Listed below are the stories entered in the 2004 Nude Day Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2004 Nude Day Submissions
A Sexy National Nude DaySimonSays1
This Time, Forevermagicalmouse
Life Drawing ClassThe Mutt
Gym Adventurekinky shy girl
Bobby Sees Everythingneonlyte
French Kissing for Girls - & BoysAlex De Kok
Public Sexual IntoxicationEroticWhizpers
Forbidden Passionswingingpuss
Virgin's Sisteroggbashan
The Camera Never Lies Like I Dopsychocatblah
Artemis BathingLucifer_Carroll
A Weekend at the LakeJoseki Ko
Training GamesJoseki Ko
Her Secret Crushprincessjennie
The Emperor's New Clothesgauchecritic
We're Over-dressed?Frederick Carol
National Nude Day CancelledTransfix
Dani Undressedrockandroller
Hot Kisses Hotter SexEroticWhizpers
Nude Day NewsTransfix
Mom, You're Gorgeous!book_man_03
Walking in the SunshineSSobotkaJr
Uni's Annual Clothing Drivewishfulthinking
Moonlight Serenadecheeryorchid
Jerry Springer: National Nude Dayjessy19
Danger! Naked Woman Ch. 01oggbashan
French Kissing for GirlsAlex De Kok
Danger! Naked Woman Ch. 02oggbashan
Nude Day "Streak-a-thon" 2004My Erotic Tail
A Day At The Faircomet123
Exploration in the BushesDana Gallagher
Good MorningSeaCat
The Big Webcast of 2004thebullet
Sis Doesn't Know He's Watchingsack
Food, Rude, Nude & WooedDingus Guy
I Wasn't Supposed to See Her Nakedsirhugs
In The Right Placeruminator
Pass the Possum, PleaseTheScribe
Merry Adventures of Puck No. 01Lucifer_Carroll
The Sculptor Ch. 01cantdog
What Did You Expect?psychocatblah
Fellatio Isn't Incest, Is It?neonlyte
Fly A Flag For National Nude DayTransfix
Undressed for SuccessGreen_Gem
Muslim Rolesoggbashan
National Nude Day 2004Transfix
Saskia's Skinny Dipping Adventureangelfeathers
Crab Island Ch. 02book_man_03
A Cumming of Age Nude Weddingsirhugs
Crab Islandbook_man_03
Al Naturalbrunorivera
Making the A TeamJoseki Ko
Summer Night in the Citybare oneness
Stripped of DignityWills
The SunbathersV.Rich
National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 02Transfix
Excel for Dummiessimply_cyn
Hottest, Nude,Couple Competition 2004MR. Gibson
Fantasies Can Cum Truesirhugs
Randi Comes Home Ch. 02Rumple Foreskin
Pie FillingC
Performance Related Payjoeqt
Homecoming Ch. 07mtnman2003
Assignment: Nude Day 2004My Erotic Tail
Tacitus SalutemBlack Tulip
Superstitions Ch. 09simply_cyn
Nude Beach Sex PartyKenJames
National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 03Transfix

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