tagLoving WivesWife Gets Picked Up on the Highway

Wife Gets Picked Up on the Highway


My wife Brandie and I had just spent the weekend in Indianapolis, IN. Along with taking care of some business associated with our jobs, we had also spent a Saturday night having sex in a hotel with Brandie's, "Indiana Lover" friend. She was on her way home, (alone), in our car, and I was following several hours later, in our truck that we drive for a living. Brandie had a fun little adventure that she told me about and that I thought would be of interest to Literotica readers. So, here's the story about my wife's... "Interstate Pickup and Adult Bookstore Rendezvous!"

Brandie was southbound on I-65 just south of Louisville, KY. She pulled into a truck fuel stop to get some gas and grab a bite to eat from the Taco Bell inside. When she pulled under the fuel island and began pumping her gas, she noticed a guy at another pump putting gas into his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Brandie and I, have a Harley, so anytime she sees a Harley, it's a normal reaction to check it out. Especially if it's being ridden by a "buffed up, rough looking man, with a couple days growth of beard", (as she described him!) He obviously stirred some reactions in her horny side, (or maybe that should be, he stirred some reactions in her CROTCH!)

As my wife was checking the Harley Dude out, he was giving my wife, Brandie, the once over, as well. She pretended not to notice him. Brandie, was in her 40's, but easily passed for 30's, and at 5'7" tall, with blond hair, she's not a bad looking gal. She was wearing a short white skirt and skimpy little, short heeled sandals, that perfectly displayed her sexy tanned legs and feet, the delicate flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle, and the gold anklet she always wore on the side too. She also had on a button up blouse that she had unbuttoned enough to maximize the view of the cleavage from her large 38C tits. The guy was also wearing a H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), patch as well, and since Brandie and I, are members of H.O.G. too, she thought she would strike up a conversation with the guy when she went inside.

He finished pumping his gas first, (of course, he had a smaller tank), and went inside. When Brandie finished and went inside, she didn't see him anywhere. So, she got her food and went outside to sit in the car, and eat it, before she got back on the road, (after all, it's kind of hard to eat Tacos and drive). She also thought that if the guy came out before she was ready to go, she could strike up that conversation. By the time she was done eating and was ready to go, there still was no sign of the Harley rider. So, she decided not to wait any longer and she took off.

As she headed down the on ramp to the Interstate, she noticed the guy on his bike, right behind her. When she pulled out onto the Interstate, he immediately passed her on the left. As he went by, he looked over at her and they made eye contact. Then he sped up to get in front of my wife's car. After pulling back over in front of her, he slowed down, forcing her to have to pass him. She knew what he was doing. He wanted her to pass him, so that he could look in the passenger window and get a better look at her. Before she passed him, my wife reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down over her knees, and then down to her ankles where she kicked them off and then threw them into the backseat. Then she propped her left foot up on the floor of the car, near the door, and pulled her skirt up high in her lap. This gave him a great view of her sexy legs, and she hoped a sneak peek of her pussy too, as she passed by him. He kept pace with her for a couple of minutes as they shot glances back and forth at each other and he checked out Brandie's legs. For the next 40 miles they played this "pass and flirt" game. A few times, my wife pulled her skirt even higher, trying to give him a peek at her cleanly shaved pussy. My wife said she could feel her pussy getting excited and wet from the thrill of the flirting game with this stranger.

As they approached a Rest Area, the Harley rider was in front of Brandie and he motioned for her to follow him into the Rest Area. She decided to do it and see where this game would lead.

Once they were in the Rest Area, my wife parked her car a couple spots over from where he parked his bike. The biker walked over, circling around the back of the car to come around to the drivers side. My wife stayed seated in the car, pulled her skirt hem down just enough to cover her pussy, but not by much, and rolled the window down.

They made some polite introductions, (his name was, Rob). Brandie found out that he was a Firefighter, (no wonder he was so "buffed up"), from Stone Mountain, GA. and had been in Louisville visiting his brother. My wife told him why she was traveling alone and made it a point to tell him that she was married and that I was coming down this same road behind her in a couple of hours. (She just wanted to let him know that she was married and that seemed like a good way to bring it up.) As they chatted a bit, he told her she was a stunningly good looking woman and had fantastic legs. She thanked him. Then he mentioned to her that when he came northbound a few days earlier, he thought he had seen an Adult Bookstore not far south of where they currently were, and since she was familiar with the area, did she know exactly where it was? Well, she did, and she gave him the exact Exit number for it.

