in a dough-boy sort of way. She flashed them the photo and said, "Have you seen this girl? She's a bit taller than me, her hair is done up, and she's showing a lot of cleavage tonight."

"No, but if I did see her I'd make sure to fuck her brains out," the lanky boy said.

Mandi glared at him as his friend laughed. Wrong move, she thought, and she gave him a swift kick to the groin. He collapsed to the floor bawling while his friend recoiled in fear.

"Now, I'm not going to ask again. Answer the damn question," she said, putting her foot on the lanky boy as if he were a rock.

"I-I-I-I think I saw the girl go upstairs with Brent," said the plump one, his voice cracking.

"Who the hell is Brent?"

"Tall guy," the lanky one said from the floor. "Lots of muscles, owns the place..." He was sweating profusely.

"Thank you," Mandi said, and she turned and left.

Mandi found Amy and Brent shortly afterwards. They weren't upstairs, but they were standing near the staircase. Amy had her back against a wall and a beer in her hand. At some point she had pulled her dress down even farther to show off her cleavage, and she was laughing and staring at Brent.

Brent was leaning against the wall in a flirtatious fashion. He had a charming smile and a very tight body. He pointed at Amy's cleavage, which made Amy look down and giggle. She blushed and started talking to him while staring up at him like a school girl with a crush. She was obviously very taken by him.

Mandi stomped over to the two, and when Amy saw her girlfriend the smile left her face. "Mandi..."

Brent turned, grinning broadly. Close up Brent looked enormous. He was handsome, but his face looked very dangerous. He wore a wife-beater which exposed his broad chest and beefy arms.

"So, you're Mandi, the famed girlfriend." He looked Mandi over and laughed. "You're just as sexy as I expected you to be."

Mandi scoffed and grabbed Amy's hand. "Amy, I'm not having fun. Would it be okay if we left?"

Amy looked between Mandi and Brent in distress, and Brent laughed. "Oh, come on, the nights still young," Brent said. He glanced around the room. "It is a bit loud down here though. How about we go up to my bedroom and talk in private for a while, just the three of us?"

Amy was delighted to go with him, but Mandi was not.

"Amy," she said in a whisper. "I really think we should go."

Amy glanced between the two before turning her big, green eyes on Mandi. "Please, babe, let's just stay for a bit longer."


Amy pouted. "Please, Mandi, for me? I never get to do this kind of stuff. I'm excited to try."

Mandi sighed and relented. "Fine, we can stay, but it is awful loud down here. Let's go to the bedroom where it'll be quieter."

"Well, I can't promise that it will be that much quieter," Brent said with a laugh. "After all, we're taking the real party up there, ladies."

Brent led them to his bedroom. Amy was eager to see his room, but Mandi was put off. Something was odd about that night, and she didn't like the direction that things were taking.

Brent's bedroom was mostly barren, aside from a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling, two chairs, and a mattress set in the center of the floor. The mattress was worn out and had strange stains all over its surface. Mandi grimaced in disgust and put herself closer to Amy, who was too busy staring at Brent to notice her.

Brent followed them in and smiled as he closed the door. He crossed his arms, making his biceps bulge out.

"This is your room," Mandi asked. She couldn't believe a person lived in there.

"Sort of," Brent said with a snicker. "Technically, this is my house, so they're all my rooms."

Mandi frowned at Brent's attitude. She grasped Amy's arm and tugged almost childishly. "Babe, can we please leave now? I'm getting a really uncomfortable vibe."

Brent put his big, strong hand on the door and leered at the pair. "Oh, come on, we just got here. Besides, what's there to be uncomfortable with? It's just the three of us chatting."

Amy looked at Mandi in annoyance. "I told you, Mandi, I don't want to go get. Besides, it's just a room, get over your problem," she said harshly. Then she turned to Brent and said, "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"Well, I was thinking we could test my theory out," Brent said. He wore a big grin on his cruel face. "What do you think of that plan, cutie?"

Mandi was about to reprimand Brent for his language when Amy answered him. "I would love to test your theory, Brent. Where do we start?"

"How about we start with you taking me out and sizing me up?"

Mandi didn't like what was being said, but didn't really understand. She was completely shocked when Amy confirmed her deepest fears and kneeled before Brent and undid his jeans quickly. As soon as his jeans were down, Amy took his boxers off, and she was face to face with his cock.

