Listed below are the stories entered in the 2007 Earth Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2007 Earth Day Contest Winners *

First Place Story ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Watching Simon Fall

by Munachi

Second Place Story ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Earthed - Australian Style

by WhiteWave48

Third Place Story ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Fairyland in Ruins

by RoughRider007

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2007 Earth Day Submissions
Please, Not Another PicnicCeriseNoire
Bear Creek Trailrrickgauer
A Walk in the CountrySlut2theHeart
John Steadman, A Forest RangerSkip1934a
Home to Virile Oaksr71plt
Reseeding The LandCandell
West VirginiaDujour
Perfect Harvest Yearsr71plt
Snorkeling Adventure Ch. 02Hikergirl
Spread the Wordwedgewoodblue
Steward of the WoodLesLumens
Mother Naturekandie
Wisps of The Earth_Lynn_
Munching Myra's MuffLustyLee77
Earthed - Australian StyleWhiteWave48
A Taste For BloodTE999
Rainforest Encounterglynndah
Tree Hugging Can Be Fungauchecritic
Earth Day CelebrationsDG Hear
LonelyDG Hear
Earth Day ChanceJenny_Jackson
Dawn and DirtyTE999
LST3K Ep. 04: Erthe DayDarkniciad
My Big Puffy Nipples and Earth DayGrushenka
Way of the EarthMy Erotic Trail
It's Not Easy Being Greennaughtychanteusez
On the Trailprincipessa07
Living on the "Wild" Side a Littlecafwen
Camping Trip Ch. 01fallenangel_jaded
Voyage of Discoveryrachlou
Fairyland in RuinsRoughRider007
The Loving TreeMr. Unsexy
Unnatural Progressionstarrkers
A Yard of Trashnaughtychanteusez
Sunbathing with the Buildersvitesse
Camping Trip Ch. 02fallenangel_jaded
Loving the Landgaoshan
An Unusual Twist of FateUnbridled_Passion
Fur Tradersdysphemist
Old Porch Swingsirhugs
Gone to the Dogsdamppanties
Watching Simon FallMunachi

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