Chapter 1

The room was quiet, dark, and cool. The humidity from the summer evening clung to her soft skin, giving her a slight glisten of sweat and moisture over her body. As she lay there in her bed, she felt the sheets pressing down on her body, the silken material sliding over her curves as she tossed from side to side.

Her body, a thing of hard earned beauty, lay upon the soft bedding, offering a vision of shapely femininity with an aurora of sensuality. Staring at the ceiling, her hands gently wandering with half thoughts as she struggled to find comfort and sleep, Christina could feel the soft material sliding over her warming skin. Her sweat caused the sheets to cling slightly to her, but the added friction brought some minor relief to her ever increasing sensitivity. 'How long has it been?' She wondered. Her body was becoming more and more conscious of her mind's lucid and enticing thoughts, as her hands were now beginning to wander more aggressively over her warming body.

Not planning on much that evening, she had worn a simple nightie to bed that evening. Short, black, and sheer. Even though there was not a man presently in her life, she enjoyed the freedom that her nightie encompassed. Much like most of her bedroom garments, her nightie was form fitting. Sized perfectly to her, she was glad she had recently purchased it at the mall. It hung well from her body, accentuating her breasts, though they needed little support these days, and highlighting her toned stomach and defined hips. The material stopped inches below her waist, long enough to cover her panties, but short enough that when she bent in the correct way, would rise up and revel her blue G string and shapely ass. The G string underneath and was also a new purchase. Sheer and silken, the garment clung to her taut waist and ass, directing all glances and views to the heart of her aching sensuality. The sheer blue material gave her pussy a slight glow but displayed the increasing dampness that was beginning to accumulate on the front. 'How long has it been?' she thought again.

Hours passed. In the dark of the night and the warm of the summer air, Christina had dozed off with dreams of men and women. Thoughts of sex and the longing to be penetrated, no, violated were becoming more and more intense. She did not want sex. She wanted to be fucked. It had been too long for her body to remain unnoticed and her aching pussy demanded satisfaction. No gentle touching, no simple sucking and soft licks with a wet tongue...none of those today. What her body ached for, what her mind repeated in her dreams, was for her tight, wet slit to become stretched and filled by a large and throbbing cock. 'Fuck me' she whispered to a quiet room. 'Fuck me right now' she whispered in a labored breath. Her hands raised, she slowly began to trace them over her neck and face.

Her cool fingers ran over her neck, rubbing the soft exposed flesh, she could recall the touch of a man's hand pressing her. Squeezing her neck softly, the rough and calloused hands, rubbing her gentle skin as soft lips would suck and lick her. A tongue would run down the sides, over the top of her chest, making her moan and causing her aching breasts to begin to tingle. Sliding lower and pressing firmer, her hands glided over the sweaty chest and began to trace slow circles around her nipples, already hard and engorged. 'God, Fuck me' she whispered again... Her fingers pinched her right nipple. The sensation jolted through her body as she felt the pressure...and immediately her aching cunt began to moisten further. Her clit was beginning to swell and she was now acutely aware of the thin material between her ass and clinging to her pussy. Pinching harder, Tina, pulled her right nipple and began to cup and massage her left breast. Moaning to the empty room, she kicked the silken sheets down feeling the warm air rush over her exposed skin...goose bumps ran suddenly over her legs and arm. Suddenly being exposed caused a rush to come over her, as she lay on her back debating, contemplating... 'How long has it been?' Her legs apart and open...the air blew a soft breeze, brushing over her damp cunt...

With greater intensity, she pinched her nipple again. This time pulling on it and pressing it between her fingers. Like an eraser, her nipples were large and firm, pink and perfect. She pulled harder on her nipple, twisting it as she pulled it away from her body. Her other hand, still massaging her left breast, squeezed the 36c tit, massaging it...feeling the breast fill her hands, while her thoughts dreamed of a mouth sucking and nibbling the sides and underneath. 'Fuck me...' she started to moan, her breath becoming more labored as she felt her nightie slowly rising up, causing more of her warming cunt to be exposed to the cooling damp air. Pressing her hands down, she felt the pressure against her body recalling what it was to be touched by a man. The larger hands, the stronger muscles...she longed for the touch of a stranger's flesh against her aching body. To squeeze and caress her soft skin, she moved her hands over her belly and began to trace small circles on her hips and waist...

