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I love getting your comments and appreciate all the constructive criticism I have had so far. However, I am also getting a lot of spam comments which I am deleting as they appear. If they continue to...

The Pirate and The Thief Ch. 12 by Lucreace

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The Pledge Mistress - Thoughts from the author about the novel and its creation The Pledge Mistress, the fourth novel out of the erotic discipline series that I have created, continues my effort...

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 47 Postscript by caligula97236

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Six months after his arrest, Mel Ott was being escorted out of the courthouse by sheriff's deputies after his sentencing hearing. He hated jail, but he was getting by. The judge gave him an eighteen...

The Predator Ch. 30 by D.C. Roi

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. The Pirate and The Thiefby LucreaceAdventures on the High Seas.

  2. The Pledge Mistressby caligula97236College student Lisa receives a job offer from her professor.

  3. The Popular Music Showby PAUL CLaurie, Amanda and Taylor meet David and Natasha.

  4. The Predatorby D.C. RoiDonna Wells is blackmailed into sex by her boss.

  5. The President's Gay Wifeby Egmont GrigorWhen is a Lady not a lady? Perhaps when caught out.



  6. The Princess of Clevesby AntoinetteMA Pervy Version of a French Classic.

  7. The Problemby rcleverA deflated problem gets a permanent rise.



  8. The Programby tawny_hTawny returns home from a world tour.



  9. The Programby ewebieLife as a programmer becomes interesting.

  10. The Quiet Friendby clarkcrowHow quiet is too quiet?



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