Then he said, "Look, I don't want all those "guys" that hang out in those joints to think I'm one of them. Would you go in there with me?"

Brandie laughed and told him that she thought that was the worst "pick-up line" she had ever heard, but that, "Yes.", she would go in with him. So they got back on the road and made the 5-minute trip to the Adult Bookstore.

When they went inside the Bookstore, they walked around as he looked over the magazines and movies, etc. They made small talk about some of the pictures and merchandise they saw. He was staying very close to my wife, to the point of making body contact as often as he could. Brandie didn't mind, because she didn't want to talk too loudly and have every "pervert" that was watching them hearing what they were saying. So with him close, she was able to whisper to him as they talked. She eventually told Rob about our swinging lifestyle and told him that was why she was such an "easy pick-up" and agreed to go in the Adult Bookstore with him. She knew I wouldn't be mad and she wouldn't have to hide this from me like most other women might have to from their husbands, (assuming they had been bold enough to do this!) Brandie has some "Introduction Cards", (sort of like business cards), that I had made for her on the computer. They have her name, e-mail address, Yahoo Group address, a picture of her, and the "tag line", "Cum Play with ME!" on them. She got one out of the pocket on the back of her skirt, (she had put it there before getting out of the car), and gave it to him.

They continued browsing, and now that Rob knew the score with my wife, he got a bit bolder. As they stood, virtually body-to-body, looking at something he had picked up off a rack, he put his right hand on Brandie's back. She didn't protest, so he slid it down onto her ass and gave a bit of a rub and squeeze through her skirt. He slid his hand down again, until it was on her bare legs just below her skirt tail, then he slid it back up under her skirt onto her bare ass. Now, with his wrist holding the hem of my wife's skirt up, her bare ass, with his large hand firmly planted on her cheek, was in plain view of anyone looking. My wife loves to be touched by men in sexual ways, and she REALLY loves to do it in semi public places where others can see it being done, such as night clubs, swing clubs, and adult bookstores. The two of them, being the only male/female couple in the place, had gotten plenty of attention from the single men in the store ever since they first walked in. Now Rob had his hand under the tail of my wife's skirt on her bare ass and a couple of other men were watching. This was really turning my wife on!

Rob looked at Brandie in mock surprise and said, "You're not wearing any panties?"

My wife turned to her left, so that she went around passed the point where she would have been directly facing him, and she now almost had her right shoulder touching his right shoulder. She did it so fast, that without even moving his hand, Rob's hand went from being on my wife's ass, to being on the front of her left hip, right next to her pussy.

Then she grinned and said, "I'm not wearing any on the front either."

At that, he put his hand on her pussy and gently rubbed and massaged it. As he did, she leaned toward him and up on her toes and kissed him passionately on the mouth, letting him explore the inside of her mouth with his tongue, and the inside of her pussy with his fingertips! She was REALLY turned on, with this man she just met, touching her pussy in an Adult Bookstore while other men watched! She was very wet and getting wetter! She was breathing pretty hard too, as they kissed a bit, while Rob rubbed her pussy. After a minute or two of that, Brandie broke off the kiss and stepped back enough to let Rob know to take his hand out from under her skirt.

He said, "Well! That was FUN!"

A bit more browsing and chit-chat, and Rob asked my wife, if she knew if they had private movie booths there. Brandie laughed and she didn't say so to Rob, but she knew where that question was leading. The truth was that Brandie had only been in this bookstore once before, (shortly after it opened, with me). At that time, they were putting in some booths, but they weren't operational then. She assumed they were by now. She told him that if they did, she hadn't ever been in them so they would have to ask about them. He took her hand and led her to the front counter. The clerk told Rob the booths were open in the back and Rob purchased the minimum amount of tokens to go into the booths.

