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Well, folks, here is the conclusion of break the gilded cage, a story I started in 2005, wrote most of...then just got stuck. I doubt anyone is still waiting anxiously but still, it's done. If...

Break the Gilded Cage Ch. 06 by Elenia26

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My body seemed to know when the major was around before I did. My nipples got hard before I heard him. My stomach twitched before I smelled him. He didn't try to get me alone again, at least not like...

Breaking Article 134 Ch. 10 by KillerMuffin

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I thought about my missing panties the entire way back to the office. I was certain I dropped them and my bra on my pile of clothes together. I chanced a sideways glance at James noting the smirk he...

Breaking Jane Ch. 03 by Lizzie_Erotica

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. Break the Gilded Cageby Elenia26A knight takes a quest upon himself.



  2. Breaking Articleby KillerMuffinFantasies sometimes take over.

  3. Breaking Janeby Lizzie_EroticaJane Lambert lands a job working for James Caldwell.



  4. Breaking the Normby yblack5Follow the wild and crazy life of Brandon.



  5. Brenda and Connieby BodingtonBrenda and Connie meet.

  6. Brian's Adventuresby tempterNaive young man sets out into the world.

  7. Brian's Sleepwalking Adventureby SirBosk1The God; The Pervert; The Assault.



  8. Brick Houseby tedszabopubA couple of college kids get thrown out of a gallery show.

  9. Bridget's Daysby patricia51An elderly woman remembers her life.

  10. Bridget's Nightsby patricia51She's an intelligence agent, a seductress and something else.

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