Mandi, who had been with a boy before, knew that Brent had an extremely impressive, if somewhat frightening cock. Brent was a pale kid, and his cock appeared almost translucent. It was incredibly large, at least eleven inches in length hanging low. Blue lines traced all along his cock, and it was at least as thick as Amy's forearm even in its limp state.

Looking past his cock, Mandi was surprised to see a pair of enormous balls hanging behind it. Each one was larger than one of her dainty first and hung almost to his knees.

Amy seemed to fall in love with his cock at first sight. She smiled at his cock in a way that even Mandi had never seen, and she looked up at Brent with that same loving smile on her face. "My suspicions have been confirmed. The subject is quite hung, though he is still limp. I will be commencing exercises to hardened the subject's glorious horse cock and test the theory further." She winked up at him playfully. "Do I have permission to continue HQ?"

Brent laughed and rubbed his limp cock along Amy's pretty face. "Permission granted, field team."

Amy took hold of his huge cock and held it poised before her full lips. She felt a moment of trepidation, a moment of 'can I do this,' and then she did it. She stuffed her mouth full of his thick cock, and though she couldn't take it very far she felt delighted to try.

Brent took hold of Amy's thick, honey blonde hair and pulled on it. She moved her only his cock in a controlled, measured pace. While she did Amy closed her eyes and sucked. She looked like she was lulled into hypnotic obedience by their natural rhythm. So far she felt that Brent's theories seemed pretty grounded.

Mandi couldn't stand the sight. Though she felt betrayed, she also felt somewhat aroused. Crying, she tried to leave but the door opened before she could, and she ran into a very solid body and fell onto the stained mattress.

In the doorway there stood a near clone of Brent. The man was somewhat shorter and his muscles were a bit bulkier. Where Brent was lean, the boy was huge and locomotive. He looked as if he could lift a house.

"Hey there, little bro," Brent said with a chuckle. Amy tried to look back, but Brent smacked her across the face. "No! Real women focus on their duties," Brent said harshly, and Amy obeyed.

Mandi looked at the stout boy in fear. In return he eyed her lecherously.

"What have we here, Brent? Is she for me?"

"Well, I'm pretty busy with this one, so sure." He nodded toward Mandi and said, "Mandi, wasn't it? This is my brother, John. John, that's Mandi."

"Nice to meet you, now get to work." He closed the door behind him.

"First off, I'm a lesbian. Secondly, fuck you." Though Mandi tried to be strong tears stung her eyes.

"Your girlfriend was a lesbian, too. Now look at her," Brent said. He pulled his cock free from her face and slapped it along Amy's soft cheeks. Then he laughed while she panted like she was a dog in heat. He was fully hard now and measured over a foot long. "Are you still a lesbian, Amy?"

"I...I don't know. I don't care...Just give me your cock again. I want to suck on it." Amy opened her mouth desperately, and Brent obliged.

"That sounds about right," Brent said with a cruel smile. "So, where does that leave us?"

John laughed and said, "Well, that leaves us off at the part where this pretty little dyke gets her tight ass over here and starts sucking me off." He grinned dangerously and said, "Unless you want me to get rough with you, baby."

Mandi shook and cried, but she obeyed reluctantly. Shuffling over with her head held low, she took hold of his impressive bulge and undid his jeans.

"Well, damn it, I was hoping I would have to get rough with you."

She pulled his pants and boxers down in one motion and was greeted by a cock that was very similar to Brent's. It was a bit shorter than his brother's and it was a bit thicker. Blue veins marked it, and it had the same pale white coloring.

"Get on with it, do what your girl is doing," John said crudely. "I don't like to wait." He took hold of her curly blonde hair and shoved his cock up into her mouth.

Mandi was extremely frightened and somewhat aroused. John smacked her across the face and spoke to her firmly, in forceful tones. "No teeth, cunt!"

Mandi struggled to keep her mouth wide enough for him, and she sucked deeply. Her body was reacting strangely in the situation. Something about his big, powerful muscles was arousing her, and his sizable cock only made her arousal worse. She could feel heat surging through her pussy. She wanted his cock, and she savored the feel of it rocking into her mouth.

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