The thought of a cock began to overtake her mind. She wanted to be fucked. Not tomorrow. Not later. Right now. To be tossed around and bent for one purpose, to feel her cunt fucked while she groaned out dirty thoughts and her hands clawed for stability from the forceful pounding.

Pressing her feet together and still on her back, Tina felt her hand slide over her panties. The small of her back rose, her cunt was being offered up to the night at a perfect angle. Were a man there, he would need only to slide right in to her aching hole. Pinching harder on her nipple, Tina moaned louder as her hand began to gently press her clit...then rub harder. In circles at first, soft and deliberate. Pressing the sides and rubbing her lips...Tina could feel the silk press against her cunt, soaking the sheer front, revealing her perfectly shaped pussy. Her lips now engorged and her clit beginning to throb, she teased herself pressing her fingers in between her legs. Massaging her lips and rubbing her clit faster and greater purpose, she pressed the g-string into her hole, feeling her fingers just barely entering her. 'Ahhhh...' she groaned, arching her back up to the ceiling as she felt her one of her fingers suddenly slide into her hole...pulling hard on her nipple, she envisioned a man sucking on her tits. Lifting them to his smiling mouth, she dreamt of a man's warm mouth opening and sucking on her hard nipples. Taking them between his teeth and pinching them while his hands reached down and massaged her aching slit. Pressing down on her hand, Tina began to gently grind on her fingers...rubbing against them, pressing the silken material against her wet cunt, causing her clit to be pressed and stimulated further, as she began to rub in a more consistent rhythm. Her body moving up and down, she could feel her hips moving back and forth on her hand as she continued to dream of a fat hard cock being pressed against her and a lover whose mouth would not abandon her heaving breasts. She stopped. The room was silent and still. Where was he?

From the corner of her eye she could see out the window of her home, across the way to the opposite building. A new occupant had recently moved into the building complex and after a few days of his arrival, Tina had noticed several things the most important of which was his libido. The man was perpetually fucking or jerking off, as she could see into his room without incident, and Tina had counted an average of at least 5 beat offs a day. She had not been able to get a complete view of his manhood, but Tina knew it was a decent size and def larger than most. His body was toned and athletic, with the added benefit of youth, he filled out his manhood quite well. But right now, Tina was not thinking about that. Right now the only thing on her mind was her ever growing desire to taste and feel that cock. She looked feverishly but was not able to see her cunt continued to ache. 'Damn...he's not there'.

Secretly she hoped that he was going to be in his room as he always was. From her apartment she could see directly into his, what she assumed was his bedroom. For the past month she had been watching him. Coming home from work and standing by the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the new occupant.

Not one day into his arrival and Tina had already watched him repeatedly masturbate not to mention bringing two different women into his room. 'Who the hell is this guy?' she wondered. From her vantage point she would guess that he was in his late 20s and in great shape. Tall, defined, and with all of his hair, the mystery occupant was a welcome change from the overweight and balding men she typically encountered during her daily minutia. Since that day he had arrived, she had not one evening missed one of his 'shows.'

What the mystery man did not know, and what Tina had inadvertently discovered, was that his room had a direct line of sight to that of Tina's. From her bed, she could see into his room which was roughly two stories below her own, and watch with perfect vision of him embracing his sexuality and manhood. The first time she bore witness, she was momentarily offended. But when she realized that her nipples were already hard and her pussy beginning to moisten, those moral thoughts soon became fleeting apparitions. Watching him lay in the bed, slowly stroking his cock between his hands, Tina would watch in utter captivation while slowly sliding her hands between her legs.

The slow deliberate strokes, the toned arms and defined stomach...she loved to watch and envision herself with him. Time and her own lack of sex were beginning to wear her down and as a result Tina sound found herself skipping a lot of the normal foreplay that she enjoyed. Normally full of teasing, delaying her own orgasm, and finding ways to prolong the experience, Tina was now feverishly rubbing her aching clit. She had not even realized she was rubbing it so aggressively until she suddenly felt the rush coming over her body, starting in her moist wet pussy she could feel the familiar tingle begging to radiate throughout her body as the approaching orgasm lingered on the horizon. Without hesitation, Tina suddenly found her body convulsing, spasming, as a wave of an orgasm overtook her body. Arching her back and tossing her head from side to side, Tina could feel all of her body on fire as she kept envisioning the mystery man ravaging her tight cunt. 'Harder....' She moaned. 'Fuck me harder....' As she slid two fingers into her cunt...the smell of her juices began to fill the air. Smiling, she began to grind on her hand once again...rubbing herself. Pretending there was a long hard cock that was being pumped repeatedly in and out of her, as she laid back and felt her body being used for one purpose.

