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After the first two pages it became obvious that this was no ordinary diary. No diarist starts off with a short autobiography for a start. Colonel Emerson had evidently meant it to be a record for...

Offspring Ch. 042 by Talemaster

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Karnafa knocked Nafaria away from him. "You are mine. You submitted to me and now you are mine. You do not respond to my affections like that, Nafaria." Nafaria smiled then touched Karnafa's...

Offworld Ch. 04 by luvkitten

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"WHERE IS SHE?" "My lord!" "BRING HER NOW!" "My lord... she-she is not here. We have searched every inch of the Marble Tree, and the witches search the valley now. We cannot find her." ...

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 27 by stubborn_dreamer

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series

  1. Offspringby TalemasterStranded on Okton4.

  2. Offworldby luvkittenThe story of a sex slave.



  3. Ogres and Ogressesby stubborn_dreamerFemale huntress tries to survive in a devastated world.

  4. Old World Magicby rhevI meet a wizard at a family reunion.

  5. Old World Magic Chby rhev


  6. On Another Worldby DragonSlayer_OKNope, I'm not in Kansas anymore.

  7. Once A Wolfby AngelCherysseGiselle Du Mont enters The Tournament.

  8. One in Tenby FinalStandA man in world were only a few males remain.

  9. One Life 2 Liveby kimberlykittenA nerd wants to change his imagine.



  10. Onyx Dreamsby kitazkittenCyrus goes to a new home and sees a vision.

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