Rob picked a booth, let Brandie go in first, followed her in and locked the door behind them. He leaned forward, squeezing Brandie into the front corner of the booth and he dropped all his tokens into the slot to start the movie on the TV screen in the front wall of the booth. Then he pressed himself against my wife and began passionately kissing her as his hands roamed up and down her body. Brandie's hands were working on the front of his pants and he helped her pull his jeans open and free his hardening cock from inside his pants. She was pleased to find that he had a fat cock about long enough for her two hands. My wife isn't like some women, always looking for that 12" cock as big around as a coke can! (As if those really exist!) She just likes a fat one that's big enough to be "useful". She slid down the wall behind her, onto her knees and took his cock into her mouth. My wife is the best cocksucker I have ever met and every man she has ever sucked has agreed with me! (Although many have had to do it when their wives couldn't hear them!) It didn't take long and she had Rob on the verge of cumming. So, he pulled her up and began kissing her again while his hand reached between her legs. She was very wet by now and a couple of his fingers easily slid between my wife's pussy lips and into her cunt! Brandie was very horny and she LOVES to have fingers in her snatch, so almost immediately she started to cum! He clamped his mouth over hers as she moaned through her orgasm.

When she was finished, Rob put both of his hands behind her thighs and pulled them toward him and lifted her, (with her back against the wall), and lowered her down onto his hard cock. My wife said that she was SOOOOO turned on by now, that as his cock slid into her cunt, she began to cum again! Then Rob began to slowly fuck her while he held her up, with her back against the wall. Now my wife isn't a "small woman" and never has been. Even though she's less than 150 lbs, she is still what most men would call a voluptuous type. She had never in her life been fucked this way before, but the "buffed up, firefighter" didn't seem to have any trouble with it. My wife said that all the while he was fucking her, she kept thinking about scenes she had seen in movies where men have fucked their woman passionately against the wall because they were too horny to wait to get to the bed, or they weren't in a place where there was a bed. This whole scene was driving her wild!

My wife has the ability to squirt an orgasm when she is really turned on. It's not something she does every time, but if she's really hot, look out! She's gonna soak ya! She said that she could feel a squirt coming on, and sure enough as Rob stroked into her again, she began to squirt. My wife said she felt her belly muscles tighten and her cunt clamped as hard as she could onto Rob's cock. The extreme thrills she was feeling in her cunt made her begin to scream loudly as her orgasm began to wave over her. She knew that people outside the booth must have been able to hear her, but in her erotic ecstasy, she didn't care. My wife also figured that her screams were just mixing with those coming from the various movie screens in their booth and those around them anyway. Half way through her screaming, squirting orgasm, Rob clamped his mouth hard over Brandie's, forced his tongue into her mouth, and that muffled some of her screams. She said she "squirted" so much, she was afraid she was going to soak Rob's pants! (As it turned out, his pants where all bunched up around his feet and what she squirted either ran all over his crotch and legs or went on the floor behind him.) Right after she got done with her orgasm, Rob gave her a few more strokes then shoved hard into her and emptied his load of cum up her cunt!

When he was done, Rob held Brandie up and against the wall another minute or so, as they kissed and tried to get their breathing back to normal. Then he pulled his softening cock out of my wife's pussy and she felt globs of cum drip out onto her thighs to mix with all the juices already running all over her crotch. She even felt one glob of cum drip onto the top of one of her feet. With nothing to clean up with, Rob just pulled his pants up over his wet crotch, and my wife pulled her skirt down and walked out of the booth with cum running down the inside of her legs and getting sticky!

After leaving the booth, they walked back into the bookstore where it seemed that everyone was watching them. My wife wondered if they could see cum running down her legs, she could sure feel it. She knew that anyone close enough, would be able to smell the fact that she was freshly fucked!

Rob, selected a couple of magazines for purchase and after paying for them, they both went back outside to their vehicles. My wife grabbed some napkins from the car and reaching under her skirt, wiped her pussy a bit and threw them on the ground. Rob joked that after they left, someone would be out there sniffing the napkins! A little last minute chit-chat, another kiss, and they were both on their way.

When Brandie told me this story, I was amazed that she had been so bold as to allow herself to get "picked up" by a total stranger on the highway, and then to go into an Adult Bookstore with him! I mean this is REALLY out of character for her! She is, (believe it or not), usually a bit bashful. Even when we meet a new guy with whom we think we'll have a threesome, Brandie is usually bashful, and if the guy doesn't make the first moves, "it" just isn't going to happen. Anyway, she thought because it was so bold, and not something she would normally do, that is what made it so exciting to her.

So, there it is. Brandie's "Interstate Pick Up and Adult Bookstore Rendezvous" story. When she told me this story, I had to coax the details out of her. It made me so horny and hard, that I had to take her to bed, and make her tell it to me again as I fucked her!

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