'Where was he?' She thought again. Disappointed, Tina returned to her bed and stared into the darkness. Her fantasy lover was missing but her sexual desires were not. Lying on the silken sheets, she tossed around for a few moments before finally relinquishing to her baser desires. She sat up in her bed and slowly began to roll over to her knees. Putting herself on all fours, she assumed a doggy position and began to slide a single finger between her soaking lips. Rubbing her panties harder, she could feel the silk saturated from her cunt and her clit raised and pressing against the material. Smooth and slick, she teased herself...sliding her finger back and forth and flicking her clit; while she stared at her headboard...pretending her mystery lover was eating her cunt from behind. Feeling her finger slide in deeper, she moaned loudly as she inserted a second and soon a third, filling and stretching her aching pussy. She could feel her heart racing as she touched her lips and buried her fingers deep in her snatch...her clit pulsated in rhythm with her heart...her nipples, hard and erect, pressed firm on her nightie, which she occasionally would reach up and pinch, pulling on them as a supple mouth would from an anxious lover.

Sliding her panties aside, she pushed her fingers in deeper...stroking her clit harder and faster in small hard circles. 'Fuckkkkkk' she moaned.... 'You feel so good...' she kept mouthing to an empty room. Leaning forward, she pressed her face into the pillow, offering up her ass and pussy to the night and a willing cock. Rubbing harder, she pressed her face into the pillow to suppress her ever increasing moans and envisioned her lover, pushing her neck and face down as he fucked her hard from behind. 'Spank my ass...' she thought as her fingers glided back and forth. 'Spank my ass and fuck me....fuck me, fuck me, fuck me....' She kept repeating to herself. Her mantra soon took over and all thoughts soon became focused on thing and one thing only: cumming and cumming hard.

Groaning into the pillow, she felt her weight on her shoulder as the warm night air blew over her exposed body. Curling her toes back, she reached up and cupped her breast, squeezing it firmly...cupping it and pinching hard on her nipples. 'Yes.....that's it...bite it like a bad little boy' she thought. 'Show me what that cock of yours can do' as she kept fucking her dripping pussy. She could feel her juices beginning to mix with her sweat from the warm summer night, as the room was now heavy with the warm air and tantalizing aroma of her tight little cunt. 'harder...harder!...fuck me, fuck me right now!' she screamed aloud, momentarily startling herself from the audible levels of her thoughts. Her mind raced as she thought of hands grabbing her ass, smacking it, while a big hard cock was ramming itself in and out of her. Over and over. In and out. She could feel her man behind her, pumping, pulling her towards himself, making her cunt take every inch of his cock and stretching it to her limits. She felt the jolts forward and found her own body was matching her imaginary fucking, moving back and forth in rhythm with her sliding fingers. 'Make me cum' she moaned. 'Make me cum right now....' As her pussy began to tighten and tingle, Tina knew she was close to her impending release. 'Fuck me...fuck me like I deserve to be fucked!' she kept groaning...working her pussy harder and harder, as her juices began to run down her leg. 'I'm so!!!!' she groaned as a wave of her orgasm came over her body. Burying her face completely into her pillow, she could feel her pussy explode with wetness as her body began to shake. Her legs quivering, she felt the air blowing on her wet cunt and twisted her nipples...groaning into the pillow, her fingers never stopped rubbing her clit and wet lips. With labored breathing, she could feel the sweat of her body dripping down her she longed for a real man to be there and rub them. Hold her hips as he pounded into her...

Her orgasm abated, Tina thought less and less about the man across from her. Her thoughts slowly turned to that of dreams and nightmares. The world around her began to sink into darkness and solitude as her eyes closed and she felt her breaths become less and less labored. Drifting into sleep, she wondered what the following day would bring.

END Chapter 1

End Notes:

This is my First Public Submission, so please be forward with any feedback: what worked, what did not, what you would have enjoyed more. I wrote this months back and have a few additional chapters but am unsure if I wish to continue this particular tale. Let me know what you guys would like to see in the future...a new idea/chapter/thread/etc.

Also, I am always seeking inspiration, which I draw from my own encounters. I have been having serious issues writers block so beseech those with whom would like to be my muse or share ideas, please PM me or leave a note. I really need to get back into the correct mindset.

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